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If we really are getting #ReleaseTheSnyderCut and #ReleaseTheAyerCut - two auteur filmmakers working at the top of their game whose franchise films were altered beyond recognition by Warner Bros studio execs - then we need to have a frank conversation about THE HOBBIT.
Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT was probably the first tentpole that WB studio execs meddled in to ruin. Everything you hate about the film is from studio notes. When they got away with it on The Hobbit, #JusticeLeague and #SuicideSquard were next. Execs drunk with power.
There was no love triangle in The Hobbit script at any stage. Studio execs forced reshoots to include it. Director Peter Jackson fought against it as did star Evangeline Lilly. She was furious they did something new to her character that she didn't sign up for. And she was right
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Congratulations, nerds - you did it. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut is happening. I personally don't care for Snyder's "darker" view of these characters and don't believe #JusticeLeague will be improved (much) by making it longer. BvS was nearly 3 hours, and still felt disjointed / rushed.
That said, I love these characters (DC's animated shows of the 90s were appointment viewing after school), and am still interested to see an updated version of what *should* have been an epic movie.
But the truth is, even if this director's cut of #JusticeLeague is the best thing ever? It won't "fix" the maligned DCEU, or restore *this* continuity. Affleck left, the #Cyborg movie is in development hell. And #TheFlash works better as a TV series.

Oh... what might have been.
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[THREAD] O que esperar do #SnyderCut?

Confira todas as mudanças confirmadas na versão de #JusticeLeague do diretor Zack Snyder:

Já quando Joss Whedon assumiu o longa, tivemos o anúncio da substituição do compositor Junkie XL por Danny Elfman. Junkie, que já colaborou com Hans Zimmer em #ManOfSteel e #BatmanvSuperman, revelou que seu trabalho já estava completo antes de deixar o filme.

Zack Snyder é famoso por seus créditos de abertura em 'Dawn of the Dead' e #Watchmen, mas em #JusticeLeague o responsável pela cena inicial é Joss Whedon, que já revelou em seu twitter que escolheu a música 'Everybody Knows' da cantora Sigrid.
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Vous aimez les équipes de super-héros ? Et si je vous disais que, bien avant les #Avengers et la #JusticeLeague, le modèle du genre était né en France ? Et que vous possédez probablement chez vous un jeu basé sur cette team légendaire ? Vous ne me croyez pas ? Déroulez. ⬇️
Nous sommes en 1312. Un certain Jacques de Longuyon, lointain précurseur de Stan Lee, compose une chanson de geste pour le prince-évêque de Liège, Thiébaud de Bar. Son titre : Les Vœux du Paon. C’est là qu’il introduit la 1re super-équipe de l’histoire, j’ai nommé : Les 9 Preux.
Les 9 Preux, comme leur nom l’indique, sont des parangons de bravoure. Ils incarnent l’idéal chevaleresque. Là où ça devient intéressant, c’est que pour composer sa dream team de héros, Jacques va puiser dans les traditions chrétienne, juive et païenne. Déjà, la diversité !
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Some themes in #DCEU movies also apply to the movies themselves.

#ManofSteel - It is valuable to have the freedom to choose your own path in life, instead of being confined to what society expects from you.

Many ppl wanted to confine Superman to past versions of the character.
#BatmanvSuperman - we should not jump to judgment or be swept up in ill-founded public narratives. We should consider others' perspectives.

Many ppl jumped on the bandwagon of hate toward BvS w/out seeing it or judging for themselves. Many refuse to reconsider their views on it.
#SuicideSquad - even those with flaws still have a soul and deserve to exist. We should give second chances.

It's a flawed movie but should still be accepted and valued as part of the universe. We should look for the good. The characters also deserve a second chance (sequel).
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Sooooo I guess I’m about to live-tweet #JusticeLeague because why not
There will be spoilers. I’m gonna assume if you haven’t seen #JusticeLeague by now, either you don’t care or you’ve already muted the hashtag.
This will be my first time watching #JusticeLeague. I skipped it in theaters. Haven’t read a single review. I’m going in cold.
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#38 #TheFloridaProject 3,5/5 30 menit berlalu gue hanya melihat penggambaran kenakalan anak-anak, namun kebelakang makin intens menyentuh sisi lain kehidupan single parent, Ekonomi dan krama keluarga Amerika. Tapi best supporting role untuk Willem Dafoe kok agak berlebihan yah?
#39 #JusticeLeague 3/5 jadi ini cuman buat ngelawan Steppenwolf, Batman dkk bakar dupa dan melakukan ritual klenik untuk membangkitkan Superman dari kuburan? ..... hhhmmmm. Beklah.
#40 #TheSquare 3/5 Perwakilan Swedia untuk Oscar 2018 ini agak membosankan, 2 masalah utama disajikan, pekerjaan di museum seni dan hp yang hilang berbuntut masalah panjang, yg menarik tampilan Terry Notary sbg Apes di gala dinner dan anak kecil yg dituduh mencuri hp. Sisanya meh
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#01 - Su primera aparición fue en "The Brave and the Bold 28" con fecha de portada Marzo de 1960
#JLFacts #JusticeLeague
#02 - Los miembros fundadores: #Superman #Batman #WonderWoman #TheFlash (Barry Allen) #Aquaman #GreenLantern (Hal Jordan) #MartianManhunter
#03 - La historia de origen de la Liga se contó en el "Justice League of America #9" en donde la liga se enfrentaba a aliens de Appelax
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