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1. Let me say this here;
The Leadership and current National working committee of @OfficialAPCNg has been nothing but dormant, lax, slothful, and indolent since Comrade Adams Oshiomole took over reign from pa Odigie - Oyegun last year.
Response to crisis and pressing matters SLOW
2. If one wants to considers the actions of the PDP as the common denominator here, then you don't need anyone to tell you that while PDP continues to fire from all cylinders albeit with propaganda, lies, fake news, incitements, allegations and counter-allegations,
3. APC as a party seem to be Trouble-shooting. Let us even leave all matters and dive straight into communications; I can't even say it's been poor because there hadn't been any communication in a very long time.
I mean The last communication from @onailu07 the official
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I’ve seen a lot of commentary to the effect that violence and inconclusive elections in the 2019 cycle is evidence that #Nigeria is witnessing a democratic regression. I understand this feeling, but strongly disagree. #NigeriaDecides #Thread
This narrative is mostly driven by two factors: (1) the sense that 2015 was a watershed because an incumbent lost (this was a big deal!) and (2) the larger number of inconclusive elections in the 2019 cycle.
2015 *was* indeed a watershed. The introduction of the smart card readers made it much harder to manipulate voting outcomes than it had been in the past and helped Buhari unseat the then incumbent. That was a huge deal and a big positive for #Nigeria’s democracy.
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Keeping Track in 2019: Votes, #FakeNews, and Security in West Africa

#Senegal #Mali @Usmaan_Aali @ea_akin @HassanIdayat @PR_Senegal @SenegalVote @KamissaCamara
Nigeria’s 2019 Election:
What Are We Missing?
Vote buying. Thuggery. Rigged primaries. Logistical
failures. Official misconduct. Ballot box snatching.
Budget delays. Voter apathy. Intimidation. Turnout
suppression. Inconclusive results. Bribed officials
These and many other challenges routinely undermine the credibility and smooth conduct of elections in Nigeria.
@Usmaan_Aali @ea_akin @HassanIdayat @PR_Senegal @SenegalVote
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Buhari: 120,331
Jonathan: 176,466

Buhari: 219,231
Atiku: 154,032

Ekiti State
Osun State

Buhari: 383,603
Jonathan: 249,929

Buhari: 347,634
Atiku: 337,377

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APC = 131
PDP = 20

Kwara Laf ward 2 pol 003A house- rep
APC 137
PDP 21
#Nigeriadecides2019 #APCSitRoom
Maiduguri, Borno state

PU Fuguri ward
APC 411

#NigeriaDecides2019 #APCSitRoom
Polling Unit EC 30 A(ILUPEJU LAGOS)
Presidential Votes


#NigeriaDecides2019 #APCSitRoom
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2mrw, we'll have another episode of #NigeriaDecides. It'll be of huge significance for the credibility of international election observation. In many ways It's the 1st major test for Int'l #ElectionObservers since the fiasco of #KenyaDecides2017
#DomesticObservers will also be deployed all over the country for #NigeriaDecides. There are 119,973 Polling Units (PUs). Observers will not be in all the PUs. The goal, however, is to cover all 8,809 wards in the country. Tens of thousands of Observers will be involved in this.
One major reason for the inability to deploy #ElectionObservers all over the country is security. In parts of some states, including Borno (NE), Rivers (SS) & Zamfara (NW), it is impossible to guarantee the safety & security of both election officials & #ElectionObservers.
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#FakeNewsAlert: #INECIbeanuMustGo


Is Professor Okechukwu Ibeanu the National Electoral Commissioner in-charge of Logistics?

The @inecnigeria on Thursday, January 3, 2019 inaugurated two ad-hoc committees as part of its preparations for the #NIgeriaDecides2019.
The two committees, Electoral Logistics and Collation Centre, were inaugurated by the @inecnigeria chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, at the Commission’s headquarters in Abuja.

@inecnigeria Electoral Logistics Committee is chaired by its National Commissioner, Retired AVM Ahmed Mu’azu; with its Director of Stores as Secretary.

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"If you're not turned onto Politics, Politics will turn on you" - Ralph Nader.

Today on #SwotSunday, we examine the "Economic Impact of 2019 Elections" even in the face of postponement by INEC Chairman.

#NigeriaDecides #NigeriaElections #ElectionPostponed
In a few days, Nigerians will make the vital decision of who to lead the country for the next four years. As consequential as this decision is, uncertainties climax the country’s political environment as to who the next commander in chief will be.

#SwotSunday #NigeriaDecides
73 candidates are vying for the number one seat. The race is however generally believed to be keenly contested between the reigning @APCNigeria candidate; President Buhari & former VP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar for @OfficialPDPNig.

#SWOTSunday #NigeriaDecides2019 #VoterRun2019
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OPINION BY SIMON KOLAWOLE: INEC’s bolt from the blue | TheCable #NigeriaDecides2019
When your wife is pregnant and gives birth at the end of nine months, you cannot claim you were caught unawares and so you couldn’t buy items for baby delivery ahead of time.… #NigeriaDecides
Since 2015, we had known that we were going to hold another general election in 2019. It is every four years. It is there in the constitution. We knew we would need ballot papers, ballot boxes, inkpads and result sheets. We knew the geography of Nigeria. #NigeriaDecides2019
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Let me tell you what played out in Abuja airport yesterday. With this, the @APCNigeria will open CBN this coming week to meet up for more vote buying.

So yesterday a private aircraft operated by petrowest with Registration N404SA did one drama #NigeriaDecides
This aircraft was to carry a particular group of APC to Edo state with cash, and they didn't come on the agreed time.... So the captain agreed to carry another APC group that was looking for an aircraft to katsina state,in the process,
the first group that this aircraft was waiting for came and the both group started arguing. This first group loaded the aircraft with 15 Ghana must go full of cash biggest size and four suitcases all with dollars and the aircraft nose up and hit it tail on the ground.....
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I was invited to a political-risk assessment firm here in London and we studied diverse data around tomorrow’s presidential elections in Nigeria, and these are my takeaways from that attempt to predict Nigeria’s next President, between @MBuhari and @atiku:

Predicting Nigeria’s next President is tricky. It would’ve been easier if individual sentiments are indeed scientifically assessable. So it’s a frustrating and amusing attempt to ease the firm’s predictions of the outcomes, but I built my forecast on existing data and trends.
I shared that that the elections would’ve been a walkover for Atiku if Buhari had not advertised a certain ascetic lifestyle not in line with the mainstream elite fashion, and had thus long established himself as renegade member - an outsider among Nigeria’s political parasites.
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With 84m total number of registered voters for #NigeriaDecides2019, there’s 15.3m increase from 2015.

Which states gained more voters?

Who determines who wins what?

What’s youth/female rep percentage?

Elated to release our first-ever Elections Voter’s Guide & Factbook

Which states gained more registered voters compared to 2015?

Which states had the least growth in voters population?

Numbers that matter!

#NigeriaDecides2019 #BudgitVotersGuide
Which state/geo-political zone has the highest voters number as at today?

See below Nigeria’s state-by-state electoral value.

Numbers that matter!

#NigeriaDecides2019 #BudgitVotersGuide
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Dear Nigerians and Fellow Christians in Nigeria,
If you have received this video on your Whatsapp asking you not to vote for Buhari, I want to tell you that you are BEWITCHED if you follow such instruction without your own brain to check the FACTS.
#ProfeLying is the tactics!
Just to let you know, I have no problem with our leaders in Church speaking about Politics as I see nothing wrong with that.
If Politics affects the same people they are sent to Minister to, it is proper and Godly to talk about it & to give direction. IT IS NORMAL!
I don't subscribe to any school of thought that says that our religious leaders shouldn't talk about politics.
They labor daily on the same people politicians are using their politics to AFFECT daily, & when things go wrong, who is there to help? I support MOGs talking politics
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Na mkpụrụ ụbọsị ole ole na abịa,#saturday ahịa afọ.A ga eme ntụliaka maka ịhọpụta ọkwa onye Isiala na kwa ndị Nnọchite anya omebe iwu.Ọ bụ ihe dị mkpa na onye ọbụla kpọrọ onwe ya onye Igbo gara sonye na ya bụ nhọpụta #ỌchịchịObodo #Ntụliakabụike
Gbaa ra okwu na ụka ọsọ n'ụbọsị ahụ maka na onye ndọrọ ọchịchị na agwa gị lụọrọ ya ọgụ,kedụ ebe ụmụ nke ya nọ? Ya bụ dibia na-agwọ otoro,ike ya oko n'elu.Were ire gị gụọ eze gị ọnụ ma were Akọ na Uche na aga #Ọchịchịobodo #NigeriaDecides2019
Ndi Igbo sị na onye rere Nkịta goro Enwe na ihe ntukwu ka bi na be ya.Mana onye rere Nkịta gote Ọkụkọ,e ji Ọkụkọ eche nche? Gị bụ onye na akwado ire #vote gị na ụbọsị ntụliaka,zaa onwe gị aziza a. @julietkego @segalink @DrJoeAbah #ỌchịchịObodo #NigeriaDecides
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🇳🇬 Meet Nigeria’s main election contenders 👇 #NigeriaSpeaks #NigeriaDecides
Incumbent President Buhari is hoping his achievements in office will propel him to secure a second term | #NigeriaSpeaks #NigeriaDecides
Main opposition candidate Atiku has vowed to get the country "working again" and promised to create millions of jobs | #NigeriaSpeaks #NigeriaDecides
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This should be my last view before #NigeriaDecides
A Thread 👇👇👇
Politics they say is a game. It is a game of number. A game of number that is determined by tactics, sentiments, perspectives and persuasions.
Politics also is a Science, something that can be studied.
Science is the intellectual & practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure & behaviour of the physical & natural world through observation & experiment.
Prospect of individual candidates and parties can be predicted with accuracy because it's a Science.
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Here’s everything you need to know about Nigeria’s 2019 Elections👇

#NigeriaDecides #NigeriaSpeaks
🔘 Over 84 million Nigerians will be electing the next president on Saturday 16 February in an election, where a record-breaking number of candidates are running this year. #NigeriaDecides #NigeriaSpeaks
🔘 Here are 5 things you need to know about about Nigeria’s upcoming presidential election. #NigeriaDecides #NigeriaSpeaks
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1. Good morning Nigerians. Last lap campaigns towards the Presidential and NASS elections for next Saturday. It is #NextLevelNigeria all the way. Today we examine SECURITY. We give you the past, the present and the future with PMB/PYO on securing Nigeria. This is a thread
2. Where we were:
Security was the biggest challenge for Nigeria before the APC came into office in 2015. The worst form of the insecurity that bedevilled the nation was the insurgency being waged by the Boko Haram terrorist group.
3. BH's reign of terror caused so much fear & carnage in Northern Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory. There were also various militant groups & separatists. The IPOB as you will recall threatened & began a mobilisation towards secession. Niger Delta was not left out
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As we move closer and closer to election day, I must lend a philosophical thought to our future as a nation. I am going to address the issues the opposing voices have against PMB/PYO's govt. This is a thread: #NigeriaDecides
1. There is hunger in the land:
I refuse to accept this as a statement of fact. What I know has happened is this: We as a nation are being weaned (taking a baby off milk) off our excesses, but we are refusing to change our wasteful ways. There is scarcity of money but not hunger
2. Every one goes through a time of austerity in life. It builds character and an appreciation of what one has. It develops value systems that are good. I was a child in the 60s when rice was a luxury. We ate 'ofada' type rice on Sundays & on all days ate a rich array of staples
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Welcome to our #NextLevel Infrastructure plans. This is what Team PMB/PYO have is stock for Nigeria. In the next four years (2019-2023) Team PMB/PYO will:
1. Review Public Private Partnership (PPP) enabling environment to address the legal, regulatory & operational challenges...
2. Complete the 2nd Niger Bridge
3. Legal/Regulatory Framework for the Presidential Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF) designated for specific investments in critical road/power projects
4. Modernise and bring the Nigerian Railway Corporation on par with global counterparts.
5. Create a National Infrastructural Development Bank (NIDB) to provide loans at nominal interest rates to help ongoing work of rebuilding infrastructure
6. Make budgetary provision for the completion of ongoing rail projects, & initiation of new rail projects. #NigeriaDecides
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1. Today we focus on Infrastructure development under PMB/PYO & review the past, the present & #NextLevelNigeria
Where we were:
Nigeria had huge infrastructure deficit. Decades of underinvestment & inadequate allocations led to underdevelopment of backbone of a modern economy-
2. In 2014, the GEJ Govt spent these sums on the following sectors: Transport (N14 billion), Agriculture & Water (N34 billion), Power, Works & Housing (N106 billion). Grossly inadequate, a lot of infrastructure projects were left abandoned and contractors unpaid. #NigeriaDecides
3. PMB committed to initiating & completing key infrastructure projects &demonstrated this through budgetary allocations & fund-raising & ensuring the plugging of leakages & cutting out waste, the government has been able to re-direct money into infrastructure & capital projects
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The Presidential elections are upon us, February 16, 2019, is only a few days away. The mood of the country is bad. Personally, I feel things have not gone in the right direction. The Economic situation is terrible to say the least.
Has President @MBuhari done his job enough to deserve re-election? The big issues are unemployment, poverty, corruption, insecurity, poor quality health, and education etc.
If the presidential elections are held today, opinion polls claim that @atiku is ahead in the North Central, North East, South East, and South-South. The polls also reveal that @MBuhari shows strength and will win the South West and North West Zones.
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Today we explore loopholes in Nigeria's electoral system that could threaten the credibility of 2019 Presidential Election & trigger post-election violence. We also share what citizens, @INECNigeria & non-state actors can do.

Take a deep dive with us.

68% of PVCs representing 21.4m of the 31.7m citizens accredited to vote in 2015 presidential election failed full accreditation with the Smart Card Readers and had to use incidence forms for accreditation.

Only 32% or 10.3m of PVCs presented passed full accreditation.
42% of 31.7m citizens accredited to vote (i.e. 13.4m) used incidence forms because @INECNigeria's Smart Card Readers could read their PVCs BUT COULD NOT verify their fingerprints as the authentic owners of the PVCs they presented.

This problem was prevalent in the North:
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One day, I will write about the various characters that dot the Nigerian political twitter landscape, and maybe folks will learn a thing or two about engagement especially as 2019 approaches. Don't feed the trolls BUT don't miss the authentic engagement opportunities either.
That day is today, so here's Your Nigerian Political Twitter Guide (2019 Edition). As we go towards elections, it is important to engage wisely on social media and spend less time fighting with people who won't change their minds or just need you to increase their follower count
The following are some (not by any means an exhaustive list) of the #NaijaPoliticalTwitter types I have had the privilege (or in some cases, misfortune) of engaging. I don't block people. I've never blocked anyone so knowing who I'm dealing with helps with engagement
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