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OK: now sex cultist of Sarah Lawrence college Larry Ray is about to be sentenced. Inner City Press covered the trial, the John List (of Claudia Drury) and wrote a booklet about it and will live tweet, thread below…
Judge Liman: Larry Ray was arrested for securities fraud, and violated terms of probation and supervised release. In 2010 he pled to interference with custody. The guidelines are 360 months to life. No departure is available. Are there victims who wish to be heard?
Assistant US Attorney: Santos Rosario, Mr. Daniel Levin, and Claudia Drury's attorney. We'll start with her.
Drury's friend and attorney, formerly of Simpson Thacher: Claudia did not attend because she wants to move on. But she wrote this:
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OK - now a proceeding / ruling in US v. Donnell Russell, self-described manager of #RKelly. He's filed a motion on which Judge Gardephe is about to rule. Inner City Press covered the trial(s)… and will live tweet, thread below
Judge Gardephe: This was about a screening of a film alleging that RKelly had sexually abused young girls. 70 to 100 people attended the screening. The evidence showed the defendant repeatedly called the venue to try to stop the screening
Judge Gardephe: Russell coordinated with Kash Jones, a hip hop journalist. He wrote to her, Are they continuing with the screening? Jones replies, Yes.
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The 2021 #VMAs received the lowest viewership ever, only 900k tuned in to a show that used to draw millions. Rumour has it that the irrelevant show is hiring an irrelevant actor to make an appearance this year because he is a violent abuser & the #DVMAs love violent men: a 🧵 VMAs: A History of Violence
🪡: #VMAs 1989 - #AxlRose was charged with statutory rape in 1985, but charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. In 1987, Rose was arrested onstage for assaulting a security guard. #DVMAs #VMAbusers Rose and Slash were charged with statutory rape in 1985 afte
🪡: #VMAs 1992 - Marky #MarkWahlberg has a history of racism & violence. In the 1980s, he was involved in several racially motivated attacks. A month before the 1992 #VMAs he assaulted a neighbor & fractured his jaw. #DVMAs #VMAbusers 1986: 15-year-old Wahlberg and three friends chased after th
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Day 4 of the federal #RKelly trial beginning in Chicago - day starts off with presiding judge Harry Leinenweber ordering the court sketch artists to "anonymize" Kelly's alleged victims in their sketches. Specifically, to "obliterate" their faces and hairstyles. @CourthouseNews
A retired detective who allegedly saw one of #RKelly's sex tapes is currently in cross-examination. Defense points out he saw a VHS tape some 20 years ago, but was shown a disc yesterday. Detective said he can't be sure the disc and VHS tape are exactly the same. @CourthouseNews
Kelly's lead defense attorney Jennifer Bonjean asking the retired Chicago PD detective about a report he made in 2000 regarding a DCFS complaint he allegedly received regarding the parents of Kelly's alleged victim "Jane." @CourthouseNews
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Opening statements expected today in #RKelly's federal trial in Chicago. Jury selection finished yesterday afternoon, with the jury consisting of 2 white men, 2 Black men, 4 Black women and 4 white women. @CourthouseNews
First news of the day from presiding judge Harry Leinenweber in #RKelly's federal trial in Chicago: one juror has called in sick and two are stuck on the train. @CourthouseNews
#Rkelly's trial proceedings are going to be delayed for about 30 minutes, Judge Leinenweber says, while the court waits for the jury to assemble. @CourthouseNews
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Jury selection has resumed in the #RKelly federal trial in Chicago with potential juror #96. At least six more jurors are needed for the panel, but presiding judge Harry Leinenweber said "the next six don't look so promising." @CourthouseNews
As he suggested, federal judge Leinenweber has dismissed potential jurors #96 - #100 in the #Rkelly Chicago trial for reasons ranging from "intense anxiety" to political opposition to police and courts. One dismissed individual also advocated for abolishing the IRS.
Federal Judge Harry Leinenweber has announced that no opening statements will be read today in #RKelly's Chicago trial. Leinenweber had hoped to at least get to the prosecution's opening statement by this afternoon, but more time is needed to empanel the jury. @CourthouseNews
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Day 2 of #RKelly's federal trial in Chicago is underway. First order of business this morning: Late last night Kelly's co-defendant Derrel McDavid moved to dismiss the charges against him, arguing the U.S. Attorney's Office waited years too long to prosecute. @CourthouseNews ImageImageImageImage
McDavid faces several of the same child porn production/distribution charges as #RKelly, but is also cited in the federal indictment as one of the main people responsible for allegedly covering up videos depicting Kelly taking part in sex acts with minors. @CourthouseNews Image
Presiding judge in #Rkelly's case, Harry Leinenweber, defers McDavid's motion to dismiss until after the conclusion of the trial. He claims he needs more time to assess its merits. "I'm of the view that the motion is probably too late," Leinenweber says. @CourthouseNews
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R. Kelly's federal trial in Chicago is set to start today at 10 am CST. While Kelly was already convicted of sex trafficking and sentenced to 30 years in prison by a Brooklyn federal court in June, he still faces child porn charges in Chicago. Full story to come @CourthouseNews
Trial has begun with jury selection arguments. R. Kelly's attorneys want to remove any jurors who saw the 2019 docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly." Lead R. Kelly attorney Jennifer Bonjean said "it is a fiction... that anyone [who saw the series] could be impartial." @CourthouseNews
Presiding Judge Harry Leinenweber said he will take the argument into consideration when questioning jurors, but largely disagrees that merely seeing the series is enough to bar a juror. @CourthouseNews
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OK- 2 days after #RKelly self-described manager Don Russell pled in EDNY, now Chris Gunn a/k/a DeBoSki faces bail revocation (US letter below), Inner City Press covered Russell plea… & will live tweet, thread below…
SDNY called Don Russell "Chicago man;" now EDNY says Christopher Gunn, a.k.a. 'DeBoSki,' Chicago man charged with making interstate threats to kill or seriously injury the #EDNY prosecutors in the #RKelly case. Judge is Hector Gonzalez.
Judge Gonzalez: I'll deal with the request for bail revocation first. I've review the items submitted. I received a recording on a CD drive from the government. Has the defense see it?
AUSA: We emailed it to them.
Defense: I only reviewed half of it.
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OK - now in #RKelly "associate" Donnell Russell's trial for allegedly calling in gun threat to Neuehouse screening of Surviving R. Kelly, closing arguments. Inner City Press will live tweet them, thread below
Jury entering!
Judge Gardephe: Now the closing argument of the govdernment.
Assistant US Attorney Davis: It is time to hold the defendant accountable for what he did. Not in dispute is that the defendant wanted to stop the screening that night
[US plays audio of Don Russell's "public interview" admitting he was on the phone all day with Neuehouse].
AUSA Davis: It is only not in dispute that the defendant was in contact all day with Kash Jones. And his home address in Chicago, not in dispute.
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OK - now will live tweet below a hearing in Giuffre v. Alan Dershowitz, civil case heavy with #GhislaineMaxwell (sentenced to 20 years, appealing) & #JeffreyEpstein (compared here with... #RKelly, whose "associate" Don Russell is on trial:…
Judge Preska: Good morning! Sorry to start late, I had a sentencing. I suggest we do the protective order things at the end, and we'll seal it. Have you spoken about the impeachment issue?
Counsel: We were unable to reach agreement.
Counsel: Impeachment is not limited to initial disclosures but applies equally to pre-trial disclosures. By and large, impeachment material was produced.
Howard Cooper: I had laptop problems... This is a first for me, to have a line in a confidential letter cited
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OK - trial of #RKelly "associate" Don Russell coming to close, US says it will rest its case by lunch, then it's up to the defense. Inner City Press is covering the trial (& comparing R. Kelly & Epstein and will live tweet, thread below
US' next witness is a former Neuehouse employee.
AUSA Pomerantz: What did you do there?
Witness: Payroll and staffing. I managed 15 people.
AUSA: Did you evacuate an event?
Witness: Yes, Surviving R. Kelly screening.
AUSA: What did you observe from Adrian [Krasniqi]'s demeanor after he got the call about the gun?
Witness: It was chaos. I was heading downstairs. We had two security guards. I first told the crowd it was a fire alarm, so people wouldn't panic
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OK - Trial of #RKelly "associate" Donnell Russell set to kick off with oral arguments, after 2-day jury selection. Yesterday Judge Gardephe kept out of evidence a text about "call me Daddy." Inner City Press is covering the case(s) & will live tweet, thread below
All rise!
Judge Gardephe: I understand the lawyers have an issue?
Assistant US Attorney: Yes, we have agreed on redactions.
Judge Gardephe: Do I understand we will hear testimony today from the person who received the call?
AUSA: Yes.
Opening arguments.
Assistant US Attorney: The defendant called and said someone had a gun and would shoot up the theater. He wanted to shut down the show. You see, that show was a documentary about the defendant's boss, recording artist #RKelly.
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OK - in trial against #RKelly "associate" Donnell Russell for making gun threat to try to stop @LifetimeTV media screening of #SurvivingRKelly, jury selection continues, Day 2. Inner City Press is covering the trial and issue(s), and will live tweet, thread below
Judge Gardephe: The defendant Donnell Russell is charged with making an interstate threat. According to the government, Mr. Russell was the manager for #RKelly and conspired or agreed to convey threats to those attending to the Dec 4, 2018 screening
Judge Gardephe: Mr. Russell has pleaded not guilty, that's why we're having a trial. He's presumed innocent. The US must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. This will be a short trial, once we get started. A week or less. We'll begin with follow up questions
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OK - now trial of #RKelly associate Donnell Russell @sdnylive, for alleged gun and other threats to stop / evacuate @lifetimetv screening of #SurvivingRKelly.… Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below
Judge Gardephe (to prospective jurors) Welcome to the Southern District of New York. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, if you are aware of #RKelly, and the documentary #SurvivingRKelly. Don't write on the back of any page. [This could take a while]
[We said it could take a while, and it will - prospective jurors have filled out the questionnaire and will return tomorrow. New thread then. For now, parties have agreed to tell jury that on 12/4/18, NeueHouse held a screening of #SurvivingRKelly, set to air 1/19
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Perhaps, you’ve noticed that the return percentage of the same title often varies from one web-based venue to another. Some players tend to believe that it’s all about some greedy“ studios trying #RKelly #NewsZERO
to rip off a layman.… In reality, this has nothing to do with rapacity of software developers but rather with the fact, many of them produce slots with a pretty wide range of RTPs, which can start at as low as 89% and go up to impressive… 97%. While game makers would love to see their masterpieces offered at the highest possible payback percentage to attract more players, it’s up to the operator which version to choose.
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🚨BREAKING: R Kelly found guilty in sex abuse trial…
➡️After six weeks of disturbing testimony, the jury deliberated just nine hours before finding the incarcerated 54-year-old celebrity, trailed by sex abuse allegations for decades, guilty
🔴Prosecutors had accused Kelly of exploiting his stardom over a quarter-century to lure women and underage girls into his orbit for sex.


🔎Read more:…

📸Jane Rosenberg/Reuters Image
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THIS MORNING: Day 1 of the racketeering case against Robert Kelly aka R. Kelly begins today with jury selection in New York. We are outside of the federal court in Brooklyn waiting to head in. @CourtTV @grinsli
Kelly faces 9 federal counts in New York for alleged sex abuse, exploitation of children, forced labor, child pornography, bribery & trafficking. This is one of several pending cases against him across the country—this is the first one up to go forward.

R. KELLY JURY SELECTION UPDATE: The members of the jury pool are anonymous even to the judge & attorneys. First round of potential jurors were questioned earlier.

Three claimed they’ve changed their minds since last month on whether they could presume Kelly innocent. @CourtTV
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Back in Magistrates Court @sdnylive, 8 family members, 2 defendants both in yellow - Essex County jail again? 2 babies crying. All that's lacking is the judge. Thread below
Defendants surrendered to NYPD last night at 7: 30 pm. Drugs and guns. US wants both detained. First defendant consents; for 2d, Smith, there will be a bail argument.
AUSA: This is a presumption case.
Judge: Explain that to the defendant.
AUSA says defendant fired a gun on 184th Street in The #Bronx. Served a year, then arrested again. Cites "online persona, online loyalty to the group." Defense: Grandmother has a stock portfolio
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In new R. Kelly related news, three people have been arrested for allegedly trying to harass, threaten, intimidate and bribe alleged R. Kelly victims. Kelly is facing charges across multiple federal jurisdictions that include child pornography and racketeering. #RKelly
One of the charged, Richard Arline Jr. allegedly discussed a scheme in which the victim would get compensation, including a proposed payment of $500,000, to keep her from cooperating with the government. He claimed that he had communicated with Kelly while Kelly was incarcerated.
Another charged, Donnell Russell, allegedly threatened to reveal sexually explicit photographs of "Jane Doe" and to publicly reveal her sexual history if she did not withdraw her (civil) lawsuit against Kelly.
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"What does it mean to be covered in gold?"

"What does it mean to be covered in gold?"

Naomi Campbell, once seen at a party with Ghyslaine Maxwell, #Epstein and Virginia Giuffre when she was a teen.
"What does it mean to be covered in gold?" #Kobe
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Damn, watching the backlash from that #LudacrisvsNelly #RKelly verse tells me that the #retrograde energies of #Venus #Jupiter #Pluto & #Saturn are in full effect. Watch what you say cuz truth will be revealed swiftly and dealt with accordingly. #astrology
#RKelly is a Capricorn, Jupiter, Pluto are both retrograding in #Capricorn- big exposure of abuses of power, Saturn retro in #Aquarius- community/social activism and revolution, Venus retro in #Gemini- reminiscing on past music/pleasure through the internet. #ludavsnelly #Verzuz
The whole #ludavsnelly #verzuz "battle" contrast to the previous #JillScottVsErykahBadu vibe session only illustrates that the Age of Pisces, with its duality, dog eat dog, patriarchial, abuses of power, egocentric, selfish mentality is ending and the #AgeOfAquarius has begun
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Thread: (1/5) Newly released texts and emails show SA Kim Foxx was very much involved in #jussiesmollett case and not at all “recused”. Foxx and her staff paid very close attention to all media reports written about the case, sharing articles via text.
(2:5) Foxx: “Sooo....I’m recused, but when people accuse us of overcharging...16 counts on a class 4 felony becomes exhibit A. Pedophile with 4 victims 10 counts [#RKelly]. Washed up celeb who lied to cops, 16. (Cont).
(3/5) More from Foxx on #jussiesmollett: “On a case eligible for deferred prosecution I think it’s indicative of something we should be looking at generally. Just because we can charge someone doesn’t mean we should.” (Cont)
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Helpful info on grooming from @CHILD_USA:

1. Child sex abusers “groom” their child victims. Child sex abusers are patient and cunning, and often the “nice guys” you want your kids to spend time with. Often generous, fun activities, cash, candy,

jewelry, special clothing, trips, adopting endearing nicknames, telling the children he/she “loves” them and their families, and other special treatment. Telling children that sex abuse is how they show “love” to each other. Using showers, alcohol #SexAbuseChat
and pornography to lower defenses. Telling children that God means for them to be together. Having mock wedding ceremonies complete with clothing and rings. #SexAbuseChat
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