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@RepMaxineWaters & @RepAlGreen (among others) called for #impeachment LONG ago. Progressive activists have relentlessly called on Dems to #ImpeachTrump.

But conventional wisdom elevates white centrism and marginalizes POC and progressives.
@RepMaxineWaters @RepAlGreen WHITE CENTRISM (2)

Month after month, #Pelosi, #Nadler, #Hoyer and other Dem establishment figures have stalled and slow-walked #impeachment, while progressive activists and reps like @RashidaTlaib, @RepAlGreen, @AOC and others have pushed hard to hold Trump accountable.
@RepMaxineWaters @RepAlGreen @RashidaTlaib @AOC WHITE CENTRISM (3)

Lo and behold, after constant pressure from progressives on #impeachment, the DC establishment starts caving. But who is portrayed as the "grownups"?

Those who were ahead of the curve? Nope. It's Beltway centrists who get the credit for moving the needle.
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For months, @RepJerryNadler had no intention of impeaching Trump. None. Receipts below.

Lo and behold, his challenger @LindseyBoylan raises a quarter million with no corporate PAC $$ (which Nadler accepts) and Nadler magically becomes Mr. Impeachment.
@RepJerryNadler @LindseyBoylan Meanwhile, story after story leaks about how #Nadler is all for #impeachment but #Pelosi is holding him back.

That's a farce.

If Justin "Tea Party" Amash could figure out we should #ImpeachTrumpNow, then why is #JerryNadler STILL stalling with these pointless hearings?
@RepJerryNadler @LindseyBoylan As I said earlier today: WE DON'T NEED MORE EVIDENCE.

Saying we need more evidence is accepting Trump's premise that nothing he's done to date is impeachable.

Bottom line: #Nadler is abdicating his oath and trying to throw Pelosi under the bus for it.

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This is the third article today about the muddled message from Dem leaders.

It's actually very simple:

#Pelosi has no intention of impeaching Trump.

#Nadler was fine with that. Until @LindseyBoylan, a serious challenger, came along...
@LindseyBoylan So @RepJerryNadler has managed to hide behind @SpeakerPelosi and blame her for slow-walking #impeachment.

But for months, he was downplaying #impeachment ... before he got a serious challenger.
@LindseyBoylan @RepJerryNadler @SpeakerPelosi In the end, #Nadler is trying to keep his seat, so he's playing politics with his most sacred duty as a representative, to protect the Constitution.

And he's doing it by pushing what I call "Schrödinger's impeachment" -- an impeachment inquiry that isn't really one.
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"Across eight polls taken since the beginning of June, between 62% and 85% of Democrats expressed support for impeachment." - @aedwardslevy

The spin from @SpeakerPelosi and @RepJerryNadler is that they need to "build support..."
@aedwardslevy @SpeakerPelosi @RepJerryNadler NOTHING Democrats do will sway Republicans to support impeaching Trump. They will stand by him no matter what he does.

So when #Nadler and #Pelosi pretend that "gathering evidence" is a good-faith path to building support for #impeachment, they are trying to deceive you.
@aedwardslevy @SpeakerPelosi @RepJerryNadler One reason I became an adviser to @LindseyBoylan's campaign for Congress in #NY10 is that she had the moral clarity to call for #impeachment back in February.

Watch her video and you'll see why/how the Dem leadership is trying to fool us.
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Can someone help me: Is there something the Speaker can/should do when a president is "violating the Constitution"?
I mean other than clap at him.
Let's not just blame #NancyPelosi.

Nadler, Schumer, Hoyer, etc. are all part of the Dem leadership.

And all of them have been part of the decision not to #ImpeachTrump.

In fact, #Nadler has done the most to create confusion by pretending to impeach.

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Trump is the most impeachable president ever. @RepJerryNadler has failed to #ImpeachTrump for SEVEN months.

Now that he faces a serious challenge from @LindseyBoylan, he's spinning that he's for impeachment. But THIS is the reality:

Trump's fundraising is through the roof. His approval is rising. He is reveling in racism. His administration is targeting immigrant kids for abuse.

Dem leaders claiming we need MORE evidence to #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW are just stalling.
@RepJerryNadler @LindseyBoylan SIMPLE QUESTION:


If #impeachment is really happening, as Dem leaders and the corporate media claim it is, WHEN IS THE VOTE?

Because as Trump wreaks havoc, saying we still need more evidence is just dithering.

And it's normalizing and accepting all his abuses.
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I'm not going to mince words: The Dem leadership is on track to botch 2020 and re-elect Trump.

Nearly 2 dozen presidential candidates, instead of recruiting strong senate challengers.

DCCC blacklisting progressives.

#Impeachment turned into a farce of dithering and delay.
Trump's favorables are rising and he's raising boatloads of money.

#Nadler and #Pelosi are still groping around for "evidence" to support #impeachment while Trump and Miller and Pence and McConnell promote #WhiteNationalism.

All the while, immigrant children are abused...

He has disgraced his office. He has engaged in #StochasticTerrorism against people of color. He has called the media "enemies of the people."

His presidency is an affront to human dignity. But Dem leaders can't find the spine to oppose him.
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DEAR MEDIA: Her name is @LindseyBoylan and she's challenging @RepJerryNadler in #NY10.

I'm an adviser on her campaign and I've seen several mainstream reports saying #Nadler has a progressive challenger who is "making him nervous" ...without naming her.

@LindseyBoylan @RepJerryNadler Lindsey's credentials speak for themselves.

Wellesley and Columbia Business School grad.

Helped secure hundreds of millions of dollars for underfunded public housing in New York and led the state’s efforts to provide assistance for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.
@LindseyBoylan @RepJerryNadler @LindseyBoylan called for #impeachment months ago while Nadler has dithered.

Media outlets are now reporting that it is her credible threat that is moving him (slowly) toward impeachment.

She has spoken with moral clarity about issues like racism.

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Deeply troubling that #Pelosi and #Nadler are trying to obfuscate and confuse Democratic voters.

But let's be clear, as CNN reports today: "Pelosi and Nadler have so far resisted the pressure from within their party to open an inquiry."

After months of intense activist pressure @SpeakerPelosi and @RepJerryNadler realized they had to throw Dems a bone, so they concocted a convoluted narrative to make it appear the #impeachment process has begun. It hasn't.


Let's be honest: Dem leaders want to punt to 2020 voters while Trump abuses power with total abandon.

#Nadler's words: “If an impeachment inquiry is if you’re considering only impeachment, that’s not what we’re doing.”

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1. #QAnon Logical. Think for yourself about puppets taking orders to 'knowingly' [disinform] you: The D Congress will not attempt to amend Rule 6(e) to obtain grand jury material deemed 'critically important'. It is [Smoke & Mirrors] to keep the 'narrative' in play. #Q Go #Nadler
2. #QAnon Key sentence: #Nadler called redacted GJ materials “critically impt” for investigation. Nadler understands that the 'critically important' material requested would be illegal for AG Barr to disclose. Sheep follow farce?……
3. #QAnon #GhislaineMaxwell "...something of a high-end asst to #Epstein...seems to organize much of his life.... Sarah Ransome alleged, the 2 promised to pay her tuition in exchange for sex favors to Epstein & friends, incl lawyer Alan Dershowitz."…📁
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This impeachment dance by @RepJerryNadler has become farcical. Every couple of days, someone close to him leaks a story about how he "privately" supports #impeachment.

His challenger, @LindseyBoylan, called to #ImpeachTrump in FEBRUARY. What is he waiting for?
I mean, seriously, how long does #JerryNadler think he can play this game of hiding behind #Pelosi while his people leak to the media how "principled" he is?

Moral courage is SPEAKING OUT no matter the consequences.

Wow, powerfully stated:

"Nadler can’t salvage his legacy with the Ivanka strategy of leaking that he wanted to do the right thing." - @AJentleson
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OK, let's cut through the noise on impeachment.

First, let's state the obvious:

Donald Trump's entire presidency is an impeachable offense, an affront to basic human values, an insult to common sense and common decency, a threat to the rule of law.

The #MuellerReport found multiple instances where Trump obstructed—or attempted to obstruct—justice.

He has violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution by using the office to enrich himself and his family.

He coddles dictators while alienating allies.

Trump has repeatedly undermined the First Amendment (which he's sworn to defend) by inciting violence against the free press and calling them "enemies of the people."

His party has launched an unconstitutional assault on women’s reproductive rights and health.
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Several vaguely-sourced articles claim @RepJerryNadler privately disagrees with @SpeakerPelosi over #impeachment. If #Nadler's team thinks that makes him look principled, they're wrong. It just shows he knows what's right but won't do it. Deeply irresponsible.
#Nadler has represented me for years. I respect him. He's been good on most issues. But two serious breaches have alarmed me:

1. Going after Ilhan Omar.

2. Failing to wield his power to hold Trump accountable.

These reflect an inability to properly confront GOP extremism.
Two candidates are in the race for #NY10, @Lindsey_Boylan and @amandapfrankel. Similarly, @ShahidForChange is running against #Pelosi.

We need MORE people to run for office in a healthy democracy. No rep. should "own" a district. If they're popular, they'll win reelection.
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On George Nader's arrest at JFK airport, there is an open Magistrate Judge docket in the EDNY but it has no documents or any information on the charges. @nytimes reports of an unsealed charge but I don't see anything in the docket on them. Anyone seen the charging document?
The case was filed April 19, 2018 in EDVA. Here is the the complaint and the EDVA docket sheet. #nadler
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1) had 2 RT 2start a thread. Click the box below 4the original Tweet image.
The latest is that #Nadler & [D] committee members, put a report together, just like high school.
They can't get 2 #POTUS & think they can get #AGBarr.
1 day they will accept their impotence.
2) The committee meets 2consider adopting the report Wed, 10 AM & 2vote 2adopt it & send 2the #House 4a vote.
This asks #NP 2take “all appropriate action” 2enforce the subpoena issued by committee Chairman #JerroldNadler.
🤔They vote & the #Senate negates!…
3) &... The nonsense continues!
Unworthy of a link, here's a Tweet from @HouseJudiciary [D]s...

He has zero responsibility 2release any of the #MuellerReport 2start with!

They could have gone & viewed it in its unredacted form!
They're setting themselves up 4big losses in 2020.
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1) #AGBarr's 4 page letter re: the #Mueller report is out & #Obstructionist #DSMinion, #JerryNadler announces he will subpoena #Mueller.…
@SaraCarterDC - #Sara ==> AG Barr: No Evidence #Trump Or Campaign Conspired With #Russia…
2) The #Left is calling this the "end of the beginning"! I'd say we're closer 2 having a completely set stage 4the coming #PoliticalTheatre.
#Nadler publicly says he doing it 2address very concerning discrepancies & he's calling #AGBarr over concerns re: his conclusions.
3) Here's a cover letter from #AGBarr to #LindseyGraham, #JerroldNadler, #DianneFeinstein & #DougCollins. Of note he says: "the AG may determine that public release of" this notification "would be in the public interest."…
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon drop No. 2955...
#Q on an #Anon's question re: #Whitaker.
Yes, in 2681, #Q drops that he's 2stay on, however, no mention is made of 4how long, nor what shuffle he may engage in.
It may be a move 2give #D's a feeling they have won.
2) #QAnon No. 2955 cont. ...
Think #Nadler & the #HouseJudiciaryCommittee looking 2recall #Whitaker 4clarifications re: his testimony. They may now feel no need w/him gone.
Link 2 #POLITICO ==> Whitaker 2stay at Justice Department following stint as #AAG…
3) #QAnon drop No. 2956...
In response 2an #Anon's statements, #Q says that #Whitaker's departure doesn't imply he's no longer on the team. This is more #PoliticalTheatre in the #QMovieAnalogy/ies...
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2) Here's the #TheHill's article ==> #Whitaker out at #DOJ
🤔#QAnon will address this. I would guess, that as #Nadler has been pushing 4him 2return as his answers are "unsatisfactory", this would remove from the board, the perceived threat he posed #D's.…
3) The #Whitaker mystery continues. Does he have a plan 4the future. Is this #politicalTheatre? Was he unhappy w/the appointed position he was given post being #Sessions' temp replacement as #AAG?…
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon drop No. 2919...
Repost of bottom 2/3 of 1668. #Nunes notes the unofficial sharing of intel by #FVEY's nations. [#Illegally!] Welcome 2the #DS!
Link 2 @GeorgePapa19 #Tweet on #Clapper's recent silence.
2) #QAnon drop No. 2920...
Stacked drop, last over a repost of #Q 1164.
This is an explanation of how #FVEY was used to circumvent data collection laws. Also, how #Hussein, #HRC, #LL,Brennan & #Clapper met in a #SCIF 2plan their #SurveillanceOp & #CoupAttempt.
3) #QAnon drop No. 2921...
#Q drops a repost of No. 1828.
This drop is a heavy data set & the next tweet in this thread will be of a decode graphic of No. 1828...
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