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Smug stonewalling Corey #Lewandowski & GOP cohorts are subverting democracy at today's #impeachment hearing. Americans voted to put Democrats in power to hold this corrupt POTUS accountable. But Repubs shamelessly obstruct & spew propaganda to protect idiot POTUS & their power.😒
Lewandowski/GOP Logic: Obama, Clapper, Comey, Brennan are to blame for Russia subverting our election to install Trump … which never happened.

Also let’s jail those who tried to stop Russia’s attack but failed b/c corrupt Trump & GOP encouraged & gave Putin cover.

GOP propaganda agitprop circus aside, Lewandowski & Trump KNOW their conduct is culpable #obstruction. Otherwise Trump wouldn't be directing White House lawyers to silence Corey w/ baseless privilege assertions. & Corey would answer Judiciary Dems' questions. #ImpeachmentHearings
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This is the third article today about the muddled message from Dem leaders.

It's actually very simple:

#Pelosi has no intention of impeaching Trump.

#Nadler was fine with that. Until @LindseyBoylan, a serious challenger, came along...
@LindseyBoylan So @RepJerryNadler has managed to hide behind @SpeakerPelosi and blame her for slow-walking #impeachment.

But for months, he was downplaying #impeachment ... before he got a serious challenger.
@LindseyBoylan @RepJerryNadler @SpeakerPelosi In the end, #Nadler is trying to keep his seat, so he's playing politics with his most sacred duty as a representative, to protect the Constitution.

And he's doing it by pushing what I call "Schrödinger's impeachment" -- an impeachment inquiry that isn't really one.
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"Across eight polls taken since the beginning of June, between 62% and 85% of Democrats expressed support for impeachment." - @aedwardslevy

The spin from @SpeakerPelosi and @RepJerryNadler is that they need to "build support..."
@aedwardslevy @SpeakerPelosi @RepJerryNadler NOTHING Democrats do will sway Republicans to support impeaching Trump. They will stand by him no matter what he does.

So when #Nadler and #Pelosi pretend that "gathering evidence" is a good-faith path to building support for #impeachment, they are trying to deceive you.
@aedwardslevy @SpeakerPelosi @RepJerryNadler One reason I became an adviser to @LindseyBoylan's campaign for Congress in #NY10 is that she had the moral clarity to call for #impeachment back in February.

Watch her video and you'll see why/how the Dem leadership is trying to fool us.
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It’s as if those who could do something are all just clueless, incompetent, or compromised! Because no sane person who could do something to stop this would let it continue without trying to fix it. Makes no sense whatsoever. So WTF is really going on?! Any ideas? <thread> 1/
2/ Think about what we actually no, just the facts. Forget supposition or wild ass theories, let’s just consider the facts.

trump’s America and his Republican Party supporters are all climate change deniers. Why? Trying to fix the problem will cost them and their businesses....
3/ a great deal of money; billions of dollars, possibly more. So they deny the science, erase websites, just outright lie about the facts. Yet the fact is the planet is heating up and doing so like no other time in history, while the rain forests in Brazil are on fire. They....
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Trump is the most impeachable president ever. @RepJerryNadler has failed to #ImpeachTrump for SEVEN months.

Now that he faces a serious challenge from @LindseyBoylan, he's spinning that he's for impeachment. But THIS is the reality:

Trump's fundraising is through the roof. His approval is rising. He is reveling in racism. His administration is targeting immigrant kids for abuse.

Dem leaders claiming we need MORE evidence to #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW are just stalling.
@RepJerryNadler @LindseyBoylan SIMPLE QUESTION:


If #impeachment is really happening, as Dem leaders and the corporate media claim it is, WHEN IS THE VOTE?

Because as Trump wreaks havoc, saying we still need more evidence is just dithering.

And it's normalizing and accepting all his abuses.
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I'm not going to mince words: The Dem leadership is on track to botch 2020 and re-elect Trump.

Nearly 2 dozen presidential candidates, instead of recruiting strong senate challengers.

DCCC blacklisting progressives.

#Impeachment turned into a farce of dithering and delay.
Trump's favorables are rising and he's raising boatloads of money.

#Nadler and #Pelosi are still groping around for "evidence" to support #impeachment while Trump and Miller and Pence and McConnell promote #WhiteNationalism.

All the while, immigrant children are abused...

He has disgraced his office. He has engaged in #StochasticTerrorism against people of color. He has called the media "enemies of the people."

His presidency is an affront to human dignity. But Dem leaders can't find the spine to oppose him.
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On 10/29/18 as the @GOP is about to get trounced in an election and the polling shows it, President Trump amps up attacks on the Latinx community using the word “invasion” and going so far as to mobilize the US military in response.
On 11/18/2018 President Trump posts that America is ill-prepared for an “invasion” of immigrants:
On 1/11/2019 President Trump again calls the humanitarian crisis at the border and “invasion”.
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The GOP set its own #impeachment standard in 1998. Let's make things simple and apply it to Trump.


"Time after time, the President came to a fork in the road. Time after time, he chose the path of lies and lawlessness."

“[The President] doesn’t have to say, ‘Go lie for me,’ to be a crime. You don’t have to say, ‘Let’s obstruct justice’ for it to be a crime. You judge people on their conduct, not magic phrases.”

"The President can incinerate the planet. Seriously, the very idea that we ought to have at or less than the same moral demands placed on the Chief Executive that we place on our next door neighbor is ludicrous and dangerous."
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It's encouraging to see House Dems gradually come out for #impeachment, but let's acknowledge those like @RepMaxineWaters, @RepAlGreen @RashidaTlaib, @ewarren, @AOC, and other activists and elected officials who were ahead of the curve.
@RepMaxineWaters @RepAlGreen @RashidaTlaib @ewarren @AOC Groups like @MoveOn, @IndivisibleTeam, @Need2Impeach, @StandUpAmerica and several others have played a crucial role in building pressure on Dem leaders. And whatever you think of his presidential run, @TomSteyer has been pushing to #ImpeachTrump for a long time.
@RepMaxineWaters @RepAlGreen @RashidaTlaib @ewarren @AOC @MoveOn @IndivisibleTeam @Need2Impeach @StandUpAmerica @TomSteyer One of the reasons I was eager to join @LindseyBoylan's campaign as an adviser is because she was calling for #impeachment months ago. I've been deeply disappointed in my longtime @RepJerryNadler for dithering on holding Trump accountable and Lindsey's clarity is refreshing.
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Here's a theory I've been developing relevant to why House Democrats are reticent to air details of the investigation into #TrumpRussia.

🔹 Israeli interests allegedly conspired with the Trump campaign to undermine the U.S. government in 2016.
Israeli interests allegedly conspired with the Trump campaign to undermine the U.S. government in 2016.

🗨️ "The Trump transition team reached out to the Russian government in order to undermine the U.S. government because the Israeli government asked them to."
Israel has a history of interference with the U.S.government, and the government is reportedly sensitive about said shenanigans being exposed:

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DEAR MEDIA: Her name is @LindseyBoylan and she's challenging @RepJerryNadler in #NY10.

I'm an adviser on her campaign and I've seen several mainstream reports saying #Nadler has a progressive challenger who is "making him nervous" ...without naming her.

@LindseyBoylan @RepJerryNadler Lindsey's credentials speak for themselves.

Wellesley and Columbia Business School grad.

Helped secure hundreds of millions of dollars for underfunded public housing in New York and led the state’s efforts to provide assistance for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.
@LindseyBoylan @RepJerryNadler @LindseyBoylan called for #impeachment months ago while Nadler has dithered.

Media outlets are now reporting that it is her credible threat that is moving him (slowly) toward impeachment.

She has spoken with moral clarity about issues like racism.

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😡#MoscowMitch McConnell just went full Kremlin🇷🇺 ! He just accused lawmakers of “hysteria” & “McCarthyism” for wanting to pass #ElectionSecurity🗳 legislation that he is BLOCKING. 😱Republicans’ tactics & language are indistinguishable from Putin’s propaganda poppycock! 🇺🇸 💔
Another reason for #IMPEACHMENT hearings—to have a platform for counter-programming GOP asymmetrical warfare. Trump hijacks media & drowns us in endless rage. Republicans pound us w/ Russian propaganda on FoxNews TV, radio, & even in Congress. We have to take back our info space.
It's getting so ugly. Trump's all but hurled the n-word. Emboldened Nazis killing people is already the new normal. And Repubs show no signs of reining in or even acknowledging the racism. We can't wait for 2020. #ImpeachmentHearingsNOW—to systematically counter this nightmare.
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3533...
This is one of the best written synopsis of the realities that form the heart of the current #GeoPolitical specters.
a. There aren't anywhere hear enough votes in the Senate 2carry an #Impeachment vote in the yea...!
2) #QAnon 3533 cont...
b. The #Leftist base, exists in a plastic version of current & historic events & continues 2swallow the narratives, that [D] propagandists spew.
Societal integration of the #ObstructionCon, is centrally positioned within the #Anti_American narrative push.
3) #QAnon 3534...
502 Bad Gateway may appear.
Graphics from link below.…

@charliekirk11 Tweet about the historic fact that the last 3 Mayors of #Baltimore, all stepped down due 2corruption!
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Deeply troubling that #Pelosi and #Nadler are trying to obfuscate and confuse Democratic voters.

But let's be clear, as CNN reports today: "Pelosi and Nadler have so far resisted the pressure from within their party to open an inquiry."

After months of intense activist pressure @SpeakerPelosi and @RepJerryNadler realized they had to throw Dems a bone, so they concocted a convoluted narrative to make it appear the #impeachment process has begun. It hasn't.


Let's be honest: Dem leaders want to punt to 2020 voters while Trump abuses power with total abandon.

#Nadler's words: “If an impeachment inquiry is if you’re considering only impeachment, that’s not what we’re doing.”

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@rlefraim wrote, #IMPEACHMENT???
Jerry Nadler, Congressman from NY, spoke again about Impeachment to the media.
Problem. They voted now on Impeachment 2x. It failed twice. Most Democratic Party Members in Congress voted against the bills designed as articles of Impeachment 1)
So, here is my guess. There will never be "Impeachment"
There will be constant talk about Impeachment.
The game goes like this. Try to undermine the President & his policies by talking about "Impeachment" all the time but do not really try it & fail because it would fail. 2)
& now, Nadler wants to violate the Constitution by subpoenaing Grand Jury Testimony & investigating private communication & business affairs of American citizens going back 10 years. 3) #Nadler #Schiff
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No matter how they come out, the #impeachment hearings that now appear to be on their way will turn out to be a long overdue family conversation and massive online civics course where we, as Americans, get to grapple with some really important questions. Leave your examples below
Please make all examples based on facts that were preserved in the #MuellerReport. You may not like his looks or style, but the man knew how to preserve a record.
Ex. 1: If a foreign power offers you help in an election, do you accept the help or do you call the FBI?
Ex. 2: If you continue to pursue potential business deals involving said foreign power, or any other entity looking to do business with you, and refuse to divest or put everything in a blind trust (or even make routine disclosures), have you made yourself susceptible to bribery?
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We don't need one iota more evidence to #ImpeachTrumpNOW

His assault on the press alone is a brazen violation of his oath to defend the Constitution. Not to mention torturing migrant children.

Saying we need MORE evidence is effectively tolerating his abuses.
See, this is what it's like not to be mealy-mouthed.
Saying "we need to build a case for #impeachment" is ignoring everything that has happened since 2016.
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The House has opened an impeachment investigation against Trump

The House filed a petition to access to redacted portions of the MR re GJ testimony re Trump’s knowledge of criminal acts, RU interference in the 2016Elex election & RU connex to his campaign.

Finally, the committee seeks grand jury testimony about actions taken by former WH counsel Donald McGahn; this last request probably anticipates the committee’s rumored plans to seek an order compelling McGahn to testify.


It is settled law that House committees can obtain GJ materials as part of the impeachment inquiry.

The Constitution’s text and structure — supported by judicial precedent & prior practice — show that impeachment is a process, not a single vote & IT IS UNDERWAY!
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Who Is British Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s

Longtime Partner?

By Ed Dickson
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3507...
Corporate news outlets don't practice truth, they are, in their minds, the entertainment biz overtly & at their heart, they are propaganda disbursers.
#FoxNews ==> [D]s are moving on #Impeachment, using a tact that 4many months,
2) #QAnon 3507 cont...
has been known 2be a dead end effort, a place 2go, which will cause reactionary outbursts, as the data sets within the #GuandJury evidences, won't be fully revealed, until after those proceedings.…

#TheNationalReview ==> from
3) #QAnon 3507 cont...
5th April 2019 ==> Do 2both court rulings & Rule 6(e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure #AGBarr Must Redact #GrandJury Info from #MuellerReport or break the law. That is precisely what they are counting on.
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A short thread on #impeachment.

I have pre-existing conditions—I fear my life & that of my friends being taken away.
I have close friends with DACA—I fear their right to be here being taken away.
I'm a Latino parent—I fear my child will be discriminated against worse than I was
I'm the survivor of an in-person death threat against me & my family, from a MAGA extremist who hated me just for who I am—I fear him or another carrying out those threats.

I'm an attorney—I fear the erosion of the rule of law.
I'm a patriot—I fear Russian interference in the 2020 election.

I'm a voting rights advocate—I fear a system is currently being created that will lead to permanent minority rule, & that that minority will use political power to permanently restricts the rights of the majority.
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I am sorry to inform you that since yesterday, late in the day, I jumped to another universe.

In that universe, like here, the day ended with a press conference by Democrat leaders Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and Cummings…
Only, "taking serious what was said today" they proclaimed to start #Impeachment hearings.

All the journalists had to rewrite their articles for the next day…
And this morning, it was not the hesitating, wandering voice of Mueller, nor the theatrics of the event that stood central.
Instead all the papers & websites focused on what Mueller (and Schiff and Nadler) had said and that had motivated Dems to start #impeachment.
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#MuellerHearing House Intel thread. The great @AdamSchiff @RepAdamSchiff in the chair.

Once more unto the breach. Follows a magnificent performance by @RepJerryNadler & co whose Committee now out there demanding #impeachment.

Let’s roll.
A reminder to all our House Intel Dems: #Mueller is an older man. Don’t gabble. He’ll only ask you to repeat it. Good luck @ericswalwell & co.
Nobody however has yet asked Mueller about Barr’s testimony that he leaked Trump the name of a sealed case - (I think) - I was away from the TV for a few minutes. I hope @HouseIntel Dems do ask this.
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