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#OnThisDay 3 years ago, after six weeks of negotiations, Theresa May made a Statement to the House of Commons as cross-party Brexit talks with Labour ended without agreement

Two days later May resigned. Johnson would become PM and the rest is history

This is what happened…🧵 Image
Corbyn wrote to the PM on 17/05/19, stating

“While there are some areas where compromise has been possible, we have been unable to bridge important gaps

“The increasing weakness of your government means there cannot be confidence in securing whatever might be agreed between us”
However, that is not to say there was not some willingness to compromise on both sides

A deal was theoretically possible, but practically undeliverable (Oliver Eagleton's recent book acknowledges the first, but obscures the second)

Let me explain …
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#OnThisDay 1950 starb die liberale Frauenrechtlerin Agnes von Zahn-Harnack.
Auf ihrer maßgebliche Initiative definierte sich der Deutsche Frauenbund bei seiner Gründung 1945 qua Satzung als "antifaschistisch". Bild Agnes von Zahn-Harnack...
Agnes Harnack war 1909 (gemeinsam mit Marie-Elisabeth Lüders) die erste Frau, die sich regulär an der Uni Berlin einschrieb. Vorher war das nur mit Ausnahmegenehmigung möglich. Sie war Mitgründerin der @Akademikerinnen und von 1931-33 Vorsitzende des Bunds deutscher Frauenvereine
Sie war die Schwester des Widerstandskämpfers Ernst von Harnack und die Cousine von Arvid Harnack, der mit seiner Frau Mildred zur "Roten Kapelle" gehörte. Alle drei Genannten wurden hingerichtet - Arvid 1942, Mildred 1943 und Ernst 1945.
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#OnThisDay 1935 starb Jane Addams - Sozialreformerin, Frauenrechtlerin, Pazifistin und laut FBI-Direktor J. Edgar Hoover "the most dangerous woman in America".
Alles richtig gemacht. Image
Jane Addams wurde 1860 wurde sie in Cedarville, Illinois geboren. Während des Studiums an einem Frauencollege lernte sie ihre Mitstudentin Ellen Gates Starr kennen, die ihre erste Lebensgefährtin wurde. 💕
Ende der 1880er reisten die beiden nach England, wo sie in Kontakt mit der “Settlement”-Bewegung kamen. “Settlements” waren Anlaufstellen für in Armut lebende Menschen, die Beratung, Nachbarschaftshilfe, Kinderbetreuung, Bildungsangebote und vieles mehr boten.
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#OnThisDay May 17, 1954 SCOTUS by unanimous consent decided the Brown v. Board of Education decision that overturned the "separate but equal" doctrine and really kicking off the civil rights movement of the modern era.

Don't know about the Brown decision?

The Brown decision took about TWENTY YEARS worth of legal precedents, decisions, victories, setbacks and more victories. The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF), founded by Thurgood Marshall, was the tip of the spear in this case.
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#OnThisDay 74 years ago the #Nakba took place in Palestine.

For Palestinians it is the most solemn day in their calendar that symbolises their struggle for justice and an end to Israeli occupation.

But what is the #Nakba? Here’s an explainer from the #AJArchive 👇
Today marks the 74th #Nakba Day, when Israel was established as a Jewish-majority state at the expense of the forced expulsion of about 750,000 Palestinians from their own land and the destruction of some 530 villages.

🟠 Follow our LIVE coverage: Image
Palestinians commemorate 74th #Nakba Day — in pictures ImageImageImageImage
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#OTD in 1862 Newton Knight reenlisted in the Confederate Army after being on furlough. He originally enlisted in July of 1861. He deserted in October of 1862 and headed home after he received word the Confederate Army had taken his family's horses for the war effort.
There is much debate and mystery surrounding Knight, his actions during and after the war, and what motivated him. However, Knight's life provides insight into conflicting ideas of race, class, and politics in Mississippi and the South writ large during the Civil War.
Knight was a yeoman farmer in Jones County, Mississippi when the war broke out. According to historian @vikki_bynum, only 12% of the county's population was Black and most whites were subsistence farmers like Knight.
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Thank you everyone for following Douro Day, 12 May 1809.

The liberation of Porto, known as Crossing the Douro, formerly the Battle Honour Day for the Buffs (now part of PWRR 'The Tigers')

I will try to tweet thread everything: Image
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The Battle of Palmito Ranch was fought in Texas #OTD in 1865. The Confederate victory is widely considered the last battle of the Civil War. The battle occurred over one month after Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox and two days after Jefferson Davis was captured. Image
Both sides knew the war was virtually over, but a small contingent of Confederate forces refused to surrender near Brownsville, Texas. Many of the men serving under the Union Army there were members of the United States Colored Troops.
A fragile cease fire had been agreed to between the two sides on May 11. However, Confederate Lt. Gen. Edmund Smith of the Trans-Mississippi Department refused to accept the inevitable end of the war.
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#OnThisDay May 11th 1997, 25 years ago, IBM's Chess supercomputer Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov and created one of the biggest landmark moments for Artificial Intelligence.

Join me on a history tour to revisit this fascinating iconic battle between man & machine🧵 Image
The story begins at Carnegie Mellon University in the USA where a doctoral student Feng Hsu began developing a Chess supercomputer called 'ChipTest'.

It slowly started winning chess tournaments in USA & Feng upgraded to a new version called 'Deep Thought' in 1988 Image
Feng Hsu graduated in 1989 and joined IBM where he further improved Deep Thought with a goal to defeat a world chess champion. They invited the one and only Gary Kasparov.

Kasparov was already world champion for 5 years then & was considered literally invincible by everyone. Image
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#OnThisDay, in 1951, the famous Somnath Temple in #Gujarat was restored to its former glory. In the words of the then President of India, Dr Rajendra Prasad, it proved that “the power of reconstruction is always greater than the power of destruction". 1/9
#Indianhistory Image
The Somnath #Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva as ‘Lord of the Moon’, has been one of the most sacred shrines in #India for over 1,500 years. Due to its fame as a centre of wealth, it was attacked and plundered by Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni in 1026 CE. 2/9
#Hindu #religion Image
A few years after this infamous sack, the temple was restored and continued to serve as an important pilgrimage centre. But over the centuries, the temple was attacked and plundered repeatedly. 3/9
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Fußball-WM und Menschenrechtsverletzungen: nicht erst mit #Katar22 ein Thema.
Heute würde Elisabeth Käsemann 75 Jahre alt werden. 1977, vor der WM in Argentinien, wurde die Deutsche von der Militärdiktatur verschleppt, gefoltert und ermordet. Bundesregierung und #DFB schwiegen. Elisabeth Käsemann steht an einem Herd. Sie hat einen Löff
Käsemann wurde #OnThisDay 1947 in Gelsenkirchen geboren. Sie studierte Soziologie und Politikwissenschaft in Berlin und ging 1968 für ein Praxissemester nach Bolivien. Anschließend reiste sie durch Südamerika und beschloss, soziale Arbeit in Argentinien zu leisten.
Argentinien war damals politisch instabil, das Militär putschte im März 1976 und installierte eine Militärdiktatur. Sozial engagierte und linkspolitisch eingestellte Menschen waren der Junta verdächtig. Gewerkschafter:innen und Arbeiter:innen gerieten ins Visier.
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Mit 23 Jahren ins Eis: Ada Blackjack, geboren #OnThisDay 1898, begleitete 1921 eine Polarexpedition. Eigentlich wollte die Inuit nicht von zuhause fort. Aber sie brauchte den Lohn: Ihr fünfjähriger Sohn war an Tuberkulose erkrankt und musste behandelt werden. Nahaufnahme von Ada Blackjack mit Mütze und Fellkragen. Tex
Die Expedition sollte die Wrangelinsel besiedeln. Hinter dem Ansinnen steckte der Kanadier William Stephenson. Er behauptete, die Arktis sei problemlos zu besiedeln. Die 4 Männer, die er mit Ada Blackjack auf Expedition schickte, sollten es beweisen – er selbst reiste nicht mit.
Der Plan war, es ein Jahr in der Arktis auszuhalten und dann mit einem Versorgungsschiff zurückzukehren. Doch das Schiff kam nicht durch das Packeis. Die Gruppe musste ein Jahr länger als geplant auf der Wrangelinsel ausharren. Das Jahr verlief tragisch.
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#OnThisDay Civil rights hero and icon John Lewis and two other Freedom Riders are beaten, arrested and assaulted for attempting to enter the "white" waiting room at a Greyhound bus station in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Don't know about this? #GladYouAsked
On May 9, 1961, 21-year-old John Lewis, a young Black civil rights activist, was severely beaten by a mob at the Rock Hill, SCa, Greyhound bus terminal. A few days earlier, Mr. Lewis and 12 Freedom Riders—seven Black and six white— left D.C.
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#OnThisDay May 8, 1853 freedom fighter and abolitionist John Brown and freedom fighter Martin Delany civil convened an anti-slavery convention in Chatham, Canada. They adopted a provisional constitution for America. Don't know about Martin Delany or John Brown? #GladYouAsked
First, Martin Robison Delany. He was the first African American Field Officer in the U.S Army, an early fighter for Pan Africanism and for Black ppl to return to Africa.
Martin Robison Delany was born free on May 6, 1812, in Charles Town, Virginia, now within West Virginia. The youngest of five children, Delany's dad was enslaved and descended from a line of royalty.
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Thread: #OnThisDay 1942 the battle of the Coral Sea will come to a destructive climax. After days of fruitless reconnaissance sweeps and misinformed attacks, by the dead of night the MO Carrier Striking Force and Task Force 17 now know they are agonisingly close to one another.
Having captured Rabaul in January 1942, the Imperial Japanese Navy commander in the region Admiral Inoue sought to further Rabaul's defence by capturing Tulagi in the Solomon Islands and Lae, Salamaua and of particular importance Port Moresby on the Papuan Peninsula.
Seizing Port Moresby would end the threat of long range American bomber attacks on Rabaul and allow Japanese aircraft to operate over northern Australia and the Coral Sea. Moreover, Port Moresby could be a launchpad for further expansion toward New Caledonia, Samoa and the Fijis.
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#OnThisDay May 7, 1955 In Belzoni, Mississippi, NAACP member Rev. George Lee was murdered after angering local white people by ATTEMPTING to REGISTER to VOTE.

Don't know about civil rights martyr the Rev. George Lee?

George Washington Lee was an African American civil rights leader, minister, and entrepreneur. On May 7, 1955, Lee was murdered by white supremacists in Belzoni, Mississippi. The murder remains unsolved.
Lee’s murdered was one of two key events that occurred in MSi in 1955 along with the Emmett Till murder three months later, that inspired the national Civil Rights Movement of the late 1950s and the 1960s. Lee was born on December 25, 1903 to unnamed parents in Edwards, MS.
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T.H. Huxley coined the term 'agnostic' to clarify that debating god’s existence was pointless. He's also famously known for saying he'd rather be descended from an ape than a bishop during a debate in 1860, a real 19th century mic drop moment, so to speak.…
Huxley was born #OnThisDay in 1825 and was tireless & vociferous promoter of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection, and became known as 'Darwin’s bulldog'. Most notably, he helped to create the new professional class of scientists in Britain... #HumanistHeritage
He promoted a modern approach to the purpose & rewards of science. He started a series of lectures for working men in 1855, established the scientific journal 'Nature' in 1869, & the 'Normal School of Science' in 1881, later becoming @imperialcollege #HumanistHeritage
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#OTD in 1864 the House passed the Wade-Davis Reconstruction bill. The House version of the bill was written by Rep. Henry Davis of Maryland. By this time Congress attempted to preemptively take control of post-war policy, creating a rift with President Lincoln.
Lincoln issued the "Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction" on December 8, 1863. It required only 10 percent of a seceding state's population to take an oath of loyalty before a new state government could be formed. These states would also be required to abolish slavery.
Radical Republicans in Congress felt Lincoln's plan was too lenient and began crafting legislation of their own to address the issue. They asserted that Confederate states were not states, but conquered territory. Lincoln maintained that those states never legally seceded.
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Rockets were once a deadly weapon of war but did you know that high-end rockets were invented by Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore, who died #OnThisDay in 1799 CE? His rockets were so effective, they even left a mark on the American national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner. 1/8
Rockets had been used in #war by the Chinese and Arabs in medieval times but their casings were made of bamboo, wood and cardboard. They were no more than fireworks used in battle to light up the night sky or to frighten enemy horses. 2/8
What made Tipu’s rockets deadly was the use of iron casing, which allowed for greater compression, which created greater thrust and gave them a long range (2.4 km). The Mysorean Rocket was the deadliest missile in the world at the time. 3/8
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#OnThisDay May 2, 1963 More than 700 Black children protesting racial segregation in Birmingham, AL are arrested, blasted with fire hoses, clubbed by police and attacked by police dogs during the "Children's Campaign."

Don't know about the Children's Campaign? #GladYouAsked
Let me warn you right now.

The rest of this thread is gonna be triggering to some.

This is the history the folks opposed to "critical race theory" don't want you to know, understand or appreciate.

Here we go.
The Children's Campaign came at a key moment in the civil rights movement, SAVING its loss of momentum at that point. I did a deeper dive earlier right here⬇️

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#OTD in 1865 President Andrew Johnson put out a reward of $100,000 dollars (Approximately $2 million in today's money) for the capture of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Davis and a small group of close advisors had fled Richmond in early April. Image
They initially fled to Danville, Virginia but had to quickly leave because the Union Army was hot on their tail. They arrived in the town of Washington, Georgia in Wilkes County of May 3rd. He held his last meeting the next day. Image
Davis reunited with his family on May 7th and they arrived in Abbeville on May 8th. During this time, it was believed by the United States Government that Davis played a role in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Image
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#OnThisDay April 27, 1972 Statesman, prime minister and the first President of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, died in exile at 62 in Conakry, Guinea. He was leader of the FIRST sub-Saharan African country to gain independence.

Who was Kwame Nkrumah? #GladYouAsked Image
Two books that got me started on my journey of Kwame Nkrumah are two books he authored: "Ghana: The Autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah" and "Neo-Colonialism: The Last Stage of Imperialism." ImageImage
Nkrumah was born on September 21, 1909, in Nkroful, Gold Coast. The son of a goldsmith, he attended mission schools at Accra and government training colleges at Achimota (1926-1930) where he prepared to be a teacher. Image
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#OnThisDay April 21, 1966 Private Milton L. Olive, III received the Medal of Honor in service during Vietnam, the first Black person to receive our nation's highest honor during that war. He was all of 18 years old.

Don't know about Milton Olive, III? #GladYouAsked
The bravery, gallantry and courageous service to our nation by Black people who serve her in the military, often coming home to a nation unchanged in its racism is a love few, if any, other ethnicities can really understand.
The amazing story of Black women of the famed 6888th unit that ensured mail was being delivered while working in cold, dank and dark warehouses in Europe is one.

Don't know about the 6888th Central Postal Director Battalion? #GladYouAsked

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#OnThisDay April 20, 1853 Harriet Tubman became one of the conductors of the famous "Underground Railroad," where she successfully freed between 70 to 300 enslaved people, starting with her brothers.

Don't know about the Underground Railroad?

Glad you asked.
The Underground Railroad ran not only from the south to the north, but it also ran from the south TO MEXICO. Yes! Between 5K - 10K enslaved people went to Mexico. Think about it. Is it quicker to go to Canada from say MI, TX, AL or Mexico?
Mexico ended enslavement 1829 when TX was still part of Mexico, promoting white immigrants who enslaved ppl to fight for independence in the TX Revolution. After starting the Republic of Texas in 1836, enslaving ppl was legal when Texas joined the U.S. as a state in 1845.
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