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Welcome to #Ontario !
#YoursToDiscover - ONLY if you are quadruple vaccinated, wear 3 N-95 masks & shower 3 times daily in 100% alcohol.

#APlaceToGrow - ONLY variants that ignore our #shortcutvaccine !

#FlawedData - because "transparency" was never a license plate slogan.

We put out some pretty little graphs for you!

They give the ILLUSION of #transparency - but we're NOT going to tell you which group the has more UNvaccinated vs Vaccinated - NOR how many shots they've had. NOPE!

Rumors of testing bias? PLS don't ask!

We are quite pleased that most of #Ontario & the media actually thought that adding the numbers in these graphs gave you correct totals.

We were quite tickled that many of you calculated rates using these graphs.

973 are missing from the 1st graph!
150 from the 2nd!

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Congratulation #Ontario !
88.5% have at least 2 shots.
33.3% have 3 shots.
The FULLY-vaccinated have a HIGHER infection RATE per 100,000 & avg. 80% of new cases.
AND you hit a new record high of hospitalizations at 3,220!
Only 17.1% of hospitalizations are UNvaccinated...

...which is close to their % of the population.

ICU data lags at least 2 weeks behind hospitalizations...and the FULLY-vaccinated are already set to take the lead there as well.

205 deaths in the FIRST 10 DAYS of Jan - which is MORE then the ENTIRE month of Dec.

2/... hit the streets #Ontario - and celebrate that @fordnation @celliottability & @JustinTrudeau chose to give you an INFERIOR set of #shortcutvaccines whose incomplete immune response (predictably) paved the way for #Omicron & the resulting #pandemicofthevaccinated !

Yeah us!
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Imagine if...
1) ... @fordnation or @JustinTrudeau would have NOT accepted a #shortcutvaccine that was quicker to make, but provided INFERIOR immunity compared to traditional vaccines?

2) ... @fordnation & @JustinTrudeau had heeded the warnings that mass vaccination with this #shortcutvaccine would likely (& predictably) eventually provide the selective advantage for variants like #Omicron - which would lead to a #pandemicofthevaccinated ?

3) ... @fordnation & @JustinTrudeau had actually "followed the science" and NOT dictated #vaccinemanates prior to evaluation of real-world data?

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This is so discouraging.

@GeraldoRivera, part of a major media organization, is "shocked" he got Covid despite being triple-jabbed.

We sometimes operate in a "scientific bubble" and think everyone is abundantly aware the jabs do not prevent infection or spread.

We are wrong.
Our government has done such a fabulous job of selling the vaccines that "knowledgeable" people like Rivera and Sotomayor are completely detached from the truth.

The facts are in plain sight, but they do not match the narrative.

Sadly, too few are actually educating themselves.
If you want to get vaccinated to mitigate symptoms as the CDC claims, that's informed consent.

If you are still stuck on the original sales pitch that the vaccines prevent infection or spread, then it's time to update your knowledge.

Even the CDC isn't pushing that lie anymore.
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The myth of the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated is being dismantled brick by lying brick.

An excellent new study out of Wisconsin demonstrates that (as many foresaw) the US is now well into a rapidly growing #PandemicOfTheVaccinated.

-Short Thread-

There are several recently published studies that evince similar findings. And the data out of Israel over the past few months is virtually incontrovertible on the question, but this new study is very well-designed, with results difficult to dispute.


1) Asymptomatic fully vaccinated are carrying around extremely infectious high viral loads. You are MUCH MORE likely (82%) to contract Covid from an asymptomatic fully vaccinated person than from an asymptomatic unvaccinated person (29%).

Read that again.

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