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Get Vaccinated Safely & Improve Your Odds Of Surviving this Crisis OR admit you're willing to risk death for spite's sake.

A Simple English Breakdown of the Ingredients in the COVID Vaccines… 1/21
Here is the full, exhaustive list of the ingredients for each Vaccine…

Pfizer/BioNtech ingredients list:…

Pfizer/BioNtech Mechanism in plain English…
#COVID19VaccineIngredients 4 Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine b...
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Drug Seeker Part III
So after almost 8 years of undertreated/untreated pain, this year I was officially labeled a drug seeker by certified mail & banned from care by a medical clinic in our town for requesting a benzodiazepine medication that was helping to mediate severe spacial disparity & vertigo.
Vertigo is now another battle that started after a Shingles & a #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis flare. I was also beginning diagnostics to determine if I have breast cancer as well. Getting that letter was humiliating-Devastating as I live in a rural town with limited options for care.
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1/3 🍎 As we get ready for back to school, we can all increase our know-how on how to reduce our risk of infection and spreading the virus. #COVIDKnowHow #WeAreAllInThisTogether #Canadian…
2/3 🍎 Quality information is the key to success! There is a lot of #misinformation out there so it important follow trusted and credible sources. Here is a place to start, #GetTheFacts and check back often:…
#CheckThenShare #BePartofTheSolution
3/3 🍎 Did you know, you can learn about and report #COVID19 scams, frauds and misleading claims on the #GOC website? #BePartofTheSolution #COVIDKnowHow #Infodemic #Misinformation #Disinformation #GetTheFacts #CheckThenShare…
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1/4 #COVID19 #science continues to evolve at a rapid pace and we must continue to be guided by the best available evidence. #BePartofTheSolution
2/4 With ↑ use of social media, we are consuming more information than ever, but some of this information can be false or misleading. There is a lot of #misinformation and #disinformation out there! #GetTheFacts #CheckThenShare
3/4 We all have a part in stopping the spread of #COVID19 #misinformation. As you come across new information, think critically about it, check it against #credible sources, like:…

#CheckThenShare or don’t share if in doubt! #infodemic
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1/6 The global trend of the pandemic is a daily reminder that #COVID19 is not going away any time soon. #Canada’s collective challenge is to persevere against this ongoing threat to our health and society. #COVIDFatigue #COVIDCoping
2/6 Canadians have made many sacrifices. I’m thankful to the great majority who continue to follow #publichealth practices, incl. wearing a non-medical mask/facial covering in indoor public spaces & when #PhysicalDistancing is difficult.
3/6 Dealing with the adaptations and uncertainties of an emerging disease event on this scale has been difficult, to say the least, but the stakes are high and we must take an approach informed by the best available #science and evidence.
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For #California psychic reading client: Every time I read the latest covid19 figures I genuinely feel angry that US public have to endure ongoing lies. Spiritually the pandemic was known about in late months in 2019. Not long after that intelligence informed leaders. #GetTheFacts
cont. for #California psychic reading client: Research the delays were about political pressure. They changed the interpretation of what a pandemic was. I know what I was guided was the pandemic would never have got to this horrific stage if they followed original interpretation.
cont. for #California psychic reading client: If you research the early cases from China, you will find that in the beginning authorities were not declaring pandemic was human to human transmission. It is amazing journalists haven't picked up on this. Link
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Did you ever wonder where all the statistics on #abortion in Britain came from?

The UK government actually publishes detailed statistics on abortion each year. You can read the 2019 stats yourself here...…

#GetTheFacts #ProLife #ProChoice #RepealedThe8th
207,384 abortions in 2019 alone!

Lowlight #1 of 2019 Abortion Statistics from England and Wales...

This figure of 207,384 abortions is a record high, despite falling # of conceptions💔

(pg 4 + Table 1)

#GetTheFacts #ProLife #ProChoice #repealedthe8th
40% of abortions were repeat abortions.

Lowlight #2 of 2019 Abortion Statistics from England and Wales...

83,624 of women who had abortions had at least one previous abortion, 88 women had 8 or more💔

(Sec. 2.22 + Table 2/4b)

#GetTheFacts #ProLife #ProChoice #repealedthe8th
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Mr. Fodera testified that Appellant is delusional because he falsely believes people trespass on his property. (R. 295-6.) Yet on cross-examination, Mr. Fodera admitted that he had nearly been arrested by BSO on September 30, 2018 for dumping toilet parts and trash on Appellant’
s property. (R. 300-2.) When Appellant tried to introduce the report of that event, the trial court held that it was not admissible: “The police report I can’t allow in...It’s just that police reports are one of the things that don’t come into evidence. Okay?” (Emphasis added.)
(R. 302-3.) it's no joke #lazylake @browardsheriff #lindacatalano #raynyhuis and #joefodera are caught telling so many lies you forget this was a redult of a Sunshine Law violation. #getthefacts #guncontrolnotredflag #angryisnotillegal
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We have seen our country take a nosedive into becoming "Fourth Reich."

United States of America is now running internment camps.

Our concern now is all the children who are in these camps.

➡️So, where did they come from & why did their parents bring them here?

Tornillo, TX is on US/Mexico border. There is “tent city facility” setup there. Facility is housing 326 children (312 boys, 14 girls):

162 from Guatemala

117 from Honduras

40 from El Salvador

4from “other countries”

3 from Mexico


So if less than 1% are from Mexico, why?

Reason - out of 195 countries:

El Salvador has 2nd highest rate of violent deaths.

Honduras has 4th highest rate of violent deaths.

Guatemala has 17th highest rate of violent deaths.



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