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When the President arrived
So this is @ChibuikeAmaechi fact-checking @PeterObi today in Kano.

Turns out virtually everything Obi said at #NGTheCandidates yesterday about #RailUPng Projects was UNTRUE.

#PMBMeansBusiness #PMBinKano #infrastructure
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Lastnight on #NgTheCandidates , Atiku made mention of the micro finance bank he set up in Yola, Adamawa state.

Through this bank, Atiku mentioned he'd lifted 44,000 people out of poverty.

So, I decided to do some digging about this bank.
Jimeta Community Bank Nig. Ltd was incorporated in July 1995.

This was under the then Community Banking Act of 1990.

In 2005, then CBN governor, Charles Soludo licensed Microfinance banks, which replaced Community banks.
Consequently, Jimeta Community Bank became Standard MicroFinance Bank.

The remit of this bank covered specifications mandated by CBN, including:

1. Providind dependable & affordable financial services to the active poor

2. Facilitate sustainable entrepreneurial activities
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Atiku has rechristened cattle colony to feeding lots..they all knew that was the solution to the issue but a simple issue was politicized.

There is no way in this life that a nomadic fulani man will not move with his cattle. Ecowas allows free movement of persons and animals across our borders..
The government proposed colony it was rejected, the FG proposed grazing reserves, rejected..

Audu Ogbeh wanted to import high yield grass seedlings to set up this same feeding lots, they rejected the idea..

Now that a fulani man is contesting, cattle colonies have changed feeding lots
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Atiku/Obi tried to prepare for the corruption question but the truth is there is no justification for these questionable acts they took while in office. Absolutely none. #NgTheCandidates
Kadaria asked Peter Obi about his own conflict of interest. He put 2 billion naira of state money in a brewery where his company was a major shareholder. He’s still squirming. Can’t believe she let him off!
I can’t believe that Atiku tried to use the indigenIzation scheme to justify setting up a clearing and forwarding company while he was a customs officer, a clear conflict. Kadaria got him on that one. Indigenization only applied to existing multinationals. #NgTheCandidates
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.@atiku: "I'm the most experienced out of every candidate, I am the candidate of the future and I try to bridge the current generation with the future generation. #NgTheCandidates
.@atiku speaking on judiciary: "There's too much delay in the judiciary, I will make sure it's shortened so justice can be served early." #NgTheCandidates
.@PeterObi: "I invested $30m state money in the international brewery business and today it's worth over $100m, no state has ever done that." #NgTheCandidates
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.@Atiku: Why Nigerians should elect me? I am bringing a lot to the table. Amongst the candidates, I am the most experienced. I am bringing my business experience and I am a candidate for the future because I bridge the future and the present generations
@atiku .@PeterObi: Today we have record insecurity, record unemployment, and we have a record number of out of school children. We are now number 3 in insecurity after Afghanistan and Iran. Nigeria needs someone with experience. Alhaji Atiku has the cumulative experience.
@atiku @PeterObi Speaking on his plans to address corruption @Atiku says:
"We must use both punitive and preventive measures. We need to introduce technology in the public service so that we limit personal contacts that will limit corruption... we need to automate the public service."
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Tune in in 40Minutes. #NGTheCandidates @KadariaAhmed @atiku
Previously on #NgTheCandidates
And it begins...
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This is apt and incisive for those who don't know, there is no permanent friend or foe in politics in Nigeria, except for those "paid" to be use as PAWNS in Nigeria's political chess game of Personal INTEREST.
By Emeka Oparah

On a cautionary note...!

OBJ is working against PMB but his son is working for PMB. Sen. Obanikoro who once worked for Fayose is testifying against him in court while his son is contesting under APC in Lagos.
Atiku was once a ranking member of APC and friends with PMB and now his top opponent.

Saraki led the group of Governors that pulled the carpet under GEJ’s feet when they ported to APC but now back to PDP. Akpabio who swore to die for PDP is now ready to kill and die for APC.
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On #LGNWA...

Tuesday last week: Atiku Abubakar was in 5 States campaigning and consulting, (6 if you count abuja) came to Lagos on Tuesday night, held several consultative meetings that same night then woke up on Wednesday morning to an 8am strategy meeting.
At 10am that Wednesday, he had an economic interactive session with the business community then met with the creative industry leaders.

Same day, he had 5 interviews with leading international media houses - Reuters, BBC world, BBC Hausa, Bloomberg and Financial Times.
At 7pm same Wednesday, Atiku met with the Christian Association of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter before flying out of Nigeria at 11.25pm, on a British Airways to London, enroute to Washington DC for various meetings with top officials in the US over the electoral process in Nigeria.
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Atiku’s Withdrawal from the #Presidentialdebate2019 is a Tactical Masterstroke--A THREAD
I’ve read commentaries that aver that Atiku’s decision to bail out of the #2019Debate in protest against PMB’s decision not to participate in it was a tactical error. I disagree. Here is why.
The presidential debate is designed to be a match--or, if you like, a push and pull-- between the defending champion, i.e., Buhari, and contenders to the title he holds, i.e., Atiku, Moghalu, Madam Oby, Sowore, and others. If the defending champion declines to thrown his hat into
the ring, the entire match becomes pointlessly self-injurious to the challengers. In other words, it would have been a fatal strategic and tactical error for Atiku to partake in a potentially bruising contest with other challengers while the defending championing sits pretty
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Buhari’s Dementia is Now a National Emergency--A THREAD

On Nov. 23, 2018, I tweeted that a doctor who has met Buhari told me that Buhari shows tell-tale symptoms of dementia (of which Alzheimer's disease is a type), which is characterized by repetitiveness, unawareness,
mental deterioration, impaired memory, diminished quality of thought, slurred speech, and finally complete helplessness. A non-medical person whose dad has dementia and who has met Buhari in the recent past had earlier told me Buhari’s dementia was worse than her dad’s was.
She was concerned that Nigeria had no president. She's right. Buhari barely has any awareness of his existence, much less the requirements of being president. For instance, he has signed several documents he would never have signed if he were mentally alert.
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“We (Nigeria) are poor because nobody took the trouble to take people out of poverty, and that’s what we are doing today.” — Vice Pres. @ProfOsinbajo, speaking on why @AsoRock is investing in the LARGEST Social Investment Programme @NSIP_NG in Nigeria’s history
“I feel that the 3 fundamental objectives we campaigned on in 2015 are still relevant. We want Nigerians to see where we started, where we are now, and what we have been able to do with the resources and time available to us.” — @MBuhari #NgTheCandidates (See #PMBMeansBusiness)
“I’m very satisfied with the response from the real voters.” — President @MBuhari #NGTheCandidates
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Fellow Nigerians, welcome to our coverage of the second in a four-part interaction of presidential candidates with a town-hall audience in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.
Tonight is the turn of the All Progressives Congress (APC), represented by President Muhammadu Buhari and his deputy, Yemi Osinbajo. @APCNigeria @NGRPresident @MBuhari @ProfOsinbajo #NgTheCandidates
Buhari has been told the anti-corruption war of his administration appears to be targeted at the opposition. He has been asked to explain why.
@NGRPresident @MBuhari #NgTheCandidates
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