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We accumulated 3.5" (9 cm) of #snow over the last 24 hours and it is expected to continue over the next couple days.

We've talked about snowfall totals and this year's move to second place, which is fantastic, but what about the water content of our snowpack? 🧵

#CAwx #CAwater
Above is a plot of Snow Water Equivalent (SWE; the amount of water that can come from melting the snowpack) from the @USDA_NRCS SNOTEL site at the Snow Lab. We can see that 2022/2023 currently has the highest SWE of any year back to 1984 for this date (69"; 175 cm). 🧵
However, 2010/2011 has the record for the greatest maximum SWE overall at 72.3" (184 cm). At the CSSL, our peak SWE generally occurs on March 24th and that is rapidly approaching. Given the short-term forecast, it's possible that we may fall behind 2010/2011 again. 🧵
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Today, March 21 (or rather tonight) is the spring equinox 2023. I celebrate end of winter by starting this years count down of the 91 days until the summer solistice, documenting gardening and spring/pre summer progress.
This is what it looks like today …
#sarasspringcount23 ImageImageImageImage
90 days until the summer solstice!
It’s raining & I spend my time sewing a new sweater for my cat before tomorrow’s vet check up
My 1st garden addition arrived: 10 bare rooted sloe (thinking of you @eyebeams) soak in rainwater, waiting for decision on where…
#sarasspringcount23 ImageImage
Thursday March 23 & 89 days until the summer solstice
And it’s raining
+8°, so warm considering
Visit to the vet went well
Medicine prescription for itching/allergy &👍🏻 for overall condition
Here is the cat Alice waiting to see the skin specialist this morning
#sarasspringcount23 Image
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After some cold weather at the end of February, how is the deficit in #snow water resources doing across #Italy? Snowfalls did not change much, as we still estimate a total deficit of -63% 👇 This means we have about 1/3 of recent-year snow for this date. @DPCgov
A thread 🧵👇
👆 Did you notice that?
We were in a much better spot at the end of January.
What has happened since then?
Well, we experienced a significant warm spell in February, which depleted about 1/3 of snow water resources.
We learned this: warm temperatures = less snow…
It is not only the Italian #Alps that are experiencing a significant, profound deficit. Most of the #Apennines are back to the deficit zone after a snowy January. Again, such high temperatures can only lead to faster than usual snowmelt and very short accumulation.
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The #snow over the weekend brought our total to 48.33 feet for the year, which is 0.56 feet above the 2016/2017 total of 47.77 feet. But, 2017 still has an advantage compared to this season: Snow Water Equivalent (SWE; water that comes from melting snow). 🧵

#CAwx #CAwater
Due to our recent light snow, we have had less SWE accumulation than in the 2016/2017 winter, which means that we have less water available in the snowpack for use as it melts. In fact, we had 20% more SWE to this point in the season in 2017 (2017 - 65.3", 2023 - 54.4").
With more storms on the horizon, it's likely that we'll make up for this discrepancy and we may end up near or above the 2017 SWE max by the end of the season. Only time will tell though.
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It’s mid-Feb and two more weeks have passed in the 2023 Italian #snow-season marathon. Mixed weather, with cold air but overall dry conditions – especially in the Alps.
So, how is the Italian deficit in snow-water resources doing at the moment?

A thread 👇🧵
We haven’t seen much new snow since late-January snowfalls, and thus estimate half of snow water resources at national scale compared to 2011-21 (deficit: -45%). At national scale, conditions remain similar to 2022, which was already a significant #drought year. 👇
A recap about this plot 👆
X axis is time, from autumn to summer.
Y axis is Snow Water Equivalent, i.e., how much water we have in snow (the higher, the better).
Black line: median for 2011-2021; red line: 2023; dashed line: 2022.
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Moing aus Zwiesel! ☕😊 Mit Kaffee ❄️ und Wintermärchen. 🥰🧦🛷
Zwiesel heute morgen. ☕😊 🥰🧦🛷

#Snow #Schnee #Bayerwald #Bayern #Winter #Wetter #BayerischerWald
#Zwiesel heute morgen. ☕😊 In Natura einfach nur zauberhaft. 🥰🧦🛷

#Snow #Schnee #Bayerwald #Bayern #Winter #Wetter #BayerischerWald #Niederbayern #Wheather #Februar…
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Quite cold & snowy days over Italy! Three weeks ago we published our first assessment of 2023 Italian #snow water resources and we reported a significant deficit. How are things going after recent snowfalls?

A thread! 🧵👇
🔑 You’ll see many plots like this one👇
X axis is time, from autumn to summer.
Y axis is Snow Water Equivalent, i.e., how much water we have in snow (across all Italy in this case).
The black line is a median for 2011-2021, the red line is 2023, the dashed line is 2022.
These data come from S3M Italy, a real-time operational tool we developed for the Italian @DPCgov to estimate snow water resources using models, satellite data and ground measurements. We simulated since 2010 & data are freely available here:
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So after hundred of years of #AGW #GlobalWarming, #ClimateChange .. and 'no more #snow' by 2012 where do we stand if we consider the #snowstorms they said would never happened .. happened?

Like right now and next few weeks?
Summer in Australia
Summer South Africa
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Italy is facing another severe deficit in #snow water resources in 2023. We all see landscapes with scarce snow, but we also know that snow accumulation can change significantly from one year to the others. So, how serious is the situation at the moment?

Thread below! 🧵👇
There are two variables we should keep in mind when thinking about snow: snow extent (where?) and snow depth (how much?). By feeding physical models with satellite images, IT-SNOW provides both information in real time. Thus, how much water in snow are we missing at the moment?
According to our estimates, we are currently missing about 69% of water from snow at national scale. In other words: we are experiencing a larger deficit than last year, which was already an historical drought year.
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Remembering late 1st superstar #RajeshKhanna Ji on his Birth Anniversary
1st Superstar of Bollywood
💫 15 Consecutive Successful Films between 1969-71
💫 First Bollywood Actor to give 5 hits in a year 1970,1971
💫He is among those actors who have 25+ hits in a career .
#Salute to our brave soldiers - without them we cannot sleep peacefully in our homes 🏡🏚
रजाई ओढ़े ओढ़े सोच रहा हूँ कि वो
बर्फ ओढ़ कर कैसे रक्षा कर रहे होंगे
हमारी, #IndianArmy🇮🇳❄️☃️
We love Indian Army🇮🇳
#JaiHind 🇮🇳 #salute_indian_army 🇮🇳…
I'm out
Good night everyone
Day has ended
Off to bed 🛌
See you tomorrow evening Namaste 🙏
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Massive 6.4 #earthquake rocks #California leaving people without power | Dec 20
- Its #epicenter was 210 miles north of #SanFrancisco, where a quake hit last week…
6.4-Magnitude #Earthquake Hits Northern #California | -3h
Northern #California #earthquake causes 'widespread damage' to roads, homes | -2h
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So @Aetna has decided to tell all their staff that they will not pay for #COVID19 testing for asymptomatic people or for people who aren’t certain they had COVID19 contact.… Image
Despite clear guidance from @USDOL FAQ 44 Q1 can insurers use medical screening (medical management) to deny claims on covid 19 tests to asymptomatic with no contact? @USDOL ANSWER: NO. So why aren’t they doing anything? #regulatorycapture
Simple answer FFCRA prohibits plans and issuers from imposing medical management INCLUDING SCREENING CRITERIA!… Image
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A while back I tried to get MidJourney to produce some nice Chinese Watercolour / Ink, Wall Scroll style paintings, in v3.

The original results were a bit wishy-washy as I was a noob...

@midjourney_ai #aiart #aiartcommunity #digitalart #MidJourney #Chinese #Watercolour

But the results improved greatly with some reference images for the #AIart to grab onto. However it was still missing something to make it feel like the real thing... And that Red Crowned Crane🤢 ...

But recently @midjourney_ai made it possible to do 2:3 and 3:2 aspect ratios in v4, and I decided to re-visit the concept with v4.

It started out promising with almost exactly the same prompt and reference image. This time with a little --chaos added

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1) I looked at the individual EPS members at 12z. And grouped them into 3 scenarios. Op model idea (close to coast or inland track), ENS mean idea (offshore track), and other which is mostly a really suppressed track. I came up with Group 1: 21 Group 2: 22 Group 3: 7 #snow
2) I think this is a better way to look at the ensemble to see what scenario is favored. For now, it is 50:50 mostly with the outside chance we have a much more suppressed solution. I will try and update this each cycle to see how we trend.
3) Same exercise with the 12z GEFS. The GEFS had more scenarios though. The original 3, but option 4 (Slider) as the surface low move ENE out to sea south of Hatteras. And the 5th a more NW flow event with the northern stream dominant, similar to yesterday. I came up with:
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East/S.E. #Nebraska
Plz rethink going out #NYE & opt to stay home. The conditions will be down right dangerous & even life threatening. IF you insist, at the very least take thick blankets, warm clothes, charged cells & a survival kit with you.

#winterstorm #bittercold Image
#Snow #Nebraska

Predicted snowfall amounts. Besides the above have battery cables, a mini shovel, cat liter/sand for traction & a headlamp, flashlight. Let someone know where you're going & what route.

#winterstorm #bittercold #blowingsnow Image
#Snow #Nebraska
Probable snow amounts, but keep in mind it will be driven by north wind gusts as high as 28 & wind chill values will be as low as -29.

#winterstorm #bittercold #blowingsnow Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/11/2021…
Rain to replace snow in the Arctic as climate heats, study finds…

#Arctic, #rain, #snow, #ClimateChange, #models
The United States Is Not “a Nation of Immigrants”…

#USA, #immigrants, #multiculturalism, #ColonialHistory, #settlers
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📰 Hot off the press! Check out the #snow forecast via our cross sections for I-80, Highway 50, and other impacted highways. Be prepared for difficult to impossible mountain travel. #CAwx #CAsnow ImageImageImageImage
More highway snow forecasts fresh off the press: ImageImageImageImage
And a few more: ImageImageImageImage
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#SnowLeopardDay ❄🐆 #Snow
మీరు చిరుత పులుల గురించి వినే ఉంటారు.కానీ మంచు చిరుతల గురించి ఎప్పుడైనా విన్నారా? భారత దేశంలో అంతరించిపోతున్న జాతుల జాబితాలో ఇవి కూడా ఉన్నాయి. లాక్ డౌన్ ఎఫెక్ట్ తో వీటి అరుదైన దృశ్యాలు కెమెరాల కంటికి చిక్కాయి. @LakshmiManchu @HeroManoj1 @iVishnuManchu
మంచు చిరుతలు

'ఘోస్ట్‌ ఆఫ్‌ మౌంటెన్‌ ఇదే'...
ఇండియాలో కనిపించిన మంచు చిరుత...

ఘోస్ట్‌ ఆఫ్‌ మౌంటెన్‌' సముద్ర మట్టానికి 9,800 నుంచి 17 వేల అడుగుల ఎత్తులో మంచు కొండలపై మాత్రమే కనిపించే అరుదైన చిరుతపులి.
మామూలు చిరుతకు పసుపు రంగు కళ్లుంటాయి.
కానీ వీటికి మాత్రం పచ్చగా, బూడిద రంగులో కళ్లు ఉంటాయి. వీటి తోకలు కూడా చాలా పొడవు. చలి నుంచి శరీరాన్ని తట్టుకునేలా ఐదు అంగుళాల మేరకు వెంట్రుకలను కలిగివుంటాయి. ఈ అందమైన మంచు చిరుత పులుల యొక్క దృశ్యాలను భారత విదేశాంగ సేవ అధికారి ఆకాశ్ కుమార్ వర్మ తన ట్విట్టర్ ఖాతాల్లో పంచుకున్నారు.
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In Union Territory of Ladakh lies #Zanskar, a remote valley, is an arid cold desert with deep gorges and glaciers. Located in the Trans Himalayan Ranges, it has plenty of copper deposits and therefore is popularly known as the ‘Valley of Copper’ . Image
Zang means copper in the #Tibetan language. Lying South of the Indus valley and north of the Great Himalayan Range, this place is bordered by the drainage basins of the Stod, Zanskar, Lungnak, Tsarap and Kurgyak. It is famous for its many monasteries. Image
Since it is known as Chosyul or the ‘Country of Religions’. #Padum, Zanskar’s headquarters is a charming village surrounded by mountains. For eight months, it is snowbound and in peak winter, the frozen Zanskar river gorge, popularly known as the ‘Chadar’. Image
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In a new study @NatureClimate, we model the distribution, importance, and past and future changes of #snow across all major river basins in #HighMountainAsia (HMA). @UUGeo @UtrechtUni @immerzeel 🧵[1/n]
We find that #snowmelt exceeds #glacier melt in all basins, with volumes mostly three to five times as large, even in the most glacierized basins. Climate change induced changes to HMA snowpacks may therefore have stronger impacts on the water balance glacier than retreat. [2/n]
Over the past 40 years there have been significant reductions of the snowpacks in several of HMA’s river basins, such as Syr Darya, Indus and Brahmaputra. This has resulted in shifts in timing of the snowmelt seasons and attenuations of snowmelt discharge peaks. [3/n]
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Random #winter #camping slides I gave to some scouts a couple of years ago. ("Survival on the Planet of Hoth")
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Not very often you run a model for 384hrs and see 85% hemisphere below mean of 1979-2010. Highest hour was 0.4 midnight 26th.lowest minus 0.6 29th 06.00.
Extraordinary. Image
Still trending.
NH minus 4 degs below 1979-2010 mean. Image
Still trending.
That's a significant event for Europe and the UK. Image
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