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Attention all #comicbook creators! 🙌 Are you struggling to build a world for your #superhero? Here are some tips to get you started👇🧵
Start with the basics: What kind of world does your hero live in? Is it a realistic version of our world, or something more fantastical?🗺️
Consider the hero's origin story: How did your hero become a superhero? This can help you establish the rules of your world and what kind of challenges your hero will face.💥
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Time for a #NorthKorean #sciencefiction #comicbook:
Science fiction comic book
The Maestros of High Tech 1
Text Han Kwang-nam
Pictures Choe Sung-hyok
Kumsong Youth Publishing Juche 96(2007) Image
Science fiction comic book
The Maestros of High Tech
Vol. 1
The Monster’s True Identity
Text Han Kwang-nam
Advisors: Prof. Rim Tae-gun, PhD
Ass. Prof. Kang Ki-chan, PhD
Kim Chol-ho, BA
Editing Han Kwang-nam, Song Chol-su
Pictures & cover Choe Sung-hyok, Han Myong-sin Science fiction comic book ...
Layout Chong Hyang-ae, Choe Chong-sun
Proofreading Kim Un-hui
Publisher Kumsong Youth Publishing
Printer Pyongyang Central Printing
Printed March 10, Juche 96(2007)
Released March 15, Juche 96(2007)
Product code ㄱ-6610184
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Thanks for the RTs & likes guys. Here is some Batman's Armor. Much love 💕💕💕
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The next #NorthKorean #comicbook translation project will be volume 2 of the series “The End of Operation AT” [《A.T작전》의 종말]

It's a prosecutorial procedural drama about some missing #DPRK citizens, with many flashbacks and even more characters. Image
《A.T작전》의 종말 The End of Operation A.T
Vol. 2 of 4
Publ 문학예술출판사
Printer 평양종합인쇄공장
Printed 2007.7.20
Released 2007.7.25
Pages 99
Product code ㄱ-960170
Text 황명관 & 리재환
Illustrator 최영석
Editor 류인호
Cover 최영석
Proofreader 정경진
Layout 강은정 Image
This book offers some insights into North Korean civic life, the duty of each DPRK citizen to keep an eye on each other, and how state institutions and state owned enterprises work. Image
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1/7: I’ve been hesitant to say anything about this, but since season 2 of @RaisingDion’s @netflix series just dropped this week, there's something I'd like to say for my own peace of mind. 🧵
2/7: Some background: Back in 2014-2015 I worked on a comic called #RaisingDion. It was the first full length comic I worked on professionally & was written by Dennis Liu. When the book (& short film/trailer) released, it got decent attention & in 2017 #Netflix greenlit a series.
3/7: When S1 released in 2019, I noticed that the opening credits stated: “based on the comic book by” but only had a credit for Dennis, the writer. This is the case for season 2 as well. Keep in mind, even today there is still only 1 issue of the #RaisingDion comic book.
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[#Parution] 5/06/2020 > Le Guide #AlanMoore par @marshotel et Nicolas Trespallé via @ActuSF @Editions_ActuSF #LaMethSci Image
I Licari-Guillaume > je conseille à mes élèves de commencer avec Marvelman/Miracleman car c'est là que Moore va poser les bases de ce qu'il va faire ensuite. Il commence là à interroger les codes des super-héros #LaMethSci
.@marshotel > Miracleman a lgtps été indisponible. On peut le lire depuis peu. Je pense qu'on peut aussi commencer par #Watchmen, une oeuvre qui condense un peu toutes les obsessions que Moore a des super-héros. Ou bien #TheKillingJoke ! #LaMethSci
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The editor pod's Christmas theme is "Holiday Blockbusters." Basically, superheroes. But Nicest Guy on the Planet @ThomasCTobin inadvertently re-created a piece of #comicbook history: The memorial to #Batman's fallen partner, Jason Todd, #Robin II. #NightEditorProblems ImageImageImage
@ThomasCTobin Shoutout to @VarianTimes for recreating the #SpiderMan meme in his pod. #NightEditorProblems ImageImage
@ThomasCTobin @VarianTimes .@amy_hollyfield went full #CaptainAmerica, covering her desk with classic covers by John Byrne, Steve Epting. Stuart Immonen, John Cassaday and John Romita, if there are any #comicbook geeks out there keeping score. Image
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#comicbook history
Let's look at Famous Funnies no 1

1934 Eastern Color Printing Co
Scan courtesy Digital Comic Museum

100 Comics and Games - Puzzles - Magic
#comicbook history

While the contents are reprinted comic strips, the cover was new.
Who did the cover? I don't know

Who is on the cover?
Looks like that comical duo, Mutt and Jeff,

and Rudolph Rassendale, that beastly blackguard from Hairbreadth Harry.
#comicbook history

Here is the back glossy cover of saddle sticked Famous Funnies no 1

The lady in red might be from Somebody's Stenog
The crooked little house might be from Toonerville Folks
The guy in the green vest might be from Smatter Pop?
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#comicbooks history

A new clue from @PrintMuseumCA in looking back to 1933 and asking "What kind of printing press might have been used to create the first comic book?"

Our starting point - a web fed rotary Letterpress by R Hoe of NY, used by newspapers.
#comicbook history

A R Hoe press might have run off the first comic book in 1933. Here is a photo of R Hoe's exhibit at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo.

The Exposition was lit by electric power from Niagara Falls, and where President McKinley was assassinated
#comicbook history

There is the argument the first comic is *after* Funnies on Parade, which was just 8 pages, and never retailed. Eastern teamed with Dell for a 36 page Famous Funnies A Carnival of Comics, retailed at Woolworth
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#comicbooks history

Here comes the Freedom Train, you better hurry down
Just like a Paul Revere, its coming in to your home town

I first learned about The Freedom Train of 1947 through comic books
American history had similar things before and after 1947 - there would be another official American Freedom Train for the Bicentennial, and the Civil Rights movement had Freedom Riders, and the Underground Railroad has been called the Freedom Train.

Freedom - powerful word
The Allies had won WWII, and the Axis Powers of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan were defeated.

Then what?

What do you do after you've had a Hot Time in the Town of Berlin?
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#BlackHistoryMonth #comicbooks history

A look at the 1949 Jackie Robinson Comic Books, by Fawcett Publications,

Its notable for being in stark contrast to much of the harsh stereotyping common in the Golden Age of Comics

Thanks to @ComicsintheGA for inspiring this
Back in 1949, if you had asked who the "Big Two" in comic books were, you might get the answer of National (DC) and Fawcett.

Fawcett Publishing was founded by "Captain Billy" Fawcett, and rose to prominence with Captain Billy's Whiz Bang joke book

(Trouble in River City!)
#comicbook history

Fawcett is best known today for creating the character of the original Captain Marvel in Whiz Comics (Named for Captain Billy's Whiz Bang)

This is a storied character, later incorporated into DC comics. He's got a movie coming out this Spring
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#Comicbook history

Golden Age super heroes and the Fear of Air Raids

This thread presents information based in part on theory and conjecture. The producers purpose is to suggest some possible explanation, but not necessarily the only ones, to the mysteries we will examine
#comicbooks history

Doctor Mid-Nite is a National Periodicals (DC) super-hero created by Charels Reizenstein and Stanley Aschmeir in 1941.

Dr Charles McNider is a surgeon. A mobster bombs his office, trying to kill a witness that McNider was operating on. McNider is blinded
#comicbooks history

Its his blindness that modern readers then associate with the modern (not Golden Age) Marvel blind super-hero Daredevil

Doctor Mid-Nite is sometimes cited as the first disabled super-hero. That's important, but consider that 1941 creation date in that
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