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This election day, there are many issues to consider when deciding how to vote. Please remember, you're not just voting for people to represent you. You're also voting for LAW & ORDER; for JUSTICE; for vindication & salvation of all the CHILD SEX SLAVES & victims of Ritual Abuse.
"We Elected TRAITORS to govern us
We allowed EVIL to prey on us"

Those guilty of these crimes against America are also guilty of TERRORISM. They've killed & eaten countless #s of innocent children & traumatized thousands of victims who are too afraid to #SayBravethings right now
For those of us who know this evil first hand, this election is the most important moment of our lifetimes. #WeThePeople are the last best hope for humanity, and for survivors like me. Please vote your conscience today, and please STAY involved after today. #WWG1WGA #MAGA #QAnon
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John 8:32
"The real TRUTH about why D's depend on illegal immigrants and why they care more about them than you."

FOOD. They depend on them for physical subsistence. #CANNIBALS
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I'd just like to say hello to all my family members, past friends, & former partners who lurk & comment here but think I don't notice or know it's them. I see each & every one of you. Why not be bold & #SayBraveThings instead of lurking? Approach me in truth before you go.
I think you'll find I'm far more approachable than you expect. Unfortunately, I know you are both physically unable and prohibited from speaking truth. Sad. At least I am released now of any attachment to you or desire to repair/maintain connection w/ any of you #TruthIsEvolution
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The Magician Tarot
β€œAs above, so below” πŸ‘‡πŸ»read…
Nothing is what it is, because everything is what it isn't.
#theCabal #Luciferians #occult
#Tyler please relay the connections
#DavidBrock #PeterThiel #ElonMusk
The Magician from the Rider-Waite tarot deck.
The Magician, The Magus, or The Juggler is the 1st trump or
Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks.
It is used in divination.
How do I know this?
My Daddy read Tarot and Divination.
I previously shared about what skill sets Heinz Ketchup made sure were honed in me and were a huge part of my training.

Healing and integration doesn’t mean you lose your skill sets.
You have the ability to use all that they taught you
for either good or evil.

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The conversation has shifted & Patriots are most definitely in control of the narrative. We see a lot of big names making a lot of bold statements. Many stories are preparing the public for upcoming arrests & tribunals. Things are definitely accelerating. Buckle up! #WWG1WGA
Let's take a moment, all of us, to send prayers of protection & strength to those fighting the culture front in this psychological war by sharing the TRUTH w/ their large audiences & inspiring people to #UseLogic, think for themselves & be #SOVEREIGN. #SayBraveThings #WWG1WGA
Please join me in sending up prayers for our troops in all branches of our military who are bravely defending our borders and sovereignty against our enemies, both foreign and domestic. #WWG1WGA #QAnon @POTUS #theGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #MAGA #theStorm
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2 years ago I had only just begun recovering memories of childhood sexual abuse by my father. I attributed all of my pain & symptoms to a complex medical condition, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3, a diagnosis assigned to me in 2015. I would come to learn my "symptoms" were induced
I was desperate to figure out what was wrong, to feel better, & to learn how to be a chronic patient rather than a productive member of society. As I grappled with my new reality, I posted many of my personal reflections on Facebook: "Big day today and more in the coming weeks...
...thoracic & lumbar MRI, urodynamic testing, thyroid ultrasound & meetings w/ a neurosurgeon, GI, pulmonologist & new PT. Any extra health & healing vibes you can spare I will gladly receive and use to the fullest extent"

I was so naive. Everyone around me was making me sick.
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Please report & block this cannibal troll account that is using my picture & resume description from LinkedIn. As I said, #HiviteTactics will escalate. Attacks will intensify. But this is totally normal for someone who is not telling dangerous truth to experience, right? #QAnon
The goal of this account seems to be related to the most recent cult attack, timing of account creation fits. It seems they're trying to make me look bad or something. Neat trick guys. #ByePhoenicia Your tactics are transparent and you yourselves are completely impotent.
All these sad, sick people want is to make me (us) upset. Just agitate us. It's so stupid.
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Exactly 1 year ago today, @Cronsell and I broke our silence and decided to #SayBraveThings. What a difference a year makes.
@cronsell Today is also my Grandma Mary's birthday. She was an unaware slave like me. I miss her a lot. They basically starved her to death. She was a faithful, loving, creative woman. I'm glad to be a lot like her. I take comfort in knowing she loved God and that she can finally rest now.
@cronsell I've always been the way I am at my core, even before I remembered the abuse or understood why certain things appealed to me. Hind sight truly is 20/20. #SayBraveThings
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1. An undeserved curse is returned to the sender tenfold
2. The detail they failed to mention is the reason they hate Kavanaugh is because he's anti abortion, which they rely upon to FEED them #CannibalsAreAnimals
3. This interview will age very well, Mr Watters #ByePhoenicia
Recognize the significance of this interview on @WattersWorld. This time last year they were only alluding to a "cult" on Fox News while discussing Donna Brazile's fear of HRC & Co after they murdered Seth Rich. Now, @JesseBWatters is interviewing witches who are hexing our gov't
You CANNOT convince me nothing is happening. There is NO WAY this would even be a story if not for the full disclosure effort that's currently underway in #TheGreatAwakening. This kind of story prepares the public psyche for the FACT that "witches" are actively working against us
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The @FBI just hung up on me while trying to make another report, after I spent 40 minutes on hold. They would not confirm that any of my prior reports had been received/registered, they did not put me in touch with a victim assistance agent as requested. W.T.A.F? @POTUS #QAnon
I am currently being targeted by this criminal organization who are actively working to harm me financially & physically by forcing me into a dangerous situation in public that presents an immediate, credible threat to my life, health & safety @DHSgov @DHSBlueCampaign @FBI @POTUS
I made multiple reports to the @FBI, @DHSgov & @WhiteHouse as well as police. It has been 18 months since my first report. I have not received ANY confirmation or other indication from ANY law enforcement group that my reports have been taken seriously or are being investigated.
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Social media is only slightly better than poison. It's not real. It's an engineered mind space that induces dissociation from present, physical reality. It is just a tool, remember that. It's supposed to be a tool for your mind to use. Make sure it's not the other way around.
I'm not here to make friends. I'm not here to judge peoples' motives. I'm here to #SayBraveThings, share the truth of my life as I experienced it, & contribute what I know to #theGreatAwakening. That's it. If it weren't for this PSYOPS WAR we're fighting, I wouldn't even be here.
FYI - I'm un-following LOTS of people, like thousands of accounts. It's nothing personal. I may follow back later. Just something I need to do right now.
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Today is an important ritual date for the cult

"OLD Michaelmas falls on 11 October (10 Oct according to some – the dates are the result of the shift from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar). It is said that the Devil fell out of Heaven on this date"
Michaelmas is typically celebrated on 9/29 & is one of the major festivals of the pagan calendar marking the harvest. In Christianity, it's the celebration of Archangel Michael defeating Satan & of course "Old School" (the cult) celebrates "Old Michaelmas" on 10/11 (ritual @ 3am)
Michael is the greatest of all the Archangels & is honored for defeating Satan in the war in heaven. He's one of the principal angelic warriors, seen as a protector against the dark of night & the administrator of cosmic intelligence. Michaelmas has also delineated time & seasons
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Wow. I just found the paper that got me into the University of Michigan. The subject matter is astonishingly apprapiate for this moment in our history. #WWG1WGA There is more that unites us than divides us. It's time to evolve beyond identity politics & instead focus on behavior.
In this country we are all supposed to be EQUAL under the law. That means equal application of standards and punishments. No more justifying discrimination of any kind based on historical wrongs. Clean slate. New day. Political correctness is #MindControl #WWG1WGA #SayBraveThings
I think we all would do well to internalize these concepts and understand how antidiscrimination policies are often discriminatory and therefore unjust. People are people. Behavior is more important than identity. #QAnon #theGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
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I am so very proud of @cronsell in this moment. I wish y'all could witness him in real life. The soul inside this man shines so brightly.
#SayBraveThings is a profoundly life-changing concept. Remain true to yourself, listen to your BODY, honor its messages, CARE for yourself/body, reject deception in favor of TRUTH. Have courage & conviction to LIVE your truth, no matter what others think/say/do. #TruthIsEvolution
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I am not suicidal.
I do not own a red scarf.
I will not be getting inebriated.
I am not taking opiates.
I have no plans to go boating or swimming.
I will not be traveling.
I am not at risk for heart attack.
I do not have a seizure disorder.
Chris @Cronsell is my bodyguard.
We are both armed and trained.
This is not a game.
I am a targeted individual.
I am a victim of organized crime & human trafficking.
The criminal organization still pursues, harasses & abuses me any way they can, including online & gang stalking.
I made reports to police, FBI, DHS & the White House.
I've named my family, my former employer, my disability insurance company, my ex-husband and his family, my ex-fiance and all past partners and several "friends" who were just handlers in my reports to federal law enforcement.
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Last call for confessions & repentance. Going once, going twice...
For me, this would be enough:

"I acknowledge your truth & I do not deny it. I'm sorry I made you suffer. You didn't deserve it & it wasn't your fault. I am broken & in need of love & healing. I failed you. I'm sorry."

Will any of my abusers be strong enough to #SayBraveThings?
I can extend an olive branch. I can forgive for the sake of my own healing. But only the abusers can choose to receive or reject that forgiveness. You have to WANT it to receive it. Forgiveness can only be received by those who seek it. #SayBraveThings #TruthIsEvolution
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Wow. The trolls are out in force today. They target the truth with plain old ugliness. They are toxic beings; physically, mentally and spiritually. Do not let their diseased consciousness infect your mind/body. Rise above, recognize they are just dying animals crying out in pain.
It has never been more important to maintain your inner zen than right now. This is not a game. The stakes have never been higher. They win when they get us to vibrate at their low frequency (aka when they succeed at agitating us). Be vigilant about protecting YOUR SELF. #QAnon
Q doesn't call it coordinated attacks for nothing. Military level psyops is what we are facing. Professional con artists, mind controllers, & Hannibal Lector types (literally). Soldiers of EVIL. Minions of darkness. ZERO respect for life or truth because theyre in a DEATH CULT.
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ALERT 🚨🚨🚨 #QAnon @POTUS #TheGreatAwakening


Do you recognize what this means? #TheStorm is not only happening, it's HERE. Buckle up. #WWG1WGA This is why we are here. This is why we've been here for almost a year.

Didn't #QAnon say something about smoking them out? And this provides a legit cover for presence of Marines in the area, but it doesn't explain WHY they happen to be there/available/first called in. This is not just a fire. Pay attention! Kavanaugh confirmation vote = accelerant.
Anyone still sleeping (as in not just faking it while guilty) are going to be SHOCKED & CONFUSED very soon. Anons on 24 hour stand-by from here forward. The midterms & end of current Congressional session + "Activate Sessions" & #HUBER x(#FISA + #IGUnredated) = FLOODGATES. #QAnon
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What's more important to you, to be right, or to feel assured in your current beliefs? What happens if those two things are in conflict? What happens if you are unaware that they are in conflict? Beware of your assumptions & tendencies to dismiss ideas that challenge your beliefs
You can believe whatever you want. At the end of the day, the truth doesn't care about your beliefs. And the truth will prevail, no matter how much it contradicts long-held beliefs, pisses people off or makes it painfully clear that we've all been deceived. The truth is the truth
I'm no longer concerned about offending y'all. If you doubt the FACT that cannibals are running things & deceiving us all, that they have been around since biblical times & have used the bible to hide themselves & keep all of us deceived, then you are in for a very rude awakening
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@Lindsayw959 I believe in Jesus & I've identified as Christian my entire life. I was abused severely for this & I am now forced to examine the ways Jesus was used against me so I don't fall into their traps. Most people don't like a theory I present that Jesus may have been born into this too
@Lindsayw959 I am examining the possibility that Mary, Mother of Jesus, may have been an unaware mind control "sacred prostitute" in a hivite family (like me) and that the "virgin birth" may be explained by Heiros Gamos. I don't forward these theories as absolutely true, just possible.
@Lindsayw959 Most Christians find this line of inquiry to be heinous in & of itself & immediately dismiss me & claim I'm doing the devil's work. I was warned explicitly that this would be the case. I have to #SayBraveThings anyway. Jesus didn't stop speaking truth when others didn't like it.
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I watched the film "Noah" last night, directed by Darren Aaronofsky, one of my all time favorite directors, and starring Russel Crowe, Jennifer Connely & Emma Watson, among others. Suffice it to say that this movie TRIED to tell the truth as much as possible & almost succeeded.
At one point in the film, Noah leaves the ark being built to go into the make-shift town built by the cannibals ("line of Cain") who intend to overtake the ark when the rain starts, lead by Tubal Cain. At one point, Noah sees HIMSELF being a cannibal along with the rest of them.
The film even alludes to the apple in the garden being a beating heart. Without being overtly explicit, the film indicates that ALL men, even Noah & his wife (Naamah) are tainted w/ this "Sin" & that MAN BROKE THE WORLD w/ this "sin" (cannibalism). Noah doesn't exempt himself.
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1/102-My story begins in 2016, when @realDonaldTrump's speech on Globalism, woke me to the corruption in our government:


It's no longer Left vs Right, it's:

WEALTHY CRIMINALS = #Globalists #DeepState #NWO


#WeThePeople = Patriots & @POTUS
2/102-I'm no expert on the #NWO & I don't expect you to take my word for this corruption. I'm simply a patriotic American, who's been wondering WTH is happening to our nation?

Which is why, as I listened to Trump's speech, it resonated w/me & I became curious enough to research.
3/102-In this thread, I'll share MY #RedPill journey... the questions I asked, answers I found & conclusions I've drawn. I'm not arrogant enough to think I know everything or that all my theories are correct. So I look forward to learning more from YOUR comments & links. #MAGA πŸ€“
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Let's talk about programming triggers. 🚨SRA/ULTRA WARNING: I WILL BE LISTING ACTUAL TRIGGERS HERE!🚨#SayBraveThings #SurvivorsUnite #Discernment #TruthResonates #ByePhoenicia
* First, I want to make something clear. Seeing/ reading/hearing one or two of these does not automatically mean you're dealing with a bad actor. Use logic, and look at the bigger picture before judging.
* Triggers for mind control protocol can be words, phrases, visual stimuli, sounds, music, touch...they are all employed. Everyone is programmed uniquely, but there are a lot of common triggers out there.
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Did anyone else notice the conversation just blew up in 50 different directions? I sense some #HiviteTactics at play. #Discernment #UseLogic Stay focused on the evidence, which means keeping the topic of discussion on #DECLAS #IGReportUnredacted #TREASON #EnemyCombatants #QAnon
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