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Hilo sobre #SellZSJLtoNetflix #SellSnyderVerseToNetflix

Por más que WBD licencie algunas IPs, donde aún queda saber si lo harán con el plan de Gunn de 10 años que es integral: films, series live action, animación y videogames.
Se está planteando "in house"
Aún así, podría suceder que algo de todo eso vaya a parar a otra plataforma que no sea MAX (así se llamará HBOMAX en unos meses), pero NO VA A PASAR con ZSJL/Snyderverse.

¿Por qué?

Tres motivos:
1- económico
2- fandom
3- El mismo Zack Snyder

Netflix en 2022 perdió un 35% de su rentabilidad debido a la baja de casi un millón de suscriptores en el segundo semestre.
Las cancelaciones a nivel global hablan por sí solas y el poco ruido que hicieron sus productos más caros recientes no ayudan para nada
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NEW from @RollingStone:

3 third party agencies confirm an unusual number of inauthentic accounts have been posting across Twitter and other social platforms to bully Zac Snyder naysayers, and influence Warner Bros. to release the "Snyder Cut" and restore the "Snyder-Verse" to DC Image
Fans went after anyone or anything deemed a danger to the so-called SnyderVerse, including directors like Adam Wingard and movies like Wonder Woman 1984 The onslaught included cyber harassment so severe Warner Bros. security division got involved.
Rolling Stone spoke with more than 20 people involved with both the original Justice League and Snyder’s cut, most of whom believe that the director was working to manipulate the ongoing campaign.
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Zack Snyder's Justice League: Do anúncio ao fracasso. Do fracasso à redenção.

Linha do tempo completa.

Segue o fio ⬇️ Image
Abr/2014: O filme da Liga da Justiça é confirmado com Zack Snyder na direção e roteiro de Chris Terrio.
Out/2014: Fontes afirmam que o filme será dividido em duas partes com lançamentos em 17 de novembro de 2017 e a outra num intervalo de dois anos, em algum ponto de 2019 (sem data confirmada).
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A while ago, i did this question here. I wans't just doing for you. But for me as well: what should be the driven force for em (and everyone else) about #RestoreTheSnyderverse?
Part of my feelings are explains in this LONG thread (as usual), what also shows its complex the situation (from both sides) what actually stop us to give more Snyderverse in fact. #RestoreTheSnyderverse
In resume: we have egocentrical executives what have a hate boner for Zack Snyder, because the potential return to the franchise expose all the shitty behavior what could (and should) make all of them fired. #RestoreTheSnyderverse
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Perjalanan Justice League Snyder Cut, Dari Petisi Hingga Jadi Kenyataan

Lebih dari 2 tahun penggemar meminta, Justice League Snyder Cut akhirnya diizinkan untuk dirilis. Seperti apa lika-liku perjalanan Justice League Snyder Cut hingga akhirnya dirilis di HBO Max?
1. April 2014, Zack Snyder resmi menjadi sutradara Justice League.

Setelah menyutradarai Man of Steel dan Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros mempercayakan proyek Justice League kepada Zack Snyder. Bahkan saat itu kabarnya Justice League bakal rilis dalam 2 film.
2. Proses syuting resmi dimulai pada 11 April 2016.

Enggak lama setelah perilisan Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Snyder dan Warner Bros. melakukan proses syuting Justice League yang diadakan di Inggris, Amerika Serikat, dan Islandia. Image
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While r/wallstreetbets has captured everyone's attention, let's not forget a movement that started much before it.

The first true internet movement.
The story of how a global community of fans willed @snydercut into existence 👇👇 Image
1/ Some context for people who don't follow comic book movies.
When DC Studios wanted to build a universe rivalling Marvel, @ZackSnyder was the man they put in charge.
2/ The movies that @ZackSnyder made were very different from the light-toned Marvel movies that people had come to expect.
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#Usunited | Esse vídeo sobre a jornada do movimento #ReleaseTheSnyderCut é tão épico que resolvi fazer uns screenshoots em HD.

Assista 📽️ Image
#Usunited | Esse vídeo sobre a jornada do movimento #ReleaseTheSnyderCut é tão épico que resolvi fazer uns screenshoots em HD.

Assista 📽️ Image
#Usunited | Esse vídeo sobre a jornada do movimento #ReleaseTheSnyderCut é tão épico que resolvi fazer uns screenshoots em HD.

Assista 📽️ Image
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If we really are getting #ReleaseTheSnyderCut and #ReleaseTheAyerCut - two auteur filmmakers working at the top of their game whose franchise films were altered beyond recognition by Warner Bros studio execs - then we need to have a frank conversation about THE HOBBIT.
Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT was probably the first tentpole that WB studio execs meddled in to ruin. Everything you hate about the film is from studio notes. When they got away with it on The Hobbit, #JusticeLeague and #SuicideSquard were next. Execs drunk with power.
There was no love triangle in The Hobbit script at any stage. Studio execs forced reshoots to include it. Director Peter Jackson fought against it as did star Evangeline Lilly. She was furious they did something new to her character that she didn't sign up for. And she was right
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Okay time for some brutal transparency and honesty from us to all of you. Take a close look at this chart...

Scott and I have been doing our DC Films centric podcast for almost 5 years now. We started the show for one reason: We loved “Man Of Steel”, and we were frustrated that there wasn’t a weekly show matching our passion.
We were convinced that we were not alone, and that there was a zealous fan base out there just like us. Since we didn’t have the show that we wanted to feed our passion, we decided to create it.
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Congratulations, nerds - you did it. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut is happening. I personally don't care for Snyder's "darker" view of these characters and don't believe #JusticeLeague will be improved (much) by making it longer. BvS was nearly 3 hours, and still felt disjointed / rushed.
That said, I love these characters (DC's animated shows of the 90s were appointment viewing after school), and am still interested to see an updated version of what *should* have been an epic movie.
But the truth is, even if this director's cut of #JusticeLeague is the best thing ever? It won't "fix" the maligned DCEU, or restore *this* continuity. Affleck left, the #Cyborg movie is in development hell. And #TheFlash works better as a TV series.

Oh... what might have been.
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I hate when people say that Snyder is "style over substance" because they're completely misunderstanding what Cinema is.
As a VISUAL medium,being a strong visual narrator gives the strongest help possible in telling a story.
His visuals can tell a better story than a 10m dialogue
"But his stories aren't good!!1!"
Yet again: you're wrong.
What makes a good story? Relatable characters? An interesting world? A well done plot? Original ideas?
Because many people say that his movies are bad because of narrative faults, yet they fail to address those faults.
Most, if not all of the time, the find themselves arguing about the same, worn out criticism.
"The movie is too dark, Batman/Superman are not like these, style over substance, dark filters" and those are NOT legitimate critiques.
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Some themes in #DCEU movies also apply to the movies themselves.

#ManofSteel - It is valuable to have the freedom to choose your own path in life, instead of being confined to what society expects from you.

Many ppl wanted to confine Superman to past versions of the character.
#BatmanvSuperman - we should not jump to judgment or be swept up in ill-founded public narratives. We should consider others' perspectives.

Many ppl jumped on the bandwagon of hate toward BvS w/out seeing it or judging for themselves. Many refuse to reconsider their views on it.
#SuicideSquad - even those with flaws still have a soul and deserve to exist. We should give second chances.

It's a flawed movie but should still be accepted and valued as part of the universe. We should look for the good. The characters also deserve a second chance (sequel).
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