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The details in this interview are stunning and appear to explicate why Trump should be #impeached for abuse of power and consorting with a foreign government to attack a rival.

Former Ukraine prosecutor says he saw no evidence of wrongdoing by Biden…
This is just shocking, really, even by Trump standards. One presumes since he got away with having Russia help him in 2016, he thought he could do the same thing with Ukraine in 2020.
Giuliani was definitely working for Trump as a foreign agent--just as Mike Flynn was in 2016.
This is stunning.
"I told [Giuliani] I couldn't start an investigation just for the interests of an American official [Trump]."
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#ImpeachTrump = Trump reelected.

The American people love @realDonaldTrump so much, they'd reelect him even if the Senate convicted him (i.e. removed him from office) before the 2020 election.

What people should realize is if Trump is #Impeached, he is still eligible for reelection to a second term and don't think he won't still run in 2020!

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@RepMaxineWaters & @RepAlGreen (among others) called for #impeachment LONG ago. Progressive activists have relentlessly called on Dems to #ImpeachTrump.

But conventional wisdom elevates white centrism and marginalizes POC and progressives.
@RepMaxineWaters @RepAlGreen WHITE CENTRISM (2)

Month after month, #Pelosi, #Nadler, #Hoyer and other Dem establishment figures have stalled and slow-walked #impeachment, while progressive activists and reps like @RashidaTlaib, @RepAlGreen, @AOC and others have pushed hard to hold Trump accountable.
@RepMaxineWaters @RepAlGreen @RashidaTlaib @AOC WHITE CENTRISM (3)

Lo and behold, after constant pressure from progressives on #impeachment, the DC establishment starts caving. But who is portrayed as the "grownups"?

Those who were ahead of the curve? Nope. It's Beltway centrists who get the credit for moving the needle.
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It’s as if those who could do something are all just clueless, incompetent, or compromised! Because no sane person who could do something to stop this would let it continue without trying to fix it. Makes no sense whatsoever. So WTF is really going on?! Any ideas? <thread> 1/
2/ Think about what we actually no, just the facts. Forget supposition or wild ass theories, let’s just consider the facts.

trump’s America and his Republican Party supporters are all climate change deniers. Why? Trying to fix the problem will cost them and their businesses....
3/ a great deal of money; billions of dollars, possibly more. So they deny the science, erase websites, just outright lie about the facts. Yet the fact is the planet is heating up and doing so like no other time in history, while the rain forests in Brazil are on fire. They....
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Sept. 07, 2018👉 “I Wrote Some of the Stolen Memos That #BrettKavanaugh #Lied to the Senate About —
He should be #impeached, not elevated.”

#Kavanaugh should be removed because he was repeatedly asked under oath as part of his 2004 & 2006 confirmation hearings for his position on U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. Circuit about whether he had received such info from Miranda—he falsely denied it”👇…
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@POTUS, when white supremacist terrorists use your own words in their attacks on peaceful Americans, when the people of color they attack are those you personally demonized, and when the Senate blocks bills passed by the @HouseDemocrats aimed at protecting us, you are the problem
@POTUS, you can try to blame the media for conveying YOUR white supremacist words that led to these attacks, you can try to blame the victims or anyone else, but the white supremacist terrorist insurgency was fomented by you and your @whitehouse and even your fanatics know it.
Your abuse of power and office inciting violence against peaceful Americans is another offense in the longest list of impeachable offenses we’ve ever seen from a president in America. I hope the @HouseDemocrats will complete their #impeachmentinquiry soon so you can be #impeached
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Puts on a good premeditated show to create #FakeNews
@CNN @maddow @MSNBC will all be talking about it,

Rashida tears were fake
(video ⤵)

Why would a @realDonaldTrump and the DOJ be listed on the letter threatening you?

There was NEVER a #Muslim ban. It was a ban on travelers from 5 different Muslim controlled countries during the Is!s war. It was ALL ppl of ALL faiths.
Stated that she gets a "calming feeling" from the hollocaust.
Ppl are NOT stupid.
Palistine did NOT help and give the Jews a "Safe Haven "
When #Israel was reborn 2 buses full of Jews was ambushed by the Arabs.
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Via @TomSteyer #NeedToImpeach Impeaching Trump isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also good politics SEE WHY and #Nixon’s downfall offers an important lesson: The process can sway public opinion and force reckoning among partisan defenders
@CREWcrew @lauferlaw @maddow
@TomSteyer @CREWcrew @lauferlaw @maddow GET HIS #TaxReturns is this check reported? @Fahrenthold @CREWcrew THIS IS NOTICE OF the plane from #Qatar carrying the #TrumpOrg check from the consummated #Rosneft OIL Deal for Sanctions relief. PUTIN gave him check in #Helsinki. @grantstern @maddow @cnni @Europol @FBIWFO
@TomSteyer @CREWcrew @lauferlaw @maddow GET HIS #TaxReturns .. are these checks reported? THESE PROVE No #LameduckGOP or #Republican need ever get $$ from anyone other than Drumpf and his #TrumpCrimeFamily again. RIGHT @MoveOn @dailykos @PolitiZoom @lauferlaw @JamesFourM @maddow ( PS PUTIN IS jealous and PISSED )
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A Lone #Democrat Just Introduced #ArticlesOfImpeachment Against #Trump…
"Congressman Al Green introduced a resolution
to impeach the president on the floor of House of Rep's Wed. “Donald J. Trump, president of the United States of America, has undermined..
the integrity of his office w/impunity & has brought disrepute on the presidency with immunity; has betrayed his trust as president to the
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