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@fayekutschman1 @RichardTBurnett We need to know what we're up against... the same Big Tech a-holes who assisted in theft of #RoyMoore seat #ProjectBirmingham e.g.,

Note: CVE, or Countering Violent Extremism
"Extreme"=YOU. Not THEM.
"Violent"=stop you BEFORE you act. !!
@fayekutschman1 @RichardTBurnett CVE was used to fight ISIS influence online.
If they'll justify using faux Russian bots/disinfo to steal an election because YOU "EXTREMISTS" are Taliban-equivalents... they'll censor you and I in a heartbeat.…
@fayekutschman1 @RichardTBurnett Been reading about this since Scott Shane's article came out (Why did NYT report this? Who was threatening to leak?
Shane spoke at the conference months before..)

"Secret Experiment..." Way to soften, mold and form!
Still, quite the confession.…
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So much truth here: @PoliticalOrgy ...
Renewed interest in #RoyMoore...

Where does a country go to regain democracy when a kleptocracy has stolen elections and laughs about it?
There HAS to be punishment.
And recompense.
@dougjones STOLE #AlSen
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Last wk we noticed that an entire subset of our #Hamilton68 accounts had been suspended in mass. We have seen suspended accounts from time to time but not a whole set. To be clear these were bot accnts so it made sense they would all get suspended at once. #infosec #osint
We determined from our archive that they were mostly suspended around January 26th and this was the last tweet in our archive. #infosec #hamilton68 #osint
Some searching on Twitter & we found that our fellow bothunters @conspirator0 & @ZellaQuixote had already put out this excellent thread on Jan 24th outing most of the accounts in this small botnet. I apologize 4 missing it at the time #infosec #hamilton68
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Fussing and fuming that YouTube is doing insufficient censorship of "conspiracy theorists"

These people want to track your viewing habits to better censor you.

They want to keep the YouTube community pure of wrongthink.
Democrats love "experiments" like the one they did using Russian bots in #ALSen election 2017.
Wonder why NYT reported this on the same day that news came out about the study selfsame Democrats wrote for Mueller about ... Russian bots.…
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The alt-right is in an interesting quandary. They want 2 argue #projectbirmingham, a small social media disinfo experiment by a handful of Dem activists affected the outcome in Alabama Senate race ...but not social media disinfo efforts by Russia, a nation state in 2016? #psyops
Some background on #projectbirmingham .... if everything from the original NYT story is true about this domestic disinfo campaign against #RoyMoore then yes I am against this as much as I am against what Russia did in the 2016 elections. #infosec #ALsen
NEW: This is a strong denial from the New Knowledge CEO Jonathan Morgan, including the part about the creation of fake Cyrillic Russian bots ... so someone has some explaining to do #ProjectBirmingham #infosec
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LinkedIn co-founder Billionaire Reid Hoffman has acknowledged that he partially funded a group that used disinformation tactics in Alabama’s 2017 special election in an effort to sink Republican candidate Roy Moore. - The Verge…
Last week, Facebook suspended five accounts linked to the operation for “engaging in coordinated inauthentic behavior.” One of those accounts belonged to Jonathon Morgan, CEO of cybersecurity company New Knowledge.…
The group Hoffman backed financially, American Engagement Technologies, created misleading Facebook pages, urged Republicans in Alabama to support a write-in candidate instead of Roy Moore, and “created false evidence that bots were backing Moore on Twitter.”
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