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Don't watch this if you hate spoilers, and plan to see #TheFlash. But I agree with this reviewer. The Flash FLOPS Box Office PANICS DC - Review via @YouTube
Some additional details here since #TheFlash's ending is NOT the ending that was planned and there's a reason:
I found the dual Ezra Millers a bit much, though nowhere as annoying as the critic above. I was more annoyed and distracted by the holes in the plot, like how did Kara get the codec, and then what did Zod have to take from her? Why didn't he try to enlist her like he did Kal?
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Warner Bros. China has been widely accused of paying critics and social media influencers for good reviews of #TheFlash by local audience on the past weekend. Many people are saying they'll never ever believe any positive reviews & reactions of any WB movies. (1/5) ImageImageImageImage
For the record, local audience actually really like #TheFlash with 8.0/10 on Douban site. But the "one of the best superhero movies ever" claims have been criticized by fans, haters & trolls...Especially in a time when Guardians 3 got 8.5/10 while Spider Verse 2 has 8.6/10. (2/5) ImageImageImage
Since no developed critic system, local distributors has strictly controlled critics even ticket sites like Maoyan & Taopiaopiao (both are also part of their distributing parent companies). It's hard for critics to give real (bad) reviews if they see movies before releases. (3/5) ImageImage
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#korean action-packed #crime film The Roundup is back for a sequel! Detective Ma Seok-do joins forces with the Metropolitan Investigation Team to stop Joo Seong-cheol, the son of a wealthy family who has formed a dangerous alliance with Japanese gangsters #TheFlash With the stakes higher than ever, Detective Ma must race against time to prevent Joo from committing a series of horrific crimes. Will they be able to bring him to justice before it's too late?

Showing in cinemas now As an adaptation of Stephen King’s short novel of the same name, The Boogeyman follows high schooler Sadie and her little sister Sawyer, who are recovering from their mother’s recent death. Their father, Will,
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Watching The Trash in the way god intended: dont giving a dime to WB, in Tortuga seas.
The first time Barry runs is LITERALLY a cheap CW clip.
WTF was that hook? And the humor of the movie is horrendous.
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Thanks @joerogan and @RobertKennedyJr for a great podcast.

It's 3+ hours long so here are my biggest takeaways...


#RFKjr #Kennedy24 #TheFlash Joe Rogan
#RFKJr is mostly focused on expanding the middle class. Which he calls the bedrock of a functioning democracy.

My take: If we want a thriving society, we need a culture that stimulates growth. Not this growing disparity between oligarchs and a welfare state. Real growth for all.
@realDonaldTrump was so popular becuase he spoke to the "middle-class" that's been destroyed in modern America...

Is he correct about Trump's appeal?
Does there need to be a populist uprising in America?
What do we need to do, to thrive?
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Con el estreno de #TheFlash se esta hablando mucho de Ezra Miller, pero curiosamente hay muchísima desinformación sobre que hizo, que no hizo y demás...

Así que abro hilo para que quede un poco mas claro el tema 👇
Podríamos decir que la carrera de Ezra en el cine comenzó en el 2008 con Afterschool, pero no fue si no hasta el 2012 con "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" que conoció el éxito y fue aclamado por la critica. Image
Eso si, sus dramas comenzaron antes del 2012, porque en 2011, el 22 de junio, fue detenido por tenencia de marihuana mientras iba tan tranquilo en su auto.
Poco después un juez de New Jersey retiró los cargos.
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Is just not a lack of taste using GCI dead people that way, in a void way to cheap claps, but also deny the same history of these people with the character and HOW they wanted to be portrait. And cheap cameos from even the living ones doesn't make thingd right or fait for them.
#TheFlash is a lesson on what DEFINITELY not do in a superhero movie. is worst that we can all imagine. Is JOSStice League with all the red flags high. There is a gazzilion ways to be respectful and do homages than the way the movie did.
Look at CW's Crisis. They did VERY RIGHT in there.
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Ok, pequeño hilo...
Porqué es importante la calificación de RT para #TheFlash?
Como saben, la opinión de la crítica en muchas ocasiones está sesgada (a veces se podría decir que hasta comprada), para ser extremadamente benigna con algunas producciones, y por otro lado...
...muchas otras veces los "críticos profesionales" dejan de lado su supuesto profesionalismo para atacar a otras producciones simplemente porque no les agrada el director, el actor/actriz, etc., lejos de hacer el trabajo por el que se pes paga, que es ANALIZAR una película
De ahí que todos hemos visto cómo la crítica especializada generalmente no tiene nada que ver con la respuesta del público (que finalmente es el que paga). Debido a esta discrepancia, muchos por acá siguen preguntando con sorne "de verdad todavía hay quien le hace caso a RT?"
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La crítica ya ha podido ver #TheFlash por primera vez al completo y compartir sus críticas SIN SPOILERS.

En este hilo os resumiré sus comentarios más importantes. Image
#TheFlash es TREMENDA! Es sin duda una de las mejores películas de superhéroes jamás hechas. Un clásico inmediato. Narración inventiva, secuencias de acción FANTÁSTICAS, gran elenco. Estoy llorando al final. Todo lo que quieres de una película de superhéroes y más" -@ErikDavis Image
"Sinceramente, estoy anonadado, es tan buena. Como fan de BACK TO THE FUTURE, tiene sus vibes todo el rato. Michael Keaton es increíble, y este es el mejor Ezra Miller como Flash. Affleck tiene algunos de sus mejores momentos de Batman, ¡y Sasha Calle es genial!" -@ErikDavis Image
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Here is something that nobody will tell you in regards to $wbd at a worldwide level on the corporate end (not creatives such as writers, directors, etc.):

Nobody wants to work with them.

The company is volatile, layoffs happen left and right.

It is not a secure, stable job.
Regardless of how much money #TheFlash does, the fact of the matter is that anyone working at HR of the company is struggling to find people to join them.

Because everyone looks at them, at how management changes on a whim. It is a high risk going to work with them.
Box office aside, the focus the company has in regards to their products and lineup changes practically on a yearly basis. You can be working for the streaming department and all of the sudden, Zaslav says they don't care about your division.

It's too much of a hassle.
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‼️ La entrevista más importante y reveladora sobre el futuro de DC STUDIOS.

@Gizmodo ha entrevistado a Gunn y Safran. Les han preguntado sobre el futuro de DC, las polémicas, regresos y despedidas de actores, reboots, próximos proyectos y más.

La primera pregunta es a Gunn sobre porqué acepto este trabajo.

James Gunn: "Quería encargarme de estos personajes. Y todos sabemos que ha sido un camino jodido para muchos de ellos durante los últimos años... (sigue)
Y pensé, es un desafío, creo que es una posibilidad de crear algo realmente maravilloso con estos personajes. No puedo hacer política ni ciencia. Lo único que puedo hacer por este planeta es crear historias de amor. Y eso es lo que creo que podemos hacer en los próximos años".
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Fact Check: The claims against Ezra Miller🧵

The legal matters are resolved, but the media still hasn't followed up on the allegations & rumors they reported in 2022. So I did.

If you've read a rumor about Ezra, chances are it's addressed here.
#EzraMiller #TheFlash
A big thank you to @pozmyneghole1 for working on this with me! This wouldn't have been possible without your help.

More information will be linked at the end of the thread for anyone interested.

Now, on to the fact checking!
Claim: Ezra Miller choked a woman

A clip posted on 4/1/20 shows Miller using a trained maneuver to lower a woman to the ground. Slowed footage shows their hand is not around her throat, but to the side of her neck. She was not being choked.
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❗️Hilo recopilando toda la información del anuncio de #DCStudios:

Todos los proyectos anunciados, las fechas de estreno, sinopsis, comentarios de Gunn y Safran, detalles de las películas y serie una a una, las distintas fases del nuevo DCU, y más.

Hilo con todo 🧵👇🏼
Gunn no ha comenzado diciendo que esto es un reboot, ni un soft reboot... ha dejado claro que todo sigue (Shazam, Flash, Aquaman, Blue Beetle) y que se lanzarán nuevos proyectos que estarán más o menos conectados al resto del universo.
Esto es un poco ambiguo... porque ha comentado que algunos actores podrán retomar su papel en el nuevo universo, pero a la vez no confirma que vayan a seguir. Veremos cómo evoluciona todo. Ha dejado claro que TODO depende de la historia.
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Multiple sources tell THR that Patty Jenkins’ #WonderWoman 3 is not moving forward and is considered dead in its current incarnation:
Sources say that Patty Jenkins recently submitted her treatment and that new DC heads James Gunn and Peter Safran, as well as WB's Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy, broke the news, telling her the project did not fit in within their unfolding plans
The rest of the DC slate is in flux, but there are several possible scenarios to consider ahead of next week’s WB meeting. The first is the closing curtain of the Snyderverse, and the heroes cast by filmmaker Zack Snyder for his #JusticeLeague
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Habemus Numbers!!!
During #WBD’s Q3 2022 Earnings Report (JUL-SEP), it’s unveiled 2.8M boost in global DTC subscriptions, citing #HouseOfTheDragon as the main catalyst, but coming below #WallStreet’s 3.3M estimates, reaching 94.9M total #HBOMax+#HBO+#DiscoveryPlus subscribers
1/ Image
According to #WBD, total subscriptions in the US grew 500k, to 53.5M subscribers, and an ARPU of $10.66, a +1.1% increase
Meanwhile overseas markets were the main driver in subscriptions growth, adding 2.3M on Q3 2022, for a 41.4M international total,with an ARPU of just $3.68
Streaming and subscriptions alone were responsible for 2.3B in revenue, -6% compared to Q3 2021.
Ads revenue more than doubled to $106M, as #HBOMax Ad-tier keeps growing in subscribers.
Even so, overall streaming Costs increased +22% to almost 3B, putting DTC -634M in the red.
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Lets read this #TheFlash Image
Coast City shippment 👀 #TheFlash
Juan Ferreyra is soo fucking good that he even made the new suit works. #TheFlash
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OK, lets read this.
The Jacks are based on a VERY deep-cut character, obviously named Jack-O-Lantern. #TheFlash
The Batcave have some soft changes,m but still the same one from the DCEU/Snyderverse. #TheFlash
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Thanks for the RTs & likes guys. Here is some Batman's Armor. Much love 💕💕💕
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A damage control meeting on the Warner Bros. lot between Ezra Miller, their agent and Warners' Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy took place this week, with aims to quell concerns over the star's arrests and controversies Image
During the meeting, Ezra Miller discussed how to stay on course for #TheFlash, reaffirmed their commitment to the movie and apologized for bringing negative attention to the production and the company Image
The meeting comes a couple weeks after Ezra Miller announced they were seeking help for mental health issues, saying in a statement "I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior" Image
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#TheFlash star Ezra Miller has been charged with felony burglary in Stamford, Vermont.
Vermont State Police were notified of a burglary complaint from a residence in Stamford at 5:55 p.m. on May 1. Police found that several bottles of alcohol were taken from the residence while the homeowners were not present.
After collecting statements and looking at surveillance videos, police charged Miller with felony burglary into an unoccupied dwelling.
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David Zaslav revealed a cohesive plan for the future of DC:

“We’ve restructured the business where we are going to focus, where there is going to be a team with a ten-year plan focusing just on DC...It’s very similar to the Disney"
"We think we can build a much stronger, sustainable growth business out of DC,” said Zazlav. “As part of that, we are going to focus on quality. We are not going to release any film before it’s ready…DC is something we can make better"
David Zaslav touted a number of DC films coming up, including #BlackAdam, #Shazam Fury of the Gods and #TheFlash, and addressed rumors that some of those films could shift dates without confirming or denying moves
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advantage of many games with really high odds, some of them are worldwide blockbusters.

It’d take too long to cite them all…

…but here are several examples. If you are a fan of immersive Rival-powered i-Slots, give a spin to action #TheFlash #CWS2022… packed Cosmic Quest: Mystery Planets that returns 98.95% or chat with Elvis in electrifying Rock On! with an RTP of roaring 98%. Moving forward, the revolutionary collection of Malta-based BetSoft has a lot to… offer not only in terms of superb graphics and unique skill bonuses but also in terms of the amount of money some of its masterpieces give back to brave contestants. Regardless of the chosen side, Good Girl Bad Girl pays 97.8% while an incendiary tribute
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