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you might even say that Trumpism is terrorism…
In fact, veteran national security experts do say this. The January 6 assault on Congress was part of an ongoing story, not an ending. With GOP acolytes continuing to push Trump's Big Lie, there will be more of this. Not if, but when. #StochasticTerrorism…
“The FBI and DHS have warned that the Jan. 6 riot could have lasting consequences. Some domestic violent extremists “have been emboldened in the aftermath of the breach of the US Capitol,” Jill Sanborn, head of counterterrorism at the FBI, told Congress”…
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“I could cause an insurrection at the capital and wouldn’t lose any followers” is the logical outcome of “I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue & not lose any followers.” As a candidate, he ran on the platform that he could openly commit crimes without consequence.
This is in large part why his supporters voted for him. The media breathlessly covered each step of the way as he egged them on, incrementally. Obliterating guardrails & norm-busting was not the problem, although it was the story, ran on a loop on CNN & MSNBC #StochasticTerrorism
#StochasticTerrorism Has been and still is the uncovered story.
If only 1 out of a million MAGAts is willing to commit violence, some on a mass scale, that would be 74 people. One out of 100,000 would be 740 potential violent terrorists. Whatever the number, I submit that there
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2:26pm: “I am making an urgent, urgent immediate request for National Guard assistance.”

A top Army official said he would not recommend that Sec McCarthy approve the request.

“I don’t like the visual of National Guard standing a police line with the Capitol in the background."
Two #Capitol Police officers suspended (one who took selfies with rioters and another who put on a MAGA hat and began directing them around), another arrested for their roles in the #CapitolRiots; another 10 to 15 are under investigation #TrumpCoupAttempt…
The guy who bludgeoned the fallen officer with a flagpole, declaring "Death is the only remedy for what's in that building" after the failed insurrection. (Link: )

Someone knows who this scumbag is.
ping @jsrailton @bellingcat
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I appreciate the sentiment this reflects. I (of all people) also appreciate that we draw conclusions about Arabs and Muslims as well. So, I want to start there. But there is a reason in this very unique case why (some of us) use words like suicide bomber but not terrorist. 1/
I'm not here to defend analysis, I'm thick skinned, simply to explain thinking. As we all know, terrorism is a motivational crime, violence for political or ideological impact. A lot of things can elicit terror, seem "terrorist" like, but not be that 2/
Why does it matter? The long game. I too am worried about white radical terrorism in US. Trump condones it as well by using tactic known as #stochasticterrorism to incite without directing. More on my thoughts @markfollman @motherjones 3/…
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Thread on Stochastic Terrorism: For years, the President of the United States Donald Trump has utilized his pulpit, twitter and his WH team to perfect a technique known as #stochasticterrorism, inciting random but predictable violence by supporters. His goal was this⬇️
His goal was to promote violence for political gain. That's terrorism. The first time I used the words publicly was in Oct, 2018 after the serial bomber arrest, but Trump was already a pro.

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On #stochasticterrorism. For years, it's been Trump's plan -- promote violence without saying when/where. His words -- "stand back and stand by" -- were odd enough that his team feigns plausible deniability, but his adherents know exactly what he meant #debates 1/
We shouldn't be afraid to say Trump incites terror. Don't just say violence. That misses the point. It is violence for political purposes, which is terrorism.
Stochastic is awkward, but here is @Dictionarycom definition after I used it on air
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Thread. Civil war? This is nonsense and not helpful. It assumes we don't have agency. Anyone who goes from Defcon 5 to 1 like this is lacking in analysis. Just lazy. Am I worried? Of course, so plan. Do I think there is a likelihood Trump follows his words? #homelandsecurity 1/
Low likelihood but high consequence event so we shouldn't be shy calling him on it, nor "ratchet it down." The most likely scenario still is a peaceful transition of power to Biden with violence by radicalized Trump supporters who listen to his words. #stochasticterrorism
But between Trump's words, his campaigns actions and Friedman's civil war, mayors and governors are on notice and they are doing a lot in anticipation of both unlawful vigilantes as well as "color of law" deployment. Trainings and briefings and comms strategies are ongoing. 3/
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Low likelihood but high consequence event so we shouldn't be shy calling him on it, nor "ratchet it down." The most likely scenario still is a peaceful transition of power to Biden with violence by radicalized Trump supporters who listen to his words. #stochasticterrorism
But between Trump's words, his campaigns actions and Friedman's civil war, mayors and governors are on notice and they are doing a lot in anticipation of both unlawful vigilantes as well as "color of law" deployment. Trainings and briefings and comms strategies are ongoing. 3/
This includes everything from command posts for election violence monitoring, urban curfews, crowd control plans with National Guard, states of emergency to protect right to vote. But "civil war" talk is the same as Trump's threats of Insurrection Act. Don't lose our heads. 4/
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.@realDonaldTrump is trying to get his supporters to commit violent crimes #stochasticterrorism Image
Trump is trying to get his supporters to commit violent crimes #stochasticterrorism Image
Trump thinks if he gets his supporters to commit violent crimes in his name, that it will help get him re-elected #stochasticterrorism ImageImage
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1/5 Steven Carrillo ambushed & killed Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, critically injured another deputy, & threw pipe bombs at police June 6th.

He also scrawled extremist mottos "Boog", "I became unreasonable", & "stop the duopoly" in BLOOD on the hood of a car.…
2/5 Carrillo, a former Air Force sergeant, is also linked to a federal officer killing in Oakland & charged with 19 felonies.

"Boog" refers to a growing far right white supremacist "boogaloo" movement to start a civil war based on race.… via @mercnews
3/5 "I became unreasonable" & "stop the duopoly" are common boogaloo mottos, the first based on a quote from Marvin Heemeyer, an anti-government extremist who bulldozed 13 buildings in Granby, Colorado, called "Killdozer" by extremists.…
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Do not think of radicalization as an on or off switch. It’s more complicated than that, but it feeds off an environment of legitimacy from the top, a legitimacy that allows for violence as a form of political expression.
#stochasticterrorism 1/
It is a radicalization that is given voice in this remarkable and piercing article by @AsteadWesley. 2/2
Or one that casually remarks about the relative “Jewishness” of Trump critics, a casualness that must be called out lest it’s anti-Semitic roots are just allowed to sit there as the mere rantings of the unstable lawyer for the President. 3/
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Maybe there's a billionaire not running for President who could create some ads showing the devastation Trump is causing. Separate ads could feature:
- A farmer bankrupted by #TrumpTariffs
- A family devastated by #StochasticTerrorism
- A child whose family lost #FoodStamps (1/5)
- A senior whose #SocialSecurity disability benefits have been cut
- A #Kentucky coal miner whose mine shut down
- A parent who lost his job after his company used the #GOPTaxScam to buy back stock
- A #MinimumWage worker falling deeper into debt despite working 2-3 jobs (2/5)
- Residents in one of the communities like Key West, FL being devastated by #ClimateChange
- A family hit with a medical emergency who have to resort to #GoFundMe for to pay bills
- A synagogue targeted by the #AntiSemitism Trump has unleashed (3/5)
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By not condemning the mass shooting video shown to his supporters at his own resort, Trump is further endangering the lives of Americans… #TrumpVideo
In fact, given Trump’s track record, it’s easy to picture him retweeting the video himself. As @Sulliview writes, “in many, many ways, he has unleashed a vile hatred of journalists that is playing out before our eyes. And it couldn’t be more dangerous.”…
Also notable: According to the Washington Post, the creator of a website associated with the #TrumpVideo “scored an Oval Office meeting in July with Trump, who reportedly welcomed him as a ‘genius.’”…
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#ProtectTheWhistleBlower from Trump, @realDonaldTrump.
We The People will lock up your butt, Mr. Trump, if you or your gang does anything to harm the #Whistleblower or corroborating witnesses.
Mob Boss Talk ⬇️ which never give a direct order, all orders are implied
We, The People, are reading the full Whistleblower Complaint minus the redactions released today Sept 26, 2019.
#HowDareYou @realDonaldTrump who today compares a #Whistleblower acting in 'Good Faith' as testified by Trump's own DNI & in accord to Whistleblower Law, to a Spy who was shot in the old days. #ProtectTheWhistleBlower
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As if #MoscowMitch doesn’t already have that territory covered. 🙄
Spoiler Alert: Trump is about to abuse every ounce of power that he possibly can until he can’t anymore. He won’t be able to handle the narcissistic injury of impeachment proceedings and in his rage he’ll destroy every single thing his tiny hands can grasp. #AmericanSociopath
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Trump: "Any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat – I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty."

Disloyalty to whom? And how is this not anti-Semitism?

An invitation for another Pittsburgh or Poway. #stochasticterrorism
In a chilling (and blasphemous) echo of the same anti-Semitic tropes that inspired pogroms and genocides, Trump promotes claim Jews love him like the 'King of Israel and second coming of God'…
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I'm not going to mince words: The Dem leadership is on track to botch 2020 and re-elect Trump.

Nearly 2 dozen presidential candidates, instead of recruiting strong senate challengers.

DCCC blacklisting progressives.

#Impeachment turned into a farce of dithering and delay.
Trump's favorables are rising and he's raising boatloads of money.

#Nadler and #Pelosi are still groping around for "evidence" to support #impeachment while Trump and Miller and Pence and McConnell promote #WhiteNationalism.

All the while, immigrant children are abused...

He has disgraced his office. He has engaged in #StochasticTerrorism against people of color. He has called the media "enemies of the people."

His presidency is an affront to human dignity. But Dem leaders can't find the spine to oppose him.
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Like clockwork...
The use of #stochasticterrorism allows for faux outrage against those who call Trump and supporters out, a "how dare you suggest that I support this violence." But the failure of people to shame this rhetoric or those who fund him has let it fester.#shameit 1/
On a personal note, I've changed about Trump's supporters. 2019 is different than 2016. Today, all of them -- the Boston businessman or the coal miner -- know that they are choosing between a vision of America that is inclusive or destructive. 2/
So whatever motivated voters in 2016 -- maybe they believed in a pivot -- is just not true for 2020. Trump doesn't pivot. Those who support him, publicly in terms of money or at rallies, know what they are doing and can't use faux outrage to suggest otherwise.
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Antifa isn't murdering people. MS-13 isn't gunning down hundreds.

The Trump regime set the stage for these #massshootings.

They have vilified their critics while ending programs that track dangerous, fringe groups.

These ARE #TrumpsTerrorists.
First Trump shut down programs to counter violent extremism.

The administration has hobbled the infrastructure designed to prevent atrocities like Pittsburgh and Christchurch.…
When Fighting Domestic Terrorism, You Get What You Pay For

The Trump administration has gutted the budget for fighting far-right extremists, making it harder to stop attacks like the Pittsburgh massacre.…
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The folk who blame mental illness for terrorist shooting attacks should be forced to delineate which specific mental illnesses they think are responsible for radicalizing all these White men into mass murderers. Make them cite the DSM criteria and applicable treatment options.
Historically, the vast majority of mass shooter terrorists who live to stand trial are deemed competent to stand trial b/c the “insanity” y’all think they have is rooted in a toxic combination of narcissism, sociopathy and/or impulse control dysfunction.
They know the difference between right and wrong but make a *willful choice* to do wrong. Giving them the tools to put their sociopathy into bloody action only furthers the carnage, and America gives them not only the guns but nukes and control of the entire federal government.
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Face The Nation asked @CoryBooker if Trump was trying to incite violence against @IlhanMN. Booker evaded the question. But Trump's track record of such attempts to incite violence tracks back to unambiguous calls, during his rallies, to his fans to beat up protestors. Indeed...
2) ...Trump is now looking into paying the legal bills of a Trump rally attendee who assaulted a protester (…), which is consistent with Trump's pledge that he will pardon border patrol agents who employ illegal violence.
3)...based on multiple, incriminating data points such as these, a very strong case, which I think would hold up in court, can be made that there was demonstrable intent behind Trump's recent, notorious Tweet, to incite violence against @IlhanMN. Now...
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There's a dual campaign now running against @IlhanMN and @AOC to provoke stochastic terrorism against these two female politicians.
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