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@INBreakthrough @GiveIndia I agree with this truth. Domestic violence has existed even before the lockdown – and as a result, has been aggravated during the lockdown. #UniteAgainstDV
@INBreakthrough @GiveIndia Effectively, the lockdown has provided an enhanced enabling environment for DV against people of all sex, gender identities, and expressions: community silence, closed doors, lack of access to institutionalized support, and reduced / closed mobility #UniteAgainstDV
@INBreakthrough @GiveIndia During the lockdown, more people have been forced to stay at “home” with violent &/ toxic family members / roommates / partners - and the exposure to violence / violent behaviors is regular, if not constant. #UniteAgainstDV
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I read that u are tweeting about blacking out on Tuesday.
A group allegedly advocating for victims of domestic violence (#DV) is suggesting that after yet another escalation in violence by tRUmp and third party enablers,
people should stop reaching out, stop communicating with each other?
This sounds exactly like the threats of those who claim to be helping DV vics like myself:
“The last person who complained of [a corrupt MSA] got a bullet in her head”
“If you tell no one will help you”
“If u don’t take down your blogs, u can’t have a relationship with ________”
“Judge, she names names, she names everyone, she even named you. Kick this upstairs [meaning force it into appeals]”
An attorney working with a DV organization agreed to my goals and expectations of
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1. #FFS #BBCNews @BBC

Why you spreading divisive inflammatory violence rioting+arson normalising enabling promoting encouraging & glorifying left-wing propaganda

Why you broadcasting views of ignorant uneducated idiots

And I don't mean just your "liberal" staff

2. #FFS #BBCNews @BBC

More whites than blacks killed by police in US

Black cop more likely to kill black than white cop

Considering VASTLY higher level of armed violent & lethal crime carried carried out by blacks are FEWER blacks killed by police even pro rata

3. #FFS #BBCNews @BBC

Most killing by blacks

More whites are killed by blacks than blacks by whites

Most blacks are killed by fellow blacks

So stop spreading #BLM spin lies & propaganda

Stop being riot arson murder normalisers apologists enablers facilitators

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#オペラント箱/#スキナー箱」という #実験 で説明します。

ある細工を施した箱に、#ネズミ を入れます。ネズミが歩き回り、偶然 #レバー に触ると、どこからか #エサ が出てきます。
これを繰り返すとネズミはレバーを引くことを #学習 し、#積極的 にレバーを引くようになります。

「エサ」は「レバーを引く」という #行動#強化 した、といいます。

どちらも #人間 を含む #動物 の学習を #行動心理学的 に説明します。違いは、「オペラント条件づけ」の方は自分から #積極的 に行動することで学習するという点です。

オペラント条件付けを #応用 して、今度はレバーを引いた時 #ランダム でエサが出るように細工をします。
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I have had a number of people reach out to me in the past few days w/friends they have in dangerous #domesticviolence situations. #Covid is making many homes far more dangerous. So here is a general thread on what to do if you have a friend in a #DV situation during #Covid 1/
First, courts are STILL OPEN in most jurisdictions for emergency orders of protection. They are closed for non-emergencies. And most courts can grant these 24/7. However most courts are also backlogged right now. If you can, take pictures of your important documents... 2/
Passports, birth certs, kids school & medical records, health & life insurance info, etc. Send those pics to a trusted friend and either erase them from your phone, or P/W protect them. DV hotlines can safety plan with you. If you are having trouble getting out of the house... 3/
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How social change happens. A thread: 👇
The town of #Pittsfield, MA got a new DA, #AndreaHarrington. She read my book, #NoVisibleBruises. She made it a roadmap 4 change. Ok. That's the only thing I'll mention about my involvement, b/c what the town did is so much greater.
The @CountyBerkshire DA partnered w/the local #DV agency (Elizabeth Freeman Ctr) & the local @bookstorelenox. The bookstore gave 20% of its profits to the #DV agency. The #DV & #DA subsided books 4 survivors. They made it a community read & had 50 (!) book groups. Then...
@CountyBerkshire @bookstorelenox The #DA implemented 3 changes to protocol: 1. evidence-based prosecution, 2. strangulation training for police, 3. a high risk team (last county in MA to do so @MassGov ). Whoa! Then, she invited me to speak--free & open to the public--& got healthcare workers who attended...3/
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Thread #Activism what we do & what inspires it
Did an interview this week about my activism - theatre activism & the #deadwomenwalking march to remember women killed in the uk by known men I wasn’t prepared for the impact the questions had on me
Asked what was my first memory of political awareness/activism I recalled being in a pub as a teenager & the bar maid had hair under her arms We saw it when she reached up for a glass above the bar My friend was disgusted- disgusted!
I couldn’t grasp why female body hair was so abhorrent to another woman & of course I was awakened to all the messages we get - bleach your moustache, shave your legs, wax your ‘down there’ It’s unnatural get rid of it! It’s dirty get rid of it!
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We're live RIGHT NOW with #KamalaHarris. Tune in now to watch the Senator answer questions directly from the women of the Supermajority community here:
On breaking barriers: "You don't start on one side and end up on the other. There is breaking involved. When you break things, it can be painful...It will be worth it every single time, but it is not without pain, hard work, and great effort." — @KamalaHarris #theMajorityRules
@KamalaHarris What is @KamalaHarris' superpower?

"One of the greatest powers that each of us has, and it's a matter of whether or not we see it or identify it for what it is, is to lift each other up. Women do that so well." #theMajorityRules
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Usually, a judge’s biased response to vague allegations of child abuse lead to custody battles which are then used to modify a divorce agreement to take away a woman’s rights and assets.
So how do they take the assets when there are no underage children?
Similar vague allegations of misconduct by the wife, even though such actions are against public policy. Translated: judge lied, his lawyers lied, he lied in order to take house, private practice, retirement.
Leaving 66 yr old woman homeless, w/o retire, and dependent on abuser
I realize why I find the House’s reluctance in using their power to compel subpoena production and impeach so upsetting. Because my judge allowed repeated obstruction to marital assets for attorney fees, I was unable to compel the production of basic financial data, including
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This whole tRUmp debacle has certainly driven home the legal system’s hostility toward individuals and the double standard beteeen those with clout/money and regular folks. The easy ability to just go to a higher court if you have clout versus
having the bailiff eject u from courtroom and threaten u with jail has certainly taken its psychological toll. We assume if the law says u must do X, then you must, but bullies like tRUmp have shown my I’m not only one facing double standard. Difference is, I can’t go back to
my upscale Winnetka house anymore at night since my husband has used a complicit judge to help him hide existence of TIE deed, so I go back to sleep in my car when I’m tired. They’re still dismantling my house.
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1/ @TheTakeaway @tanzinavega really disappointed you had this guest on a show peddling controversial theories that weaponize the failures of the #criminaljusticesystem #racism and #massincarceration against survivors of #domesticviolence and #coercivecontrol.
2/#VAWAs failures lie not only in its non-holistic, non-systemic approach to addressing #DV—not as #coercivecontrol and not in coordination with child safety risks, as it should be—but also in its methodology, assumptions, implementation etc. @thetakeaway @tanzinavega
3/Just because #VAWA is flawed doesn’t mean you throw the baby out with the bath water. Her theories are dangerous to #survivors and hide its misogynist underpinnings as they center #abuser needs over #survivor and #child #safety, #stability #strength. @TheTakeaway @tanzinavega
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As was demonstrated in #InjusticeKavanaugh’s job interview, Herculean efforts by Dr Blasey Ford are ridiculed and rebuffed

If I could receive an hour of honest independent legal support 4 every REFFERAL I got 4 reporting #DV, I would be living in my Winnetka house/home office
instead of in my car, living w/ hacked phone, email, stripped of my license due 2 hacked US mail, ID theft.

It’s not that we don’t report
It’s not that judges don’t know the law
It’s because they all love the money, my money, and misogynistic power
Head and Master outlawed
2/ 1981 (#Kirchberg_v_Feenstra), yet denial of due process, equal protection, even in Illinois with gender, disability non-discrimination written into IL Constitution.

Have substantial #PaperTrail
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Perhaps I can contribute 2 the judiciary conversation based on my experiences in Cook County case 08d6436
1. When they hold hearings in secret, is no record to challenge
2. If they won’t let me speak, I cannot make a record for review
3. If they obstruct discovery, denied proof
The GOP is engaged in a personal and professional smear of Dr. Hall, demonstrating the very misogyny they deny they engage in.
In my case, since the clerk of court won’t produce the COMPLETE record for an appeal, despite pleading to force clerk to comply, my appeal was dismissed for want of prosecution
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A man commits obscene abuse & ppl think "no one's at risk here" b/c "it's a family matter". Wake up, or this will never change. "Domestic abusers" are just narcissistic criminals w/a sneaky way to get away w/crime. "Domestic violence" is violent crime.…
AGAIN: "Domestic" violence is just an insidious method violent narcissists use to hide their horrific crimes. This article does a much, much better job of laying out years of abuse and manipulation by the triple-murderer who killed 2 of his own children:…
We help violent narcissists by treating their criminality as "not the same as *real* crime". This monster groomed+seduced a 15yr old then abused their babygirl so badly that the teen mom had the baby adopted! 18yrs later, this man seduced & murdered that same daughter. #shock #dv
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