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I am very better this morning, I belong to the movement #BUHARIST, not that we have a meeting point or any appointed leader, it's just a personal movement believed in by many #NIGERIANS to make this country great. But my bitterness this morning is in the man @MBuhari himself /1
Sir @MBuhari your body language and your outright silent on every issues of corruption against members of your cabinet most especially those closer to you or from your clan is becoming unbecoming. I begin the see no difference between your body language and that of our.../2
Erstwhile President @GEJonathan.
How should we explain the level of impunity going on right under your watch and you tend not bother about us who risked our life, integrity, loved one just to ensure we give you a re-election. We all put our reputation on the line.../3
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#EnoughIsEnough #MrPresident #Buhari #Nigerians #IFB
Petroleum pricing is a sensitive issue in Nigeria because the various past governments got it all wrong abinitio, and this has been because of the wrongly perceived and sustained notion that 'we are a rich nation'.
In truth, no government has any business selling or retailing petrol, diesel and kerosene to its citizens.
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A short thread WHY all of the effort in #Nigeria in the fight against #COVID19 may likely end in futility. A part of this is due to poor testing and the second part, nonadherance to non-pharmaceutical interventions by #Nigerians.

How about the 2M test target by July ending? 1/6
About 86-days ago, the NCDC set a 2million test target for COVID19 test in #Nigeria. In the next 96-hours or so, the 3 month deadline would have elapsed. And how far have we fared?

Samples Tested = 266,323 (26th/07/2020).
Total confirmed = 40,532(26th/07/2020).
...Number of Testing Sites = from ~3 to 60. ✅

How does poor testing leads to effort in futility? So far we have tested 266k+ of a 205million people & total confirmed sits at 40,532. Poor testing means, confirmed negative will again mix-up with untested population. 3/6
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#Nigerians protest online and off to demand #JusticeForUwa, #JusticeForTina and #JusticeForJennifer, three women and girls who were killed or raped in incidents activists say showcase the widespread sexual violence and police brutality in #Nigeria.…
In April, an 18yo known only as Jennifer was attacked & raped by a gang of 5 men in Kaduna, in northern #Nigeria.

The case only gained attention after her relatives -scared the accused would escape justice -released a video online of family comforting her.
In May, 16yo high school student called Tina Ezekwe was shot and killed after police opened fire at a bus stop in Lagos, the country's during a nighttime coronavirus curfew.

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cw: rape

Men who rape don’t care where they rape - sacred space or secular space.

The rape and murder of 22-year-old Vera Uwaila Omozuwa in church has sparked outrage across #Nigeria. And is a reminder that women are safe nowhere.

Osai Ojigho, the director for Amnesty International in Nigeria, said the horrific incident “resonates because even in the spaces that women and girls should be safest from gender-based violence, the home, the schools and now places of worship, it is getting there”.
The rape and brutal way Uwa was murdered was one of several cases in the past week which have led to street protests, an online petition signed by thousands and the Twitter hashtag #WeAreTired #Nigeria…
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Nigeria has made a lot of progress in preparing and responding to disease outbreaks and epidemics. I remember my early days of public health; some 15yrs ago it's @WHONigeria that prepared and shared the #weeklyepidemiological report for Nigeria... a thread!
For every outbreak or public health emergency in Nigeria, we heard more about @WHO who appeared to be at the forefront with @Fmohnigeria and its agencies; old #NPI which merged with @NphcdaNG fought #polio with the support of @WHO @UNICEF @Rotary etc.
#Clap4NCDC 2/20
With time the #Epidemiology unit of @Fmohnigeria grew in strength and capacity to lead the response. They also produced and sent out the weekly epidemiology reports for Nigeria, which hitherto was shared by @WHONigeria in collaboration with FMOH for sure. #Clap4NCDC
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Here is a briefing for all those "impressed" by the #tearsandswindle enacted by #LittleNapoleon in this clip in Calabar yesterday. It's not the 1st time: On 17 Jan 2017, @ben_ayade announced abolition of all forms of taxation for low-income earners in Cross River state.
According to his spokesman, Christian Ita, @ben_ayade made the order after signing the 2017 budget of the state into law, saying: “I am sounding the last warning that henceforth I don’t want to hear any1 who earns less than N50, 000 a month being taxed in any form in the state."
On that occasion, @ben_ayade also cried. But if he had occasion to "abolish" again in May 2020, the same taxes he had abolished with the same words & tears in 2017, it is because the 2017 abolition didn't work & the 2020 abolition won't work. Let's stick with the tears 1st....
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A key element to my argument is that Nigerian political parties represent the different interests of elites divided on an economic cleavage. Given the conflicting interests among the elites, parties look to disenfranchised Nigerians for the necessary political support to
implement their preferred policies. In ads, elites may extend the franchise in order to quell revolutionary threats from the disenfranchised. In my Analysis, the only motivations for electoral reform come from disenfranchised groups.
Those groups must therefore be sufficiently organized to pose a credible threat. Can #Nigerians stand up against mediocrity?
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Many have wondered why Nigeria has failed to build health infrastructure comparable to the West despite our oil wealth. While the answers often point to poor governance & official kleptomania, I hereby present a usually ignored co-culprit, population explosion!
Below is a historical comparative of the economic/population growth of #Nigeria & our erstwhile conquerors, #UK, from 1860 to 2019 as publicly available on the internet:

UK: N/A (42.08m)
NG: N/A (18.15m)

UK: $73.23B (50.23m)
NG: $4.2B (48.26m)
UK: $1.14T (56.36m)
NG: $49.12B (88.99m)

UK: $2.66T (59.11m)
NG: $410.33B (162.47m)

UK: $2.74T (63.18m)
NG: $446.54B (200.96m)

From 1960-2019, econ growth was NG-10,500% & UK-3,600%! We outperformed them. So why isn't this glaring in real life?
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Last week, I was very engaged with enhancing our efforts in the fight against #COVID19 in #Nigeria. @FMoHNigeria started with the daily situation room on Mon. 6th, and inaugurated the accreditation team to accredit additional #COVID19 isolation and treatment facilities
Tue. 7th was #WorldHealthDay and @NigeriaGov is fighting to secure national health and security. I visited @FollowLaSG, with #PTFCOVID19, to inspect response preparedness. @JideSanwoOlu is an exemplary incident commander and @LSMoH has met the #COVID19 response commendably
On Wed. 8th, on behalf of @NigeriaGov, I received generous donations from @OfficialMESL: medical equipment, PPE, generator and accommodation for #healthworkers in UATH and Minna Isolation Centre @NigerStateNG...
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I am honoured to know @Blaise_21 who I meet through the wonderful open and safe space for queer people that @akefestival provides. Here he speaks along with 2 other queer #Nigerians about their experiences. Incredible courage.… #LGBTQ
“I decided to be openly gay 2 years let people know that we are not just names or mere statistics, we are more than those, we are fully blooded people. We are in their churches, schools, workplaces and every other aspect of life,” @Blaise_21 #Nigeria #LGBTQ
At what point did you decide to be openly gay? “It was in late 2016 after I was attacked for the second time in school. I kinda just thought, “you know what? F**k it”. I would suffer violence anyway for advocating LGBT rights or writing LGBT themed fiction and poetry,” Kayode Ani
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In these critical times, the rapid spread of false information can be alarming and harmful.

“The decisions we make need to be guided by facts, not fear or panic” @DrTedros
#NCDCSundayReflections Image
In strengthening our surveillance & preparedness for the novel #coronavirus, we’ve put in place significant measures

We‘ve agreed an initial national case definition to identify suspect cases

We‘ll review these criteria as additional information on #nCoV2019 becomes available Image
On the 1st of February, we validated our capacity to test for the novel #coronavirus at the @NCDCgov National Reference Laboratory(NRL)

This means that we are now able to test samples from patients that meet the national case definition of the novel #coronavirus here in #Nigeria Image
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After a hectic week, it’s Time for some light banter ..

I had read this interesting piece some months ago and received it again yesterday. I felt this could be something that all #Lagosians and #Nigerians will love to read and hence the share ...
A young, well qualified Officer left the job in Lagos and emigrated to Canada for better prospects and applied for a salesman's job at Vancouver's premier downtown department store. It was the biggest store in the world: you could get anything there.
The boss asked him, "Have you ever been a salesman before?"

"Yes sir, I was a salesman in Nigeria
The boss liked him and said, "You can start tomorrow. Learn fast and do well."

The first working day was long and arduous for the young man, but he got through it.
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Last week, we hosted the #NCDCPartners Day.

Over the last three years, we have built and strengthened partnerships with national, regional and global organisations. Several institutions work closely with us in protecting the health of #Nigerians

#NCDCSundayReflections Image
Building partnerships requires a lot of investment.

At @NCDCgov, we have spent some of the last 3 years building our internal capacity to work with partners, manage funds, implement activities, develop and maintain trust. ImageImageImageImage
More importantly, the development of the NCDC Strategy Plan & the National Action Plan for Health Security means that we are able to clearly outline our priorities and define expected outputs.

This is a critical aspect of country ownership. ImageImage
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It has been difficult for me to engage w/ largely dismissive criticisms of #Nigeria’s move to close its land borders with #Benin & #Niger to address rampant smuggling and #Benin’s systematic flouting of Ecowas trade protocols & other treaties signed w/ #Nigeria.
But I feel this issue is too important not to try to improve public understanding about what’s at stake and why the status quo was untenable. So, what follows is a #thread about border security & rules-based trade, which is what the border closure is about at its core.
I’m going to state upfront that I will not engage re this issue on this medium. Instead, I’ll be doing a Facebook Live on Monday w/ @EurasiaGroup colleague Willis Sparks @ 11am EST/5pm Lagos. Please send (constructive) questions w/ hashtag #NaijaBorder & we will address them.
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We are live now!

NCDC DG, @Chikwe_I discussing recent #yellowfever updates in #Nigeria. Tune in NOW to ChannelsTV by via:

“Unlike #lassafever, #yellowfever is not a disease we should be having because we have a very safe and effective vaccine to prevent it” ~@Chikwe_I
”Its the #yellowfever vaccine that protects, not the card. Many people get the #yellowfever card without the vaccine. Please ensure you are vaccinated to stay safe from yellow fever” ~@Chikwe_I
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Over the last two weeks, we have had incidences of our routine reports being misinterpreted by the media.

Dedicating few tweets to explain how we @NCDCgov share our data and how we can work with the media in developing the right messages for #Nigerians

#NCDCSundayReflections Image
As we have done for the last three years, every week we publish a National Weekly Epidemiological Report.

This provides data and information on epidemic prone diseases in Nigeria.

When numbers exceed a threshold, we declare an outbreak and publicly announce this ImageImage
Unfortunately, the data in our WER is sometimes misrepresented - leading to stories capable of causing panic.

E.g, since we reported the first cases of #monkeypox in 2017, we’ve been recording sporadic cases weekly. There is better awareness & improved capacity to manage cases Image
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Nigerians have gathered outside the Nigerian consulate. They are getting into the busses so that they can be transported to the airport. First flight out of SA is at 9am. We understand over 600 Nigerians have opted to leave SA due to the recent #XenophobicAttacks
Many mothers with their children are queuing to get a seat on the bus as quick as possible. Over 600 Nigerians have taken up the option to leave the country due to the recent #XenophobicAttacks
One bus has already taken the first load. There are two more busses stationed outside. No one is allowed to speak to the media. A clear instruction from the consulate they say. #XenophobicAttacks
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Uju Ndubuisi Chukwu was Deputy Director-General of Chartered Insurance Institute of #Nigeria (CIIN). In South Africa to attend the conference of the African Insurance Organisation (AIO), she was found dead in her hotel room in Jburg on 13 June. Today we ask #WhoKilledUjuNdubuisi?
The night before her body was found, Uju, who was lodged at the Emperor's Palace Hotel & Convention Centre had attended the closing dinner of the AIO Conference. Her colleagues who were with her saw her healthy.
The Emperor's Palace Hotel where she stayed & died is less than 5 Km from the OR Tambo Int'l Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, which markets itself as a secure, safe destination for rest, relaxation & major events.
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St John's Anglican Church, Igbein, Abeokuta, was founded in 1947. Its 1st Vicar was Samuel Ajayi Crowther, Herbert Macaulay's grand-dad. It is a truly historical piece of architecture with unique character & dating from well b4 #Nigeria was thought of.
In any sensible country, St. John's Igbein will be a protected or listed building be an acknowledgement of the historical character of the building & will make it difficult to simply destroy the building at a whim
Rather than do this, some Philistines in Cassock have decided that the church needs to be uprooted & replaced with a new piece of garish architecture. The idea of knocking down St. John's Igbein or disposing of it wld be unimaginable in a civilized country
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Zamfara State has:
Worst insecurity problem in NW #Nigeria
Over 20% of children out of school
Only 46.3% primary school completion rate
Least Early Childcare Development (ECD) centres in #Nigeria
MMR at 1,100 deaths per 100,000
Yet, the priority project of its new Gov is airport?
Zamfara's 2017 population was 4.7 million across 14 LGAs. It has 345 medical Drs, with 270 or 78% of them in the State capital, Gusau. The remaining 13 LGAs with over 4m ppl are served by just 75 Drs, i.e 1 Dr per 53,333 or less than 6 Drs per LGA.…
With over 1,014,136 Women of Child Bearing Age (WCBA) in Zamfara, the state records 11, 000 Maternal Deaths annually. In other words, every day, at least 30 women will die during childbirth in Zamfara. For every 100,000 pregnant women, 1,100 will die…
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There is a thin line between contributing to knowledge through research and prioritising public health response during outbreaks. For us at @NCDCgov, our responsibility is to find the right balance, as they are interdependent.
Both research and response are critical. We can not do one without the other. It is important for countries especially like ours, to focus on building strong foundations. Supporting communities to improve health systems that will build trust and save lives
Over the last 3 years, there has been an increased interest of global institutions- public health, research and funding institutes, in the work we do especially in response to #meningitis #Lassafever #monkeypox. We need research to develop new tools to improve response
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Tomorrow, in Addis-Ababa, the Peace & Security Council (PSC) of @_AfricanUnion meets in emergency on the situation in Sudan under. Nigeria will chair it. It's the 1st meeting of any policy organ of the #AU on the epochal situation unfolding in Khartoum…
Sudan matters to the stability of Africa in a way that arguably no other country does. It is a complex, big, fragile country with borders to the most complex & fragile regions of the continent. The potential for regional stability contagion are huge if Sudan is distressed
Sudan is critical to stability in the #Sahel, North Africa, the #GulfOfAden, the #NileBasin, the #GreatLakes, East Africa; the Horn of Africa, Central Africa & #WestAfrica. There's no other #African country whose wellbeing can so ripple through the continent like Sudan.
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