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#OnThisDay March 25th, 1971
Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rahman was prodded down the stairs of his house by Pakistani soldiers, hitting him from behind with their rifle butts. He was flown to West Pakistan and was jailed for nine months for his resistance to the fascist military regime. 1/13
Mujib told full story of his arrest and imprisonment and narrow escapes from death after his release from prison. He said he had learned of a plot by the Pakistani military regime to kill him and lay it to the Bengalis. “Whenever I came out of the house,”... 2/13
He related “they'd throw grenade at my car & say Bengali extremists did it & that's why army had to move in & act against my people. I decided to stay in my house & let them kill me in my own house, so that everybody wd know they had killed me & my blood wd purify my people” 3/13
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#OTD #Onthisday 24 March, 1813, the day after Napoleon's comeback to the Tuileries, Pope Pius VII issued a statement retracting and denouncing the Second Concordat of Fontainebleau as morally inadmissible.
Those Napoleon had commissioned to monitor the Popel-Bishop of Nantes Duvoisin, Minister of Worship Bigot, and Captain and Chamberlain Lagorsse-observed subtle, inexplicable changes in his demeanor since late January.
Pius VII, who, according to Meneval, "had hardly signed the Concordat before he repented it," underwent a moral and spiritual reawakening in isolation. He finally turned to the cardinals Pacca, Conslavi, and di Pietro, who had been beseeching him to reject the profane.
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#OTD in 1861 Confederate Vice President Alexander Stevens delivered what became known as the Cornerstone Speech. Stevens stated plainly that the sole purpose of the Confederacy was to create a slave republic and that any threat the institution of slavery justified secession. Image
He professed, "Our new government['s]...foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery—subordination to the superior race—is his natural and normal condition."

#thecivilwardoc #thecivilwar #civilwar
Stevens continued, "This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth."

Confederates fired on Ft. Sumter approximately three weeks later.

#OnThisDay #onthisdayinhistory #todayinhistory
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Harriet Beecher Stowe's influential book Uncle Tom's Cabin was published #OTD in 1852. Stowe's anti-slavery novel was a huge success and pushed many Americans to reassess their attitudes toward slavery. Only the Bible sold more copies than Uncle Tom's Cabin during the 19 century.
Although Uncle Tom's Cabin had a profound effect on the anti-slavery movement, it did have flaws. For instance, Stowe developed the characters around negative Black stereotypes that eventually became standard talking points for proslavery supporters and white supremacists.
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#Efemérides #OnThisDay #BOTD #Actor #BruceWillis

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Hoy, 19 de marzo, es el cumpleaños de Walter Bruce Willis, BRUCE WILLIS (n. 1955), actor y productor estadounidense conocido por sus películas de acción, en particular la serie “Die Hard” (1988–2013).
Willis nació en Alemania Occidental, donde su padre estaba destinado en una base militar americana, y la familia se trasladó a Nueva Jersey en 1957.

Después de graduarse de la escuela secundaria tuvo varios trabajos ocasionales antes de estudiar teatro en el Montclair State
College (más tarde la Universidad Estatal de Montclair).

Abandonó la universidad y se trasladó a la ciudad de Nueva York, donde comenzó su carrera de actor con papeles de Off-Broadway (Heaven and Earth; Fool for Love) y apariciones en anuncios de TV de tejanos y trabajando
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#OTD #Onthisday 18 March, 1813, Tettenborn seized Hamburg ahead of Morand and Carra St. Cyr, opening up the maritime gateway to northern Germany to the Allies.
While Napoleon prepared to declare a war against Sweden, a corps under Bernadotte began to disembark from Stralsund. ImageImage
Hamburg was a bustling commercial city with the population of 100,000 men. Along with Bremen and Lübeck, the Hanseatic entrepot enjoyed its 'golden age' of neutral trade during the Wars of French Revolution, with France, Britain, and United States as its most lucrative partners. Image
Around 1795, the economy of Hamburg became increasingly reliant on trade of Atlantic colonial goods with the British. From 1798 to 1799, the total sum of transaction rose exponentially from 42 million francs to 224.1 million francs.
(Katherine Aaslestad, Place and Politics) Image
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#Efemérides #TalDíaComoHoy #BOTD #OnThisDay #Literatura #GabrielCelaya

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Hoy, 18 de marzo, nació Rafael Gabriel Juan Múgica Celaya Leceta, GABRIEL CELAYA (f. 1991), poeta español entre los más representativos de la poesía social de los años cincuenta.
Hijo de una familia de la burguesía industrial vasca, tras una infancia de salud delicada y queriendo estudiar Filosofía y Letras, el padre lo presiona para que curse Ingeniería Industrial y así se haga cargo de la empresa familiar.

Se traslada a Madrid y consigue una plaza
en la residencia Estudiantes.

A través de ella tuvo relación con Lorca, Buñuel, Dalí, Ortega y Gasset, Moreno Villa, Unamuno, Emilio Prados Juan Ramón Jiménez...

Durante las vacaciones de verano de 1927-28, pasa una temporada en Francia. Allí se nutre de Literatura
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#OnThisDay #Filmography #Frankenstein #JSearleDawley

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Hoy, 18 de marzo, se estrenó en USA la película de 16´, "Frankenstein", de J. Searle Dawley, basada en la novela de Mary Shelley, con guión de J. Searle Dawley.

Fue la primera versión filmada
de la historia de Frankenstein.

Desde su estreno se catalogó como desaparecida; no se conocían otras copias.

A mediados de la década de 1970 apareció una impresión original de nitrato, en Wisconsin.


(fuente: )
La película estaba protagonizada por:

Mary Fuller (1888–1973), Charles Ogle (1865–1940) y Augustus Phillips (1874–1952).
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#OTD #Onthisday 17 March, 1813, Eugene ordered Davout to evacuate Dresden to prioritize the defense of the Magdeburg-Wittenberg line, leaving Reynier's corps dangerously stranded.
Narbonne arrived in Vienne to make the last attempt to mend the Franco-Austrian relations.
On the day when the Prussian king declared the war of German liberation, Hortense was hosting a ball in Paris. Castellane, one of the attendants, wrote:
"I wasn't the only one there with my arm in a sling. Circumstances are not cheerful for dancing."
Queen Catharina of Württemberg, wife to Jerome, arrived in Compiègne to seek protection from the impending war. Napoleon was mildly surprised, for he had thought she would be sent away "if the bulk of the enemy army had arrived in Berlin or Dresden,"
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#OTD #Onthisday 17 March, 1813, King Frederick William III of Prussia issued "Au Mein Volk," a groundbreaking appeal to all the ethnic Germans to take up arms for the war of liberation from France.
Yorck, on the day of the his final verdict, entered Berlin in triumph.
In the high politics, the discourse of pan-German liberation was not unfamiliar to the Confederation of the Rhine. Hardenberg singled out Saxony as the only state in the Confederation still subservient to Napoleon and therefore equally subject to retribution.
The Lützow Freikorps had even attempted to carry a flag of German liberation in place of a Prussian one, which Frederick William, then in fear of eliciting suspicions and suppressions from Napoleon, strictly forbade.
(Poultney Bigelow)
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'Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present'. Some good, ancient, and stoic advice – from the Philosopher Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. He died #OnThisDay 180 CE. 🧵
In a book he wrote to himself, known now as 'Meditations', the Roman Emperor wrote that happiness, moral virtue, love, & inner-strength are readily available to all of humanity, & that we need not look outside of ourselves to live a good, moral life.
People who share humanist values are likely to find great value in Stoic philosophy. It's highly practical & focuses on the human need to live ethically. It also focuses on how we can't control all aspects of life, but only our reaction to what happens within our own.
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#OnThisDay #OTD March 16, 1997, "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment" (S08E18) first aired on Fox. Dir: Bob Anderson. Wr: @JJSwartzwelder. EP: @thatbilloakley & @Joshstrangehill. Guest-starring @TheDaveThomas as Rex Banner and @JoeMantegna as Fat Tony. #TheSimpsons
@JJSwartzwelder @thatbilloakley @Joshstrangehill @TheDaveThomas @JoeMantegna The riot scene in "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment" reuses animation from the riot scene in Season 5's "Bart's Inner Child." This animation was also reused in "Lisa on Ice" prior to this episode.
@JJSwartzwelder @thatbilloakley @Joshstrangehill @TheDaveThomas @JoeMantegna When Homer first enters Moe's "Pet Shop" the man that tips his hat to him outside was a background character used in the early seasons.
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#OTD #Onthisday 13 March, 1813, a Russian provisional government for Poland was declared in Kalisch. Approved by the Tsar and announced by Kutuzov, the Provisional Supreme Council of the Duchy of Warsaw would serve as the interim government from 3 April 1813 to 1815.
Alexander issued his approval for the Law on the Provisional Government of the Duchy of Warsaw, drafted by Kutuzov. The statute declared that "all classes should feel His Imperial Majesty's care for them and through this, and also thorugh the abolition of conscription,
would experience how great was the difference between his fatherly administration and the former one [under the French], which had been forced to plunder in order to satisfy the insatiable thirst for conquest of masters who called themselves allies."
(Kutuzov; Lieven)
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#Onthisday #OTD 10 March, 1813, on the birthday of Queen Louise, King Frederick William signed the Charter of Foundation of the Iron Cross drafted by Scharnhorst. Distinguished by its black cross and ribbon, the new medal of honor was promised to all soldiers of merit. ImageImage
The decree read:
"Amidst the current catastrophe... on which everything depends for the fatherland, the vigorous spirit which uplifts the nation so highly deserves to be honored and immortalized by a monument very peculiar.
That the steadfastness with which the people endured the irresistible ills of an iron age did not degenerate into pusillanimity proves that their noble courage, which now animates every heart rests only on faith and loyal devotion to the king and fatherland, could persevere. Image
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I tweeted that the inventor of the first real automobile, Gottlieb Daimler, died #onthisday in 1900.

Not many know this, but Daimler had a habit of scaring the bejesus out of his neighbours. I'd like to honour that. 1/4
When Daimler was putting his 'grandfather clock' engine onto a carriage chassis, the noise from his greenhouse in Bad Cannstatt was alarming his neighbours so much that his gardener eventually led the police in - they'd suspected him of running a counterfeiting operation! 2/4
On November 18 1885, a brave 17 year old Paul Daimler climbed on his father's invention, the 'Reitwagen', and made the world's first motorcycle trip along the banks of the Neckar River, terrifying local with the roar of the 1/2hp engine.

Also the seat caught fire. 3/4
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#OTD #Onthisday At dawn on 4 March, 1813, Viceroy Eugene and Marshal St. Cyr began withdrawing their forces across the left bank of the Elbe, abandoning Berlin altogether.
Prince Repnin's advanced guard swiftly occupied the Prussian capital, liberating it from the French hand. Cossacks skirmishing with the French leaving via the Halle G
Two days ago, the French army had spotted the Russian infantry about to ford the Elbe from multiple points. With Eugene in Schoenberg, the men reconnoitered the nuclei around Berlin. Confirming the continued Russian operation on the right bank, the viceroy reported on the 3rd:
"Sire, under these circumstances, I must not prolong my stay in Prussia any longer, and whatever it costs me to abandon Berlin, the lack of cavalry forces me to withdraw the troops I have with me to the Elbe."
If not, the enemy could seize the road ahead to Leipzig.
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It was the shortest election campaign since the war.

And the first since we joined the European Community.

It's the February 1974 General Election, which took place #OnThisDay 49 years ago.

A thread, which I’ll be updating throughout the day with election highlights. 🧵 Image
Before the votes are counted, the key question is how well the Liberals have done.

The campaign very much went their way and Robert McKenzie wonders whether they are on the brink of achieving 25% and making substantial gains.

His swing-o-meter begins rather more modestly. Image
There’s an early sign that election coverage in the past wasn’t always that serious.

Mike Yarwood is in the studio to do impressions and gags.

He opens with “It’s quite pointless winning a seat in the House because it’s quite difficult to find one that Cyril Smith isn’t in.” Image
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A Thread 👇🏻

#OnThisDay (25 February), 1986 Philippines saw the overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos, a US-backed anti-communist tyrant, and his forced exile. The People Power Revolution is considered one of the most significant events in the modern history of the Philippines.
During this period, there were reports of widespread human rights abuses, including torture and extrajudicial killings.
In the Philippines, Marcos used his authority to suppress communist movements. In 1972, he declared martial law and suspended civil liberties, which allowed him to arrest and detain suspected communists and other political opponents without trial.
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A Thread 👇🏻
#OnThisDay in 1918 the Red Army was created. It played significant role throughout the 20th century & 32 years ago in 1991 for preservation of the USSR, a rally was organized by the Working class of Soviet Union with the participation of more than 1 million people Image
Share your points and views with us. Image
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#OnThisDay #OTD #25YearsAgo February 22, 1998, "The Last Temptation of Krust" (S09E15) first aired on Fox. Dir: Mike B. Anderson. Wr: @Donick. EP: @scullymike. Guest-starring @jayleno, Bruce Baum, Janeane Garofalo, Bobcat Goldthwait, @StevenWright, & @HankJr. #TheSimpsons
@Donick @scullymike @jayleno @StevenWright @HankJr Mike Scully said that the writers had difficulty getting Krusty's offensive bad jokes through the network censors. The stereotypical jokes were allowed because the writers convinced them that viewers would understand it was simply emphasizing Krusty's dated comedic material.
@Donick @scullymike @jayleno @StevenWright @HankJr The Canyonero sequence, sung by Hank Williams, Jr., was originally planned to be displayed during the closing credits. The production team liked the scene so much that they did not want it to be obscured by the credits and gave it its own segment at the end of the episode.
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#OnThisDay 1943, members of the White Rose group were executed for high treason. The group created & distributed anti-Nazi pamphlets, criticising the Nazis persecution of Jews and calling for resistance to Nazi rule

📷 Hans & Sophie Scholl, Wiener Holocaust Library Collections A photograph of Hans SchollA photograph of Sophie Scholl
Their first pamphlet started 'Nothing is so unworthy of a civilised nation as allowing itself to be governed without opposition by an irresponsible clique that has yielded to base instinct...'

Learn more about opposition to the Nazis: A digitised version of a Wh...
Search our catalogue to find our more about Hans and Sophie Scholl, the White Rose Group and opposition to the Nazis...…
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#TodayinHistory in 1986, after a plot to assault Malacañang was foiled, Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile & AFP Vice Chief-of-Staff Fidel V. Ramos held a press con announcing defection from Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

Jaime Cardinal Sin urged people to protect them. #EDSA37 #History Image
In 1985, to placate the growing concern of the int'l community on #PH under Marcos, Marcos agreed to a Snap Elections on 7 Feb 1986. Corazon Aquino & Salvador Laurel ran as opposition.
On election day, & days that followed for tally & canvassing of votes, int'l observers note widespread fraud & violence threatening the integrity of the elections. Upon announcement in Batasan that Marcos won, majority of people boycotted crony companies.
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#OnThisDay #OTD February 21, 1999, "Marge Simpson in: 'Screaming Yellow Honkers'" (S10E15) first aired on the Fox network. Dir: @markk1914. Wr: David M. Stern. EP: @scullymike. Guest-starring Hank Williams Jr. as the Canyonero singer and @JohnKassir as Possum. #TheSimpsons
@markk1914 @scullymike @JohnKassir The road rage film which Chief Wiggum shows during the road rage class was originally titled "Screaming Yellow Honkers". The road rage film was originally to have been presented, of course, by Troy McClure, but voice actor Phil Hartman died the previous year.
@markk1914 @scullymike @JohnKassir The group of people running out of the zoo, before Homer, Bart, and Lisa, are caricatures of showrunner Mike Scully, his wife @ScullyThacker, and his children. They are also seen running behind Kent Brockman's news report later in the episode.
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#OnThisDay #OTD February 21, 1991, "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" (S02E15) first aired on the Fox network. Dir: Wes Archer. Wr: @Interbang1Jeff. EP: @canyonjim, @simonsam & Matt Groening. Guest-starring @DannyDeVito as Herb Powell. #TheSimpsons
@Interbang1Jeff @canyonjim @simonsam @DannyDeVito Danny DeVito was suggested for the role by Simpsons executive producer Sam Simon. DeVito had to record his lines quickly because he had another appointment, so the staff focused on recording only his scenes while he was there.
@Interbang1Jeff @canyonjim @simonsam @DannyDeVito .@nancycartwright thought DeVito "threw his body and soul" into his performance. While the recording took part, animation director Wes Archer scribbled down some of DeVito's attitudes, gestures, and facial expressions on a piece of paper as he performed.
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