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A quick thread of all things DC Film show at #CinemaCon 2022
First, general consensus of mine: was a solid presentation. The dual release doesn't rub well with the exibitors and they need desperatly need to get their trust back. Lots of investiment to say without saying that there is no way to go back to the dual release model. #CinemaCon
Now: #TheBatman got a sequel!!! Again, the point is to please the exibitors. Reeves was early today saying the importance of the movie was exibit first at the Cinemas, and this is the first major hit of WB post-pandemic. Everybody is happy, from all sides. #CinemaCon
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Well... lets talk about this.
#TheBatman looks dope, but needs nothing else to hype us more than we already had. Surprised for see finish shots of #AquamanAndTheLostKingdom, even for literally 2 frames of it.
#BlackAdam is EASILY the most exicitng thing for this trailer, and the one what had most shots. I was already hyped as a SJA fan, but damn, this looks amazingly good. Will be great see the full trailer together with #TheBatman.
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DC is launching a new, six issue event series titled EARTH-PRIME set in the CW's Arrow-verse, written by the show's staff, and in continuity.

Each issue will focus on a different show, leading to a crossover in the sixth, and final issue. Launches April 5, runs for three months.
EARTH-PRIME #1 features #Batwoman, and is written by Natalie Abrams and Kelley Larson + a story by Camrus Johnson, art by Clayton Henry

It'll introduce Clayface to the Arrow-verse, and show what happens when Luke goes on a date (but with whom??)
EARTH-PRIME #2 features #SupermanAndLois, is written by Adam Mallinger, Jai Jamison & Andrew Wong, art by Tom Grummett & Norm Rapmund.

Lead story features Clark and Lois celebrating their first anniversary; the backup reveals the origin of the Evil Superman from JHI's Earth.
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#TheFlash returns for season 8, and we sat down with showrunner Eric Wallace (@ewrote) to discuss how the first #Arrowverse crossover inspired season 8's 'Armageddon' event.

Words by @chancelloragard.

📸: DC Fandome
While the five-part event features heroes from other shows, Wallace wants you to know that this isn’t your typical crossover: "You may not ever in this whole [story] see a scene with all the heroes at once all together as the Justice League.”

📸: The CW
Picking up six months after the conclusion of season 7, 'Armageddon' follows Barry (Grant Gustin), Iris (Candice Patton), and the rest of Team Flash as they face off against the powerful alien Despero (Tony Curran).

📸: Bettina Strauss/The CW
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🧵Hilito con algunas cositas lindas de la #DCFanDome
⚡ La Roca presentó un hermoso y poderoso 1er vistazo de #BlackAdam y dijo que nació para ese personaje.
⚡ Estas son algunas de las imágenes que se pueden ver en el first look de #BlackAdam y la verdad que le queda muy bien a La Roca.

#DCFanDome ImageImageImageImage
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Por quê Liga da Justiça de Zack Snyder é bom ? | Direção, existência, união e trilha sonora
1° aula de cinema《a DC serve como uma aula sobre diferentes visões_ temos a versão da Warner, um filme feito por comitê, feito para agradar. E serve
(1/22) Image
De contraste com essa versão, um filme autoral, sem propósito de agradar. O primeiro demonstra covardia. E o segundo demonstra arte. Ao contratar um diretor, significa que o Studio confia em suas habilidades de direção/execução.
#ZackSnyder #SnyderCut
(2/22) Image
2° Zack Snyder《Ele finalmente teve a liberdade que todo diretor merece. Ele é um bom diretor, não subestima sua inteligência, Sua execução é enérgica, equilibrada no drama, no endeusamento, sabe a hora de parar e desenvolver arcos. O roteiro em mãos é trabalho
(3/22) Image
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Again, thje problem isn't #TheFlash connect with the Snyderverse in the sense of fir into the narratibe Zack already struckture for ZSJL 2 & 3. This aint happening. [+]
The worry lies in the movie dont erase what these 2 universes have in common, what is the shared foundation builded from MOS to WW1917. These universe split from their respective versions of Justice League and move foward which was stabilish in both.
Now, they gonna retcon or reboot everything at the end of #TheFlash? In the moment we are doing this question, IMO they failed already on what Flashpoint (which now we know isn't gonna adapt lightly as the sold) is REALLY about. [+]
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#TheFlash officially start shooting, what means people will act by the Nth time like everything we know so far is something new. YES, the movie is cursed, YES, they will introduce the multiverse later than the Marvel movies, and YES, Ray not coming back sucks badly. Is no news.
There are some major problems in the movie, on the screen and behind the scenes. And is tiresome people focusing on the same old complains what we all have answer for the longest of times. So, i have to explain again the obvious for you all, in parts. #TheFlash
Starting by the structure of things: imagine the DC Movie Universe as a tree. What we know now as the Snyderverse is the root and the trunk. The branches should be the sequels and spin-offs started by by root. #TheFlash
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THREAD of all the pictures I took at the Dreamscapes of #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague exhibit in Dallas in the @ATTDistrict
#Superman is the first thing you see in the exhibit

Details on the #Superman suit

It’s insane to see in person and honestly so moving and inspiring, a perfect Superman suit

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With 100+ Premium Licences under their belt @ecomi_ 's #VeVe app will make HUGE waves in the #NFT space for years to come!

For now they've announced just a handful & each one is worth a closer look!
What type of #NFTs could they be planning for these mega brands?

$OMI Image
1/ #Tokidoki

Ecomi's 1st brand partner!
Bright colourful characters from Simone Legno.

Digital collectibles of
>#Donutella & her sweet friends
>#Unicorno (On Platform Now)

More Info Image
2/ @CBS - #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrekPicard #StarTrekTNG

3 Star Trek Series!

We've already had a glimpse at the USS Enterprise in a showroom preview. Will it fly in AR? Or go 1:1 scale 🤣

Will there be animated characters that 'beam up' in AR? Image
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JUST IN: WB shifts release dates:
#Dune is now 10/1/21
#TheMatrix4 is now 12/21/21
#TheBatman is now 3/4/22
#TheFlash is now 11/4/22
#Shazam2 is now 6/2/23
#BlackAdam goes undated
WB event pics dated for 6/3/22 & 8/5/22
As of now, #WW84 is still arriving this Christmas.
With all the shifts from WB, here is an updated snapshot of the major theatrical releases arriving in 2020, 2021 and 2022, as of 10/6/20.
*Note Feb/March 2022 w/ Thor: Love and Thunder, The Batman and Doctor Strange 2 all within weeks of each other
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O homem mais rápido vivo! O painel de #TheFlash na companhia de Grant Gustin e o elenco da série, incluindo o showrunner Eric Wallace, começa AGORA no #DCFanDome! Acompanhe as notícias em nossa cobertura.
"Meu nome é Barry Allen e eu sou o homem mais rápido vivo! Eu sou, o Flash."

Antes de começar, o painel de #TheFlash no #DCFanDome teve uma pequena introdução! Perfeito!
Kayla Compton (Allegra) disse que uma das coisas que a conecta com sua personagem é sua motivação de se conectar com sua família e amigos.

#TheFlash #DCFanDome
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Congratulations, nerds - you did it. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut is happening. I personally don't care for Snyder's "darker" view of these characters and don't believe #JusticeLeague will be improved (much) by making it longer. BvS was nearly 3 hours, and still felt disjointed / rushed.
That said, I love these characters (DC's animated shows of the 90s were appointment viewing after school), and am still interested to see an updated version of what *should* have been an epic movie.
But the truth is, even if this director's cut of #JusticeLeague is the best thing ever? It won't "fix" the maligned DCEU, or restore *this* continuity. Affleck left, the #Cyborg movie is in development hell. And #TheFlash works better as a TV series.

Oh... what might have been.
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THREAD || Mapa do Multiverso do #Arrowverse!

Mapeamos todas as Terras já apresentadas dentro de todas as séries desse grande universo compartilhado, confira cada uma delas:
Terra 1

A Terra que nós mais conhecemos, aonde acompanhamos a maioria dos heróis como o Arqueiro Verde, Flash, Batwoman, as lendas e muito mais.
Terra 2

Essa que foi a primeira Terra do multiverso que conhecemos durante a 2Temporada de #TheFlash, é a Terra do Zoom, da Black Siren, do Harry e da Jesse Quick.
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So I’ve been wanting to be play this game..Finally going to do it... Image
1. (#Damon & #Elena) #Delena |You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger..#TVD
2. (#Liam & #Steffy) #STEAM | No one can stop us. You know why? Because we are written in the damn stars.
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#01 - Su primera aparición fue en "The Brave and the Bold 28" con fecha de portada Marzo de 1960
#JLFacts #JusticeLeague
#02 - Los miembros fundadores: #Superman #Batman #WonderWoman #TheFlash (Barry Allen) #Aquaman #GreenLantern (Hal Jordan) #MartianManhunter
#03 - La historia de origen de la Liga se contó en el "Justice League of America #9" en donde la liga se enfrentaba a aliens de Appelax
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I need to ruminate on this #Arrow BLM bullshit, because I've been heated about it all day.
I haven't watched every #BLM episodee of television, but from what I've seen, only one drama has gotten it right. That show was #QueenSugar.
The reason they got it right is because the show was created by black people with a diverse and talented writers and actors.
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