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Am I the only one who has noticed that all the associate producers are white and not one of the 2020 campaign reporters is black?
What did @CBSNews miss about the midterms?
SO MANY PEOPLE were involved in choosing the @CBSNews team for 2020 and not one said "wait--we don't have a single black reporter when we know at least two candidates will be black AND black women have been pivotal in the past two national elections?"

How is that possible?
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#HillaryClinton won the popular vote by 3M, but lost the Electoral College by less than half a percent--77k votes--in PA, WI, MI.

Votes for #JillStein totaled more than 250k votes in those states.

#VoterSuppression is a huge threat.
The refusal of the Sanderses to fully support #HillaryClinton after Sanders lost the primary in a landslide created a schism among Democrats that was perpetuated by false claims that somehow Sanders was cheated.
Instead of calling for his supporters to vote for #HillaryClinton, three days before the election, Sanders was--inexplicably--giving cover to Trump supporters.

20% of those who supported Sanders in the primaries voted for Trump in the general.
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1/ “...while sapping the political clout of left-leaning African American voters by undermining their faith in elections and spreading misleading information about how to vote.”…
3/ The same year Milner and Usmanov invested $200 million in Fb.
“The report traces the origins of Russian online influence operations to Russian domestic politics in 2009.”
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What we need is to figure out how to end #VoterSuppression and #HelpThemVote.

If we did Texas would be blue NOW. Congress would be blue on both sides. Map of the state of Texas, blue with whiteettering that says TEXAS on a black background.
Alt text for screen readers:

Map of the state of Texas, blue with whiteettering that says TEXAS on a black background.
Until we solve voter suppresion, we haven't solved much of anything.
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Next-level finance & law leadership LA needs: Gwen @gwensos2018 has a Master's in Accounting & JD, cum laude. In the Low Income Taxpayers' Clinic, vision & passion for advocacy led her to a Master of Laws in Taxation.

#Gwen4LARights #WinWithGwen2018 #VXP
As a former small business owner, and worker in the real estate & tax fields, @gwensos2018 will bring practical business knowledge & experience to government. Gwen knows what it will take to build Louisiana's economy. #Gwen4LARights #GeauxGwen #VXP
.@gwensos2018 has a vision for engaging the next generation of voters. As #LASoS, Gwen will partner with community schools, organizations, and leaders to engage young voters through education, outreach, and technology. #Gwen4LARights #GeauxGwen #VXP
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The failure of #Georgia to elect a Democrat Secretary of State after the the fraud & widespread #votersuppression of @BrianKempGA & Republicans is a travesty.

But the Dems share some blame. All Southern states should learn from this:

1) Run younger, charismatic candidates...
Who maintain an active social media presence. This is a fantastic way to campaign with limited resources. Branding matters. So do looks. So do numbers of followers.

2) actually make a concerted effort to campaign!!! The D-candidate here was virtually unknown - no TV ads, nothing
3) I do feel like more well-known GA Dems, from Abrams to Jason Carter to John Ossoff, dropped the ball here. There was no big push to get voters out over the last week, certainly nothing state-organized.

4) candidates for other state-executive branch offices shd be stumping
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Here's another anti-Hillary petition on @MoveOn.
Here's my question--was this Russian misdirection that MoveOn engaged in for 2016?
Perhaps they should review their petition rules for 2020?

We Won't Be Voting For Hillary If She's The Nominee @moveon
And another--this one demanding that Sanders not endorse Hillary.

By hosting these petitions, @MoveOn--regardless of their weak disclaimers--are participating in the disinformation campaigns that gave us Trump in 2016 and could again in 2020.…
Note that people are still signing these @MoveOn petitions and in fact signed them after the election.
What's more, these petitions are not fact-based. They are just fan-fiction for another candidate. In one case Trump, in another Sanders and in a third, just anti-Hillary.
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I sometimes feel @georgialibs don't get enough high quality, academic press #history & #sociology books. Using the GA Pines automated system, people who are members of participating libraries can get a number of very good books which have recently come to my attention.
"The oldest living things in the world" by Rachel Sussman…. This photo essay book is a beautiful, mind-expanding paean to our biosphere. (I realize this is a #science #ecology book)
"Talking to my daughter about the economy, or, how capitalism works-- and how it fails" by Yanis Varoufakis @yanisvaroufakis…
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Donna Brazile just told a whopper on @HardballChris, saying @BernieSanders came close to winning the primary in 2016.

Sanders lost in a near historic landslife of FOUR MILLION votes.
The closest primary in history was 2008.
This panel is also repeating the trope about white working class voters, ignoring that the MAJORITY of working class voters are women & POC.
#HillaryClinton won voters making <$50k, POC and women overall.
So--Hillary won the working class and she won with policy.
Matthews is pushing Beto and Biden, which is a horrible combination.
Not one person--two women on the panel--has mentioned women voters, or POC, and those are the Democratic voting base.
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Here’s how Republicans hijacked a bill designed to ‘Help America Vote’ — and used it to block people from voting by @Thom_Hartmann… #HAVA #HelpAmericaVoteAct #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #RedShift
"While the goal of the Help America Vote Act was noble, it hasn’t worked out as planned. Instead, the most pernicious actors in the GOP have found a way to completely reverse the intent..." - @Thom_Hartmann…
"The consequence is that America is the only developed country in the world where exit polls can no longer reliably predict election outcomes within minutes of the polls closing." — @Thom_Hartmann… #ElectionFraud #RedShift
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Why did #StaceyAbrams have to end the fight over the #Georgia count? Because #BrianKemp not only planned his crime carefully — and make no mistake, knowingly preventing citizens from voting is a crime — #Kemp also had a brilliant “getaway” scheme...…
I saw it firsthand in DeKalb County, #Georgia on #ElectionDay. I knew that some portion of the 340,134 voters our team revealed had been wrongly purged would attempt to vote anyway — as is their right under federal law.…
Any American that signs a statement that he or she is a citizen and provides a local address has the right to vote “provisionally.”
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#Georgia Voter Purge Victim: “This Was a Strategy From Kemp” — my latest for @truthout… #BrianKemp #Midterms2018 #StaceyAbrams #ElectionDay #VoterSuppression
Yasmin Bakhtiari was told she'd been purged by #BrianKemp because she hadn't voted in two election cycles. But the National Voter Registration Act is crystal clear: You cannot lose your vote for not voting.… #Georgia #ElectionDay #VotingRights
This is why we’re suing #BrianKemp. Learn more about our lawsuit:… #Georgia #VoterSuppression #ElectionDay #VotingRights #Midterms2018 #ElectionFraud
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#MartinLutherKing’s Cousin Blocked by #BrianKemp from Casting a Ballot in #Georgia — Despite Voting in every Election for 50 Years… #ElectionDay #Midterms2018 #VoterSuppression
92-year-old Christine Jordan, who was blocked from voting in #Georgia by #BrianKemp, hangs with her granddaughter Jessica. Miss Christine, #MartinLutherKing’s cousin, talked about the family reunions with the Kings at her house.…
#Georgia's GOP Secretary of State, #BrianKemp, took away her right to vote exactly 50 years to the day since she cast her first ballot in Atlanta. To get back her vote, she is ready to sue #Kemp in federal court, "If someone will help me walk to the courthouse." Any volunteers?
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I really want to make this a thread. Can we make this a thread?
The land belt where #VoterSuppression is at its highest is one of the most remarkable situations in the history of politics and culture and nature. @stevesilberman pull up a seat.
When I was writing The Cooking Gene I was confronted with something that was really startling. The Black Belt. There are two. One is the demographic region where enslaved people formed a plurality and the other is a swath of l
Counties in AL &MS where the best cotton grew.
@BreeNewsome you here? I'm looking up to you on this one. The Black Belt didn't start in the 1800s. It's actually the ancient seashore and seabed. From Prince George's county MD to east Texas there were voter suppression efforts or difficulties where large Black pops voted.
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#VoterSuppression has been a big part of the story of this #Election2018, with attention focusing on the statewide issues in Georgia and North Dakota in particular. We should also remember that voter suppression is--and always has been--especially potent at the local level.
Efforts to remedy discrimination often take the form of state or federal laws, which can distract us from the fact that the problems them aim to rectify very often originate with the block captains, poll workers, and local party bosses who intimidate potential voters.
Voter suppression was endemic in the Jim Crow South--the Klan, Citizens Councils & other whites terrorized African Americans who registered to vote, voted, or ran for office. The Civil Rights Act of 1965 was a federal response to that systemic disenfranchisement.
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Count ALL the votes, including the provisional "placebo" ballots given to the voters #BrianKemp purged, and he loses. We are not leaving #Georgia. All flights cancelled—until ALL the votes are counted! Support our work by making a tax-deductible donation:…
And may I remind you, Mr. Kemp, you are scheduled to meet us in federal court in Atlanta.… #BrianKemp #Georgia #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud
And for those of you who think the work of our little team has no effect, just ask #KrisKobach who lost his bid for Governor of #Kansas last night.
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I just voted & was told, along with everyone else at the polling site that we're reg. to vote by mail but none of us are! Even our voter cards say we're not. We had to fill out paperwork & were told our votes won't be counted for 2 weeks.
#VoterSuppression @KUSINews @carldemaio
There was also a number of polling site violations taking place. Such as taking pictures & the line standing behind booths so our ballots can be seen by everyone. People were sitting all over the floors voting too. 🤦🏼‍♀️
#BeAVoter #ElectionDay2018
On a side note, I'm on crutches and unable to put any weight on my foot. The only ♿ booth was being used by non ♿ while I stood for 15 min on one leg waiting for a woman to finish voting. #ElectionDay #vote
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This 92-year old #Georgia voter went to the polls only to find she’s one of #BrianKemp’s victims, purged from the voter rolls. This is why we’re suing Kemp:… #ElectionDay #Midterms2018
“She held civil rights meeting in her home... And today, to come out and not be able to vote, and no one can give you an expiation, it’s extremely emotional. And it bothers me, it bothers me to my core." #BrianKemp #ElectionDay #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud
92-year old Christine Jordan is just one of more than 340,134 Georgians #BrianKemp has purged from the voter rolls based on dead-wrong evidence they’d moved from the state or from their home county… #ElectionDay #Midterms2018
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!!NEW Q DROP!! 11/05/18 11:09 EST

Polls are rigged and do not capture an accurate snapshot.
Will You Answer the Call?
Q #QAnon #FakePolls #VoterSuppression #VoteRed #RedTsunami @realDonaldTrump
!!NEW Q!! 11:17 (Q)!!
What # does the passcode add up to?
For Anons…
Q Adds up to Seventeen = Q!!! ❤️ #QAnon #VoteRed #JobsNotMobs #KAG @realDonaldTrump
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🚗🚙 Need a ride to the polls in Tennessee THIS TUESDAY NOVEMBER 6TH? 🗳

☎ Call @NashvilleDems 629-888-3237 or 615-479-8320.

📱In Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis call 833-508-RIDE (7433).

💙 Don't forget @Lyft and @Uber are offering free rides.

#BeAVoter #WaveCastTN
❓Not in one of the counties listed above and need a ride? 🚙

📞 Call your local Democratic Party or one of your local candidates. You can also call @TNDP at 615-327-9779.



#BeAVoter #WaveCastTN
🗳 Have a problem at the polls in Tennessee on Election Day? Remember you can ask for a provisional ballot or a different machine if yours has a malfunction.

📱 For help, call @TNDP #ElectionProtection anti-#VoterSuppression hotline at 855-844-8683.

#BeAVoter #WaveCastTN
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.@Commish_Schmidt In these days of #VoterSuppression, we all need stories of public servants who are fighting it.

When I got another ballot app instead of my ballot, @Commish_Schmidt stepped in, made sure I got my ballot & that it got in before the deadline.

He saved my vote.
@Commish_Schmidt #Disabled voters are most likely to face #VoterSuppression and voter disenfranchisement.

We should not have to fight to vote.

The forms are hard to understand and make voting more difficult. But @Commish_Schmidt showed real concern for what disabled voters face.
@Commish_Schmidt Hopefully in the future @Commish_Schmidt and I can talk more about what can be done to make voting more accessible to the 1 in 5 voters with a #disability. This is a demographic that has yet to be addressed, but we are THE largest voting minority in the US.

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