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New but outdated defi, ve(3,3) design

1/ Andre Cronje’s ve(3,3) design is a new #DeFi token economy that combines Olympus DAO’s (3,3) design with Curve’s voting escrow token (ve). What does it mean and why is it important?
2/ Olympus DAO’s (3,3) design encourages users to stake or bond their tokens instead of selling them. This creates positive feedback loops for the token price and the protocol treasury. Staking and bonding are both rewarded with more tokens.
3/ Curve’s ve design incentivizes users to lock their tokens for long periods of time (up to 4 years!) in exchange for voting rights and trading fees. This reduces token supply and aligns the interests of token holders and liquidity providers.
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This is what I wanted to show ..

Before I talk to the security guard, I have to let someone know I really did always care—She knows this now more than ever, The pier & the Pit ..

She is laying down on the pier, meaning That was not the way & meant if I chose that way
It would mean I end up falling into the pit of the pinnacle..

I had to make sure I always kept reminding within code I still cared about others lives just like hers she was living that there was still someone out here willing to sit & talk with them while they waited for
The end to unfold ..

Many of them are already gone & up until the very last days I showed them I truly cared when they felt alone ..

This helped in A major way for the people, because bad knew if they did A small bit of good for the world when good was needed most,
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It’s you & I old man.
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Good morning, Batman & many others have been replaced ..

Your minds only see what you choose to see, Nothing Is real.

When I say, ONLY LOVE REMAINS—It’s True.

For now, just continue following all the ghosts/Doubles & enjoi the show.
Justice so the people wouldn’t destroy the peoples own selves & the world ..

Actors have been playing out their scripted roles for YEARS now, the BLIND continue to be lead by the BLIND .. ImageImageImageImage
I don’t [NEED] Justice or to see Justice served, I already know it’s been over for YEARS ..

The world is just now waking waking waking up, it all had to drag on as it has because if it didn’t, the people would have already destroyed themselves & this world .. ImageImage
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☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️
☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️
☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️
☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️
☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️

You’ve never been useless to Me, everyone has purpose & can choose to do good. Glass ImageImage
Is always half full seeing through my eyes…

I have always cared.

.@RonKillings —Love you & All that you continue doing ! Image
“No Deals”
The New Deal Skateboards;

When ones never thought Forgiveness would happen or be an option, Someone chose to show MERCY — So bad chose to do good because they were forgiven.
“When Bad does good” for the country, they play their role purposely SHOWING how things ImageImage
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Silence Is Golden
Zelda Breathe Of The Wild
Link Up, Reconnect.
Fable: 9/14/2004
Fable Fortune: 7/25/2017
First = THE END
WrestleMania 1
33 1 Cross 3 Nails 1 🔑
WrestleMania 39
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🚨 #Button 🚨 Pushed ? …

Leap of Faith?
Purple Rain
Red Bull
I want to wake up every day in the middle of nowhere & go skate. .
Occasionally go see live music, Travel & #Build

Ready Player 1-2 Love.

Found ImageImageImageImage
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You have shown me this world can change …

#VE Is your missing puzzle piece, it was mine too ..

Image In That.
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Good Morning —‘They Live’ …

Has anyone else notice, quite A few pastors have finally been coming forward calling out those who Have been deceiving the public ?
The way it’s always worked is the false prophets have the script to the false reality,…
The False reality that’s been created around THE PEOPLE while the masses have been asleep for HUNDREDS of years..
ALL OF IT WAS DESIGNED thinking the people would “Follow the Stars”, HRC winning & the People would never awaken. It’s always been so easy
to see who is apart of THE GAME.

The puppet “elites”/puppet masters will push these individuals/churches to the moon, just like they do to the stars who sold their soul.
Eventually these false prophets & corrupt churches are gaining ginormous followings, like placing
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Ring The Bell


Crazy to think it’s been 6 years already that we’ve been #RED, Transitioning to #Greatness ImageImage
ABBA *+*🧎‍♀️

Even when “Broken”, NOT Broken …

1 & 0 Stand Tall

#Rejoice ImageImage
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#WHY ..

Proving how evil & sic these not real demons are & always have been is very easy ..

It’s A movie set, with A script—The script reads;
- “PURPOSELY DO EVERYTHING & ANYTHING POSSIBLE to try upsetting the people so the people do what [they] failed doing [themselves] &
That’s destroying the peoples own selves & this world by entertaining any of this garbage …

How many in the world today are watching ‘Barney’? …
Little to no one, right?

#THINK within the mind what everyone is z seeing endless episodes of Barney playing on repeat,
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👕 🧢 🍎📒🆓🔜
“I Love you bro”
- “I Love You Too”
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As I have said MANY times over the past 7 years, [They] turned the house of God upside down ..
[They] turned the body & Blood of Christ into actual cannibalism & drinking blood/blood of children ..

This is why [THEY] say I’m the “Devil” & I would much rather
Be the “Devil” standing on my hands …

Everything [they] did in time PURPOSELY has been done to confuse everyone, [they] did everything KNOWING there would be an awakening at some point & tried doing EVERYTHING & ANYTHING possible in hopes the people would never figure it out,
Throw away the Son who is the only one who can give everyone what they want & in hopes the people would turn their backs on the Son destroying this world ..

I don’t stand for cannibalism, drinking the blood of humans/children, human/child trafficking or any of the other many
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These accounts on here mocking/mimicking, misleading the people away from the TRUTH, away from finding PEACE within KNOWING what is really happening & WHY everything is happening as it is—Why do the BLIND continue to be lead by the BLIND? …

#VE is the ONLY one who can give everyone not only what they want but also what they NEED …

Everyone NEEDS to find their #InnerChild & PEACE within before they get what they want …

Each day that passes by, most continue to show they’re going to get the truth & end up
Destroying this world ..

The STARS are there, they’re DARK STARS.
WHg Accounts that are just shiny objects placed in front of everyone misleading will not SHOW anyone the true meaning behind what’s really happening, WH-Y it’s all happening as it is, why everything is being
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I have A sUrPRISE for You this evening—Stay Tuned … 🎸 🥁 🎤 🎶
Paranoia Is IN BLOOM.

You “Love” what all of you have earned throughout your lives but you will LOVE what is coming even more.
Your blood, sweat & tears put into everything you’ve earned will not be for not— Image
-You will be given back what is rightfully YOURS;
-You will be given back what has been stolen from you;
-You will be given back your soul;
-You will be given back FREE WILL;
-You will be given back your lives;
-You will be given back your FREEDOMs;
-You will LIVE again … ImageImage
GREED has poisoned the Soul of Man, that greed has caused humanity to live with stone hearts—Stone hearts to flesh is what saves the world.
You love what you have earned because you earned it being A slave to A corrupt system that was purposely making it hard for many to truly Image
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Those Madrid boards are EPIC !

Marty McFLY
Shane O Mac !

Y #R

.@taylorswift13 —How are you doing? …
She really did try hard showing everyone A long time ago, All the distortions & distractions of the world took over the masses minds for Awhile ..

Even still to this day I see so many feeding into all of it just because of those individuals who have no choice but to sing along
Pretending like what’s happening is real ..

All good though, everything is being done purposely as it is & it’s truly making it easier to see clearly who is who ..
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RIVM: "Daarom kan niet gecorrigeerd worden voor doorgemaakte infecties, en is het effect van vaccineren niet te onderscheiden van het effect van infecties." cc @MinVWS @WybrenvanHaga 1/…
Kamerantwoorden @MinVWS, verwijzend naar bovenstaande publicatie en wat getallen reciterend: "De bescherming van vaccinaties is daarmee nog steeds erg goed tegen ziekenhuisopname en op de IC."… (vraag 6)
@MinVWS Tabel uit het onderzoek met in het blauw de 49% die de minister noemde.

In de geel en rood gearceerde cellen de #negatieve #VE.

Als ongevaccineerde ben je nu in veel gevallen beter af dan iemand met alleen de basisserie.

Hoe zou dat over een tijdje met de booster zijn? Image
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The Travelers
Part 1 & 2 !

You’re Not Alone, Never have been & never will be . .
#ME on the other hand, Alone & always has been—Not Anymore though.

THE MAN since 17 Years Young.
THE MAN Since Birth ..
THE MAN is A Queen & THE MAN Is A King/Father .
The face within is #ME!
#LO. 17
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Listen to this song with new ears, #MASTER JAMMIN’ …

Who do you think they were talking about?

“All for A Buck”

Wait until you see the things I do for them, as A THANK YOU for all the LOVE shown BACK THEN that was meant for LOVE to be SHOWN for TODAY ..

Space Jam
C B4 D

God Is Love.
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