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Closely tracking the delta+ lineages now across the world, one of the lineages AY.3 seems to be emerging in the United States of America. This tweetorial is to summarise the observations. I will be updating this thread as new evidence emerges.
Thanks Image
The interest in looking at this lineage closely comes from the fact that this lineage has been on the rise in USA in recent weeks.
Thanks @Unusual_Times for pointing this. Image
AY.3 seems to be localized to some states, like #Mississippi and #Missouri with nearby states slowly picking up. Image
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1) South Africa

I associate looting with people who have no respect for property rights.

This value of taking care of our own property and protecting our property must be taught to children.

That we must not touch or damage the property of others.

2) Looters in #SouthAfrica

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#BREAKING S.Africa unrest was 'planned,' says president Image
#UPDATE South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday alleged that deadly violence and looting that have shaken the country over the past week were planned, as he arrived in the epicentre of the unrest
#BREAKING South Africa unrest death toll climbs to 212: minister ImageImage
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#SouthAfrica में अश्वेतों द्वारा की जा रही लूट-पाट और हत्याएँ यह बताती हैं कि भीड़ अगर ख़ास रंग या मज़हब की हो तो उसे क़ानून का डर नहीं होता क्योंकि मीडिया और वोक जनता उनके अपराधों को छुपाने के लिए तैयार रहते हैं।

विक्टिम बनो कि हमें ग़ुलाम बनाया, अवसर नहीं मिलते, भेदभाव है।
लेकिन मौक़ा मिलते ही लूट और हत्या करो। जब इस पर सवाल किए जाएँ तो फिर वही बात कि हमें काले होने की वजह से अपराधी बनाया जा रहा है। तंत्र को स्वयं के प्रति एक अपराधबोध में भेज देना, इनका सबसे बड़ा हथियार है। हत्या भी वही करेंगे, रोना भी वही रोएँगे।
ट्रेवर नोआ जैसे कमीडीयन जो किसान आंदोलन पर ज्ञान बाँट रहे थे, उन्हीं के देश में उन्हीं के अश्वेत भाई ना सिर्फ़ भारतीयों को बल्कि श्वेत चमड़ी वालों की भी हत्या कर रहे हैं। वो चुप है, अमेरिकी टॉक शो वाले चुप हैं, उनके सेलेब्रिटी चुप हैं।

क्योंकि मरने वाले भारतीय हिंदू हैं।
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Happening now: @FirstLadyNam #Namibia Monica Geingos hosts @WHO Chief Scientist @doctorsoumya Swaminathan and panel, sharing advice, answering questions on #COVID19.… ImageImage
It's a difficult time for #Namibia frontline workers. "As a clinician, it was a rapid learning curve." But we were making advances in fighting #Covid19, flattening the curve. Now, facing more infectious #DeltaVariant, the only way out is vaccines - Pulmonologist Willie Bruwer. Image
“We have lost people who were going to drive this country forward. Our only way out is a vaccine.” Look at #SouthAfrica. Accumulation of deaths, financial hardship, loss of faith in government leaders, who cannot prevent the deaths. Image
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The current violence and mayhem seen in South Africa is partly due to the ill effects of Riba and interest. These poor people are given unsecured loans with interest rates as high as 25% with additional charges. They end up taking multiple cash loans which they can’t pay. (MID) 1
It is clearly evident that the Government has failed in providing real socio economic justice to the poor masses in the face of massive state looting and corruption. The economic damage of such looting far outweighs this current economic damage we witness. 2
The Government of #SouthAfrica must retrospect and change its economic policy especially that of tenders for Govt work to force economic growth, employment and empowerment to the poor and unemployed masses. We cannot be dishing out tenders to friends, family and associates! 3
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WETHEPEOPLE, [14.07.21 16:33]
[Forwarded from SantaSurfing]

old town of #Aachen, #Germany
Aurax, [14.07.21 20:15]

JUST IN 🚨 Sirens sounding in #Wuppertal, #Germany to warn about #floods due to heavy rain


Police frequency, [15.07.21 09:23]
#Germany & #Belgium, EU: At least 42 people have died and dozens more are missing following heavy rainfall and severe #flooding across western Germany and Belgium, causing houses to collapse and cars to be swept away.
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This is literally the smartest thing I’ve seen all week
#looting #SouthAfrica

Although I’m pretty sure sunflower oil is flammable, a lot of soap and water would probably be a more viable solution
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I haven't said anything about the #SouthAfrica situation up until now, but there is becoming increasing concern about infrastructure attacks, food shortages, etc.

If I see them, I'll add them as a thread here.
A key component of the commercial infrastructure is the warehouses, which are getting targeted en masse. Discussions of larger corporations pulling out.
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In UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from, by vacationing @StephDujarric, this is Florencia Soto Nino
@sotonino - she blocks Inner City Press on WhatApp but has received its questions by email, incl on #Haiti #Cameroon, UN rapes. Another censor? Thread below Image
Inner City Press has repeatedly asked @StephDujarric
& @sotonino, in writing, about the UNFCU issuing payments to charged illegal Iran lobbyist Afriasiabi - no answer. Now @sotonino says respects journalist - false:…

Inner City Press has asked @sotonino, On #SouthAfrica, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa says an expanded deployment of the military “was being addressed” after days of looting and violence.
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Jews & Zuma: Is Zuma a good guy against the NWO & Ramaphosa a NWO stooge?
My Answer by Jan Lamprecht - History Reviewed
Rupert is disappointed in Cyril R.😨 It is his puppet 😂
Ramaphosa was and is a part of the criminal 🕎Oppenheimer family in SA🤤…

Cyril Ramaphosa has been in a business relationship wit Oppenheimers & Ruperts  since 1977

Keyplayers behind the #SouthAfrican #ANC & #EFF have always been jewish.
Is it a Cohencidence?🤔…
(From left to right: Mandela, Jack Markovitz and Ian Levitt)

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> George Floyd mural destroyed by lightning strike…


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This is what racism leads to:

✝️ A Cross For Every Farmer Murdered! 😢🙏

The world has ignored #SA farmers' pleas for help, while media is ONLY pushing the #BLM narrative…

Farmers killed just for being WHITE, out of hate, on their own farm, by Blacks.
If the world is not looking, do their lives still matter?

At what point mass murder is called #genocide?

Why is the international community not saying anything — is it because the victims are White, and the perpetrators Black?

#Racism #SouthAfrica #SA
“I can't wait until Black people lynch White people!”

Activists part of Antifa/BLM at the protest against a Christian event near Seattle shouted anti-white racist statements and “Death To America” and burned U.S. flags…

#BLMmarxists #FarLeft
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Mass Riots in #SouthAfrica Over Former President Zuma’s Conviction (video's)
Protesters against the verdict are burning cars and robbing shops. It was decided to send soldiers to quell the riots. #CommunismKills…
This is black communists versus black communists – its infighting over the arrest of former President Zuma. The communists and Black War veterans are setting fire to the country to put pressure on the Black Ramaphosa who is himself a communist.…
Rupert is disappointed in Cyril R.😨 It is his puppet 😂
Ramaphosa was and is a part of the criminal 🕎Oppenheimer family in SA🤤…

Cyril Ramaphosa has been in a business relationship wit Oppenheimers & Ruperts  since 1977

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Spotted in South Africa: "Based Wheelchair Snipers"
REMINDER: the media are clowns
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#SouthAfrica - mobs of pro ex president Zuma supporters continue their destruction of parts the country - attacks and looting reported in Howick - N3 highway closed between Harrismith and Pietermaritzburg - Shopping center attacked looted Vosloorus - Durban CBD attacks looting
#SouthAfrica crumbling economy - Brookside Mall Pietermaritzburg attacked looted and set on fire by pro ex president Zuma mobs KwaZulu-Natal
#SouthAfrica crumbling economy - considerable number of shops and establishments in Durban were looted over the weekend following a wave of violence by pro ex president Zuma mobs that left law enforcement thinly stretched KwaZulu-Natal…
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Current Account:

▪️ Few EM countries, led by #SouthAfrica & #India, have flipped to Current Account Surplus largely owing to import compression during COVID growth slowdown

▪️ South Africa feeling less vulnerable while India seems worried about potential capital outflows
South Africa Central Bank confident; can weather taper tantrum
🔹 Strong Trade balance - additional boost to exports from surge in commodity prices (Platinum, Gold, Iron Ore)
🔹 Lower than expected fiscal deficit

▪️ India reluctant to raise rates but significant FX Reserve build up
▪️ In any case, INR more of an Equity ccy than a Bond ccy => raising rates may not attract as much inflows (unlike other high yielders) but may hurt asset valuations leading to outflows
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Sergey Soygu, Russian defence minister, has subbed #America like eight times in his speech. FTT, he's right. America has lost the war in #Afghanistan.

"#Africa is of particular concern because our Western partners have not allowed them to stabilise economically."

Is he right? Image
He just reminded us that the Soviet Union supported many liberation movements with #Africa, and has offered a hand of friendship.

P.S I hate it when they (and they're all guilty of this) of talking of Africa as a country.
Another direct sub: "we will sign agreements with our African friends without imposing our ways on you like our Western partners do."
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#Covax is failing. Big picture: even as delivers doses, it won’t deliver goal of EQUITY.
Short term: By June was to reach just 3% of LMIC pops. Delivered only 1/4 of that (88 of 337m forecast).
We need to talk about why & learn real-world, politically-informed lessons
The goal: at a high level, COVAX as a pillar of ACT-A aimed to “ensure that every country gets fair and equitable access to eventual #COVID19 vaccines…. By acting as an insurance policy.” At this point, it's clear this model has not been successful /2
Not #VaccinEquity: Dec 2, 11, 21 of 2020 UK, US & EU authorized #COVID19 vaccine.
6mos later, so many ways (data, stories, lives) to see inequity outcome of current vaccine prod & distrib systems.
Here's 👇from @fibke:% pop vs % vax does NOT approach equity /3
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@DrTedros "Globally, newly-reported cases of #COVID19 have now declined for 8 weeks in a row, and deaths have declined for the 7th straight week. This is good news, but new infections and deaths remain high globally"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Last week more than 2.5 million #COVID19 cases and almost 64,000 deaths were reported – that’s 250 cases and 6 deaths every minute, that we know of"-@DrTedros

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⚠️ Woke: Critical Race Theory

🚨 What's it all about⁉️

Is it real? How bad is it?

🧵 Unroll the thread: ⤵️
The “Critical Race Theory” is in fact hateful *RACISM* only this time towards the white people.

#CRT is an offshoot of Marxism, is globalist in scope, profoundly anti-Christian, and fundamentally anti-American.

⚠️ It's what Democrats have now embraced! 🤦

It's going on in UK too: Hats off to @KemiBadenoch for eloquently making the case against #CriticalRaceTheory!

#Woke #BLMmarxists #CRT
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🧵 As coronavirus continues to kill thousands per day, it's important to humanize their deaths. This thread is dedicated to the countless young people worldwide lost to COVID. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on #SoulsLostToCovid💔 Image
Each thread will memorialize 40 people under the age of 50 from different countries. I'll periodically add to the thread. Assume all people were unvaccinated unless stated otherwise. My hope is to contribute to a worldwide database for those killed by COVID.
There are over 193 countries and countless stories to be told - ex Russia, China, India, Uganda, Nigeria etc. If you know of a young person that has died from COVID, then please add them in the comments or tag me. Let's ensure their memories live on. Thank you 🙏🏽
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#Portugal: "The message coming loud and clear is that the Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo area is the one where active infections are on the rise."… Image
"#Bangladesh authorities on Thursday imposed a lockdown in five Rohingya refugee camps in the country's southeast after a spike in coronavirus cases in recent days"… Image
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