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1st, I’m a progressive.
But come on progressives, are “Medicare For All,” “The Green New Deal,” or “Ending Citizen’s United” the hills you want to die on? If you do, there will be no living to fight another day.
We need to defeat tRump if we are going to have a chance to live to fight another day. We cannot afford the luxury of being purists, arguing about whether or not the party will or won’t move completely away from fossil fuels or will or won’t embrace Medicare for all.

If we hold out for those demands we will find ourselves living in a dictatorship with zero freedoms. We can fight for the other things later. If we don’t take a stand against tRump right now, there won’t be anything left to save.
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Director of Legal Services, Joyce Noche gave a powerful speech during MPP press conference. She shared a story of one of her clients, an 18-year-old named Yolanda who had been separated from her pregnant sister when the pair arrived at the border to ask for asylum.⁠
“She was immediately targeted upon return [to Mex], stalked and harassed by people who saw her for what she was — a vulnerable girl with no one to protect her who had been thrown into the streets… I have never worried as much about my client’s safety as I do about Yolanda.”"
People are dying because of MPP. Help us fight back. Support ImmDef at or click the link in our bio.⁠ ⁠ #EndMPP #RESTOREASYLUMNOW #immdef #immigrantdefenderslawcenter #keepfamiliestogetherImage
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Despite evidence that forcible #familyseparation is traumatic and leads to short- and long-term health issues, the Trump administration has separated thousands of children from their parents.

We're suing. #KeepFamiliesTogether
Facing gang violence and extortion in Guatemala, J.V.S. and his 5-year-old daughter sought refuge in the U.S.

He was detained. His daughter was flown to a foster home in NY.

It was weeks before they spoke on the phone and more than two months before they saw each other again.
A.P.F. and his 7-year-old son fled Guatemala after threats of extortion. They were detained and separated at the U.S. border, forced to spend 65 days apart. #KeepFamiliesTogether
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This year, we received a generous donation of a house in Louisiana. Its purpose is to provide transitional support to immigrants after they are released from detention. In order to be effective immigrant rights advocates, we must #AbolishDetention & #KeepFamiliesTogether ImageImageImage
If you’d like to support us in our mission to model a world without detention, please pledge to become a sponsor:
Or make a donation if you can:…
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If you read one thing today, it should be this haunting article. Let it sink in that our government photographed the injuries this father suffered being tortured in front of his 3 year old child, and then sent them both right back into danger in Mexico.…
Jose's terrifying story is onestory but there are 1000s of desperate asylum seekers living in fear for their lives today after they sought protection at our border. Please #stayoutraged. Fight compassion fatigue. Let Jose’s story really sink in & imagine if this was your family.
Read Jose’s story, share it, talk about it with your friends and family as you gather for the holidays this week. Do not let our government do this in the shadows, shine a light. #SaveAsylum #migrantpersecutionprotocols. #EndMPP #KeepFamiliesTogether…
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BREAKING: Jews and allies are blocking the door of the ICE Facility in Seattle, Washington.

We are putting our bodies on the line to shut down this inhumane system. #CloseTheCamps #NeverAgainIsNow #AbolishICE
Here's the view from outside. We are gathering to protest the treatment of immigrants across the country.

We have seen this pattern of dehumanization, demonization, and targeted terror before.

We know where it leads.

This sign says another world is possible in three language (English, Spanish, and Hebrew).

It's not enough to push back against the intolerable. We are advancing @CosechaMovement's #DignityPlan, a vision for a just and human immigration system.

#CloseTheCamps #AbolishICE
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.@AOC and @clarychka are now addressing the persistent issue of family separations at the border. It isn't just parents, but also aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins who are charged with caring for minor family members when parents aren't available. #KeepFamiliesTogether
And the government isn't even keeping track of these separations. ⬇️
These family separations are also happening as part of the "Remain in Mexico" policy, where children are kept in US detention as "unaccompanied" while family member/s are sent to Mexico. #KeepFamiliesTogether
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THREAD: I’ve seen Julián Castro on TV since the debate saying what happened on stage w/ Beto wasn’t personal & was just a policy disagreement. Here’s the problem with that—he’s misrepresenting Beto’s position & is well aware @BetoORourke has done his homework. Let me explain...
On @Morning_Joe the next day Castro talked about @BetoORourke & said, "If you're not calling for the repeal of that section [1352] that means that basically you're gonna keep the status quo & you're gonna allow family separation."

That’s NOT TRUE & not what #Beto2020 supports.
Next, on @TheView, Castro said Beto’s plan would keep family separation in place because you’d still be incarcerating the parents & separating them from their children. This is also FALSE. It sounds to me like Castro didn’t do his homework. Did he even read @BetoORourke’s plan?
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Everyone deserves to have a place to call home. But with Ben Carson in charge? Our marginalized communities will continue to struggle to keep a roof over their heads. We are in an affordable housing crisis and this administration is providing no solutions. #OurHomesOurVoices
Just one day after telling the House that he had no plans in regards to transgender protections, HUD issued a rule allowing shelters to deny people admission on religious grounds or force transgender women to share bathrooms and sleeping quarters with men. #WontBeErased
Carson's own team sought to TRIPLE the min. rent paid by families receiving housing assistance, making it easier for authorities to impose stricter work requirements on those receiving benefits. Who's most affected? Single mothers. It would put nearly 1 million children at risk.
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Over the last week, I have received over 5,000 letters from people all across the country expressing their opposition to @realDonaldTrump's cruel, un-American family separation policy. Image
When the "zero tolerance" policy was enacted, I made an unannounced visit on Father’s Day to the Elizabeth Detention Facility in NJ where I spoke with fathers who had been separated from their children. Many did not know when—if ever—they would be reunited with their kids.
After the visit, I introduced the #KeepFamiliesTogether Act, which prohibits the cruel policy of separating children from their parents. Over 190 @HouseDemocrats supported the bill. Unsurprisingly, @HouseGOP refused to bring it up for a vote.…
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📌1. Hey @CNN @MSNBC @ABC @CBSNews @NPR @washingtonpost @nytimes et al, can we talk? Is one of these groups of people more important than the other? All of them were targeted with a deadly threat but most people don’t know that because you didn’t report it #MAGABomber
2. This isn’t an attack, it’s an attempt to help you understand why we chant “fake news” and maybe, just maybe if any of you read it, you’ll admit you aren’t really as fair as you think? @realDonaldTrump is right, we can all do better.
3. Not going to talk about the guys arrested because that really shouldn’t be the focus but two men were both arrested and complaints were filed for five felony charges. Yup, and no one even knows the name of the guy that sent Ricin, why? #CesarSayoc will trend though.
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The Trump Administration’s “public charge” rule targeting immigrant families is cruel and harmful to children. Citizen children will lose Medicaid/CHIP coverage as a result of this harsh new rule, reversing the gains we've worked so hard to achieve. 1/
One-fourth of children in this country have at least one immigrant parent, and 90% of those kids were born in the USA. Trump’s “public charge” rule will punish immigrant parents for enrolling their kids in health care. 2/
All children need health coverage so they can grow up to be healthy, successful adults. Families should not be punished for doing what’s right for their kids. #KeepKidsCovered #KeepFamiliesTogether
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Immigration & Customs Enforcement—more commonly known as ICE, is a law enforcement agency of the federal government of the U.S. tasked to enforce the immigration laws of the United States & to investigate criminal and terrorist activity of foreign nationals residing in the U.S.
ℹ️ICE has two primary components: Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO). It is an agency under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security and was established in 2003 following the 9/11 tragedy.…
ICE was designed to keep us safe from terrorists—for instance, the terrorists who took over the planes on 9/11 were living undetected in the U.S. for over a year.

Pls read this thoroughly before commenting. The Trump administration has corrupted this agency to do horrific acts.
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Because of #CatchAndRelease a sexual predator was let go because of #KeepFamiliesTogether they could not separate him from the 13yr old he claimed as his daughter and because of #SanctuaryState CA he won’t be deported for raping her. This is the #OpenBorders legacy #BuildTheWall
Congratulations @TheDemocrats you enabled a thirteen year old girl to be brutally raped and abused but don’t worry, he’s safe in California and will be released into our communities because #AbolishIce right? You are all sick.
Cover your ears liberals, @ChuckGrassley AND @SenFeinstein have requested an investigation into abuse at detention centers that went IGNORED during the Obama admin😱Including detaining children in handcuffs where was everyone? The complaints started in 2014 #KeepFamiliesTogether
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I'm live-tweeting @HIASrefugees conference call happening right now abt. the state of asylum seekers right now.@truahrabbis #KeepFamiliesTogether
The conditions people are fleeing from: gang violence, failed states, gangs extorting money, gangs asking young girls to be their "girlfriends", family members killed in front of them...@HIASrefugees
TODAY - hundreds of cases where families are still separated. Our gov't MISSED the deadline & they have no clear plan to reunite. Hundreds parents deported while their kids still here.
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Here’s what news won’t show despite data being provided to them via @SecNielsen and @DHSgov it’s how dangerous illegal border crossing is. While @TheDemocrats continue to say Trump Admin is “anti-immigration” the real truth is admin wants safety #keepfamiliestogether
Illegal boarder crossing is wildly dangerous @TheDemocrats put lives in danger by promoting it. People really do DIE what’s wrong with a united message of LEGAL IMMIGRATION? That’s the best way to protect families #keepfamiliestogether
STOP putting immigrants at risk, STOP pretending it’s okay for children to attempt the journey alone and STOP harassing #CBP they are saving lives and if we #BuildTheWall even more will be.…
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#KeepFamiliesTogether do you still think we should #AbolishICE 22 children avoided a horrible future thanks to @DHSgov @ICEgov @HHSGov and @TheJusticeDept but you won’t here about it on @CNN
This is out of 103 children, in 2014 there were 70k children how many slipped through the cracks? #BuildTheWall
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This @QuinnipiacPoll everyone is clinging to is a direct reflection of the news, it’s borderline obsessed with “the children” #FakeNews wins for refusing to cover #KeepFamiliesTogether has been an issue for over a decade, they know that. #ColdAnger…
For starters the spread leans left but that seems to be common in polls now. Hard to trust any of them actually.
Here’s what’s interesting that no one is reporting: 91% think civility is a serious problem that’s with all politics not just @realDonaldTrump sorry libs.
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This evening's realization: Sometimes, it's easier to fight when you're the ally. 1/?
I recently had to take a step back from thinking about Justice Kennedy's resignation and its implications. One reason is that I feel powerless to actually do anything about it. But another reason is that it will affect me directly. 2/
I am Queer, and a Trump appointee is likely to be anti-LGBTQ. I am a woman who believes in bodily autonomy, and this appointee is likely to be anti-choice. I am a member of a union, and I have medical needs, and I want Democrats to win elections - which means access to polls. 3/
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🚧 1.Let's take a little trip down memory lane @NancyPelosi @SenSchumer @SenGillibrand because it appears as though you may have a memory problem. In 2014 there were children in cages, 80% of which weren't even receiving adequate food and water #AbolishICE #WomenDisobey
2. 2014 Brian Williams reported on 52k children cramped into small facilities and while "taking children from Mothers" is never said listen closely when they say ADULTS are deported, kids stay? @NBCNews knows this and it was @RepMcCaul (R) that was worried #KeepFamiliesTogether
3. The @ACLU wrote to the Obama Admin in 2014 complaining children, including infants were starved, kept in "freezers" and sexually abused they included 116 confessions from children. #KeepFamiliesTogether…
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I went to @dcdmv to change the name on my license and a frontline worker threatened me with ICE over a paperwork technicality. Thread:
I'm a few months into my legal name change. I'm done with the courthouse piece - had a judge hearing last week. Today, I waited for hours at a Social Security office to get the name on my social security card changed. I got a temporary paper while the new card comes in the mail.
I wasn't sure if I could use the temporary paper to reach my next milestone: a photo ID with my new name. At @dcdmv today, the worker told me I could not. When I asked why, she said, "You don't want ICE at your doorstep, do you?"
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