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Destiny Harris (@606hoodlum) who is a youth organizer with #NoCopAcademy, was at the WGN mayoral debate as an invited audience member, doing homework & waiting for it to start...and was kicked out along with adult ally Debbie because of "concern from the campaigns."
Destiny has a hunch that it was one campaign in particular.

it's really disgusting to me to on one hand tsk-tsk and condescend to young people and complain about voter turnout and on the other hand silence, exclude, or threaten them for using their voice to express political dissent and legitimate critique.
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Morning! I’ll be live-tweeting today’s Chicago Board of Election Commissioners meeting for @CHIdocumenters. There’s a lot going on down the street—at City Council #NoCopAcademy #DelayTheTIF & #HellNoHilco press conference is in progress. Final votes on all 3 today #ChiDocumenters
Here’s a link to the agenda for the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners meeting…
And, for good measure, here’s a @BlockClubCHI article on today’s City Council meeting…
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A thread: In my four years on the Chicago City Council I’ve faced anti-immigrant, anti-Latinx, and homophobic harassment from some of my colleagues.
Until now I’ve remained quiet about the harassment I’ve received because it’s not about me, it’s about us, and I've felt there are much bigger systemic issues that require our energy and attention.
I also know that much of the ire I’ve received is a direct result of my progressive stances & my siding with our grassroots social movements, whether it be #NoCopAcademy, #CPACNow, #EraseTheDatabase, & that the youth at the frontlines of these movements have received much worse.
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Destiny Harris explains the #nocopacademy campaign "The fight against the cop academy is the fight against many issues in America"

"I've learned that when *we build movements* that make bold and visionary calls there are there are politicians such as Bernie who will be willing to stand on the side of justice no matter the cost" Destiny Harris #BernieInChicago
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At #BernieInChicago kickoff event because this journalist isn’t about to take word of some former Clinton campaign official or surrogate who may go on MSNBC or CNN to make claims about rally, even though they weren’t there
.@tommiesreunion gospel choir warming up crowd at Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign kickoff event in Chicago #BernieInChicago
Destiny Harris, 18 year-old black queer woman from west side of Chicago, who speaks about #NoCopAcademy, gentrification, housing discrimination, killing of Laquan McDonald by CPD officer, her school being shut down by Rahm Emanuel #BernieInChicago
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I didn't think I was going to need to do this but......

Y'all, we need to talk about Lori Lightfoot. She has spent the last several months pretending she was the most progressive candidate for mayor and just picked up an Sun-Times endorsement but:

Lori Lightfoot served as Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois in the criminal division from 1996–2002.
This was before this current wave of "progressive prosecutors" (which is bullshit but we'll save that for another day), meaning she used to send people to prison, which is.....SUPER PROGRESSIVE. 🧐
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So excited to hear @BarbaraRansby and several activists and scholars speak at this panel tomorrow:

"Chairman Fred Lives": The Life and Legacies of Fred Hampton, Illinois Black Panther Party Chairman"

#AHA2019 #Chicago
#LeftPOC #FredHampton
more info on this session here:…
I'm also excited to hear Beatrice Wayne (whom I interviewed for the 10th episode of the @LeftPOC podcast, which you can hear via… ) speak later today on the meaning of fashion during the Ethiopian student protests of the 1960s)
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People say “why do you only care when police kill people but not when black people kill each other.” Most of those people are trolls but in case anyone has this question in good faith I’ll humor you and address it quickly.
1) you don’t know what people in Chicago do every day to fight intracommunity gun violence. You know nothing about it. You don’t know about the work we do in education, community mental health, mentorship, or other long-term comprehensive efforts. Educate yourself.
one small example: no, you’re not gonna see me tweet BLACK FOLKS R KILLING EACH OTHER. But when you see me up in arms about making sure Assata’s Daughters has gardening supplies or school closings, it’s bc I understand that shooters are hungry people & kids with no schools.
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Our new base in New Orleans includes a beautiful outdoor meeting space. Students from nine schools do group affinity icebreakers. #chinola2018
Youngest #Chinola2018 member: Xio.
Hyde Park students open lunch sharing by sharing their campaigns: we are fighting to make the @BarackObama library accept a community benefits agreement. #Chinola2018
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