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1/ BREAKING: Q ANONS FIND #ADRENOCHROME FACTORY: Whether this is just art depicting Adrenochrome or it is hidden in plain sight, it shows you what they do, what they worship and think about..
#WWG1WGA #QAnon @realDonaldTrump…
3/ Many are saying they don’t BELIEVE #Adrenochrome...Do YOUR OWN RESEARCH! I researched and I know this is real. If you research and think otherwise... It’s sick, demonic, it’s REAL! #WWG1WGA #SRA

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@dms1765 @POTUS I escaped 3 weeks before I was to be crucified on Easter 2017 at 35 during a group ritual sacrifice they were going to broadcast online as an ARG & have people vote whether I should live or die based on data illegally mined from my electronics. They 'retire' slaves like me at 35.
@dms1765 @POTUS They released a Beta version of the game. It was called "Sara is Missing" Apparently the full version was supposed to be released around Easter 2017 Go figure. No release, publicly anyway. Who knows. Maybe the game is actually on & there are people playing it still #HiviteTactics
@dms1765 @POTUS Once I realized my family were Luciferians, it became crystal clear to me that they had ZERO respect for me as a person and ZERO hesitation in taking my life. I packed a bag, left & saved myself w/ @cronsell. They were going to either frame him for my murder or sacrifice him too.
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Ding Ding Ding The silence is LOUD with ring of GUILT
You know who else has been completely silent? My FAMILY, even though 10 months have passed now since I started to #SayBraveThings. Not a single denial. Only projection, reversal, attempts to discredit the source (logical fallacy) #HiviteTactics. The silence of their guilt is LOUD
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Sonanon break.
Back for a few thoughts and observations
First to @jack.
Thank you for falling for it again. You're really building my case for me. Do you really think you can keep this silent?
Stop me, 1000 more will come
@jack Clowns posing as q are joining the movement.
Pretty sure that falls under RICO, but I'm no expert there. They aren't smart enough to know that they are already being watched too.
#God Wins
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1. Seth Green's ADULTSWIM series is full of Cabal symbols. You only have to know what to look for and you see it clearly. Symbols will be their downfall.
@IsaacKappy @SaRaAshcraft @EsotericExposal @intheMatrixxx @occulturalism @55true4u @potus #saybravethings #Pedowood #qanon
2. Green's "Robot Chicken" episodes are only 11-minutes long, and there's not a single scene that isn't devoted to twisted Cabal symbolism. @IsaacKappy @SaRaAshcraft @EsotericExposal @intheMatrixxx @occulturalism @55true4u @potus #saybravethings #Pedowood #qanon
3. These is just some of the sick symbols in a single 11-minute episode of "Robot Chicken". There's more. Start digging. /END
@IsaacKappy @SaRaAshcraft @EsotericExposal @intheMatrixxx @occulturalism @55true4u @potus #saybravethings #Pedowood #qanon
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This is the 1st public statement I made to Family on 10/22/17, exactly 1yr after I started remembering the abuse & 7 months after leaving w/out notice. It was my Grandma Mary's birthday. I said aloud to her "You can RIP now, Grandma. I got this." Then I started to #SayBraveThings
I was amazed that literally NO ONE responded. The silence was deafening (sound familiar?) In hindsight I realize they were stunned & unsure of what I remembered. At the time, I knew the only way to make myself safe & get them to back off was to #SayBraveThings & name them.
Over the next 6 weeks, I endured a slew of slanderous, vitriolic attacks from so-called "friends" who cycled through every psychopathic manipulation tactic in the book. Unfortunately for the them, the truth is the truth, & this behavior only revealed their own deceitful nature.
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It's amazing what's happened in the past 2 weeks. I'm grateful to all the survivors who began speaking out & connecting with me & each other. Big changes are on the way. Continue to #SayBraveThings. Together we will light up the world! #ItEndsNOW #SurvivorsUnite #SurvivorStories
If you're not yet following survivor @BernXmas (connected to NXIVM) please support him by following & sharing his story too. We all have a role to play in this. Each survivor holds a unique part of the Truth. Each supporter has a unique sphere of influence
Please also follow & support survivor @FionaBa47662575. She's been on record for several years naming her #Pedowood abusers, including Maryl Streep. She's endured turmoil & been targeted by the cult for a very long time without much hope. #TheGreatAwakening is giving us ALL hope!
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Lots of typos today. I despise touchscreens & auto-NOT-correct. Glad Twitter doesn't allow edits but definitely realizing this week has taken a toll, mentally & physically. I won't be able to sustain posting like this for much longer. But it's such a BIG week, it's hard to stop.
Honoring my body, it's needs & limitations, is what led me out of the darkness of my old life into the healing I am enjoying now. Remaining true to myself & uncompromising in my commitment to #SelfLove & #SelfCare got me away from all who were harming me Thank God #SayBraveThings
My body is the only part of me that experienced EVERYTHING. I refuse to make it endure anything it doesn't want to now. So if you see less of me for a bit don't worry, I'm here. Just realizing I've overdone it the last few days. It's all worth it though! What a time to be alive.
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He doesn't know it, but David Icke saved my life. I watched his film on Pedophilia, the Catholic Church & Satan. It was this film that made me realize the abuse was Luciferian. Speaking to my mother about it made her recoil. I fled the next day. Thank you Mr Icke. #SayBraveThings
I have only one disagreement with David Icke. I believe the "Reptilians" narrative is false, a metaphor for "the reptile brain" - the oldest, most basic animal instincts. The cult glorifies this. I think "da alienz" is a cult-approved disinfo narrative to distract from #Hivites.
I am not saying I believe Mr Icke willing perpetuates cult narratives. I am saying I think they haven't killed him because he's telling a lesser truth they are willing to let be known. I'm glad he says as much as he does, but it's still 80% truth 20% disinfo, IMHO.
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It has begun🎯

To everyone who sticks up for me & helps #SayBraveThings so we can all make sure #ItEndsNow THANK YOU!

I may not be back til the dust settles. I appreciate every single one of you. Are you ready to change the world? #QAnon @POTUS #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #MAGA
I have never in my life been more proud to be an American.
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Notice he gets a blue checkmark w/ only 25% the followership I have as I speak daily on what are extremely controversial issues. You would think Twitter would be interested to make sure I'm not a Russian agent interfering w/ elections. What's up @Jack? #QAnon @POTUS #ByePhoenicia
My friend & fellow warrior @LizCrokin USED to have one, until #Pizzagate got out of y'alls control, then you took it away when she called out @chrissyteigen & @JohnLegend (who blocked me) for being pedo satanist child traffickers. She's got WAY more followers than this guy #QAnon
#HangryHangryHivites begin to make mistakes when they don't get their regular supply of food (aka children & bodily fluids from other human beings). I think @POTUS & Co will be making sure this sh*t doesn't continue. Right @RepMattGaetz @Jim_Jordan @DevinNunes? #TheGreatAwakening
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If any reporter intends to write anything about me, be sure to know what you're saying, & what I'm saying, & what the LAW is re: libel, slander, defamation, & free speech. I am not giving interviews. Everything I have to say is published here publicly for all to see @POTUS #QAnon
@POTUS If you wish to ask me reasonable, respectful questions AFTER you bother to inform yourself on what I've already said, you may do so here, publicly. I will choose if I respond. Note that NO response is also an answer. Choose wisely. #ByePhoenicia #theGreatAwakening #QAnon @POTUS
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@LP083061 Not the lawyer. The Taco Bell manager who went to jail for selling drugs to teenagers, according to what his daughter, my friend Christina that I talk about, told me. This is the man that took me into the woods in OR at age 10. He's 1/2 Phillipino I think. Short, fat, dark hair.
@LP083061 I'll try to find & post a picture. If I do, I'll be sure to drop it here. Thanks for prompting clarification. Seems it was needed. That poor lawyer might be getting some strange phone calls...

To be clear, I do not know the lawyer Bill Funk in Portland, OR.
@LP083061 Bill had a cousin Michael that abused me that trip in Portland when I was 10. He looked a lot like this guy: If (& only if) he has a cousin name Bill affiliated w/ anything on the west coast, those are the guys. Otherwise not #QAnon…
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I wonder how many spinal taps I've had in my life. It should be ZERO based on my waking life. But now I know they took my CSF. I have a particular memory of a ritual when my mother is there, I was 16, she told me "Whatever you do don't look & remember to open the purple envelope"
When I was young & would go to the doctor, if I was going to receive a shot or they were going to take blood (aka a needle was present), she would say "Whatever you do, just don't look." Thus, this memory involves a needle & given all the elements I remember, it was a spinal tap.
Also, the "remember to open the purple envelope" is a mind control trigger, just like "Whatever you do don't look" - it is a code that initiates a forget program. When I ran, she sent me a card in a purple envelope that said "I'm happy my memories come easily to me" 6 times. Hmmm
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When I was 18 months old, my family took a ski trip to Tahoe. I was violently vomiting the whole time. I remember being locked outside in the snow at night in just my pajamas looking in at my parents, aunts & uncles. I was being punished for crying from vomiting. #HiviteTactics
Last summer, I fully dissociated into this 18mo old & spoke to @cronsell. I did not know or remember I had done this until he brought it up weeks later. The traumatic memory includes physical symptoms of extreme cold & shivering. I sometimes feel this way when I #SayBraveThings
@cronsell Many survivors experience bouts of shivering as if they are in an ice box or meat locker when they either remember or speak something true that they are supposed to hide in order to protect the guilty. Many have been hung up and/or locked in meat lockers, sometimes with corpses.
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While I acknowledge there are willful bad actors out there posing as victims to try & confuse/disrupt the truth, it remains that "attack the source" and "appeal to authority" are logical fallacies that have no bearing on the truth. Consider the testimony & move on. #Nonjudgement
Realize what famous people like @Corey_Feldman @therealroseanne & @rosemcgowan are up against - in the belly of beast (LA) - surrounded by motivated serial killers. USE LOGIC. Every survivor will have their own set of needs/concerns in order to come forward. Respect their choices
My situation is extremely unique, which is why I can afford to #SayBraveThings. @IsaacKappy has decided to risk everything & go out on a limb so you, the public, can know more. @therealroseanne lost EVERYTHING she was working toward because she stood up for this truth. #QAnon
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Tonight (well, 3am) is the ritual "Grand Climax" following the "Dog Days" associated w/ Sirius, the Dog Star, as in the Star of Set, as in the Temple of Set, as in the worst week/night of the year for me & many others. Tonight, many will be sacrificed by their own families. Pray.
This is WAR. We cannot simply stop or prevent ALL of these deaths. That is what #TheGreatAwakening will do, in time. Unfortunately, the war is not yet over & there are still bad actors doing their worst to the most vulnerable among us. But I believe justice is coming & #ItEndsNow
I am here to #SayBraveThings for my own safety, to make sure I do not die with this truth still a secret inside of me, to give voice to the voiceless victims, and to encourage/help the anons & citizen researchers find the truth so that we all, as ONE, can MAKE it STOP. Forever.
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I am simply overwhelmed today. The support pouring out since yesterday is amazing. I love & appreciate y'all so much, especially long-time followers who help to answer questions. To all the new eyes/minds just learning these ugly truths, Thank You & Welcome. #SayBraveThings
I'm not even going to try to get through all the notifications. If you sent me something in the last 24 hours, chances are I haven't/won't see it, but know that I appreciate all that you are doing to help end this evil. Keep shining the light so the darkness disappears forever.
And just like that, after 3 weeks of radio silence, we are blessed with #NewQ!!! #Qanon @POTUS #TheGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #MAGA
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A message to Hollywood:

Just come out. Come out & #SayBraveThings. Show us who you are. Tell us your story & why you do what you do. Stop hiding. The truth sets you free too. #WeThePeople won't accept your behavior; we will hold you accountable. But we welcome your Truth #QAnon
Who among you has the strength of will to do such a thing? Who among you is brave enough? Such strong, scary thing s when you are frightening children, yet you become children when caught with your pants down. Enough is enough. Grow up and own your shadow. Face the mirror & look.
The "Industry" that fed you is gone. The secrecy that hid you is over. The top cover that protected you is caught. There's no where to run or hide. What do you have to lose? All your money will go to your victims anyway. Your careers are over. What will you be remembered for now?
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They sucked out my brain fluid. What. The. Actual. F*ck.
They took it through my nasal cavity, the roof of my mouth, the back of my head at C-1, the C/T junction of my spine, L-4, above the SI plate, & I think through the hip. @Cronsell & I just checked. We both have physical markings & scar tissue consistent with this CSF withdrawal.
This is surreal.
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