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Many of the victims from this weekend’s tragedy in #Itaewon/#이태원 were in their 20s, which means they would have been in their tween/teenage years when the MV #Sewol disaster (#세월호 침몰 사고) happened on April 16, 2014.
I’ve been thinking about Sewol a lot over these days. I have memories of seeing it on the news and discussing it in my high school law class, but it was only after coming to Korea that I really understood the scope of what happened, the gov't's complicity, & social impact it had.
On August 17th, I travelled down to Ansan in Gyeonggi-do for a visit to Danwon High School and the Danwon High School 4.16 Memory Classroom. The memory classroom was designated on December 27, 2021 as National Archives of Korea No. 14 by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety.
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I’m a survivor of the #ItaewonCrowdCrush on 29 of October. Here is my experience of the terrific incident. Please also help me find my saviors! #Itaewon #ItaewonTragedy #ITAEWONHALLOWEEN ImageImageImageImage
Also the man who rescured me had brown hair and looked not asian. I don't remember anything else. I don't know if he remebers me and sees this post, but if yes please write me!
Thank you so much for the well wishes! But please don't worry to much about me, I will be out of the hospital soon. So far 3 men got in contact with me who helped people that night. I'll talk to them! Thank you so much again and sorry that I can't express myself too well! 🙏
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I just passed the scene of the tragedy that occurred last night in #Itaewon/#이태원 and I really have no words to express the sadness I feel. As of now, 151 people have lost their lives - many of them in their 20s just like me. #이태원사고 Image
Floral tributes for the victims have started to be left at the top of #Itaewon/#이태원 Station Exit 1 and posted on storefronts, such as Foot Locker’s, beside the alleyway where the stampede occurred. ImageImageImageImage
The authorities don’t know the cause of the stampede yet, and I won’t make assumptions. All I will say is that one of the alleyways in question appears to be no more than 5 meters in width, and that reports suggest the police presence was insufficient for the crowds present ImageImageImageImage
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CPR being given to stampede victims at
#SouthKorea .
2. Level of uncontrollable crowd
#breaking #Itaewon #stampede @ #Halloween large number of victims given CPR treatment .
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Taking a moment to try to absorb what’s happened in #Itaewon tonight where so many young people came for a Halloween night out and ended up tragically losing their lives - 120 so far but emergency vehicles still here. Most people here in their 20s, local, many foreign students
For people who don’t know Seoul, Itaewon is always crowded with partygoers on a Sat night but tonight was especially busy because people were looking forward to celebrating Halloween for the first time since Covid. Many described frightening moments being swept up by the crowd
Witnesses told me they couldn’t breathe and felt lucky to be alive. Still unclear how events unfolded but seems by 11pm the crush of people became unsustainable and that’s when ambulances arrived. Police officers were standing on vehicle roofs trying to get the crowd to clear
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People Suffered Cardiac Arrest in #Itaewon #SouthKorea;

It's unclear how many people ve died, as 1000s gathered ahead of #Halloween parties;

#Southkorea #HalloweenHavoc
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People are still being carried away on stretchers in Itaewon. Bystanders say there was a massive crowd and people got trapped. Truly horrific. This should have been a fun Saturday night out but it’s ended in tragedy
From where I’m standing it looks like at least 20 bodies under a blue tarpaulin on Itaewon’s Main Street next to the Hamilton Hotel
Emergency services sprinting down the street, non stop ambulances. Stunned crowds still in Halloween costumes
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Vamos con recuento, ya q los nºs de hoy son aún peores que ayer y superan la barrera de los 50:
-79 casos de #COVID19 detectados el miércoles en #CoreaDelSur
-La cifra + alta en 53 días, desde el 5 abr
-La mayoría corresponde a 1 brote en 1 nave a las afueras de Seúl. Va hilo👇
-#CoreadelSur suma en total 11.344 contagios, de los cuales solo 735 (el 6,5 %) son casos activos
-El 91,1 % de los infectados se ha curado
-Han muerto 269 personas. La tasa de letalidad es del 2,37 %
-Debido al brote en la región de Seúl, donde vive 1/2 país (26 millones), se refuerza el distanciamiento hasta el 14 de jun
-Cerrados cines, museos, parques y otros espacios públicos en la región
-Se ha pedido a la gente que vive en la zona que evite toda reunión no indispensable
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