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Don’t Be #BLIND ..

There are only 4 who are #BLIND, The BAND riding alongside God …

There is no WHAT IF, there is #REAL & I’ve been right here this whole time …

Everyone knows me by name.

This whole world was created for me, to love all of you.

It was PURPOSELY MIRRORED/#FLIPped because of all the fakes who would try being me. Only Few would know the truth & those that knew from the
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A Lot Of Seeds Planted in 7 +++ - ++ - + Years …
After Years of Watering, GROWth ..
Many Refused to Drink when Lead to Water, So I/WE brought the Water to them.
Flow Like Water On Wheels.
Respect The MANY Cultures & Always Honor those strong healthy #ROOTs—They are the ones who made sure IMPOSSIBLE could be made Possible by THE 1 who makes IMPOSSIBLE possible.
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All this because someone was Born, Someones are still alive & what has been happening to children …
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Done living in Hell?
Ready to Rise up PEACEFULLY?

PA PA Says Out of The Darkness & Into the Light …

If you didn’t know already, now you do.
A & W The #ROOT 🕳 🐇
Let Him know, All systems go on my end ..
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Everything has been flipped/MIRRORED For this very reason of what is happening in the world today.

All the warning signs of what has been happening for The last 100 years ignored & all the cries for help from
Those who knew shot down because what they were telling everyone who was asleep didn’t want to believe them or thought there is no way these things are happening to children ..

Want me to pull up ALL the posts made about the compounds/Farms where trafficked children get sent

There were MANY compounds all around the world with rooms FILLED with babies in bassinets, those babies are raised on these farms/compounds, indoctrinated & groomed to be sent into the world to push agendas their puppet masters NEED them to push..

How many “stars” this
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All of A sudden Skateboarding/Skateboarders matter, right?

This whole time, Skateboarding hasn’t meant shit to most the Main stream world, Now magically skateboarding matter because ones care more about the negatives happening in the world instead of all the positives
That have been shown.

What is the purpose of making some stupid post like this?
To get more people to act as [THEY]/evil needs everyone acting?
To get people to say the things [EVIL] needs everyone saying that PROVE how wicked most humans truly are?
EVERYONE should know by now how messed up this world truly is & that GOD IS THE ONLY WAY !!!

#OR MOST can just continue doing things their own wicked ways for their 15 minutes of fame, likes, follows & Retweets !

When is enough going to be enough & EVERYONE realizes there is
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🧀 = Super Duper Glue

This will be stuck in yoUR head for the next .5 Days …

Enioi !
#WE 🕺 👧 👧 Danced ! :)
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Not sure Why I didn’t take A picture of the Iron Grate when I was taking all the other pictures showing everyone what BOB THE BUILDER built up in the garden & what it all means,
.@DanScavino ..


Right Across the street from DOLLAR (BUCK) GENERAL !!

Going in the Pipe Line!!


#WE WON !!!


Not caring if [they] came to take me out or not, the world needed to know the truth & the truth I have shown them.

No one else in the world can show ANY of this & what it all means …
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It’s almost like “they” copied & pasted words that “Nobody” has been saying, saying for well over 3 years now, Why ?
All being done as A subliminal way of SHOWING everyone something really important? …
Showing WHAT Really Important details? …
Eh, I truly feel it Matters not.
Everyone should just continue on with their day to day lives however they’ve been living them.
Everyone within the movement has Lucifer to guide them, that’s who everyone chose & everyone outside of the movement has the really really evil
Beings Doing all this harm upon the masses who are pretending to be the “good guys”, pointing “their” fingers fueling propaganda machines …

Heck, did you know those who everyone labels “Luciferians”, worship Lucifer & in the very same breathe hate on him IRL not even knowing
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I’m Fully Aware …
Grapes/Bread are the real [EVIL] Ones plaguing/enslaving this world, doing harm upon children/trafficking children …


There is only 1 “Nobody” that could turn water into wine & the story told of it was never something physical that happened ..
It has always been about KNOWING of all those that were/are pretending to be of light/God/Jesus but really the ones doing all the harm upon children/humanity as [they] have been …

Once [they] are all arrested, all the crimes exposed of what’s been happening for the last
5-10-25-60-89-99-500-1,755-2,000 years & Justice is served —Everything can go back to the way it was always meant to be before [they]/evil/the common enemy of Lucifer & Gods infiltrated …
I don’t care if ones chose the “Darkside”, those who chose the
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“Stars = Souls On Earth” …
“Pyramids =“
Coming to A Theater Near U
Everybody Loves Raymond/RaymAn

The Outer Limits
There is nothing wrong with your television set ..
#WE Are Controlling Your Transmission ..
If we wish to make it louder, WE will bring up the Volume …
If WE Wish to make it softer, WE will tune it to A whisper …
WE Will Control the Horizontal..
WE can ROLL the Image, Make it flutter ..
WE can change the focus to A soft blurr #OR SHARPen it to Crystal Clarity…

For the NeXT hour sit quietly & WE will control all that you SEE & HEAR …

There is nothing wrong with your television set.
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Just Remember, When [they] mock you—[They] & MANY of the people mocked “nobody” first…
-It only matters when it happens to someone important, I know.

When [they] spit on you, [they] & MANY of the people Spit on “Nobody” first.
-It only matters when it happens to someone
Important, I know …

Humanity is at it’s crossroads, every choice EVERYONE collectively makes from this point forward determines whether there’s A future for ALL mankind & the children or just the children.

Is everyone going to collectively put on their BIG Boy/Girl pants
Choosing with their own FREE WILL too BREAK THE CYCLE #OR choose to Judge those who have sinned/made mistakes in their lives,becoming the very wicked/evil beings most seek to rid?
R N R;
“Reconcile Not Revenge”.✍️

None of this is truly hard, Humanity makes most of it harder upon
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Side By Side

The MAGA King Returns, Side by Side with The King Of Kings …
This means Queen & King have an entire summer to ourselves to do whatever #WE Want ..

Only 1 Of A Kind
U N i 🌽
🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎
🏍 🏍🏍🏍
Earth Quack—Massive
The People don’t want Real & I’m 117% A O K with this ..

More time for Fun in the Sun with Her, such A Blessing !
Bag Delivery—CENTER Stage

#EXIT = Entrance #SONG #3

Fork Lift, .@VinceMcMahon —Thank You! … :)
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You see how this works?

It’s been this way since DAY 1, very easy to see. .
Is it my turn to choose who is “worthy” now? Choose who is Real or not the very same way The MANY chose?


Wash it all away?
Forgiveness means everything now?
What changed between then & now?
4 Wheels Down

I choose #JOY!
I choose #FORGIVENESS when no one else was thinking about forgiveness for the most evil beings this world has ever seen.

I choose #LOVE !

When MOST move 1 Step Closer to the edge, it’s because they are in need of help ..

When ones like myself move 1 Step Closer to the edge, #WE JUMP OFF A BUILDING landing 4 Wheels Down ..

Time Of Year Machine — 88 MPH

Bridge Gapped .. ImageImage
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Good Morning, “They” need another distraction—“Phoned Home” ..

Everything is going according to plan, “Nobody” Loves Humanity unconditionally …

Be careful who you follow, ask yourself the most important Question when listening to these “XRP RIDDLERS” or “in the know”
Accounts, #WHY do they avoid the Military ? …

“Nobody” & the Military are in complete control … Control is an illusion, THE PEOPLE are truly sin control & have all the POWER, THE PEOPLE/Children come first ..

The false reality being presented as “Reality, is the “reality”
Created by evil that GOOD has to SLOWLY awaken the people out of ..

Once awakened, the REALITY that is & ALWAYS has been/Always existed (hidden from humanity) becomes clear to those asleep. .
Ones start to realize all that their family members who came before them, what they
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Nothing is what it seems & No One is who the many think they are …

The false reality created around the world for the last 59-100 years with evil being in complete control, “they” Pre planned EVERYTHING & implemented “their” plans within cartoons KNOWING the world was going
To 1 DAY start awakening, so “they” mocked SEPARATE individuals IRL that make up 1 Family.
Major world changing events like 9-11, wars & so much more was all PRE PLANNED to make it look like “Time Travel”. Those who were just waking up seeing this would be like “OMG”, thinking
What they were seeing was good.
Everything done was always either mocking the Trinity/God or those God himself keeps close to his heart.

Moves & Counter moves made by evil that was able to take over the whole world from bottom to top, creating A false reality around humanity
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#WE will Not Fail, The Both of us united as 1 = Unstoppable …

#WE Win.✍️
Oh wait, #WE have been united as 1 this whole time … ;)

Most just never saw it, didn’t care to see it or didn’t want to see it because they’re afraid the way so many acted/treated others was seen. .

OWWWW Showing Mercy !
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Major Tom
Me Deeds

1 Man walking down the highway, WAS NOT having A bad day ..

He knew exactly what he needed to do to save the lives very few cared about,
Lives MOST didn’t care if they lived or died.
He Refused to throw the ones that loved him
& did everything they did for him to be free under the bus …

He chose to Never cut them down or let anyone hurt them ..
He chose to put the children first & wake up A world early enough so lives that weren’t going to be saved were saved, EVERYONE within that knew him,
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Sheboygan Bus stop

1 news station says someone was killed & another says he is expected to make A full recovery ..

Who just posted about A bus?

[they] send kids into the streets with blanks that sound like live ammo, all done sending threats upon my life ..
Military warned about this, “Live fire exercises”

Everything is seen before it happens. Long before [they] know what [they’re] going to do, #WE KNOW WHAT EVERYONE IS GOING TO DO.

Eyes on.


Purple Rain

Let the Dam flow.
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Lucifer = The Punisher

The people haven’t had A clue all these years who they’ve been wanting all along, even begging for …

Most choose Lucifer every single day over God.
None of this has been complicated or no one has really made it complicating … Emotions cloud judgment
& many chose to be judges or swing A hammer that was never meant for them to swing. .

Even the Military has been showing everyone who is who, they posted A trident 🔱 A while ago, within Code spelling out A name.

How about this one, The last Week I have been saying I CHOOSE
To #SHOW Mercy & Give COMFORT, Military Showed what today/yesterday?

You’re at the horizon, did you go through all that you have gone through your whole life to just make it to the Horizon #OR is NOTHING going to FINALLY be good enough for everyone & #WE can BUST
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.@elonmusk, your turn—Who you gonna call?

1 For the $$$$$$$ …
2 4 The Show …
3 2 Get Ready ..
[4] 2 #GO .

I Knew All Along …
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Most out all the blame on the Clowns to the left because of what the COMMON ENEMY has done pretending to be like the clowns …

Many put all the blame on the jokers to the right, because of the COMMON ENEMY both clowns & Jokers have pretending to be Jokers ..

In the middle
Stands 2 Individuals that want their people to be cut ✂️ free & come to them UNITED as 1 people …

Enough Is Enough !
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The Bull, This is the part of the Movie/Show where THE BULL does not get banged up on to where THE UNDERTAKER has to choose, WE ALL WALK TOGETHER !!!

I REFUSE to play the same games so many others choose to play, #REDEMPTION !

The second to last STUNT in JACKASS FOREVER,
Johnny Knoxville pours MILK into A Hat …
“The Milk was supposed to disappear” as he gets hit by the Bull.

Then the last scene was A group of cast members on A carousel surrounded by other cast members dressed up as Military personnel, armed with PAINT ball gunS.
Those who
Played the game, hurt humanity, trafficked children, kept humanity enslaved or committed treason/sedition are SHOWN to the world …

The Booms drop, there will be no war.✍️
Peace = The Prize !

Why the rest of the world/Most can’t see what it is others have been SHOWING
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