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I like that we are paying attention to the Senate now. Too much attention is paid to the executive when we have another arm of the government much closer to us.

The NASS seat is one much easier to remove and replace. We only need organisation and signatures sent to INEC.
Until we recall one Senator and one HOR member. We haven't flexed our political muscle.

We can do it, even if it's just for the symbolism of it.

Recall one rep, it'll send a signal to the rest to sit up.

It's a straightforward process of convincing constituents
that the rep is not serving our interest and getting them to sign a recall sheet.

They don't even have to leave their homes until INEC declares a recall election.

Just a few volunteers, can furnish the entire process.

We are so politically unaware, we don't realise our power.
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National Assembly members of the 9th NASS seem to have more passionate people than the past in my own estimation.
Having said that, it's becoming obvious that this 9th NASS may also go the way of the past IF care is not taken.
No matter what you do in the NASS @nassnigeria one thing you will never logically justify is your take home.
Thank God @akinalabi already gave us the breakdown as he promised before joining THEM.
As much as it will be nice to appreciate such people who engage, questions arise.
According to @akinalabi The total a lawmaker will be getting at d national assembly, plus salaries (basic salary is N700k), EVERYTHING will average out to about N9m monthly in TOTAL.

Did you say N9 MILLION MONTHLY?🙄🙄🙄

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Thanks @AHL_ng for creating the opportunity to discuss tropical issues.
I've been given the daunting task of evaluating the 20th century Nigerian youth. The problem is, I’m also a youth and I haven’t been this age before, and as such I can’t evaluate.
I’ll like to discuss my experiences as a 20th century Nigerian youth. The traits I appear to share with a large number of fellow youths which impacts on socioeconomic growth whether we notice I or not.
@AHL_ng @Sammozbi
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With 84m total number of registered voters for #NigeriaDecides2019, there’s 15.3m increase from 2015.

Which states gained more voters?

Who determines who wins what?

What’s youth/female rep percentage?

Elated to release our first-ever Elections Voter’s Guide & Factbook

Which states gained more registered voters compared to 2015?

Which states had the least growth in voters population?

Numbers that matter!

#NigeriaDecides2019 #BudgitVotersGuide
Which state/geo-political zone has the highest voters number as at today?

See below Nigeria’s state-by-state electoral value.

Numbers that matter!

#NigeriaDecides2019 #BudgitVotersGuide
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"Hope is not a strategy. Dreams are good, but realities are better. I’m happy to support a coalition of realists who are willing to go the long haul and build through time. Politics is a marathon and wishful thinking one year to elections makes no sense to me" - @toyosirise
"We simply bungled this opportunity. We should have ridden on the wave on the #NotTooYoungToRun advocacy platform and infiltrated our state and federal legislatures, and by doing so, elevated the level of conversations and actions around effective governance and development"
"To my utter disbelief, I saw these people of great stature in their varying fields – with sterling values and profound intellect demonstrate the most disappointing levels of naivety in the run-up to the upcoming 2019 elections. A PACT even fell apart." - @toyosirise
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At NGN12m, the PDP presidential form is less than half by 3m of what the APC sold its equivalent for in 2015.

Despite the APC recession and inflation, PDP’s presidential form at 12m is now less than a quarter by 7m of what APC is selling its form for in 2019.
If @daily_trust will undertake a comparison of the form prices across both, it will be seen that APC’s weaponisation of poverty agenda, being used to keep poor voters in line behind them is now being used to keep young aspirants not only out of power but entirely out of contest.
It is sad and surprising that in an age of #NotTooYoungToRun, APC has set up another barrier in front of Nigerian Youths via #TooPoorToRun.

These costs are simply outrageous -

House of Assembly - ₦1.1m
House of Rep - ₦3.8m
Senate - ₦8.5m
Governor - ₦22.5m
President - ₦55m.
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Political neophytes don’t quite understand the rules of engagement in politics. First of all it is no indictment on your NGO for anyone to declare their political intention at the event. People shutdown cities for this & it should be considered a privilege that this happened here
Anyone who chooses to indict you for this is either ignorant or simply vindictive. It was glaring you were blindsided and a disclaimer is in order without the need for emotional expression disappointment. Your event didn’t hold at the Stadium so I doubt if it is about your clout.
You have other interractions coming with other political parties & there may be more surprises in the wait. I understand however the feeling of disenfranchisement of the ruling party & hope this disclaimer cures their anxiety. I only stopped by to say this kind of things happen.
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I’m attending a conference in Abuja between Young Aspirants and the Leadership of the PDP, under the guidance of the President of the Senate @bukolasaraki and midwifed by the #NotTooYoungToRun folks.

@UcheSecondus is also here.

Good engagement so far.
DSP Ekweremadu addresses the audience and on behalf of PDP proposes a covenant with the Youths of Nigeria that if PDP comes into Power in 2019, it will abolish the age limit on official contests such that if you can vote at 18, you can be voted for at 18.

SP Saraki speaking now and affirms that PDP is the first party to engage the youths this way under the #NotTooYoungToRun agenda.

Talks about how he came into politics as Obasanjo’s SA - a position he didn’t want to accept but eventually did and now he is President of the Senate.
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A lot has been said but none of these can invalidate the fact that the @bukolasaraki led 8th assembly is the most productive National Assembly since our return to Democracy in 1999, let me highlight a few of their accomplishments to buttress my assertion. ISSA THREAD !
1: In 2016, the @BukolaSaraki led 8th @NGRSenate initiated the first-ever National Assembly Joint Public Hearing on the budget. The 3-day Public Hearing was to give the public an opportunity to weigh-in on the Appropriations Bill.
2: To make the budget process more transparent, for the first time since 1999, the @bukolasaraki les 8th @NGRSenate laid the national budget together with its details when it passed the 2017 Appropriations Bill.
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Meanwhile, 15 bills was sent to President @MBuhari by the @NGRSenate alongside with the #NotTooYoungToRun bill, but he decided to sign only the #NotTooYoungToRun so has to win the hearts of Nigerian youths towards his 2019 reelection bid, here are the other bills. THREAD!!
1. Authorization of Expenditure in the absence of Appropriation Passed in 28 States
2. Financial Autonomy of the State Legislatures passed in 33 States
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Some have asked me why the National Assembly is not focused on repealing the Land Use Act. Let me explain using a hypothetical situation. Let’s say that through the #NotTooYoungToRun campaign, you manage to become a “Distinguished Senator of The Federal Republic.” Short thread.
First thing you do as a new Senator is find someone who is close to the Senate President, so that he can assign you to a juicy committee. The Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory is a very good one. Don’t go and struggle for Appropriation or Petroleum Committees.
As Chairman Senate Committee on FCT, it would be really odd if the FCT Minister doesn’t allocate you land in a good part of the FCT. Assume for the sake of argument that he allocated you 5,000 sq. meters in Maitama. The official rate I think is N20k per sqm (Used to be just N2k)
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