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Inside: Saving the news from Big Tech with end-to-end social media; Hey look at this; and more!

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1/ Image: EFF https://www.eff....
Saving the news from Big Tech with end-to-end social media: The final installment in my EFF series on saving the news.

2/  Image: EFF https://www.eff...
Hey look at this

* Logistics Co Recruiting in American Truck Simulator Amid Driver Shortage…

* Social Case for Bright-Line #Antitrust Rules…

* #Ontario #NDP hearings to lower phone bills/improve ISPs

3/ Image
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1/4. In the aftermath of the tragedy that took #OurLondonFamily, we asked for policy changes to address #Islamophobia and hate in #Ontario and beyond. Image
2/4. Today, another step has been implemented towards positive change. We welcome the Government of Ontario's commitment towards the City of #London's Anti-Hate Response Pilot project.
3/4. We also thank the London Muslim Mosque for partnering on this initiative, which is a needed step in the right direction. We can all do more in the current fight against hate.
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Interesting that Ford found $4.4 Billion for healthcare, details here:

#Ontario Health Sector: 2023 Budget Spending Plan Review

This report reviews the Province’s health sector spending plan in the 2023 Ontario Budget and the /1
2023-24 Expenditure Estimates. Health sector spending includes the combined spending by the Ministries of Health and Long-Term Care.

Health Sector Spending Outlook

Based on the FAO’s estimate of the cost of current health sector programs and announced commitments,
/3 the FAO projects that health sector spending will grow at an average annual rate of 3.4 per cent between 2021-22 and 2025-26, reaching $86.7 billion in 2025-26.

In comparison, the funding allocated by the Province in the 2023 Ontario Budget grows at a higher average
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Happy Tartan Day Canada #TartanDay #April6

Celebrate your Scottish Heritage.

Tartan across #Canada

#NovaScotia /1 ImageImage
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🧵#Canada's politicians have been talking a lot about #affordablehousing.

But, to quote @ronmortgageguy "All Levels Of Government Talk About AFFORDABLE Housing But None Of Them Will Ever Say Houses Prices Must Come DOWN"

Why is this? Could there be a conflict of interest?
Below is a list of #Ontario politicians that meet 1 or more of the following criteria:

1) #residentialrental property that they earn an income from
2) residential rental property without disclosing any income
3) non-residential property
4) other involvement in #realestate
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Let's talk about buying a 🏠 in #Markham #Ontario.
At today's fixed rates of 4.5% & a 30 year amortization, a 750k house with 20% down will give approximately a $3000 per month mortgage. Currently, there are ZERO houses in Markham available for 750k.
Notice there are also zero properties available in #RichmondHill & #Vaughn. So let's up it to $850k. The result is....yup, still ZERO!
Let's go to 950k. NOPE!
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🧵In Canada, medical practice is restricted to the province/territory in which a physician is licensed. The Canadian Medical Association #CMA has been calling gov'ts to implement #panCanadianlicensure most recently at a meeting of Atlantic health ministers in January 2023.⬇️
Other than a few exceptions, practising in a different province or territory means a lengthy application process, sometimes months long, and thousands of dollars in fees. How does the #CMA define #panCanadianlicensure?⬇️
The ability for physicians with full licences to practise independently without restrictions or for medical resident trainees registered in any Canadian jurisdiction to practise or train in any other Canadian jurisdiction ⬇️
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A Message from MSIFN’s Chief and Council on Durham Region’s Vote Against Studying the Implications of Greenbelt Carveouts @RegionofDurham
Chief Kelly LaRocca and Councillors Laura Colwell and Jeff Forbes shocked by Regional Council decision which violates public trust and (1/5)
(2/5) fails future generations.
SCUGOG – “We are profoundly troubled by Durham Region’s vote to not study the implications of carving out land from the Greenbelt.
“As we have repeatedly said, there is no turning back from destroying the environment. The wetlands and
(3/5) biodiverse areas that are part of the Greenbelt have developed over millennia and serve critical purposes in balancing our ecosystems and ensuring that humanity can thrive. These areas cannot simply be replaced with other undeveloped parcels of land somewhere else
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Behind the curtain of MZOs: Emails show internal concerns raised about the process

Toward the end of Nov 2021, a potential problem came across the desk of Region of Peel Chief Administrative Officer Janice Baker.

It was a request from Burlington-based /1

#onpoli #Ontario
/2 Argo Development Corp., asking the City of Brampton to table a motion asking for a Minister’s Zoning Order — or MZO — to build a subdivision on the western outskirts of the city.

If granted, the order would allow the developer to bypass the lengthy local planning process.
/3 Argo planned to build 69 single-family homes, 691 townhouses, two medium-density blocks and two towers, its initial plan said. The site was a full subdivision, meaning roads, stormwater and a school facility were among the things that would
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The snow is weird. It’s now 0 degrees C and the snow isn’t melting. It’s subliming. It’s not unusual for snow to sublime (evaporate) but it usually does it when it’s sunny and it doesn’t smell like plasticky gasoline when it does. 5 mins outside and I’m super dizzy and nauseous.
Sublimation means when a solid like snow turns into a gas without going through a liquid state. So is this snow off-gassing? Sure smells like it. Even my partner had to go lie down.
I left a jar out to collect a sample the other day but I just put the lid on. If this has vinyl chloride in it, can I assume it won’t leak out of a mason gar? @CuzzinSnooter thoughts?
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My partner went out to shovel snow. She couldn’t finish and came inside bc her throat was getting worse. She now has a metallic taste in her mouth and could smell something “funny”. She said “The snow isn’t right. It’s crystallized”. #OhioChemicalDisaster #Ontario #GreatLakes
What chemicals cause a metalic taste in your mouth? It’s strong. She was wearing an N-95 outside.
This is what I also noticed the other day when it snowed.
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🧵I think every Ontarian should be aware of what the Auditor General of Ontario published in the 'Value for Money Audit/ Outpatient Surgeries' in 2021.
Before we allow Doug Ford and Sylvia Jones outsource any more surgeries to the private for-profit sector, we need answers.
"Our audit concluded that the Ministry, in conjunction with Ontario Health, does not have fully effective oversight procedures and systems in place to monitor and confirm the quality of specifically outpatient surgeries."
"Several of our findings, such as the underuse of hospital operating rooms, and the lack of Ministry oversight of billings, have been noted in our past value-for-money audits, including ...
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On December 13, 2020, @ONThealth distributed a "script for health care providers" for "obtaining informed consent" from patients receiving a dose of the @pfizer @BioNTech_Group #COVID19 #mrna #vaccine. 💉🧬

#informedconsent #COVIDON @OntarioHealthOH… Image
@ONThealth @pfizer @BioNTech_Group @OntarioHealthOH What was @ONThealth instructing doctors/nurses/pharmacists/@CineplexMovies parking lot volunteers to tell patients at the time, in order to receive #informedconsent? 🧐 Image
"The vaccine we are offering today is called Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine has been shown to help the body protect itself from becoming sick against the new coronavirus, COVID-19."

Of course, you'll need two doses for it to work. Just two! Image
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As of Jan 21, an estimated 7547 Canadian children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
24% of those have been since protections were removed in individual provinces.

Individual provincial impacts are in this thread.
#canpoli #cdnpoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
As of Jan 28, an estimated 117 NB children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
57% of those have been since protections were removed.
#NewBrunswick #nbpoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
As of Jan 21, an estimated 107 NS children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
68% of those have been since protections were removed.
#NovaScotia #nspoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
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Tracking XBB.1.5* lineage over time | 12/30/2022

Total Sequence Count - Global: 2,719
Total Sequence Count - USA: 2,426

Earliest sample collection date: 10/22/22 (NY, USA)*


* [excluding samples with date errors]
Tracking XBB.1.5* in Asia over time | 12/20/2022

3 new XBB.1.5^^ sequences uploaded from #Shanghai, #China [metadata indicates - baseline surveillance]

^^ will closely look at these sequences for some epi clues
Tracking XBB.1.5* in North America over time | 12/30/2022

#Ontario, #Canada is an emerging hotspot

New entrant: #PuertoRico
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• 1913, you required us to have a permit to carry a handgun.
We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.
• 1920, you required us to have a permit to possess any firearm, regardless of where it was stored.
We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.
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Ford is destroying our local hospitals. Together we can force the Ford gov’t to stop privatizing our hospitals and take urgent action to address this unprecedented crisis.

Join @OntarioHealthC and allies at events across #Ontario over the next few days -🧵with details: 1/6 Poster that says "Ford is destroying our local hospital
On Friday, Dec. 9th at 12pm, #Ottawa is turning out to Faircrest Heights Park (550 Smyth Road) to help #DefendHealthcare

2/6 Poster that says:  "PROTEST IN OTTAWA. Ford is destroyi
On Friday, Dec. 9th at 12pm, #Niagara region is turning out to Fourth Ave and First Street South (across from St. Catharines General Hospital) to help #DefendHealthcare

3/6 Poster that says:  "PROTEST IN NIAGARA REGION. Ford is
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Ontario auditor general finds COVID-19 vaccine wastage, unco-ordinated bookings.

The province is running a disorganized booking system and doesn't fully track adult vaccinations.…
/2 Family doctors were underutilized in the vaccine rollout, Lysyk found, noting that the compensation structure provided a disincentive for them to administer shots in their own offices.

Physicians were paid between $170 and $220 an hour by the government to work at
/3 vaccination sites operated by a public health unit or a hospital, while doctors were paid just $13 per dose to vaccinate in their own offices. As well, Lysyk found that physicians at clinics were paid much higher rates to administer shots than nurses, who were paid
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1/ Question for the Twitterverse:

Why is it that the people who are most obsessed with masks & the loudest proponents of mask mandates also tend to be the biggest hypocrites when it comes to masking themselves?

A short thread with receipts.

Let’s start with @NightShiftMD ImageImageImageImage
2/ Let’s continue on with @drmwarner. A major advocate for masking mandates & lockdowns.

As he was relentlessly pushing for lockdowns & closures in Dec 2021 (News story from CTV News), he was also parading around without a mask in swanky parties in Toronto. Disgusting behaviour! ImageImageImage
3/ Now we have Duclolax Doris @DorisGrinspun, CEO of Registered Nurse’s Association of #Ontario.

On Twitter she unabashedly calls for mask mandates to be implemented, but in real live she gallivants around without wearing a mask herself.

The mask cult members are shameless! ImageImage
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Why the current crisis in 🇨🇦's children's hospitals?
A short 🧵 on how we got here and what needs to happen next.
@CHEO had 300 beds when it opened in 1974. Today there are fewer than half that many.
That started out as a good-news story.
#cdnpoli #onpoli Image
Advances in pharmacology = fewer kids need hospital care.
Advances in day surgery = only 20% of kids at @CHEO need a bed after surgery.
Vaccines = less infectious disease.
Helmet laws, seatbelts and other public health rules = less injury.
Better prenatal care = healthier babies.
All good stuff.
But there are more kids (Ottawa's child+youth population is now growing 9x faster than Ontario's).
Mental health, behavioural diagnoses, childhood obesity all way up.
Whole new diseases have emerged (Covid, H1N1).
Better prenatal care means more preemies survive.
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Short OSINT on #CCPChina MSS outpost or "Fuzhou Police Overseas Service Station" in #Rotterdam located at Van der Sluysstraat 370 staffed by 'former' PLA & Chinese intelligence/security officers for surveillance, harassment, or even kidnapping of dual Chinese citizens: 🧵
2/ Report names Yanping Shu, and Jie Chen & Xiangrong Zhou as his seconds, all 3 are also on board of "Qingtian Nederland", another CCP front.

Registered to address also is "Biao Zhi Holding B.V." which was founded in 2014 & whose phone # match those in @SafeguardDefend report:
3/ Biao Zhi Holding B.V. (kvk#62040618) is listed variously as a "construction & repair" and a "financial holding" company of just "1 employee".

The address is an unremarkable & unmarked residential flat 75m²/3000m³ likely occupying 3 floors.
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The #Ontario municipal elections are October 24.

Here are 5 things municipal leaders can do to fight #Antisemitism .

Share and tag your local candidates and urge them to pledge to take the 5 steps, if elected.

1/6 Image
1. Stand up and speak out when #Antisemitism is present in your community.

2/6 Image
2. Learn from and work with your local Jewish community to ensure #Jewish safety, security, and inclusion.

3/6 Image
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This is my 89 year old Mom waiting in the #Ptbo hospital garage for 4 hours to be triaged. She has severe parkinson's disease, dementia and covid. She was being treated by her nursing staff in her residence but was brought in due to a fall....con't #OntarioIsBroken
She had to be moved to to the end of the garage to make room for more patients. Everyone has #covid
When she was finally admitted, she was put in the 'out of service' room. These yellow stickers are posted all over the hospital. #ontarioisbroken
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