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#Dow plastered #Singapore with ads for a sneaker #recycling program, promising to turn shoes into playground tracks. But the shoes it collected in "recycling" bins got dumped illegally in #Indonesia. This isn't strange: it's how nearly *all* plastic recycling *always* worked. 1/ A woman kneeling to tie her running shoe. She stands on a ba
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Plastic recycling's origin story starts in 1973, when #Exxon's scientists concluded that plastic recycling would never, ever be cost-effective (#ExxonKnew about this, too). 3/
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Yellowstone, Johns Family …

The Duttons used to tell Jr’s Story.
Ranch/Farmer (IMPORTANT) Used to represent United States/World/World Stage, just like Wrestling does it with the ring being the world stage ..

My grandfathers letter, #FAMIL-Y—The #Y is #YELLOW because he
Was crying when he was writing it, it was one of the last letters he wrote before he died.

“Never forget the #Y

Cold Play —#YELLOW
The Simpsons family =
- John/Homer
- Marge (My grandmothers name was Margaret)
- Bart/The Son
SANTA has Reign Deer, The Y ..

This is Gods CountryY & it belongs to the people ..
God is the only way that everything gets returned back to the people, anyone else who tries it’s always endless WARS or endless something else, GOD PUTS AN END TO #ENDLESS
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Good Day to be #BLIND ..
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How do you keep everyone in their homes glued to their TV screens While The worlds largest Military STINGr Takes place ? …

Shortage of Donuts?
Shortage of Duff Beer?

Pick - A - Card - ANY - Card ! ImageImage
Toe 2 Tow

Heels up
All Healed Up

Clear Your Mind, HEAL !
FREE Your Mind, HEAL ! ImageImage
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Special Place
Unlock YES_Yes_YES


#SURPRISE —The World has been fooled yet again …

Trapping A Wild Animal?
From All Sides, With A #NET
Brooklyn J KLMNOP RSTUVWXY Z ImageImage
That’s one bad A$$ Super Hornet, .@USNavy

‘My Girl’, Saved from the Bees …


You like how they put A #BULLDOG in the |MIDDLE| of all the people in the “Mind Control” scene? ‘Batman Forever’ ImageImage
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A thread about drug smuggling, the British Empire, and the ways in which historical wrongdoing by the Establishment persists into the present day. 🧐🧵🌳🍃🍂⛓ #EstablishmentPsychopathy #history #ToriesOut #OpiumWar #ColonialViolence
It’s generally well known that the Opium Wars of the mid nineteenth century were launched by Britain against China in order to benefit British drug smugglers… 🤨🇬🇧🇨🇳 #OpiumWars #BritishEmpire #ColonialViolence #China
After all, even the National Army Museum – not typically regarded as a bastion of anti-Establishment lefties – states this frankly in its displays on the Opium Wars. #BritishEmpire #ColonialViolence #China
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New Learning Thread Incoming! 🧵

When talking about Lighting + Values for #splash #art that means the lighting design and the structure of the full range of light-to-dark tones in an illustration. We're going to look at alot of grayscale today. ImageImage
#Splash #art style is rooted in cinematic believability, that means literally studying lighting design and value structire from life, film and media. The goal is to achieve a potent sense of light and atmosphere with a strong mood and tone. Image
Gandalf is here to show you some of the varieties of light sources we can observe and use ourselves. Exaggerate, experiment, mix and match to find the best fit for your exciting, emotional moment. Keep hierarchy in mind so that lights compliment one another rather than compete. Image
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Learning stuff incoming! 🧵

Detail Frequency, the amount of detail packed into an area of an image, is important to a highly rendered #splash #art. The goal is balancing high intensity and areas of rest to focus attention. Here are some heat maps I made to illustrate this. ImageImage
Splash art aims for 'cinematic believability', and controlling detail frequency is one way to get there - consider the illustration a camera lens, use ideas like depth of field to keep some areas blurred and others in focus.

More about camera lenses: ImageImage
With that basic structure in mind, I think it's easy to observe in splash art style how much detail frequency and material contrast is invested into the focal areas - usually around the champion's head and source of power - in this example, Graves's portrait and his gun. ImageImage
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Confirm 2 1LL ...

Config ^
Sat G00D
Bravo Zulu
Zebra Z
(T)519(T) (FORE OH SIX)

(15)^ (1) DEF #JAM CON (LAND #SAFE)
Abel Danger, No Danger #NUGGET
WM-D*C5 NO ##FLY## Zone
#SPLASH 1947 F-3
RED RED 10/11/87 OktobeR "Hold My Beer" Image
Bulls-Eye Be Ready #RReady Ready
1974-2016 Dave MiRRa
Watches re (SET), All Good.
💧 MARK 5:36
TABLE for 3 ..
What We #Started ,BOTH- FINSIH 🏁
4366 -END END
1-99 4196
Take It
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Heavy Lifting ✔
#BALANCE BEAM (Of Light) ✔
Table Tennis (PING) ✔
High JUMP ✔
Fencing (There are 5 Posts) ✔
Parallel Bars ✔
Leap of Faith, #SPLASH !!!
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UUUH, What?

Is this Real?
PF Flyers? Cons/

Please tell me this is A Joke.
I just see everything.
The marker in the shoes...🤔
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UP FIRST TONIGHT: everyone's favorite river horse, the 1-seeded PYGMY HIPPO Hexaprotodon (formally Choeropsis) liberiensis, vs. the scrappy 4-seeded brush wolf, COYOTE Canis latrans! #2018MMM
Many minds came together to bring you tonight's first battle, so a quick hat-tip to @AnneWHilborn, @PKurnath, @TCastanea, & @tinkeringprim8. Seriously, the #teamwork has been amazing #Monstars #2018MMM
To reach the #FinalRoar, Hippo crushed star-nosed mole, intimidated both maned rat & Tasmanian devil, & STOMPED the cheetah out of competition #hangryhippo #2018MMM
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