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Thread: Why banning TikTok would be a disaster for America

As if things weren’t bad enough in America, now they want to take away your TikToks. Here are some reasons why that would be a terrible idea. #SaveTikTok #NoBan
TikTok is a cultural phenomenon that has given voice and visibility to millions of young Americans, especially those from marginalized communities. Banning it would deprive them of a creative outlet and a source of empowerment. #DiversityMatters
TikTok is also a platform for social activism and civic engagement, where young Americans can raise awareness and mobilize around issues that matter to them. Banning it would silence their voices and undermine their causes. #ActivismNotCensorship
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BREAKING: Ok #Noban tweeps, DOS has completed the review of the processes affected by the revocation of the #MuslimBan (PP9645 & 9983). Here is the half-a*s path forward
1/ If your immigrant visa (IV) was refused on or after 20 Jan '20 due #MuslimBan *YOU MAY* seek re-adjudication without resubmitting DS260 or paying any additional fees, provided the underlying visa petitions remain valid. You'll get priority adjudication. AWSOME news!
2/ If you IV was denied on account of #MuslimBan *before* 20 Jam '20 may you can request a reconsideration of the 212f refusal but you
-- must submit new application
-- pay a new application fee.

Absolutely unconscionable!
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Wow! The latest report from Govt on Immigrant Visa backlog as of 2-8-2021, courtesy of @ckuck.

* 188,390 documentarily qualified (DQ) applicants in immediate relative IV categories

* 284,614 DQ applicants in family preference IV categories awaiting appointments.

Now, these numbers include only documentary qualified applicants and ONLY in the IR and family priority categories. It does not include the EB and DV cases. Adding the cases in the pipeline at NVC that are not yet DQed, we are looking at ~1Million cases!

Now the same report provides latest stats in another critical category: visa interviews conducted. Get this!

In the month of January 2021 DOS conducted TOTAL of

* 8,273 interviews for all immediate relative IV categories

* 262 interviews for all family preference IV categories
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OMG! President Biden has now TERMINATED the national emergency decl on the southern border, clearing the way for the repeal of CDC Title 42 expulsion order.

#NoBan tweeps, PP10014 must be next!
Somehow the Title 42 order and the #entrybans were seen by the Admin as a “package”. Let’s get rid of both TODAY, @POTUS!!!
Anyone has a link to @potus letter terminating the national emergency and freezing funding to Trump’s wall.
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Whoooo. 1st "blanket" NIE for the EU COVID-19 entry bans: "those applicants who are found to be otherwise qualified for an F-1 or M-1 visa will automatically be considered for a national interest exception to travel."…
This could be encouraging, #noban tweeps!!! All that @TravelGov need to do is POST one of these bloody notices and #DV2020VisaHolders with valid visas will have their dreams turn to reality!

Let's do this, DOS!
First time I have seen F/M being able to be scheduled in most European consulates. Major improvement on some of the exempted NIVs also. #NoBan
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Ok #NoBan and #DV2020VisaHolders tweeps, the status conference in the Gomez case is about to start in 5 min.

Just got in on the call so, unless I get booted out will live tweet>>>> 🧵
This status hrg was prompted by yesterday's DCC order, more on that here:
This is a "status" conference so do not expect a substantive decision BUT YOU NEVER KNOW.

silence on the line. We're waiting for another atty
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BREAKING: DC Circuit just sent the Gomez Appeal back to the district court to determine whether "interim relief" is due and whether Government intends to "enforce" PP10014.
The order specifically references the R28j letters which were regarding the expiring/expired #DV2020 visas. Govt argued that nothing was done after judge Mehta invited parties in Gomez to address the issue. Now District Court is sending it to the court to decide the issue.
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The immigration ban must be stopped! @JoeBiden has yet to end this cruel ban.

Alongside @AILANational, @jactioncenter and @Mayer_Brown we have been challenging this wide reaching and harmful ban in court.


The immigration ban affects hundreds of thousands of people, including more than ten thousand #DV2020 visa holders, whose visas are at risk of being invalid by the time the ban expires or are already invalid. Biden must not take this opportunity away from people!

People like Golden and her family are counting on the Biden administration to take action now!


Learn more about Golden’s story here:…

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Twitter is making me start a new threat. #noban 49
Judge - Before 6/22, when consular officer was reviewing an H-1B, did the officer have to review critical infrastructure requirement? Isn’t that a new requirement? Judge - Where do I look for criteria consular officer is supposed to use. Wen - It’s in the INA. #noban 49.1
Wen addressing Panda arguments. Judge - Anything in administrative record to support finding that Pres was consulting with DOL and DHS secretaries re impact on economy? Wen - I think so. Don’t have cite handy. #noban 50
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The preliminary injunction hearing in the Gomez v. Trump (& consolidated cases). I will be sharing thoughts as we go along. Should start in a few minutes & last about 90 to 120 minutes. This is a critical hearing. The judge will decide whether to enjoin the visa bans. 1
I’ll be using the #noban hashtag per @curtisatlaw’s suggestion. 2
While we’re waiting, however this case goes, kudos to the various teams of lawyers who filed the cases challenging the 4/22 and 6/22 visa ban lawsuits. 500,000 people are impacted and the work that’s gone into this effort has been massive. #noban 3
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The President’s anti-Muslim travel ban is a disgrace to our Nation and the values for which we stand. This expanded travel ban is un-American and makes us less safe. #NoBan
National security experts have made it clear there is no evidence that individuals traveling from these countries present higher security risks.

This isn’t about safety. This is about prejudice.
Hate has no place in our Nation. That’s why I’m a cosponsor of several pieces of legislation to combat these cruel intentions, including the Burma Human Rights Freedom Act and the NO BAN Act. America must stand as a beacon for hope and freedom, not discrimination.
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Judge Emmet Sullivan of the Federal District CT in DC (yes, the same Sullivan who lambasted Flynn last week) is behind this, too. Today, he's my hero! #AsylumIsLegal #FridayFeeling #NoBan…
2-"A day after a federal judge denounced the former Trump adviser Michael Flynn, at a sentencing hearing, for lying to F.B.I. agents, the judge had a similar message on Wednesday for former Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Follow the law. It was one of two court decisions this
3-"week making clear that the administration was overstepping its powers to restrict the granting of asylum.The ruling on Wednesday involved then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s decision in June to bar immigrants from seeking asylum based on their fears of domestic violence and
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