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Chaos Cup Raffle Team this year is the @BbHungrytroll Ixodois team sculpted by the incomparable @PRamoS_Poncho and painted expertly by Josh Wojcik. Charity to benefit will be @_MealsOnWheels Chicago. #BloodBowl #Squigtember

Him like biting and prancing on folks he bites after they fall down.

#BloodBowl #Squigtember

Him’s burps smells like him’s farts.
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#Lockdown Day 1 - Supergirl S4 is easily its best. Relevant story line, powerful villains, clone supergirl and also Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor was spectacular.
#Lockdown Day 2 - No Meat shops open in my area. Vegetables prices more than 2X of normal.
Carrot - 160/kg
Beans - 160/Kg
Tomato - 70/Kg
#Lockdown Day 2 - Theri is easily Atlee's best film. Vijay's style as the police is just unmatched in any of his movies since then.
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In the middle of the #COVID19 crisis, we cannot forget the election. We need to ask ourselves: who is a capable and compassionate leader in times of crisis and beyond? Whose policies will correct the course, help the people, and avert future disasters? It is clear: Bernie Sanders
Trump has demonstrated (again) that he's unfit: recklessly unprepared and unstable, rejecting science, politicizing a global crisis, doesn't give a shit about people. By Nov, his irresponsibility will have cost us many many thousands of lives and economic ruin for normal folks.
Biden, then? Former VP to provide stability? But no: he is a key architect of the status quo that is indirectly responsible: insufficient medical care, lack of paid sick & family leave, poor worker protections, half of the people being unable to afford a $400 emergency expense...
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Senator @ewarren has, in an absurd turn of events, been duped by the establishment to weaponize Bernie’s online popularity against him, as an excuse for her silent endorsement of @joebiden!


In her post-“Super Tuesday” interview with @maddow, @ewarren comforted her core supporter base by showing her continued commitment to both help working families and fight for a female President.

@ewarren also gave voice to victims of online harassment, including publication of personal information, and pointed a finger at the campaign of @berniesanders specifically, feeding into the #BernieBros narrative.

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Good morning! We’ve got the incredible @CynthiaNixon firing up our Central Florida grassroots volunteers today! #FloridaForBernie #Bernie2020
Getting ready for the onslaught of volunteers coming who are ready to launch a canvass out of Miami Shores! #FloridaForBernie #Bernie2020
Miami for Bernie volunteer Nikola cast her ballot today for Bernie and brought her daughters to watch their mom vote for not just their future, but also the future of those who are less fortunate. #NotMeUs #IVoted #Bernie2020 #FloridaForBernie
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“The Chicago Teachers Union has always fought to make big changes. Collectively, we have fought against racial and economic disparities, attempts to close and privatize our public schools, and powerful special interests,” CTU Vice President Stacy Davis Gates said.
“And now, our fight for high-quality schools and thriving neighborhoods take us to the ballot box. And let’s be real, our nation needs a political revolution.
“Black mothers and educators like me need a candidate that will fight for all our students and ensure they live in a society where student loan debt isn’t a burden and access to healthcare is a human right.
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"Bernie doesn't smile enough"

"He's too angry"

Alright @TheDemocrats how about we just gaze on a few gifs (everyone else, feel free to add your favorite gifs and memes). Better?

#NotMeUs #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #BernieSanders2020 #BernieIsTheFrontRunner #BerninForYou
We all know how important it is to swag

Well four years later, he's still got it

@TheDemocrats, can't you see the swag levels?

#NotMeUs #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #BernieSanders2020 #BernieIsTheFrontRunner #BerninForYou
A wink

He's happy and he knows it

See the joy just jumping off the gif, @TheDemocrats?

#NotMeUs #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #BernieSanders2020 #BernieIsTheFrontRunner #BerninForYou
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1/Here are 2 charts from @FPRI, they're keeping track of Foreign Influence. Clint Watts, formerly of the F.B.I who runs FPRI clearly knew Russia was trying to influence our Democratic Primary early on in 2019.

Russia's favorite candidates: Sanders and Tulsi
Least Favorite: Biden
@FPRI 2/It was already clearly laid out in the Mueller report that Russia preferred Sanders over Clinton.

"Russian interference sought to boost Bernie Sanders in 2016."

Why did Russia boost Sanders in the 1st place? Why are they still doing it? (Seems clear.)

@FPRI 3/Sanders, like Trump, have DOWNPLAYED Russia assisting his campaign. When Sanders was asked when he knew Russia was assisting his campaign, he demurred saying:

"We knew what we knew when we knew it, and that's about all that I can say."

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Why Andrew Yang is not for America. His first plan, most comprehensive plan, is UBI(1,000 a month). The biggest issue with this is it doesn’t stack with things like Snap, Tanf, SSI, and many more programs people rely on.
If you go to Andrew Yang's site, he claims it stacks with Social Security Disability... the thing is, not everyone who is disabled has worked enough to collect Social Security, so they get SSI instead. You cannot collect SSI AND UBI at the same time. You must choose one.
Yang's site makes the claim that "Even some people who receive more than $1,000 a month in SSI would choose to take the Freedom Dividend because it has no preconditions."
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I made a thing. 🤣
So, I've been busy.

𝐁𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐞'𝐬 𝐓𝐨𝐩 𝟏𝟎 𝐀𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐑𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝟐𝟎𝟏𝟗

1 ) 25,872 - Queensbridge Park, NYC
2 ) 16,000 - Fort Mason, San Francisco
3 ) 15,000 - Grand Park, Los Angeles
4 ) 14,147 - Venice, Los Angeles

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Let's see which retweet bots are super excited about the third Democratic presidential debate. #ThursdayThoughts

#Warren2020 #AmyForAmerica #YangGang #Booker2020 #FeelTheBern #KHive #MayorPete #Biden2020 #BetoForAmerica #Castro2020

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote A duo of extremely similar real estate bots (@RealtorFairfax and @FairfaxVAAgent) were the first two automated accounts to retweet the preceding tweet. Based on a brief jaunt through their timelines, they seem more focused on retweeting political hashtags than real estate.
@ZellaQuixote @RealtorFairfax @FairfaxVAAgent The third bot retweet comes to us courtesy of @BernieBot_2020, which retweets various Sanders-related hashtags (#Bernie2020, #FeelTheBern, #NotMeUS, and #NoMiddleGround.) We've run across it before.
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A short thread on Elizabeth Warren's daughter and co-author of "The Two-Income Trap" (2004) and "All Your Worth" (2006) Amelia Warren Tyagi.

Just some information I learned recently #FeelTheBern #Bernie2020 #Warren2020 #Election2020 @HootHootBerns @MyLifeIsMunitz
Amelia Warren is the founder and current president of the Business Talent Group.
#Warren2020 #FeelTheBern…
Amelia Warren founded Business Talent Group in 2007 along with Jody Greenstone Miller. It seems like it's a pr firm mixed with hiring "high level independent contractors" aka the gig economy, but for VPs and execs.…
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We started looking at automated activity (and potentially other aspects of) tweets containing various #<candidate first or last name>2020 hashtags (e.g., #Warren2020, #Kamala2020, #Bernie2020, etc.) We examined tweets from Jan 1st - July 3rd, 2019.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Looking more closely at the 2020 hashtags that have both a significant percentage (we used 10% as a cutoff, 3%-ish is average) of automated activity and at least 1000 tweets, we see sizable volume for tweets posted via VK (Russian Facebook-esque social network.) What's the deal?
The VK activity in the 2020 hashtags comes from 21 very similarly-named accounts. Account names are the display name with "Im" prepended (e.g., "Alberta Swift" = "@ImAlbertaSwift.) All tweets were posted via VK, and none tweeted before 2018 (despite some being created in 2015.)
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Hi! I've been an organizer for twenty years. I've worked more than a dozen political campaigns and scores of union campaigns in that time. This app is NOT ORGANIZING. Let me explain. 1/
To be fair, there is a key part of this app that _is_ like organizing, and can make people uncomfortable: assessment. Organizing requires assessing where people stand and recording that data. Many people don't love that. 2/
People especially don't love it when they don't know it's happening. And that's what's deeply wrong with the app. It's ONLY about assessment, not organizing. Because organizing requires engagement, and this app doesn't. 3/
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"A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy," wrote Bernie Sanders. "A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused."
Guess we know why women in #feelthebern were sexually harassed, it’s a Sanders fantasy. #DropTucker
cc: @mmfa
"A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously,"
ummm this women begs to differ but maybe gang rape is a socialist thing? @SenSanders #TuckerCarlsonTonight
Sounds like Bernie loves him some toxic masculinity, dumb women are just trying to pull themselves together.
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Destiny Harris explains the #nocopacademy campaign "The fight against the cop academy is the fight against many issues in America"

"I've learned that when *we build movements* that make bold and visionary calls there are there are politicians such as Bernie who will be willing to stand on the side of justice no matter the cost" Destiny Harris #BernieInChicago
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As Bernie Sanders gears up for a 2nd presidential run (yay #Bernie2020) Twitter is awash with folks who create a mess, point to mess, & say see, we can’t have messes.

We mean the troll army of horrible David Brock’s Shareblue Media.

Here’s a 19 thread tweet for #SOTU19 /1
Who’s David Brock?

Brock’s a self-described “witting cog in the Republican sleaze machine.”

He coined ‘Anita Hill is a little bit slutty, a little bit nutty.’

He wrote The Real Anita Hill, which he freely admits was not so much a book but a character assassination of lies. /2
Bernie Sanders accurately refers to David Brock as scum of the earth. /3

We ❤️ Bernie.…
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Happy Monday! Let’s kick it off w/a Bernie Sanders accomplished a bunch list!

We see folks parroting old smears spread by that nasty Super Pac, saying the Bern achieved nada bc he’s an uncompromising ideologue who doesn’t know how to get things done./1…
Bernie’s in the midst of a distinguished career as a social justice activist & elected official. He’s been a mayor, member of Congress, and a senator.

Bernie’s life has been honed by decades of hard work as a public servant on behalf of poor & middle class Americans. /2
Bernie ran for president-without taking Wall Street $, corporate $, or having a Super Pac for unlimited dinero.

He’s had the integrity to live his life according to progressive values. He’s never shilled for big banks & corporations. That’s quite an accomplishment in DC./3
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I changed my profile pic & the last line in my bio

Do not fear I have lost my focus or my desire to fight for the side of Right

But I'm going to shift tactics a bit because the Left has given us an opening

They have lost their ever-lovin' minds & are showing it
My bio was
Former Special Forces "so expect precision fire"
I did that to rile up PC speech bullies who say you can't use scary metaphors

I'm not caving a bit on the #FreeSpeech front
If anything I'm doubling down
But I'm going to change my tone a bit

From wicked to mocking
For the Right to prevail
We must draw our side together
By reconciling w/ folks who agree on issues but don't love #Trump
Reaching out to folks who used to be Democrats
Until their party went full #FeelTheBern

They don't want to be socialist America-haters
So join us
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Since this article doesn't seem to have any interactive element to it, I'm going to hold a series of polls to determine the winner: #DemBracket #DemPrimary2020 #2020Polls #MarchMadness #BracketOfRandomThings #Bracketology #FITN @TheDemocrats
First matchup in the #Lefties portion of the bracket! Of these 2, which would you rather support in the 2020 Democratic primaries for president?
1. @SenSanders i.e. @BernieSanders #Sanders2020
2. @ninaturner #Turner2020
#TwitterPoll #FeelTheBern #OurRevolution
(Oops, I forgot to include the seeds; Bernie is 1st seed and Nina is 8th seed. The '1' and '2' by their names aren't seeds, but rather correspond to the poll options. I'll fix this in the rest of them, seeing as someone's already voted in this one.)
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As bad as GOP voterID laws are, they don't compare w the ongoing War on Drugs, or for-profit prison pipeline in terms of disenfranchisment
we're talking thousands vs. ~hundreds~ of thousands of POC being ~permanently~ removed from voting rolls. the Dems own a lot of that.
Bernie Sanders has a clearly delineated platform inre the War on Drugs (and thus disenfranchisement) on his website. #FeelTheBern
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Meanwhile... A Bernie Sanders nomination clinches the youth turnout along with other sidelined progressives currently supporting Jill Stein.
He may lose some of the POC turnout, but not much once Clinton stops smearing his support of Obama. (he does need a better tone with them)
The excitement and his support from independents (esp if Trump is the GOP nominee) get the WH and the Senate...
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Here's Reality. and why #ImWithHer should #FeelTheBern: Clinton is reviled by the GOP & Independents as demonstrated in polls...
A Clinton nomination loses many Millennials, who favor Sanders by a 70 point spread. Obama only had them by 40 points...
Clinton might win the WH, but is unlikely to regain the Senate. Clinton drives GOP turnout while losing portions of dem turnout...
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on FB prolly 80% of friends #FeelTheBern. maybe 2% of those go too far or jump the gun on dirty tricks stories. #ImWithHer folk are polite.
on Twitter it's closer to 50/50. maybe 5% of #ImWithHer folk go too far or jump the gun. #FeelTheBern folk are polite. just my experience.
others obviously have a completely different experience. Both sides should chill.
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