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Unprecedented case series advances promise of #phage therapy
Phage Therapy of #Mycobacterium Infections: Compassionate-use of Phages in 20 Patients with Drug-Resistant Mycobacterial Disease
Treatment of Non-tuberculous Mycobacterium could be challenging due to intrinsic antibiotic #resistance. Bacteriophage therapy represents a potentially novel approach.
Phages were administered intravenously, by aerosolization, or both to 20 patients
Favorable clinical or microbiological responses were observed in 11 patients.
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Lo que usted debe saber sobre la #tuberculosis (TB).

La TB es una enfermedad infecciosa causada fundamentalmente por la bacteria #Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

La enfermedad suele afectar principalmente a los #pulmones 🫁 pero puede comprometer cualquier órgano del cuerpo.

🧵 Image
¿Como se transmite?

De persona a persona por vía aérea.

"Cuando una persona con #tuberculosis expulsa la #bacteria al #toser, estornudar, hablar, entonces los que se encuentren cerca pueden inhalarla e infectarse"

Generalmente ocurre en contactos cercanos y prolongados. Image
¿Quiénes tienen más riesgos?

❗️Las personas que viven con #VIH (sin TARV) tienen 18 veces más probabilidades de desarrollar TB activa.
❗️La personas desnutridas.
❗️El trastorno por consumo de alcohol y el tabaquismo.
❗️Otros estados de inmunosupresión.…
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#idboardreview S/p minor cut while cleaning fish tank 6wks ago, pt now w/ tender nodules on hand. Ziehl-Neelsen 30°C broth +cording. Solid medium shielded light non-pigmented colonies but exposure to light: photochromogen. Dx?#IDtwitter #dermtwitter #medEd ImageImageImageImage
#Mycobacterium #marinum Dx often made via isolation of organism on culture. Growth is slow, requiring growth time of more than 7 days. Growth temperature is lower than that of many other mycobacterial species, with the optimal temperature ranging from 28 to 30°C
Ziehl-Neelsen smear of the broth can reveal cord formation; a feature which is most commonly seen with #Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex, however, it has also been described with M. #marinum
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#IdBoardReview 30 pt w/ RA on TNFblocker non-healing lesion of finger x several months. Original trauma cut by stone in pond. no improvement w/ courses of cephalexin or clindamycin. S/p I&D growth in 14d. Dx? #medEd #idmedEd #IDtwitter
#Mycobacterium #marinum slow growing #NTM in fresh or saltwater environment. Cutaneous infect due to direct inoculation of a cut w/ organism & subsequent exposure to contaminated water. can be nodular, pustular, or ulcerated & infection of deeper tissues, joints, & bone can occur
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#idboardreview 30 F 🇦🇺 s/p biomesotherapy presents with skin lesions. Biopsy shown citrate+ catalase+ oxidase- nitrate-
Diagnosis? #medEd #idmedEd #IDtwitter ImageImage
#mycobacterium #chelonae more dramatic presentation here in a gardener…
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Hoy les traigo un hilo que les da puntos claves de esta patología.

‼️ATENCIÓN‼️ Image

Es una enfermedad #infecto_contagiosa provocada por el complejo #Mycobacterium tuberculosis, que afecta el #parénquimapulmonar con alto grado de contagiosidad, sin embargo, es prevenible y curable.


El complejo #Mycobacterium tuberculosis son:
• hominis
• bovis
• africanum

Hay más, pero estas son las que les preguntan. Image
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Images of Infectious Diseases

56M Mexico. Chronic abdominal pain, weight loss, anorexia.

Work up: elevated markers (CA19-9, CA-125, AFP). CXR normal. CT peritoneal carcinomatosis.

Laparoscopy (photo). Biopsy showed granuloma. What is your DDx? #MayoIDQ MCQ next... Image
Thank you for your responses.

Culture of tissue (peritoneal nodules) of this 56M (see prior tweet) with granuloma on biopsy: Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. Resistant to pyrazinamide.

Which of these choices is the most likely mechanism of transmission?
Case diagnosis: Peritoneal #tuberculosis due to #Mycobacterium #bovis

Path: granuloma and positive #AFB stain
Culture: M tuberculosis complex

Clue: #PZA resistance —> THINK M. bovis

Reported by @GaboMotoa during his rotation in Mayo Clinic…
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