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@WhoWouldWin13 I don't know about Namor, but Aquaman can summon sea animals to do his bidding, including attacking his enemies. The Karathen in particular will be an enormous asset.
@WhoWouldWin13 The Karathen is definitely on par with the Kraken in size, and may be just as strong (though I'm skeptical, see why below). Combined with Namor's impressive strength, durability and other powers...they make for a deadly duo.

However, The Kraken is not just a colossal
@WhoWouldWin13 beast: it is a colossal elemental beast, one which defeated the Titans. To do that on its own has to mean that, in most cases, it is impervious to godly powers. The only thing that could ever kill him was a gorgon (which in a way testifies to Athena's true potential for power,
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Abrimos hilo sobre #VFX, donde muestro planos de películas antes y después del trabajo de efectos visuales, y os enseño el proceso por pasos en #GIFs animados. ¿Va?
Empezamos con esta escena de #DoctorStrange. Aquí podéis ver qué es real y qué es digital.
#DelSetALaPantalla #cine
Seguimos con #TheMartian. Podéis ver que se rodó en un set bastante completo y que digitalmente se añadieron el paisaje marciano del fondo, los efectos atmosféricos y la corrección de color. Aquí por pasos y capas.
#DelSetALaPantalla #cine #VFX #EfectosVisuales #GIFs
Continuamos con varios planos de #AliceInWonderland (2010) de Tim Burton. Como veis en ocasiones hay sets de rodaje, pero en otras lo único que se conserva del plate rodado es a las actrices y poco más.
#DelSetALaPantalla #cine #VFX #EfectosVisuales #GIFs
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In this interview, Mr. Emmerich says that WB’s takeaway from #Aquaman success is returning to the original #DCEU plan: one movie at time more focused on its director creative vision, and less focused in a shared universe plan. No, he didn’t say the shared universe is over. PT1/4
What he did meant is that, in their shared universe, the movie and director individualities come first from now onwards, differing from MCU shared universe, where movies and directors are only team players focused in a shared plan over their own creativity. PT2/4
That was the original plan when the DCEU was announced, but quickly forgotten when WB executives wanted to implement Marvel model plan after it had already started, originating the chaos we all know, with directors quitting, being fired and projects cancelled/badly changed. PT3/4
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Some themes in #DCEU movies also apply to the movies themselves.

#ManofSteel - It is valuable to have the freedom to choose your own path in life, instead of being confined to what society expects from you.

Many ppl wanted to confine Superman to past versions of the character.
#BatmanvSuperman - we should not jump to judgment or be swept up in ill-founded public narratives. We should consider others' perspectives.

Many ppl jumped on the bandwagon of hate toward BvS w/out seeing it or judging for themselves. Many refuse to reconsider their views on it.
#SuicideSquad - even those with flaws still have a soul and deserve to exist. We should give second chances.

It's a flawed movie but should still be accepted and valued as part of the universe. We should look for the good. The characters also deserve a second chance (sequel).
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Saw Aquaman. A problem I have with it: As is often the case with Marvel villains too (see: Killmonger) Orm has a point. Why SHOULDN'T he return all the garbage in the oceans to the surface world?
Another question about #Aquaman. Throughout the film we see them swimming effortlessly through water, even at great depths and high pressures, without kicking their legs. Or moving their arms.
Even once. And they go FAST.
Um. What are they doing? It's not swimming.
...I mean, basically the idea seems to be they're doing what Superman does, only underwater. They're flying, not swimming.
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If you’re looking for my brief thoughts on #Aquaman, they’re in this thread. Kevin and I didn’t get a chance to record a review episode before the holidays set in and we won’t be together again until January. But to the thread below, I’ll add just a little...
In most heroic dramas (hell, in most dramas), the story you're watching answers some need within the protagonist. Ripley lost her first crew—and her daughter— and so what she goes through in Aliens answers her need to be a mother. Luke Skywalker...
Well, Luke desperately wanted to get off Tatooine and fight the Empire. What's more, he wanted to be someone who mattered. Woody wants to be Andy's toy again and he learns that Andy can have more that one favorite. What does Arthur Curry WANT, and how does Aquaman answer it?
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As the #Aquaman trailer debuts, can we take a minute to appreciate the superhuman patience of Jason Momoa?

The dude's last five years must have felt *glacial.*
Momoa must have felt great in 2010: he got cast in CONAN (2011) and the first season of GAME OF THRONES...

but CONAN didn't work and he was promptly killed off in GoT, and then he did a bunch of forgettable stuff
Momoa didn't really capitalize on his GAME OF THRONES (2011) sex symbol status until he was cast as Aquaman for BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, which didn't come out until 2016.

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Seated for the #WarnerBros presser in Hall H. Hoping AQUAMAN and SHAZAM are good looking, FANTASTIC BEASTS is short and JUSTICE LEAGUE news involves *new* movies or nothing.
WB sizzle reel of recent-greats cuts from FURY ROAD to SUICIDE SQUAD.
FANTASTIC BEASTS up first. Ezra Miller is cosplaying Toadette.

Depp still in new trailer - good thing he's only accused of *really* beating people up, instead of doing jokes about it on Twitter, or WB mightve had to do something drastic, huh?
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#01 - Su primera aparición fue en "The Brave and the Bold 28" con fecha de portada Marzo de 1960
#JLFacts #JusticeLeague
#02 - Los miembros fundadores: #Superman #Batman #WonderWoman #TheFlash (Barry Allen) #Aquaman #GreenLantern (Hal Jordan) #MartianManhunter
#03 - La historia de origen de la Liga se contó en el "Justice League of America #9" en donde la liga se enfrentaba a aliens de Appelax
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