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#MadrasHC is hearing a petition filed by a Madurai lawyer who was arrested by the NIA for being part of the banned organisation #PFI Image
The petitioner sought to stay the investigation as he was booked and arrested for expressing some comments on social media against NIA and appearing in favor of the Popular Front of India executives. The case is being heard by Justice M Sundar and Justice R Sakthivel…
The Madurai bar also appears before the court and says that the lawyers are being intimidated by the NIA. They also inform that the lawyer has been in continuous practice for 16 years and has even contested in the bar council elections
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Let me give u a quick update on whats happening in #Kerala.
Its hilarious how Commie plans have backfired. 😄

PM MODI plans to take development plans to Kerala, this has threatened the commies. Image
To get a few brownie points CM Pinnarayi wrote a letter to PM MODI asking for a #VandeBharat to Kerala.

CM knew its a lil difficult to execute, so letter was a challenge under the garb of a request.

Commies wr shocked when Vande Bharat for Kerala ws approved by Center.😄 Image
The original plan of Pinnarayi Vijayan was to bring a semi-high speed train— silverline project. That project will now go down the drain as Vande Bharat will get priority. Going by commie reputation— Silverline wld hv profited the local politicians and not the commuters. Image
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An out and out Anti India document full of lies ..!!!

1. Amnesty International the so-called UK-based "World's Best NGO" published its annual human rights report which Amnesty international deems as unbiased and truthful. When one goes through it, it reeks of selective hypocritic lopsided details full of politically correct……
2. Exactly three days after the expulsion of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi from the parliament basis his conviction in a defamation case filed against him is the court at Surat, Gujarat, this report has been released by Amnesty International dubbing a Parliament of India advisory to……
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#DelhiHighcourt to hear plea by Former #PFI Chairman E.Abubacker seeking interim bail for getting proper medical treatment.
Earlier, court sought a status report be filed with the opinion & treatment required from the Medical Superintendent of the Tihar Jail.
Counsel appearing for Abubacker submits that he is seeking a medical bail. It's a serious case of cancer and Parkinson. It is very serious, he cannot do anything in Parkinson.

Justice Siddharth Mridul: We have a medical report by the board constituted by the Court.
Justice Mridul: Why don't you argue the appeal and argue that what is wrong in this order denying bail.

Counsel for Abubacker: Milords, all of them has said that it is serious. There is no Denial that the accused has serious medical issues.
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#TamilNadu: Jemisha Mubeen (25) died after a blast, near Kottai #EswaranTemple in #Coimbatore.

Cops found nails & marbles in the blast area. Upon searching his home, chemicals used for low intense explosion like potassium nitrate, aluminium powder, charcoal &

.. and sulphur which can be used for making country bombs were seized.

He was already in contact with many accused, who were being questioned by NIA. And NIA earlier also held searches against Mubeen. #CoimbatoreBlast
Full details of the Kovai Car explosion in #CoimbatoreBlast terrorist attack investigation underway.…
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#DelhiHighCourt to hear a plea filed by Former #PFI Chairman E. Abubacker through his son Amal Thahseen.

#pfi #pfimembers #pfiban #PFICrackdown #pfi_terroristsorganization #chairman Image
Justice Anoop Kumar Mendiratta on Thursday i.e. Oct 13 dismissed the bail application filed by Erappungal Abubacker sought on medical grounds.…
The Counsel for E.Abubacker informs that the application u/S.482 CRPC has been withdrawn.
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#DelhiHighCourt will today hear plea by Mohd. Yousuf seeking direction to allow providing copy of FIR to him.
Yousuf was arrested on September 22 in #NIA raids against the members of the terror outfit #PopularFrontofIndia (#PFI).
#UAPA #pfimember #pfi_terroristsorganization
On Friday, the court issued notice to the National Investigating Agency (NIA) in the plea.…
Justice Anoop Kumar Mendiratta begins hearing the plea.
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இஸ்லாமிய மதபோதகர் ஜாகிர் நாயக்கின் இஸ்லாமிய ஆராய்ச்சி அறக்கட்டளை (IRF) கடந்த2016ல் பாஜக அரசால் தடை செய்யப்பட்டது.#UAPA சட்டத்தின் கீழ் தடை ஆணை நவம்பர்17, 2016 ஆண்டு வெளியிடப்பட்டது.
தடை அறிவிப்பாணையில் அமைப்பின் நிறுவனத் தலைவர் சாகிர் நாயக் மற்றும் அந்த அமைப்பின் (1) Image
விருந்தினர் தொடர்பு மேலாளர் பொறுப்பில் இருந்த அர்ஷி குரோஷி ஆகிய இருவர் மீதும் பதியப்பட்டுள்ள 5 FIRகளை ஆதாரமாக காட்டப்பட்டிருந்தது. இதில் அர்ஷி மீது 2வழக்குகளும்,நாயக் மீது
3வழக்குகளும் இருந்தன.
மதத்தின் பெயரில் வெறுப்பை விதைத்து, மோதலை தூண்டியதாக குற்றம் சுமத்தியது பாஜக அரசு.(2) Image
இளைஞர்களை மூளைச்சலவை செய்து ஐ.எஸ். அமைப்பில் சேர அனுப்பியது, கட்டாய மதமாற்றம் செய்தது, இந்து கடவுள்களை ஆபாசமாக பேசியது, ஒசாமா பின்லேடன் போன்ற தீவிரவாதிகளை ஆதரித்து பேசியது போன்ற குற்றச்சாட்டுகள் முன்வைக்கப்பட்டன. அதிலும் குறிப்பாக அர்ஷி குரேஷி மீதான இரண்டு வழக்குகளும் (3) Image
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பாப்புலர் ஃப்ரண்ட் ஆஃப் இந்தியா அமைப்பு தடை செய்யப்பட வேண்டிய அமைப்பு தானா…??

பாப்புலர் ஃப்ரண்ட் ஆஃப் இந்தியா அமைப்பு கடந்த 2006 ஆம் ஆண்டு தொடங்கப்பட்டது. ஆரம்ப காலத்தில் எனக்கு அந்த அமைப்பை பற்றி எதுவும் தெரியாது, நான் 2007 ஆம் வருடம் சட்டம் படிக்க கோயம்புத்தூர் சென்றபோது
மேற்படி ஒரு அமைப்பு இருப்பதாக தெரிந்து கொண்டேன்.

அதன் பின்னர் நான் வழக்கறிஞராக பதிவு செய்து கடந்த 2013 ஆம் வருடம் மாண்புமிகு உயர்நீதிமன்ற மதுரை கிளையில் வழக்கறிஞராக பயிற்சி எடுக்க மதுரை வந்து, எனது மூத்த வழக்கறிஞர் திரு. S.M.A. ஜின்னா அவர்களின் அலுவலகத்தில் பணியாற்றி வந்த போது
பாப்புலர் ஃப்ரண்ட் ஆஃப் இந்தியா அமைப்பின் செயல்பாடுகள் குறித்து தெரிந்து கொண்டேன். நான் என் மூத்த வழக்கறிஞர் அலுவலகத்தில் பணியாற்றி வந்த போது பாப்புலர் ஃப்ரண்ட் ஆஃப் இந்தியா அமைப்பின் சார்பாக அங்கே பல வழக்குகள் நடைபெற்றுக் கொண்டிருந்தன, அதில் பெரும்பாலான வழக்குகள் மனித உரிமைகள்
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#PFI இயக்கத்தை பாஜக அரசு ஐந்தாண்டுகளுக்குத் தடை செய்துள்ளது. இது எதிர்பார்த்த ஒன்று தான். ஏற்கனவே வரையறுக்கப்பட்ட செயல்திட்டங்களை ஒவ்வொன்றாக சங்பரிவார் அரசு நடைமுறைப்படுத்தி வருகிறது. அவற்றில் இதுவும் ஒன்று. பாபர் மசூதியை இடித்துவிட்டு அதே இடத்தில் இராமர் கோவில் கட்டுவது;..(1/4)
தொடங்கி ஜம்மு-காஷ்மீர் மாநிலத்துக்கான சிறப்புத் தகுதியை நீக்குவது; முத்தலாக் சட்டத்தை ரத்துசெய்வது; குடியுரிமை சட்டத்தின் மூலம் இஸ்லாமியர்களை ஓரங்கட்டுவது;பசுப்புனிதம்- லவ்ஜிகாத்-மதமாற்றம் என்னும் பெயரில் இஸ்லாமியர்களின் மீதான வெறுப்பை வலுப்படுத்துவது; இஸலாமியத் தீவிரவாதம்..(2/4)
என்னும் பெயரில் இஸ்லாமிய அமைப்புகளை அச்சுறுத்துவது என இன்று பாப்புலர் ஃப்ரன்ட் ஆஃப் இந்தியா அமைப்பை தடை செய்வது வரை அவர்களின் முன்முடிவு திட்டங்களைச் செயற் படுத்துகின்றனர்.
பயங்கரவாத அமைப்புகளுடன் தொடர்பு யாருக்கு இருந்தாலும் அது வன்மையான கண்டனத்துக்குரியது தான். ஆனால், .. (3/4)
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GoI has banned #PFI for the next 5 years. After learning that PFI is a rebranded shield of #SIMI; agencies arrested its leaders domestically in huge numbers.

However, the mastermind who founded SIMI still at large, continues to work against India from US.

Ahmadullah Siddiqi is synonymous to the group he found - 𝗦𝗜𝗠𝗜. Yes, a banned radical group with intense history of anti-India activities & terror links & even aiding ISI operations against India.

Siddiqi claims to have left #SIMI, but for what?

To run anti-India campaigns on a bigger scale from abroad. Siddiqi shifted in the US where he constitutes a sinuous network of anti-India fronts that have direct influence of 𝗣𝗮𝗸𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗻 & 𝗝𝗮𝗺𝗮𝗮𝘁 as we explained earlier.

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Whole country was waiting for this decision #PFIBan
Government Bans PFI an outfit accused often of being linked to radical Islam and its associates or affiliates or fronts as an unlawful association with immediate effect, for a period of 5years
Govt calls PFI a major threat
+ Image
to internal security

PFI is banned for 5 years as there is provision for 5 yrs under UAPA ACT (every 5 yr Ban is renewed for SIMI too)
This time PFI Leaders can be declared as terrorist too.
UAPA was amended (2019) to designate individuals as terrorists
2/n ImageImageImageImage
Welcome step for the security & safety of the nation. Need to ensure properties seized, accounts fronzen, cadres arrested & surveillance of its supporters kept

Now a much needed stern action should be taken against #WaqfBoard which is claiming and encroaching our sacred
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I am neither a member of PFI nor have I ever had the opportunity to participate in any of their activities.
But as a scholar, journalist and activist I have witnessed PFI's humanitarian work in the society. Be it helping the Corona victims or flood relief… 1/6
or educational awareness work we found Popular Front of India very much active. Same way, they also raise their voice against Sanghi hatred and Hindutva violence. They are also active for rights of Dalit,Adivasi & minorities. 2/6
@MuslimCouncil @Ashok_Kashmir
Never found PFI involved in activities like bomb blasts like RSS accused in.
Investigation is a democratic process but the way raids were conducted & nationwide arrests were done; it is clearly state terror. 3/6
@thenewsminute @Prksh_Ambedkar @dmk_raja @mkstalin @meenakandasamy
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#PFI Islamic terrorists resorted to massive violence attacking buses, shutting shops, disrupted Mookambika pilgrimage while Kerala Police remain mute. Total breakdown of law and order in #Kerala.

BJP-RSS offices attacked both in Kerala & Tamil Nadu.
Massive panic and fear has spread among Islamists in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and their sponsors.

Unprecedented takedown of Islamic Terrorists nationwide & elimination of ISI agents in India & abroad by Modi Govt is uprooting their plans.

They know their end is here.
State Security is State Govt responsibly, why don’t you ask @pinarayivijayan & @mkstalin to wake up?

The violence is happening because @HMOIndia & @PMOIndia is doing its job not other way around.
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NIA - Kerala Police said the #PFI has Photos, sketches & maps of the homes of every BJP and RSS sevaks in north Kerala.

PFI scouts constantly updated the info so they were capable to kill all BJP-RSS members with 24 hours notice.

The details were found in a drive during raids.
Don't forget Communist Party in Kerala protects them and CONgress openly supported #PFI when they are in power in Karnataka.

Pappu won with the help of PFI.
Another vital piece of information was in a Tablet seized from the PFI chief house they found he was constantly in touch with a Rajya Sabha MP.
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“Recruiting more members and giving them arms training, including the use of rods, swords and other weapons. For this one needs to repeatedly remind the M community of its grievances and establish grievances where there is none.”
~ from #PFI ‘IndIa Vision 2047’ document. [1]
“If we look into history of Islam, M were always in minority. For victory we don’t need a majority. #PFI is confident that even if 10% of total M population rally behind it, PFI would subjugate the coward majority to their knees and bring back the glory of Islam in India.” [2]
“We have to establish an Islamic identity among everyone beyond the concept of being an Indian. From all the cadres who are being given PE, those with talent are to be spotted and recruited to be given advanced training on weapons including fire-arms and explosives.”
~ #PFI [3]
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Nationwide arrests of hundreds of #PFI Islamic terrorists, seizing of their assets and purge of their ecosystem has begun yesterday.

Many wanted GOI to ban PFI, I said it is useless as they will just change name & move on, now when they are removed from roots they will seize.
They have been involved in every Anti Hindu riots, Terror activities, Gold smuggling, among many nefarious activities.

PFI / SDPI are offshoots of previously banned Islamic terror organisations. What we need a is a permanent solution.

106 top Terrorists arrested.
ED has also sized crores from PFI.

PFI has laundered over ₹60Cr in banks over the years for building unrest and riots. Many claim Hawala transactions maybe over ₹1000Cr. Global Hawala Operations is managed by Pakistan.

Major funding for PFI is from overseas.
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The #Hijabrow which has disturbed the country in the past few weeks is not a new demand, the first demand was made in 2013 by National Women's Front, it is just that they have revived this in 2022. NWF is affiliated to Tero wrist organization #PFI
National women's front which was formed in 2009 is the women's wing of tero wrist org #PFI they have been raising the demand for Hijab /Burqa for a long time.
Even before it was on the media, along with Campus Front these people were well aware of the girls who were protesting and already started giving them the tactical support, on the so called world hijab day one of the protesting girls ' Aliya Asaddi' was their key speaker
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A Thread on How Jamaat in the garb of NGOs supports #PFI #SIO
Jamaat e Islami came up with a resolution in 2005 #Vision2016 which aimed at targeting North and North eastern states by forming various NGOs. Further extended it to #Vision2026 under which there are about 10 NGOs.
Under this Pogrom of Jamaat, #humanWelfareTrust, garners $$ from the international ummah, they have received INR 55 mio in 2018, 93 mio in 2019, 99 mio in 2020 (FCRA returns are not filed for 2021 and the certificate is currently under renewal)
The Organizations which fund #Humanwelfaretrust are known to have extremist connections some of the major funders highlighted below
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Kerala: 60yo Rahim rapes, impregnates, and kills young, differently-abled Rini, Wayanad.

Wayanad is Islamic Terror org & #HijabRow lead campaigner #PFI's strong hold & @RahulGandhi is the MP. He hasn't visited Rini's family since November when she was murdered by Rahim. Image
Kerala Police has arrested Rahim (60) for the rape, impregnation and murder of a Divyang woman near Manathavady, Wayanad. Police were searching for the accused since the end of November – it is believed that Rahim admitted to his crime during interrogation.
Rini, daughter of Pallikkal Devasya from Moolithodu parish and Mary, died on November 20, 2021. Back then, she was 5 months pregnant. According to police, the lab report showed that Rahim, the unborn child’s father, had poisoned Rini.
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#HijabRow விஷமிகளால் திட்டமிடப்பட்டது என்பதற்கு ஆதாரங்கள் சிக்கியுள்ளன. ஊடக உதவியுடன் இது எப்படி அரங்கேறியது என இப்பதிவு விவரிக்கிறது. இஸ்லாமிய அடிப்படைவாத #PFI அமைப்பின் மாணவர் பிரிவு #CampusFrontOfIndia உடுப்பியில் செப்டம்பர் 2021 முதல் உறுப்பினர் சேர்க்கையை துவக்குகிறது. (1)
தற்போது பர்தாவை வகுப்பறைக்குள் அணிந்தே தீருவேன் என கலாட்டா செய்து இப்பிரச்சனையை இந்தியா முழுக்க பூதாகரம் ஆக்கிய 6 பெண்களில் 4 பேர் புதிய ட்விட்டர் கணக்குகளை #CFI உறுப்பினர் ஆனவுடன் அக்டோபர் 2021-ல் துவங்குகின்றனர். #CFI அமைப்பின் பிரச்சாரங்களை தொடர்ந்து முன்னெடுக்கின்றனர். (2)
#BBC பேட்டியில் பர்தா பிரச்சனையை செய்த ஒரு பெண் தான் #CFI உறுப்பினர் இல்லை, இப்பிரச்சனை ஆரம்பித்த பிறகே தொடர்பு கொண்டன் என கூறியுள்ளார். ஆனால், அவர் ட்விட்டர் கணக்கு ஆரம்பிக்கப்பட்ட நாள் முதல் அனைத்து பதிவுகளும் மாதக்கணக்காக #CFI பிரச்சாரங்களை மட்டுமே முன்னெடுத்து வருகிறது. (3)
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UP ATS and Police hv arrested national head of the #PFI’s HIT SQUAD- Anshad Badruddin & Firoz—(national trainer on BOMB-MAKING). They wr carrying highly explosive material. 1 of them ws also involved in #Hathras case. Hd plans to eliminate” 20-25 #RSS workers across many states.
PFI hd received Rs 120 crores during CAA protests. Yet it ws allowed a space to breathe. High time this organisation is banned. Both the guys r martial art experts & frm Kerala. Why am i not surprised? 🙄
#PFI’s general secretary,K Rauf Sharif might also be picked up frm Kerala. The guy hd added fuel to the fire of Hathras case. Also let us not forget the bonhomie CPIM govt shares PFI. I expect a drama around his arrest frm Kerala.
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#Hathras my views on it are based on a lot of inputs. The preparators thought and assumed that another #ShaheenBagh like situation, what they failed to note was , the government had stored on its memory the issue and here they were prepared. #PFI , the #Bheemagency and it's
2. agents were unprepared for this. As it emerges it's clear that there was no rape involved and the victims kin were equally involved in the gruesome murder which was an as they term it - an honour killing - I fail to understand any honour in killing unless it's one against
3. Colonial rule; now let's get the larger picture - @AIIndia , was informed of their violations of law and they chose to close Indian operations - now their own head had tweeted about how they brought down kings (eek), and the money flowing in from overseas has been traced, add
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#Bengaluru_Burning: #Unleashing #Sadak2

There are Hindus defending this guy called Naveen who purportedly posted a slanderous post against the Prophet of one religion, because someone from that religion posted an obnoxious message against Gods of his religion.
Let me place a rough statistic here. There are no less than 5,000 Pages on Facebook and no less than 2 Million Facebook accounts posting obnoxious stuff against Hindus, Hindu Gods and India. There are Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indians in these groups.
By chance, if you report these posts or accounts to Facebook Community Standards, you will be politely told, "The post and account does not go against FCS. Hence you are advised to block XYZ to stop seeing content from them."
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