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We're having a hell of a day over here, so let's take it all slow with a daytime #KissmateWatches!
Since Netflix keeps shoving it in our faces, we'll be taking a look at Easy A (2021) directed by Will Gluck.
A Summary:
A clean-cut high school student relies on the school's rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing.
I've also heard something about those rumors including having sex, so warnings as needed for that, I guess.
#KissmateWatches The movie makes sure we know this is taking place in a highschool located in Ojai, CA. Our protag, Olive, gives us her video diary intro. She swears that this isn't another Lost Girl Teen Movie and she's going to tell us the truth starting now.
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We have electricity again so OBVIOUSLY we're going to watch the Sonic movie that hit Amazon Prime today. #AnaWatches #KissmateWatches
Oh wow, they have rings for the Paramount logo and they look like golden donuts. #AnaWatches
#AnaWatches Oh no, they're starting with the freeze-frame "You're probably wondering how I got in this position" trope with Sonic being chased all over San Francisco by Jim Carrey flying the EPOCH from Chrono Trigger.
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Good Evening, Everyone! I figure I'm overdue for a #Kissmatewatches, so let's get one started with Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)!

I first saw the announcement and was excited!
Then the first trailer came out.
After the BLOW-UP of hatred, they fixed Sonic.
I've heard nothing since.
I'm no stranger to Sonic, nor his fans. I've seen some of the best of this hero. And I've seen the worst, too. Maybe this won't be so bad?

It's got Jim Carry in it? Oh, that's... Um... Hmm.
*Note, it's spelled Carrey, I have come to realize. Oops.
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Good Evening, All! I feel like a topical #Kissmatewatches would be best tonight! So get out your holographic goggles and shotguns with LEDs taped to the sides, we're tackling a "CyberPunk" movie!
Tonight is going to be "Gamer" (2009) dir by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. Convicts and poorer people have a mental implant where other people can control them like a character in a game. Simon has to control his man through 30 victories in a """Video Game""" to set him free.
#Kissmatewatches It's been a LONG time since I've seen this. Let's see if it's anything like how I remember!
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Good Evening, Followers! Tonight, as a little treat, I will be #Kissmatewatches-ing a little diddy called "Happiest Season" starring KStew.

I've heard good, bad, and ugly about this, so I'm excited to give this a try! And a little worried. Lot worried.
A warning to heed: There is homophobia via the family. And it's about surviving them through the holidays. This will be my only tag for this, since it's going to be inescapable.
#Kissmatewatches We get a fun little Christmas song with Christmas card type art telling the story of two women falling in love and moving in together while the credits play. Cute, sweet, like a scrapbook or something.
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We're starting early with #Kissmatewatches today. We'll be tackling Hercules again, episodes 7, 8, and 9 of season one.
No time like the present, so let's get started!
#Kissmatewatches Herc Episode Seven: Pride Comes Before a Brawl
This episode is mostly about Iolaus proving to himself that he's a good and useful man, even without Herc. There's some men that are pretending to be satyrs (badly), and we meet Nemesis.
#Kissmatewatches It's nice to see a character I love show his abilities. I like these kinds of episodes!
Although, they wrapped it in some toxic masculinity, so that's a downer.
"If you help him now, Herc, Iolaus will hate you." But wouldn't you rather have your friend alive?
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Tonight is going to be another quick trip down #Kissmatewatches with Xena episodes! Still season one, with episode seven and eight. Stay tuned!
#Kissmatewatches Xena Episode Seven: Titans
Gabi frees some titans with a chant. Hyperion attacks the humans and threatens to free the rest of his brethren. Gabi and Xena turn them back to stone before he can, thus saving the day.
#Kissmatewatches This was a Gabi-centered episode where she acts a bit more immature than usual. She tries to get Xena to see she's useful and mature by trying to do things on her own, but she always ends up causing more trouble by meddling.
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After a weekend of self-care and proper adulting, I think I'm ready for another small night of #Kissmatewatches! We'll finish off the two Hercs I wasn't able to get to last time and see how they fare!
#Kissmatewatches Hercules Episode 5: Ares
Ares forms a gang of boys to terrorize the area. Hercules manages to kill the avatar of Ares and tell the boys to go home and think about what they've done.
#Kissmatewatches The best part of this episode is Atalanta played by bodybuilder Cory Everson. She's a blacksmith who wears bikini mail in a village full of women. Her personality is strong and cocky mixed with determination. She's the best side character in this series so far!
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So guess what's up? Another #Kissmatewatches of Xena and Herc, that's what! So strap in your leather and vests, cause here we go!
#Kissmatewatches Xena Episode Five: The Path Not Taken
Xena goes to save a princess to stop a war, but meets an old flame that could ruin her plans. She lies to him, but he sees through her plans at the last moment. The villain kills him as he saves the princess, one act of good.
#Kissmatewatches Let me start off with an aside:
Her kicking the asses of men who dare think they can comment however they want about her? *SWOON*
AND THOSE LEGS! *chef kiss*
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We have another #Kissmatewatches tonight with another Xena and Herc showing! I'm looking forward to the campy fun from last night continuing!
#Kissmatewatches Xena Episode Three: Dreamworker
Gabi longs to be a warrior like Xena, but Xena insists she not. Something about maintaining innocence. This catches Morpheus' priests' eye and they kidnap her to be a sacrifice. Xena enters the dream world and rescues her.
#Kissmatewatches Instead of needing """virgins""" to be sacrificed, they use something called blood innocence (shed blood/taking a life). I actually like this change! It's more important whether you've killed someone with your own hands rather than if you've had sex with anyone.
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Good Evening, twitters of all genders! I'll be doing a #Kissmatewatches of both Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules TV shows. We got all six seasons of both and I figure why not write down my thoughts?
#Kissmatewatches I was already told to throw out my knowledge of Greek Myths. I had to nod in agreement over the fact the main character's name is Hercules and not Heracles.

Add in your brand of nerd jokes here.
#Kissmatewatches Episode One: Sins of the Past
Xena was once a conqueror, but her past gives her guilt. She buries her past by literally burying all her armor and weapons. Only to immediately need them later. Oops.
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Today on #Kissmatewatches, we're continuing the Resident Evil film series! Written and directed by Paul W S Anderson, we're watching "Resident Evil: Retribution" (2012).
The last one was fun with cheesy writing, so I'm hoping for something similar. Just a nice popcorn flick.
Don't forget this is a double team with AnaMardoll!

#Kissmatewatches I did notice something interesting last movie. Wesker said he needed Alice's blood to become stable with the T Virus. After she was stabbed in the fight, she stabbed him with the same knife. Meaning she stabbed her blood into his brain. I'm hoping he comes back!
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After a week-long bout of stomach bugs and stressful IRL stuff, we continue our #Kissmatewatches series of Resident Evil movies! Apologies for the delay.

Today's little ditty is RE: Afterlife (2010) directed and written by Paul WS Anderson himself!
#Kissmatewatches At this point, Paul WS Anderson has married Milla Jojovich, the main actress playing Alice. I've heard the writing reflects this in some way. What way is that, I don't know, but we're gonna find out!
#Kissmatewatches Don't forget this is a joint effort between me and @/AnaMardoll, so follow both, please!

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Hello, my dear followers! Today is the third movie of the #Kissmatewatches Resident Evil series, Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) dir. by Russel Malcuhy. So far each movie has had a different director. It showed last movie. Let's see if it's better here!

/thread starts here
#Kissmatewatches After we get a few things set up, we'll start right away!
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Another day of #Kissmatewatches, another day of Resident Evil movie series! Today is Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) dir. by Alexander Witt. With hopes high and expectations low, let's blow this casket open!

/thread starts here
#Kissmatewatches The naming schemes for the titles are garbage. The only way I know for sure that RE:Apocalypse is next is because I looked up the years. The words after the main title either need to explain the chronological system, or just add a number after the main title.
#Kissmatewatches I'm looking at Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies as I say this, though not proudly. Good movies suffer this too. Still, it's difficult to bring newcomers into these series if you can't even keep the order labeled and obvious.
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We're starting a brave and bold new project, my dear followers. @anamardoll and #Kissmatewatches shall be dual-livetweeting a special series of movies.
Resident Evil. All Six of them.
Grab your sunglasses and cheesy lines, we're going in loaded!
#kissmatewatches Here's a link to Ana, in case you're not already following him:

#Kissmatewatches A bit of background: I know the games pretty well and know the main actress, Mila Jovovich, was married to Paul Anderson at the time. I haven't heard good reviews on this series (esp from the fans) so I know I'm going into a shark tank without a cage. Let's dive!
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Time for the next #Kissmatewatches movie! Silent Hill: Revelations (2012). I have heard that this is not high art, and should be afraid. I say to that: "well, it can't be worse than Valerian, right?"
#Kissmatewatches Here's the link to Silent Hill (2006), in case someone missed it:

#Kissmatewatches Before we even get to the movie, already I notice a particular kiss of death.
The studios are not the same.
Tristar/Sony published the first movie.
Universal published this one.
I am in for shit, aren't I?
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I just read an upsettingly poorly written e-mail from FIL, so I'd like to prove a better writer with a #Kissmatewatches! Today's watch will be Silent Hill (2006, dir Cristophe Gans) and Silent Hill: Revelation (2012, dir M. J. Basset).
#Kissmatewatches I've seen Silent Hill before, but not Revelations. Since my first viewing was on a night when I was more worried about my husband's health, I figured the second viewing would hold my attention more. Also, I have played some of the games, so Nerd Cred!
#Kissmatewatches We start with parents (Christopher and Rose) looking for their daughter Sharon. Rose finds her by a waterfall/cliff, swaying in her sleepwalking haze. We see the pool below fade into another world of fire, rust, and iron. There's a glimpse of another girl below.
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Today is a nice lazy day, so it's time to relax, pull up some grub, and #Kissmatewatches the mess that is Suicide Squad (2016) dir. by David Ayer. I'm going to be upfront and say that I KNOW it's garbage, but I've never seen it for myself. Time to change it, for better or worse!
#Kissmatewatches Before we even start, the way we got Suicide Squad was packaged in with Birds of Prey for a dollar more. The disc was hidden behind the paper insert. The menu has no animation or sound. This feels so apologetic, as it should.
#Kissmatewatches Correction, there was sound. It was terrible music on loop. My husband muted the TV because he couldn't stand it. Oops!
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I figured since I'm sick and readying for my husband's surgery in a few days, today would be a great day for a #Kissmatewatches! Today's flick is "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" (2017) directed by Luc Besson.
#Kissmatewatches I know nothing about this film. I hear it's pretty and the story isn't great. I know it flopped, but for what reason? Badly written characters? Horrible character design? Patriarchal desires to squash a positive feminist or queer film? I guess we'll see!
#Kissmatewatches We start off with the late David Bowie's "Space Oddity" played over a small space station gaining more and more connections and astronauts over the decades until it's more of a space station Lego set put together in the most Frankenstein way.
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About to start #Kissmatewatches with Kill Bill Vol2. I've been told it's worse than the other, but nothing else.
Vol1 exhausted me, so let's see if I can power my way through this one!
Here's the link to #Kissmatewatches Kill Bill Vol1, in case you missed my agony:

#Kissmatewatches I'm going to assume that the previous warnings of rape, gore, and racism still apply.
And that the dialogue is still horribly written from before.
And that the director is a GIGANTIC weaboo.
So if the same still applies, I may not mention it too much.
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There's a tradition where @AnaMardoll watches the "Kill Bill" movies (2003-04), just to remember how bad a director Quentin Tarantino really is. Now it's #kissmatewatches turn!

CW: rape, racism, gore, and maybe more!
#Kissmatewatches I know about maybe one scene in Vol1. I remember these movies advertising, but nothing else after that.
I haven't seen any Tarantino directed movies, but I did see "Sin City" and "From Dusk Til Dawn" which he helped write.
#Kissmatewatches I will be separating Vol1 and Vol2 into two different threads. I'll link to Vol2 at the end of Vol1.
I'll give my ratings to each individual movie, then to both together.
This one is gonna be a helluva ride, so let's go!
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Since it's a hellscape in America right now, I figured a ragewatch/#Kissmatewatches of "The Rise of Skywalker" (2019) would be appropriate.
I ask that you please donate to ProtestBailFunds if you can.…
#Kissmatewatches I know this is a BAD one. "Ruined the franchise" kind of bad. "Pandered to the racist/extremist/fascist fanboys and no one else" brand of terrible.

So I'm already prepared to hate the SHIT of this.
#Kissmatewatches A bit of background: We did a marathon of all the main 8 movies before this. All three SHITTY prequals, all three of the original cut of the original trilogy, and both newer Rey movies (which I ADORED!). I could not be more prepared for this.
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Doing another round of #Kissmatewatches! For those who want to join, tonight's entertainment is "Sleepy Hollow" from 1999, directed by Tim Burton. I have seen this before, but not in YEARS, so this should feel new enough to me!
#Kissmatewatches We already owned the DVD from awhile back, so here's to seeing if it's worth staying on the shelf!
#Kissmatewatches A will is signed and sealed. Old VanGarrett notices a spoopky pumpkin scarecrow. The driver of the carriage is beheaded, leaving Old VG to run through a cornfield, coming across the scarecrow again. Then is beheaded from behind. Already feels fun and campy!
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