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I think guys need to talk about our feelings and mental health way more in an open and honest environment.

Where conversations are had between us rather than at us.

I’m tired of my mental health— as a guy being a talking point and not actually being addressed with other guys.
I would much rather have some of my friends talk to me about their feelings, anxiety or depression then to find them dead one day.
In my opinion part of the problem is that media only talks about mental health after someone— typically a male commits a mass shooting.

When in reality people that are mentally are significantly more likely to be the victims of gun violence including gun suicide.
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You know, I know you’re new to Twitter and all, so I’ll try to be gentle and honest. All kidding and snark aside. Really. I mean it.

Please, please never do this again. You can’t be serious because until a couple of hours ago you didn’t know I existed. That’s not enough time. 1/
2 Plus you’re in Kansas, or so it seems, and I’m not, and I don’t think you know where I am. So the “program” you’d be recommending would have to be online or a hotline and I can’t imagine what would be likely to help, assuming I needed help (about which you didn’t ask). 2/
3 So I’m kind of thinking your “help” post might have been just a jokey debating tactic. But maybe not. You “diagnosed” @NoLore with NPD so heaven knows what you figure I’m suffering from.

Anyway please don’t ever joke about #MentalHealthMatters on Twitter or any other ... 3/
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1/ I would like to share my story of my #mentalillness (Bipolar Disorder II) and how I deal with it, to show that mental illness is everywhere, and that someone can have a mental illness and be successful. I hope this story can empower someone and help reduce the stigma.
2/ I am a successful PhD student in Chemistry. I am happy, I have travelled the world, I have lived abroad for a year, I am a varsity Squash athlete, I have a BSc in Biochemistry and a MSc in Chemistry. But my biggest success: doing all this while managing a mental illness.
3/ A few weeks ago, I woke up and it took me over an hour to get out of bed. After a day of achieving little at work, I went straight home. I did not feel like my usual after-work walk, I did not want to play squash, I did not want to read a book. I had no energy.
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Here's my latest update to my collection of active Twitter #Disability & #ChronicIllness Hashtags - previous update 12.13.18.

Please share it. Thank you! :-) Light blue sand background has the # drawn in the sand to the right. The left side is blank. <br />
<br />
At the bottom of the picture, text reads
Portable PDF version will appear on my Kofi in the next day or so.


These hashtags are for sharing your stories & experiences. Also helpful for crowdsourcing solutions.

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Confessions of a bipolar professor (1/5): #hypomania sounds like it is a wonderful thing - increased energy fueling creativity and good times! What's not to like? But for me, I'm in the midst of dysmorphic hypomania. And it just plain sucks.

#bipolar #highered #AcademicTwitter
(2/5) my brain, which has been rigorously trained for decades, suddenly believes that 1 + 1 = blue. I know I am not thinking rationally, but my head is also telling me to do all sorts of crazy things!

#bipolar #hypomania #AcademicTwitter
(3/5) brain: let's destroy relationships! Let's yell at everybody and go down in the flames of angry glory! Let's run away and purchase a house in Spain! Let's be the worst version of ourself!

Rational brain: wait a second....

#bipolar #hypomania #AcademicTwitter
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1/ I want to talk about my Mom's passing today. It was Feb 17th of 2014--exactly five years ago today--that she passed.

Escaping today and watching a ballgame was therapeutic for me. Because I last saw her on Valentine's Day, I get very solemn when "the day" comes around.
2/ I got her a bouquet for V-Day and dropped it off at the Nursing Home where she been for the five months before her death. She had spent months in Convalescent Homes twice before; once for a bad fall and once because she nearly chocked to death while eating.
3/ In the choking incident, she coded while in her room. She had been eating her dinner and began to choke; she aspirated a very large bite of chicken and was unconscious when the staff found her. The pulmonary specialist later told us that she was very fortunate to have...
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Sad news about the suicide that occured.
#MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealthMatters #wakeupnigeria
We cannot stress enough the importance of our mental health & the almost zero effort by the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders such as govt & civil agencies to raise awareness about this crippling disease, provide treatment & counselling and curb stigma surrounding it.
We cannot stress enough the importance of our mental health & the almost zero effort by the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders such as govt & civil agencies to raise awareness about this crippling disease, provide treatment & counselling and curb stigma surrounding it.
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We are glad you're feeling better now and you were able to seek and find help to get you there. Again thank you for opening up about such a sensitive topic and doing so in a relatable way that can be easily understood. #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #MentalHealthMatters
Mental health issues is no respecter of persons regardless of who or what we are and millions of Nigerians suffer this harsh reality every single day. Lack of knowledge, information and resources make it a million times worse. #ThursdayThoughts #MentalHealthMatters #WakeUpNigeria
And being a deeply religious nation is a contributing factor for people running from pillar to post, from one church or pastor to one baba or spiritualist, seeking for help against one village person or demon somewhere. #ThursdayThoughts #MentalHealthMatters
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Here's my lastest update Twitter #Disability & #ChronicIllness Hashtags - previous update 10.17.18

Please share it.
I'll have a PDF version of this for download on my Ko-fi by this time tomorrow. Link at the end.

These hashtags are for sharing your stories & experiences. Also good for crowdsourcing solutions.

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I just sobbed for the past 20 minutes.
@AdyBarkan put into words what I haven’t been able to—cannot wait to talk to my therapist about it.

I’ve had #chronicpain for ~15 years now (I’m 30), and I was just diagnosed with Crohn’s disease last Friday.
Up until recently, I’d push myself beyond the pain—my family, my friends, and my students were worth it!
I might be out for weeks after a charity walk or a protest march, but it was worth it!

But now, it feels like my body went on strike. I can’t push it anymore.
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1/Children & young people with autism and learning disabilities who could be living in the community with specialist support are languishing for years in Assessment & Treatment Units, some of them locked up 24/7 in isolation rooms, bec of severe financial pressure on Local Auths
2/ At the same time, private providers running these ATUs are raking in profits, being paid £452m per yr in what has become a market driven provision where autistic and LD people are little more than commodities
3/ This in spite of the fact that caring for them in the community would be far less expensive not to mention far better for the individuals concerned, their quality of life, their security and safety and their wellbeing
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My name is Johnnie Jae, I'm from the Otoe-Missouria & Choctaw tribes of Oklahoma. I am the founder of @tribecalledgeek & our suicide prevention initiative #Indigenerds4Hope. I am a co-founder of @notyourmascots & @LiveIndigenous and I'm a Bi-Polar Suicide Survivor
I will struggle with mental illness and suicide for the rest of my life. It isn't easy, it's painful. I get tired, I get frustrated and I struggle but I'm also braver, stronger, wiser, patient and compassionate. I've learned to thrive and live with purpose.
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My suicide plan was to steal a bunch of narcotics and anti-emetics, go to the beach, and swim out into the Gulf until either the drugs overtook me or I became exhausted and drowned. Then if I was "rescued" they wouldn't realize I was dying from overdose until its too late #SeaTac
I no longer work at a job where stealing a lethal amount of narcotics would be easy and I don't want to die, but sometimes I stand on the beach and wonder if it would have been the drugs or the water that would have taken me.
I was in a bad place and no one knew. I couldn't ask for help, I didn't know how. People helped me, they just didn't know it. A kind smile, a generous moment of understanding, that gave me hope that maybe there was something to live for.
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Boppin about this evening & ran across this #article
Are you #Emotionally #Repressed?…
How do the kids say it nowadays? I feel #calledout?
I've gotten much better,but i can still recall a time when I thought the epitome of feeling good, was feeling nothing
Seriously, if you're #reading down the #list going, "That's me, that's me, that's me, and oooooo is that EVER me!"

I'd definitely #recommend getting some #help with the matter.
It's taken years to be #comfortable in my own skin.
Years of breaking the old records in my head
-And as #Ralph would say, Totally worth it!

It's a freakin #relief, to cry a tiny bit in a #movie theatre at a moving point in the film, without having to expend all the extra #energy in "did someone see me?"

and that's just one tiny perk :)

I #lookforward to-
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I got to explain #GayPanic and #UselessLesbian to my pysch today 😂

These are terms I just learned (over the last few months myself) that described succinctly, what the heck is going on with my brain.

To unpack these terms, I'm going to start you with Sappho.
“Sweet mother, I cannot weave –
slender Aphrodite has overcome me
with longing for a girl.” –Sappho

To everyone, we've almost all been in this feeling. (i cannot speak for Ace)
Someone we see or meet, and their presence just #dazzles us into #malfunction (however brief)

- it's a pretty common #human #feeling. (again, cannot speak for Ace, and that's ok, y'all are lovely :) )

now here's where #GayPanic sets in... we feel the feels...omg. wow.
and our brains go into... IS THIS DANGER????

I'm sorry to say, our panic does start there.
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After getting a good rap on the knuckles by editors for being a lazy lurker on social media, here's course correction. I am now doing a thread of all my reportage in 2018. (@sree and @prempanicker had encouraged me to do this many years ago 🙈) Please read and share.
While urbanisation is a global trend, villagers around #Ahmedabad don't want to live in cities. Since 2012, #Gujarat government has encouraged 12 cities to swallow up some 800 villages. And now, most of them are resisting. A take on the 'Gujarat Model'.…
The two main problems for the new state of #Telangana are exemplified in
Vemulaghat, a village off #Hyderabad. I went there to understand their conflict over land and #water for irrigation. CC: @Landesa_Global @LandConflicts…
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Every day next few days I'll share one #depression/#anxiety insight from my own experience. If it helps anyone a wee bit, it'll be worth it.
1. "#Happiness" can scare #anxiety patients. In our heads, things are always going wrong. Fear of a "happy" moment undone is doubly painful.
Sorry, this won't be a daily affair as I had earlier imagined. But here's insight #2 based on my brush with #depression/#anxiety.
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