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US #opening #argument CIA officers exposed, years of work at a cost of millions of dollars lost; US cyber weapons available for any to use against US. [20200204]
#Schulte is on trial for leaking CIA cyber weapons to WikiLeaks. US #opening #argument says his motive: disgruntled, started #information #war against CIA even in pretrial confinement (referencing attempted leaking class info to #WikiLeaks and disinfo campaign). 20200204 #day1
US #opening #argument stresses CIA relied on #Schulte & others. 'CIA had to be able to trust group of elite programmers. In #2015 he was given special level of trust. He became a #sysadmin for CIA software. He had super access. #Schulte was the 'catastrophe' 202004 #day1
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75 years ago today over 7,000 prisoners of the German Nazi #Auschwitz camp, including ca. 700 children, were liberated by the soldiers of the Soviet army. 1,689 days of murder, humiliation, suffering, and pain were over. Today we all remember. | #Auschwitz75 #OnThisDay
Between 1940-1945 German Nazis deported ca. 1,3 million people to #Auschwitz: 1,1 mln Jews, 150k Poles, 23k Roma, 15k Soviet POWs & 25k others incl. almost 400 Jehova's witnesses and at least 77 homosexuals. Around 1,1 million people were murdered in Auschwitz, 90% Jews.
Out of 1,3 million deported 400,000 people became prisoners of the camp while 900,000 people were murdered in gas chambers after arrival. The estimated number of people murdered in the German Nazi Auschwitz camp is: 1 mln Jews, 75k Poles, 21k Roma, 14k Soviet POWs & 12k others.
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The British writer George Orwell died 70 years ago #onthisday, aged 46. As well as believing in the moral power of language, Orwell understood the dangers of its corruption. Seventy years after his death, Orwell has never been more relevant to the world we inhabit. #orwellday
From the corruption of the media to pervasive new technologies, from poverty and inequality to the rise of political extremism, George Orwell's concerns are as germane to our time as they were to the circumstances in which his novels, non-fiction and journalism were conceived.
At @TheOrwellPrize, we are hard at work to sustain this remarkable legacy. Through our Prizes, events and programmes, in partnership with @OrwellYouthPriz, we use Orwell's work to promote honest writing and reporting, uncover hidden lives and confront uncomfortable truths.
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18 January 1945 | In the early morning female camp at Birkenau began the evacuation. On that day around 5,345 women left the camp and began the Death March. #Auschwitz #OnThisDay 1/4
18 January 1945 | The prisoners of Auschwitz III-Monowitz were evacuated in columns of 1,000 people. The Germans left behind in the camp 850 sick prisoners. #Auschwitz #OnThisDay 2/4
18 January 1945 | Before evacuation of Gleiwitz I subcamp SS shot several dozen of sick, lame and weakened prisoners.… #Auschwitz #OnThisDay 3/4
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Es ist der 18.12.1989 - der Tag vor Kohls Schwarzrotgold-Besuch in Dresden. #NeuesForum warnt vor Einheitstaumel. Neonazis drohen der Gedenkstätte Buchenwald. Ein #Thread zur #Wende1989 #OnThisDay
In Ostberlin tagt der #RunderTisch zum 2. Mal, #NeuesForum fordert ein Veto-Recht und eine Offenlegung aller Regierungsaktivitäten. Auch Kohls bevorstehender #Dresden-Besuch wird diskutiert. #Wende1989 #OnThisDay
Eine Mehrheit am #RunderTisch begrüßt den bevorstehenden Auftritt des Kanzlers. In #Dresden laufen sich schon die Claquere warm - am 18.12.1989 demonstrieren Zehntausende und fordern die »Deutsche Einheit«. #Wende1989 #OnThisDay
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#OnThisDay in 1941, the Pearl Harbor naval base was attacked by the Japanese. The news and photos of the attack had created a desire for vengeance and a marked surge in patriotism. In response to the 2,400 deaths of American servicemen, President Roosevelt proposed to Congress...
... the declaration of war on Japan. A nation previously divided over the issue of intervening in a foreign war swung united behind a policy of forcing unconditional surrender on its enemies. Hitler saved Congress the trouble of a debate by declaring war on America....
... the United States had no intelligence on its potential rivals. The US did not even know the names of the advanced Japanese planes that swooped out of the sky on Pearl Harbor. It was only in November 1942 that a unit would be established by the Navy to begin this work...
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#OnThisDay in 1917, two ships collided and caught fire in Halifax Harbor. As it became clear that a cargo of explosives would detonate, telegraph operator Vince Coleman stayed at his post, sending warnings to surrounding towns and holding all incoming trains.
Coleman's last transmission read, "Hold up the train. Ammunition ship afire in harbor making for Pier 6 and will explode. Guess this will be my last message. Good-bye boys.”
At 9:04am local time, the ship exploded. It was the largest manmade explosion prior to the invention of the atom bomb. 10,000 Haligonians were killed or injured, and much of the city was leveled.
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Who killed Abdallah Azzam? Here’s a thread on the biggest murder mystery in the history of Islamism, which happened #OnThisDay 30 years ago. I spent 12 years writing his biography, so I’ll share some new info and rare pictures
In 1989, Abdallah Azzam was the most influential jihadi ideologue in the world. A Palestinian preacher and Muslim Brother, he led had the mobilization of Arab fighters to Afghanistan in the 1980s. Widely published, well travelled, he was something of an Islamist superstar
The assassination happened in Peshawar, Pakistan, on Friday 24 Nov 1989 at 12.20pm. Azzam had almost reached the “Arab mosque”, where he was due to give the Friday sermon, when a roadside bomb exploded under the car, killing him and his sons Muhammad and Ibrahim
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#OnThisDay in 1938, Night of Broken Glass, a pogrom against Jews carried out by SA paramilitary forces and civilians throughout Nazi Germany.

The rioters destroyed 267 synagogues throughout Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland.
Over 7,000 Jewish businesses were damaged or destroyed, and 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps.
Estimates of fatalities caused by the attacks have varied. Early reports estimated that 91 Jews had been murdered. Modern analysis of German scholarly sources puts the figure much higher.
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#OnThisDay 30 years ago, Margaret Thatcher became the first leader of any major nation to call for a #UnitedNations treaty on #climate change
You can watch the speech here or read it here - it remains IMHO one of the best speeches ever given on the subject, especially given the year and the context
Unusually for any leader's #UNGA speech, she devoted the entire thing to a single issue - '...the threat to our global environment'
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#OnThisDay in 1867, Marie Curie was born. Curie became the first woman to win a @NobelPrize, she is the only woman to win twice and the only person to have been awarded the prize in two different sciences.
She shared the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics with her husband Pierre Curie and physicist Henri Becquerel for their work on radioactivity. She won the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her discovery of radium and polonium.
The Curie's research was crucial in the development of x-rays in surgery. During World War One Curie helped to equip ambulances with x-ray equipment, which she herself drove to the front lines.
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'Fleet Minesweepers off Walcheren: Sunrise, 1 November 1944.'

Oil on canvas by Stephen Bone (1904–1958).

Collection of the Imperial War Museum, London.

#OnThisDay #RoyalNavy
Royal Marine Commandos landing at Walcheren using DUKW, LVT, LCT, and Buffalo amphibians #OnThisDay 1 November 1944.…
'HMS Erebus in Action off Walcheren.'

Oil on canvas by Stephen Bone (1904–1958).

Collection of the Imperial War Museum London.

#OnThisDay #RoyalNavy
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#OnThisDay in 1990 the IRA murdered Patsy Gillespie, 42. Married father of 3. Catholic canteen worker in army base. Used by the IRA as a “human bomb”. Kidnapped & family held hostage while he was forced to drive bomb into military checkpoint at Coshquin near Londonderry #OTD
#OnThisDay in 1990 the IRA murdered David Sweeney, 19. Soldier who was engaged to marry. Bomb exploded when Gillespie arrived at checkpoint with him still in driving seat, killing him & 5 soldiers. IRA holding Gillespie’s widow hostage assured her he would be back #OTD
#OnThisDay in 1990 the IRA murdered Vincent Scott, 21. Soldier due to leave Army 1 month later. Bomb caused enormous damage to checkpoint after which murderers opened fire from southern side of border. 25 houses in nearby estate damaged & 17 civilians treated for injuries #OTD
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You’re never gonna believe this, and stop me if you’ve heard something like this before, but #OnThisDay a dashing cavalryman named George Custer found himself in a REAL STICKY PICKLE.

Yes, it was a sticky pickle even for Custer. Which, let’s face it, is SAYING SOMETHING …
After the Rebel defeat at Bristoe Station in 1863 (when Robert E. Lee told a bumbling A.P. Hill, “Well, well, general, bury these poor men and let us say no more about it,” which is also what my boss told me after a tough first day at Blockbuster Video) the Union cavalry pursued.
Leading the pursuit was Judson Kilpatrick (pictured), who was, as usual, full of his own horseshit. J.E.B. Stuart commanded the Rebel rearguard, and he saw an opportunity to bait the reckless, impulsive Kilpatrick into an attack far from the protection of the Union infantry.
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On this day in 1777:

Tide turned in favor of INDEPENDENCE for the United States when British General John Burgoyne surrendered to American General Horatio Gates during the Revolutionary War.

This October 17th event is commemorated in the Capital rotunda. #OTD #Qday #WWG1WGA
@StormIsUponUs @Bluepopcorn8 @Trumped18 @adjunctprofessr @QBlueSkyQ @T_WWG1WGA @Foxymama1776 @Tazzz67Green @Books_Anon @DonaldJTrumpJr "This turning point in the American Revolution prevented the British from dividing New England from the rest of the colonies, and it was the deciding factor in bringing active French support to the American cause." ~ Architect, US Capital

@StormIsUponUs @Bluepopcorn8 @Trumped18 @adjunctprofessr @QBlueSkyQ @T_WWG1WGA @Foxymama1776 @Tazzz67Green @Books_Anon @DonaldJTrumpJr "The American victory at Saratoga proved a pivotal event in the war. The victory led the French to openly side with the Americans a few months later, providing crucial funds, supplies, weapons, troops, and naval support." ~ @fold3

#Freedom #Qday #WWG1WGA…
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#OnThisDay in 1926 – The children's book Winnie-the-Pooh, by A. A. Milne, is first published.
A. A. Milne named the character Winnie-the-Pooh after a teddy bear owned by his son Christopher Robin, on whom the character Christopher Robin was based.

The rest of Christopher Robin Milne's toys – Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo, and Tigger – were incorporated into the story.
Christopher Milne had named his toy bear after Winnie, a Canadian black bear he often saw at London Zoo, and "Pooh", a swan they had met while on holiday.
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#OnThisDay, 1987, Madras:
Australia beat India by 1 run in a thrilling last over finish in the 3rd match of the 4th ODI World Cup!

It was the 1st match in the tournament for both the teams but of course, they had recent history at Madras ...
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In Sep 1986, the two teams had played an epic Tied Test at the same venue.
For this tournament and this match, Aus prepared themselves quite well by spending 9 days in training at Madras.
A lot was expected from India, defenders of the WC 👑 from 1983, playing this one at home.
India's skipper, Kapil Dev won the toss and decided to field first. The Aus openers, Geoff Marsh & David Boon batted really well for a 110 run opening stand, picking the gaps at will on both sides of the wicket to get ones and twos.
Book was first to go for 49 off 68.
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#OnThisDay, one year ago, the @IPCC_CH published its Special Report on the #ParisAgreement 1.5ºC temperature target, which has transformed scientific, political and societal discourse on #ClimateChange
Today we're reflecting, courtesy of some graphics from our very own @johnlangab, what the #SR15 report told us about the reduced impacts and reduced risks of keeping global warming to 1.5ºC rather than 2ºC
First up, a reduction in very hot years. Which of course means fewer people exposed to health risks of extreme heat
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#OnThisDay, Johannesburg, 2007:
This happened.⬇️😍
But you already knew that, didn't you?
So let's relive the journey in a thread. ❤️
First, the road to the finals.
The bowl out vs. Pak. Another league match was abandoned without a ball being played.
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#OnThisDay, 1986, Madras:
The start of a historic game of cricket - the 2nd Tied Test in history, Ind v Aus.
A Test which was maddeningly exciting because of quality of cricket as well as for the elements of weather involved - the merciless Chennai heat, humidity.
Thread ⬇️
Allan Border had brought a young Aus side to Indian shores as part of an ongoing renaissance of Aus cricket. The Indians involved in this 3 Test series were very experienced, led by Kapil Dev himself. Gavaskar was playing in his 100th consecutive Test.
In this, the 1st Test at Chennai, Border won the toss and decided to bat first. The heroes on Day 1 for Aus were David Boon (122 with 21 x 4s) and Dean Jones (54*).
Deano scored slowly in his 50 but made sure he understood the bowling and the conditions.
Stumps on Day1: Aus 211/2
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#OnThisDay in 1972, Palestinian 'Black September' terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athletes during the #Olympics in Munich, Germany, assisted by a German neo-Nazi group. But there is more to the story. #MunichMassacre THREAD
PLO Chairman and future Palestinian Authority President Yasir Arafat endorsed the #MunichMassacre operation and current PA President Mahmoud Abbas financed it.…
In June 2019, Palestinian Authority President Abbas dedicated a new university building in honor of the mastermind of the #MunichMassacre, Khalil Al-Wazir Abu Jihad.…
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#OnThisDay in 1897 – Thomas Edison patents the Kinetoscope, the first movie projector.

Photo: Charles Kayser of the Edison lab seated behind the Kinetograph.
Butterfly Dance is one of the several silent films produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company starring Annabelle Moore (1894).

Filmstrip of Butterfly Dance
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#OnThisDay in 1911 - "Mona Lisa" is stolen from the Louvre by Vincenzo Perugia (Recovered in 1913)
This image shows Vincenzo Peruggia’s apartment after police went through it to find the stolen Mona Lisa painting, 1911.
In Peruggia’s own account, he said that he simply came in on Monday morning along with other workers, waited until the gallery that housed the Mona Lisa was empty, took the painting off the wall, wrapped it in his smock, and walked out.
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