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1. oggi abbiamo un documento che permette di capire l'arbitrarietà e la mancanza di prove oggettive e trasparenti alla base della lotta contro la #disinformazione: stavolta sul banco degli imputati ci sono, tra gli altri, @GiuseppeConteIT e @nzingaretti :…
2. ad accusare @GiuseppeConteIT, @nzingaretti e altri cittadini italiani, tra cui l'economista @Comunardo, è il #GEC del Dipartimento di Stato USA, il cuore della politica estera USA
3. il documento è stato pubblicato dal giornalista americano @mtaibbi per la serie #TwitterFiles. Taibbi ci ha raccontato che da quando ha rivelato questi file è stato massacrato:…
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This NBC News affiliate article spread disinformation from US government-funded think tanks. It should be documented. But now it's memory-holed.

"This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine".

Why? @internetarchive
Still shows up in the local search results of NBC affiliate "5 on Your Side" site but clicking just gives 404 error message.…
@internetarchive *from at least 1 US government-funded think tank: German Marshall Fund, which created Alliance for Securing Democracy, which created #Hamilton68.…
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let's talk more about this business of bigotry being *fun*—an endlessly variable, endlessly *exciting* parade of crackpot theories and bizarre notions about colorful stereotypes that dazzle the childlike imaginations of @NateSilver538 and @jonathanchait and other bigots.

I've been kicking @NateSilver538 a lot the last couple days, so I'll switch to @jonathanchait—peddler of transphobic rubbish that he's learned from his *own* "echo chamber". Chait, like Silver (and @mtaibbi &c.) lives in a little intellectual bubble saturated with bigotry.

@jonathanchait is hence *unable to tell* that basically all the information that he ever gets about trans persons is worthless garbage. there's an enormously well-funded right-wing machine for churning out transphobic propaganda, with heavy extremist #Christian support.

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one more rumination for tonight, I think. this one is about something that's been called "contrarianism"—a word that's been coined in some attempt to describe the perplexing behavior of celebrity 'influencers', specially the more toxic ones like @mtaibbi and @mattyglesias.

but the behavior is probably quite general. just about *all* of the #journalist and #media figures who have some privileged access to the press and to mass audience have learned to behave in this way on @Twitter and social media: they run away from challenging questions.

the blue-checked "influencers" of the @LPDonovan / @StevenTDennis / @JakeSherman sort (I've picked three names almost at random) are the people who have *benefited the most* from the #Internet-ization of #journalism. social media has amplified their social privilege.

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I'd done my best to try to gauge and predict the #future —that may sound outlandish, but I feel like it's been forced upon me (and the whole Pnictogen Wing). the pace of human events has grown antic and absurd to a degree I never imagined possible even *ten years ago*.

in its characteristic doublethinkful way, Western society both *disparages* fortune-telling as complete rubbish AND makes an enormous #profit off the game of pretending to tell the #future. most of #business and #finance and #investment propaganda is about fortune-telling.

they call it "economic forecasting"'s fortune-telling. it's pretending to have a "scientific" or "objective" grasp of how the future is likely to unfold, based on sophisticated #computer models which people like @JeffDean and @fchollet believe *more than reality*.

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So Mr Jason Shoeaddict, one of the Facebook admins for the "Convoy to Ottawa 2022 group with 108,322 members that @PiperK notes in her great thread here is 100% a "ThisPersonDoesNotExist" GAN image. #OSINT #Disinfo #astroturf
Jason Shoeaddict works for National Geographic TV whatever that means & this particular Facebook group is being promoted by disgraced General Michael Flynn. This whole Trucker protest in Ottawa Canada, now growing to other locations in the EU & US, is being astroturfed. #OSINT
Jason Shoeaddict of course doesn't exist in Tineye. Not definitive by any means, however when u combine it with a couple other techniques we've discovered we can say with high confidence, that Jason is an image of a person that doesnt exist & is algorithmically generated (GAN)
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Decided 2 display a snapshot of the discussions pro-Kremlin #hamilton68 v1.0 trolls had over the first 23 days of Sept in 2018-2021. We highlight the top 4 relevant words / hashtags used in decreasing shades of blue & 4 relevant words highlighted in red for comparison. #infoOps ImageImageImageImage
Quick refresher on Hamilton68 & the accounts we reverse engineered from the original #Hamilton68 v1.0 dashboard first run by @SecureDemocracy in 2017. We have collected hundreds of troll / bot accounts since 2018 & categorized them in 8 subsets. #infoOps
This wikipedia entry is a pretty good overview of the genesis of the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD) @SecureDemocracy first formed in July 2017. The ASD is housed at the German Marshall Fund @gmfus of the United States #infosec #infoOps…
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This is concerning when seemingly random Kremlin-aligned troll accounts like "Best Health 4 You" start to converge on a new propaganda narrative aligned with recent troop movements.
Well-know Putin apologists seem to be laying the groundwork that it was actually Ukraine that was the aggressor and Russia merely invaded Crimea to protect them from the crazed Ukrainians.
Oh Nathalie 48919727, who just found Twitter in November .... you have a very interesting reading list. As for George ... we all know George's story. He apparently is picking up where Ron Johnson and Giuliani left off.
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Fascinating, we have started our analysis of our #Hamilton68 archive of Kremlin aligned trolls and their Twitter conversations around trying to de-legitimize the 2020 elections. Alot of retweeting of President Trump, actually & boosting content like this. #infoOps #osint #disinfo
The article was originally put out by the Kremlin aligned blogging site fort-russ(.)com on July 30th and the account preceded to push out the article again & again using a link shortener until it gave up on August 1st. Notice the other hashtags included. #infoOps #osint #disinfo
Very much related to this previous FBI PSA
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So the #Antifa boogeyman is now being blamed 4 wild fires across the country. Apparently George Soros is sending out Antifa to start forest fires. Of course this is completely not true & has been debunked by law enforcement & local officials. Here are two recent #disinfo examples ImageImage
Quick shout out to @ContextFall & @dragnetizen for sending these examples. On Facebook its even worse & an absolute sea of dumb. Also its good to know that the fake @ScarsdaleAntifa account, inciting violence & falsely claiming #AntifaFires is responsible is now suspended Image
#Antifa is the top trending hashtag in Colorado Springs at it was due to this tweet from a local pastor. Its interesting because it appears to be boosted by one of the #Mighty200 accounts @LeahR77. This is also an account that I believe President Trump has retweeted on occasion. Image
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Recent news report on current Russian election meddling said that one propaganda #infoOps by the Kremlin was 2 convince Americans that instead of having a childhood stutter, Joe Biden was actually suffering from dementia cc @jonkarl @donie @oneunderscore__
Looking at our archives we confirmed seeing something very similar 2 the draft bulletin titled “Russia Likely to Denigrate Health of US Candidates to Influence 2020 Election” from DHS analysts that was submitted to their public affairs office 4 review on July 7 but never released
As an example of Russian efforts to raise doubts about Biden's mental acuity, the draft bulletin points to a March story on a Russian proxy website that "refuted media claims that the candidate’s gaffes are a result of a stutter, instead arguing they were symptoms of dementia.”
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It is occasionally useful to profile a now suspended pro-Kremlin troll. Meet Nardeep Pujji who has had two different accounts recently suspended. #infoOps #osint #disinfo ImageImage
Nardeep Pujji has long been a pro-Assad propagandist and of course promoted the Kremlin line calling the #WhiteHelmets group terrorists. We were most familiar with Nardeep's first account @AWAKEALERT created in 2009 & found it in the #Hamilton68 set #InfoOps #osint #disinfo Image
Here are the top hashtags and top URLs that the @AWAKEALERT account used back in June 2018 when we first analyzed this account. #infoOps #osint #disinfo ImageImage
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#Belarus elections were held Aug 9th & early voting started Aug 4th. The incumbent President Lukashenko claimed victory over opposition Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, despite widespread claims of fraud. UK & EU refuse to recognize the results #Belarusprotests…
We took a look at the twitter conversations among our pro-Kremlin trolls based on the original #Hamilton68 v1.0 set. Mentions of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya were nearly non-existent. Only 10 mentions out of 34266 tweets from Aug 3rd - Aug 9th. Below are wordclouds #Belarusprotests ImageImage
Observers are convinced Svetlana actually won the election against the deeply unpopular Pres. Lukashenko. There are claims of partially burned ballots & numerous other irregularities, & Svetlana had 2 flee the country with her children. This has led 2 massive protests in #Belarus Image
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Information previously classified, but has now been downgraded by US Officials so they could more freely discuss it, found Russian GRU intelligence officers are spreading disinformation about the #coronavirus pandemic through English-language websites.…
Two Russians, Denis Valeryevich Tyurin & Aleksandr Gennadyevich Starunskiy, have held senior roles in Moscow’s military intelligence service known as the GRU & have been identified as responsible for a #disinfo effort meant to reach American and Western audiences #osint #InfoOps
The three English websites that were singled out in the report were InfoRos[.]ru, Infobrics[.]org and OneWorld[.]press. A fourth site that targets a French audiences also appears to be linked ObservateurContinental[.]fr #disinfo #osint #InfoOps #infosec
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So 1st sampling of data we are currently analyzing. Sorry, wish I had more time 2 do more but this is interesting even if it isn't as timely as I would prefer. This wordcloud is from the most pro-Kremlin of the #Hamilton68 accounts (mostly foreign) during the peak of #GeorgeFloyd Image
Also notice that "Soros" for George Soros appears significantly in that wordcloud above. Not surprising because there's been a long ongoing #disinfo campaign to suggest Soros funds all of these #BLM & #Antifa protests making him the single largest employer in the US <sarcasm>
Literally within 30 seconds of looking you can find a #Qanon / conspiracy meme like this .... pinning all the world's woes on George Soros. It is quite incredible and he has been the boogeyman for Russia, the far-right and now #Qanon for yrs. #disinfo #osint #infosec Image
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Oh ... okay so this is what the trending #Obamagate hashtag was all about. Ah 3 million coordinated inauthentic tweets for this? As the #FoxNews commentator said at the end ... "What was the crime?" 🤣🤣 
.... and comedian Sarah Cooper "helps" us all understand the baffling "faux outrage" surrounding #Obamagate ... well maybe just highlights why its "still" baffling. 🤣🤣
We're looking through all our subsets of trolls, cyborgs & bots that pushed the #Obamagate hashtag. Its ongoing, but we have this. A group of pro-Kremlin automated content seeders & boosters from our #Hamilton68 group. They've promoted #Obamagate only twice in 2 yrs #disinfo ImageImage
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Yikes this Tara Reade stuff is collapsing under the sheer weight of the ridiculousness. This is some impressive Jacob Wohl type stuff. I didn't realize Ms #TaraReade was into writing romance novels. #osint #metoo…
Its interesting that in 2017 Ms #TaraReade (or Mccabe as she used to like to be called) seemed quite fond of Joe Biden. Remind me again when her newly concocted "rape" story occurred again? #osint #metoo cc @chrislhayes
I am started to wonder if that is really her writing the tweets for her new Twitter account @/ReadeAlexandra ...this is some really odd bedfellows ... Russian produced anti-Ukraine documentaries? Even I had to look this up. #osint #metoo
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Wow big story I just saw from @donie on a @cnnbrk undercover investigation by @clarissaward & her team revealing a Russian linked troll farm in Ghana Africa. One of the accnts they highlight is @africamustwake. We reported on that & a couple others last wk
Here's our thread from last wk on 4 tightly connected #BLM accnts that we identified a while back & had added to our new alt-left #Hamilton68 set of Kremlin-aligned twitter trolls. Can't believe they turned out 2b Russian outsourced accounts based in Ghana
This is a set of some of the accounts we also found. I guess we will find out soon enough from Twitter as I am assuming they will make this suspended data set available. @AfricaMustWake
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Back in March 2018 we reversed engineered / identified just over 250 Twitter accnts of the 600 Russian influencer accts monitored by the German Marshall Fund at the #Hamilton68 dashboard. Over time we expanede this list and broke them into subcatgories Image
Without giving away too much part of the reverse engineering involved an oversight in how the @SecureDemocracy dashboard displayed its trending data. We reverse engineered enough accounts as seed accounts to then grow out the set over time. We are completely independent of @gmfus ImageImage
Fast forward to 2day. We looked at the discussion of candidates within the Kremlin-aligned #Hamilton68 subset of accnts most focused on Russian Geopolitics. This wordcloud in first week of Feb. shows positive support to Bernie Sanders #Bernie2020 #elections2020 #nvcaucus Image
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We have fascinating data on the Kremlin-aligned #Hamilton68 subset of accnts most focused on Russian Geopolitics. This wordcloud 4 first wk of Feb shows positive support 4 Bernie Sanders #Bernie2020, supported #boohillary & discussions about Iowa Caucuses #elections2020 #NVCaucus Image
The #hamilton68 data shows overwhelming negative sentiment towards Joe Biden & starting in early Feb negative towards Pete Buttigieg. 100% positive sentiment continues 4 Bernie Sanders & Tulsi Gabbard. Neutral 2 negative towards Warren & oblivious towards Klobuchar & Yang #osint
We hope to write up the full #hamilton68 results for tomorrow. Stay tuned.
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Building upon our thread that we started earlier in the wk ... we have done further analysis on the hashtags that coalesced at the end of January & into the beginning of February #demexit, #boohillary, #walkaway & #dncrigging. Walkway is a pro-MAGA product
As I mentioned #Walkaway long ago got turned into an enduring pro-MAGA product so we left that out for this. We were among the first groups to out this inorganic campaign in 2018. This chart shows participation of the Kremlin-aligned #hamilton68 and the Domestic #the200 groups
As I stated in the previous thread on Feb 1st the start (#boohillary) or reoccurrence of #demexit & #dncrigging started organically mostly here in the US. However other suspect accnts did participate with additional tweets, retweets and likes (which we currently don't measure)
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The pro-MAGA & #qanon account @surfermom77 outed the whistleblower by name in a tweet & then President Trump preceded to retweet the surfermom77 tweet on Saturday ... effectively further outing the whistleblower to his 68 million followers…
The surfermom77 account has morphed & repackaged itself numerous times & the @mikefarb1 thread does a good job documenting that. Although not in our #Hamilton68 or #the200 lists, we will document a number of other interesting things about this surfer mom.
One small comment about @mikefarb1 thread, we need 2b careful about interchanging GRU accounts with IRA trolls. They r & function very differently. GRU typically don't run high volume, influential social media accounts. The paid grunts do that (IRA trolls)
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Back in late August of this yr the account @ArizonaKayte was suspended by Twitter. I have no idea why ... however this account was of note given it was one of the top most influential accounts within the Domestic pro-MAGA troll group called the #Mighty200 or also called #the200
It was found that the account @ArizonaKayte from #the200 was in the top 6 most retweeted by the primary dataset of alt-right accounts (top 57393 users) h/t @r0zetta from F-secure #infosec #disinfo #magatrolls #osint
The account @ArizonaKayte was commonly found in large Trump Train follow back tweets and still appears even months after its suspension. See the screenshot on the right from 2 days ago #infosec #disinfo #magatrolls #osint
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#BREAKING: Trump asked the President of Ukraine to investigate @Crowdstrike, a now publicly traded company $CRWD that 1st determined state-sponsored Russian hackers hacked the DNC. There is no server in Ukraine .. but that's beside the point #infosec
Here's our thread on @crowdstrike from 07-24-19 documenting the continued propaganda efforts coming from the Kremlin 2 smear & muddy the waters on something that has been fact 4 a number of yrs & confirmed in the Mueller report #infosec #osint #Hamilton68
This is a good breakdown of the Ukraine call with Zelensky and spells out numerous problematic sections #UkraineTranscript
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