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1) Starting a new thread to talk about a theory I have on child sex trafficking in the U.S. and internationally. This thoughtstream may be true, known & obvious to others, or totally wrong. #humantrafficking #crime #lawenforcement #criminaljustice #organizedcrime #sociology
2) As you know if you follow my blog and Tweets I am fascinated by the story of @SaRaAshcraft and @cronsell who claim to have escaped a cult together. This cult is called the Children of God, a.k.a. COG, a.k.a. "The Family".
3) @SaRaAshcraft threw me by calling this cult #Hivites. I can't really relate what she experienced to this ancient cult and the dissonance left me puzzled. But when she referred to them as the "Children of God," the name stuck in my head somewhere.
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Um, guys!? #NewQ

When Q starts talking about BIG PHARMA, it's kind of a big deal...

#theGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #PharmasABitch #FarmNotPharma #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia #ItEndsNow #MAGA #theStorm
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People need to consider one thing when thinking about Session/Cannabis regs: #HIVITES are all over the legal weed industry. They may be laundering money for child sex trafficking and other illegal activity through that industry. This is a FACT. (1)
While it may be very difficult for prosecutors to get convictions on the trafficking/laundering charges, allowing federal prosecutors to charge them with cannabis violations could potentially disrupt the flow of $$$ and Children to the #Hivite cults in these areas. (2)
I am fully in support of 100% legal cannabis with an added clause that patients should have a right to grow it themselves. But I can see value in today's decision by @jeffsessions to combat the #Hivite cabal by freeing prosecutors to charge bad actors with weed related crimes (3)
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Starting a thread dedicated to symbols, signals, codes, & other signs that would tip someone off to #Hivite pedo cult affiliation. There's a LOT to include & many of u already know some. Post them in here for all to see #Pizzagate #QAnon #MAGA #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #HivitesGetLit
Anything to add here? Collecting known cult symbols/signals in central thread here. Thanks for your input!
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Hey Dad, I know you follow me. I have a question for you.

Do you have ANY remorse?
Are you even capable of remorse?
Now that you are confronted with this mirror, do you feel ANY guilt or shame for what you've done, or do you just dismiss it & think we're all stupid for caring?
Hey mom, I know you lurk & have a fake account to follow me. I have a question for you.

Once you realized attempts to access my MC failed after I fled, were you scared? Did you feel guilt or fear potential consequences? Or did you just cycle through pathological dissociation?
Hey Aunt Molly - I have a question for you. Now that you see I know the truth & you guys don't have me fooled any more, are you afraid your victim kids are going to wake up now? Are you scared?

I DO have a thicker skin now.
And NO, I don't want to be a member of this Family.
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This is super important to understand about the #Hivites - They HIDE in EVERYTHING. They POSE as Jews, Christians, Muslims, Freemasons, Jesuits, New Agers, Born Agains, Scientologists, Mormons, Zionists & all other "identities" deliberately to hide the TRUTH about themselves.
The reality is, they are none of these things. They push identity politics as a method of CONTROL. They want us to "otherise" as part of a divide & conquer agenda. The more we latch onto identity politics, the more their power & control mechanism works in the world. It's a trap
The TRUTH is, this hidden cult is LUCIFERIAN. They have a hierarchy of control based on child prostitution & ritual human sacrifice, which they use to control their members & to consolidate civic, political, financial, & social control in the hands of the few at the top. #Hivites
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Word to the Wise:

Appeals to external authority are a logical fallacy.

Make sure you do your own research & know the answers for yourself based on reason, logic, critical thinking, personal experience, & your own inner knowing. Don't outsource your info gathering to others.
With that said, I appreciate that many of you would like my opinion, especially about #Hivite behavior, symbols, mythology, etc. But don't just take my word for it! I can provide insights about my personal experiences, but y'all can find out most general info by doing research.
Much of what I know about the broader mythology, the different Gods/Goddesses, etc comes from doing research myself. I would take elements of my memories &look them up. Then using logic, I was able to piece things together. I highly recommend everyone take this approach too.
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Not only is the tax bill going to spur the creation of small businesses nationwide, there are going to be a lot of opportunities in ALL industries once all these #hivite bad actors are removed from society. 2018 will be a happy new year for many of us. Opportunity abounds! #MAGA
Just think about it, there are going to be SO MANY vacancies to fill in news media, film/tv production, music, IT & tech businesses, politics, finance, communications, infrastructure, law, medicine, not to mention counseling and mental health services for all the rescued victims!
We are going to need full time parents to step up and take on the monumental task of helping to raise these rescued children, and we will need teachers and rehab specialist for our schools.... It amazes me how much BETTER our society is going to be once this YUGE job is finished.
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Fun fact: Many #Hivites don't even know that's what they are. Most believe they're something else, like Satanists, Muslims or Christians. Many haven't even heard the word #Hivites. But those at the top, the ones who know the history and master plan, they know they're ALL #Hivites
Ever wonder why they refer to people like HRC and Beyonce as "Queen Bee"? Ever wonder why Utah, the Mormon capitol is the "Bee Hive State"? Ever wonder why @wikileaks Vault 8 release about CIA software is called "Hive" software? Ever hear the term "Hive Mind"? #Hivites #MAGA
You know how terrorists have "Splinter Cells" - does this remind you at all of Bee Hives/Colonies? Ever wonder why occultists use the Hexagon symbol that is the same as Honeycomb? Remember the story about "Killer Bees"? Or the bumble bees becoming endangered & dying off? #Hivites
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RESOURCES FOR SURVIVORS of #MindControl/#RitualAbuse: "Psychopath Free" by Jackson MacKenzie clearly explains the psychopathic manipulation tactics these #Hivites use and provides examples of how to combat them. It's a fairly good laugh along the way, too. #HivitesGetLit #MAGA
"Trauma and Memory" by Dr Peter A Levine explains how the BODY stores memories of trauma and how the BODY communicates with the conscious mind through attraction/avoidance patterns. Learn to listen to your BODY, it will let you know if someone is good or bad for you. #TRUTH.
"Becoming Yourself: Overcoming Mind Control and Ritual Abuse, by Dr Alison Miller is THE MOST HELPFUL resource I came across after waking up to the nightmare that is now my life. #RitualAbuse/#MindControl leave devastating effects on an individual. #TertiaryStructuralDissociation
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I can't watch #ElsaGate videos b/c they're specifically designed to induce dissociation & indoctrinate children w/ mind control tactics that I was also exposed to as a child. This is the epitome of #Hivite EVIL attempting to corrupt YOUR children. #ItEndsNow #FollowTheWhiteRabbit
Specific mind control tactics found in the videos: combos and sequences of colors, needles, poop, bad baby/good baby, super heroes and princesses, adult situations with children, candy/sugar/dopamine, older children acting younger, adults & children in odd/risque situations...
More mind control tacticts in the videos: repetitive songs/sounds/melodies (hypnotic), repeated words (triggers), repetition of action sequences (lets child know what to expect and how to behave when it happens in real life), flashing lights, fast then slow (confusion), etc.
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Someone just asked me "Who are the #Hivites?" Ansewer: All of the terrorists in the entire world, including ISIS & Antifa, and every deep state ever, are part of an ancient Babylonian cult family who have dominated&ruled every civilization on earth since biblical times 6000+years
They claim they descend directly from the garden of Eden through Cain's line, &that Cain's parents were actually Lilith (the female 1/2 of God in Talmudic tradition) &a demon she made (aka the serpent or the devil). #Hivites #Phoenicia #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #Welcome2Wonderland
Cain was the first murderer, and one of the #Hivite mantras is "Murder is death, death is murder" meaning that none of them die a natural death, everyone in the cult is murdered, because they aim to overturn & corrupt everything that is "natural" #PhoeniciaisFalling
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