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We have seen our country take a nosedive into becoming "Fourth Reich."

United States of America is now running internment camps.

Our concern now is all the children who are in these camps.

➡️So, where did they come from & why did their parents bring them here?

Tornillo, TX is on US/Mexico border. There is “tent city facility” setup there. Facility is housing 326 children (312 boys, 14 girls):

162 from Guatemala

117 from Honduras

40 from El Salvador

4from “other countries”

3 from Mexico


So if less than 1% are from Mexico, why?

Reason - out of 195 countries:

El Salvador has 2nd highest rate of violent deaths.

Honduras has 4th highest rate of violent deaths.

Guatemala has 17th highest rate of violent deaths.



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Wow. Those are some DEPLORABLE conditions. You should ABSOLUTELY take a moment to check this site out.

Quick Read / Thread / P2

Food for thought - how to write a hotel review!…
Quick Read / Thread / P3

Interesting difference in how guests are treated, depending on the property choice.

REMEMBER: If you stayed at a Trump property, it is ALWAYS courteous to leave feedback, so management and future guests know what to expect. Even if it was a shithole.
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1) A friend posted that he wanted facts to understand why these immigrants claim to be seeking asylum. Said he understood them to be coming to the U.S. seeking more opportunities. As a teacher of immigrants, I had facts to offer. Please read & RT #ImmigrantChildren #Immigration
2) Teens who make it across the border are literally carved up. Chunks of their bodies gone, knifed from their flesh, for refusing to join gangs. Gangs kill their siblings, to make clear they'll do it, then force a gun into kid's hand. "You kill this person, or we kill you."
3) Kid says no, gets chunk knifed out of their body, & gets told, "We'll be back to give you another chance to use this gun. Think hard." Kid doesn't want to kill; kid doesn't want to BE killed, so kid finds a way to get across the border & seek asylum.
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There are so many moving parts to the #ImmigrantChildren propaganda operation, many different interests, that all intersect to exploit these children for their various ends. Powerful special interests, that go beyond just the election and stymieing Trump.
You have Globalists, like Soros, Styer, Singer, and Zuckerberg, to name a few. All with deep interest for open borders. Democrats, looking for voters, GOTV motivation, stopping the wall, and securing amnesty. GOP/COCsuckers, protecting cheap labor for their donors...
Drug cartels, who for obvious reasons need to keep the border wide open, and the human traffickers who facilitate the crossings. Churches and "faith based initiative" groups that make billions off of caring for the #ImmigrantChildren protected by Wilberforce Act.
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Part one of a video of @mdc_dsa @DC_IWW and others shouting DHS Secretary Nielsen out of a restaurant. She doesn’t need to be kidnapping #immigrantchildren to deserve this treatment. Don’t give the regime a moment of rest. #KeepFamilesTogether
Part two
#AbolishICE #AbolishCBP
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If you want a perfect case study in how #TruCon™ half-measures and trying to compromise with the Left always blows up in Republicans' faces, look at #KeepFamilesTogether and the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008.
Faced with the option of securing the border, or finding a way to be "compassionate conservatives" W and the GOP established Wilberforce, which gave HHS authority to house #ImmigrantChildren "protecting" them, until they got a hearing.
Of course, once they established the program, they had to fund shelters, setting up the perverse incentives of paying non-profits and church groups per child housed, which in turn lead to these groups paying smugglers for more kids.
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1. About Those March 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling in Flores vs Reno. The Court decided that minors couldn't be incarcerated with adults accompanying them illegally across the U.S. border.
2. The decision was the result of a long dispute in how to best care for these children while the adults were detained for criminal proceedings.

3. When aliens cross the border illegally - that is, not at a point of entry - they are incarcerated until their criminal case is decided.

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There's a tack that's deadly to the cause and injurious to the truth. And that's what's been provided heretofore. Trump's message must be one of "feeling the pain" of those caught in a situation that Americans feel as well but must be given priority. Think carefully.
Meanwhile as the pathetic left continues to grind out the theme of children wrenched from the arms of their parents the rest of the real world focuses on the ever-evolving #IGReport that proves nothing short of astounding to those of us who care about that which is pertinent.
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This is Cristina Abarca, 36yrs old...+ her two children, Aracely (16yo) and Roberto (10yo)from. They fled from El Salvador after Cristina says Aracely was kidnapped and raped by the gangs who then tried to recruit Roberto #ImmigrantChildren #Immigration
Cristina says she blames herself after her 14yo daughter (at the time) Aracely was kidnapped and raped by the gangs. Cristina was at work and says now Aracely won’t talk about that experience...they head to Boston to live w/ family @NBCLatino @NBCNews
Roberto (Cristina’s 10yo son) describes what it was like to stay in detention after being separated from his Mom and sister....says milk and juice were bad and food was expired and that they slept on the floor in detention in what he referred to as a “cage”
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A few years ago, I taught in a different school where I had many kids from El Salvador. One student in particular was quite troubled. I mean. He was a real pain in the butt. But I never sent him out of class because I'm not that kind of teacher.
But other teachers were having problems with him and he ended up on the assistant principal's almost every day. He was very disruptive in their classes. Finally, the guidance counselor got permission to share his story.
It turns out that this boy hid under the bed while his mother was repeatedly raped when he was 4 years old.
He witnessed his mother being raped.
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@JustinTrudeau @JennyKwanBC didn’t mince words; neither should you, PM. I voted for you to be our federal representative! Represent Canadian ethics. #Represent #SilenceIsComplicity #HumanRightsViolations
@JustinTrudeau As Canadians, we are: 1) ratified signatories to UN Human Rights, 2) UNSC members. Don’t forfeit our, “primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security” #HumanSecurity #HumanRights #WhoseExpense
@JustinTrudeau my elected PM: Don’t let the US’ 45th diminish our interpretation of natural justice. Especially not re: rights of the most vulnerable. Thanks @JennyKwanBC #HumanRights #ImmigrantChildren #StopSeparatingFamilies #Cdnpoli #SpeakUp
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1/ Thread: Here’s everything we know about immigrant children being separated from their families. #ZeroTolerance #separatingchildren #ImmigrantChildren
2/ About 2,000 children have been separated from their parents at the border, but the actual number is likely higher.
3/ This comes after the Trump administration announced a “zero tolerance” policy. That means all adults crossing the border illegally will be prosecuted. Since children can't be sent to federal jail, kids who are detained are being separated from parents.
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As a fmr immigration attorney let me be unambiguously clear. Crossing a boarder to claim asylum is *not* a crime; no under US or international law. Any child separated from a parent under that pretext is done so in direct contravention to the laws of the USA. ⚖ THREAD Pls RT.
If you came to the US without permission to apply for asylum, youmetjod of entry, whether legal or illegal *should* in no way effect your application process. Illegal entry is not a ground of inadmissibility for asylum applicants.
Unlike many other categories of applicants for immigration benefits, ppl seeking asylum in the US are not barred by having made an illegal entry; for example, sneaked across the U.S. border or overstaying a valid visa (one of the top ways people are in the country illegall).
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1/ Thread


READ ME. The US Government has allegedly paid, @SouthwestKey Programs Inc, ~$1.4 Billion dollars for outsourcing the detention of children; children primarily taken from their parents due to immigration status.
2/ Thread

Context: A press conference tonight focused on immigrant families, especially children, housing, treatment and separation from their parents. The press conference started off by pulling blame away from @SouthwestKey Programs Inc.; redirecting it to @ICEgov and the
3/ Thread

Trump administration.

I agree with the blame landing on Trump and his Gestapo ICE force, I suggest taking a deeper look into Southwest Key and understand how the children are being treated once they are received. Southwest runs the center in Brownsville (in the news).
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Atty General Sessions announced on May 8th that @CBP will separate parents & children at the border - even those following the process to request asylum. 📰

Children will be taken to temporary holding facilities run by HHS. 1/6 #StopSeparatingFamilies
The # of migrant children held by the US govt has surged 21% in the past month. As of May 29th, the govt had 10,773 children in custody.

HHS is adding is considering housing children at military bases as a last resort. 2/6 📰 #ImmigrantChildren #CBP
What can you do? Signing this petition is a good start.

You can also help spread the word by sharing this petition and thread. 3/6 #TuesdayThoughts #WhereAreTheChildren #immigrants
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