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The @AZGOP has lost control of #fraudit. At one time the @ArizonaAudit was the official acct 4 the #AZaudit in Maricopa county, but now Ken Bennet has informed the media he has lost control of this account & it locked out by someone from out of state. via @TerriJoNeff cc @jpanzer Image
From the start Ken Bennett claimed & it was stated in the bio that @ArizonaAudit was under his control or at least managed on his behalf. U can see that in these iterations. First using the email address he claims is his in court docs & then in the Bio. In early May this changed ImageImageImage
Looking at the various associated websites and social media accounts and when they were created gives and interesting timeline and suggests who is really spearheading and running the #AZaudit #Fraudit Image
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1/6 Pro-#Kremlin #disinfo continues to spread after #Czech officials accused #Russian military intelligence of involvement in a deadly munitions-depot explosion in the Czech town of #Vrbětice in 2014. @frankvrabel1 @mlrchtr

Key findings from May 4 report:…
2/6 #Czech #disinfo sources are pushing pro-#Kremlin coverage of the #GRU scandal to benefit Czech political actors and parties advocating populist, pro-Kremlin positions, "like the far-right SPD, the Communist Party (KSČM), and the #Putin-friendly Czech president, Miloš Zeman.”
3/6 #Czech #disinformation media have pushed a number of false narratives in response to the allegations of #GRU involvement, including that it is “a ploy to escalate the conflict between #Russia and the West, instigated by the United States.”
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Was it something I said? #AZaudit Image
Apparently Dylan who claims to be an "Arizona Democrat" was very subtly suggesting there was vote flipping of 6000 votes in Antrim, MI presumably because of Dominion voting machines. That of course has been thoroughly debunked months ago. And when I called him out he blocked me. Image
No there was no software driven vote flipping in Antrim, MI and No, Michigan didn't use an algorithm to manipulate 2020 election results. Folks there was a paper ballot recount. Its not complicated & there is no mystery as to who won. #AZaudit…
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WE ASK: What is the relationship between media consumption & believing disinformation abt protests? Employing #panelsurvey in #Ukraine we examine media consumption among protest participants & non-participants + supporters & non-supporters… @AKaratnycky
TESTING THEORIES: on #AffectivePolarization #SocialMediaEffects & the role of #OldMedia (namely TV) & #StateMedia (namely #Russian owned TV) + #Ukraine context-specific expectations on #ethnolinguistic #identity divides… @EricaChenoweth @civilresistance
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"@NATO remains the strategic center of gravity" @US_EUCOM Commander Gen Tod Wolters tells Senate Armed Services Committee
"That will improve our capabilities in all domains" @US_EUCOM's Gen Wolters tells lawmakers when asked about the announcement 500 more troops are headed to #Germany
.@US_EUCOM commander making the case for the F-35 joint strike fighter jet

"The F-35 is very important" Gen Wolters tells @JimInhofe "We in the US need F-35s in #Europe ... to make sure we have the competitive advantage necessary" vs #Russia
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This is concerning when seemingly random Kremlin-aligned troll accounts like "Best Health 4 You" start to converge on a new propaganda narrative aligned with recent troop movements.
Well-know Putin apologists seem to be laying the groundwork that it was actually Ukraine that was the aggressor and Russia merely invaded Crimea to protect them from the crazed Ukrainians.
Oh Nathalie 48919727, who just found Twitter in November .... you have a very interesting reading list. As for George ... we all know George's story. He apparently is picking up where Ron Johnson and Giuliani left off.
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#Anon #Legion Worldwide
Thank you for your success so far in #OpMyanmar

Now my country #Scotland and our comrade @CraigMurrayOrg needs #HELP

@AlexSalmond was smeared and charged in the #SalmondStitchUp like #Assange

His friend #CraigMurray exposed truth.

We need #opScotland
#opScotland to bring the #truth to #light

Only journalists reporting truths have been charged while the #MSM who was against #Salmond and help spread the #lies got away with much more identifying info #jigsawsarefun

#TheSNP leadership cabal lead by #NicolaSturgeon continues
To spread #disinfo #smear and #censor the evidence, even from the #ScotParliament #SGHHC Committee set up to #investigate their mistakes.

@DavidDavisMP recently exposed this in WM using Parliamentary Privilege

Our @COPFS has threatened prosecution to anyone, inc our MSPs
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New: House Intelligence Committee Chair @RepAdamSchiff tells @CSIS @ODNIgov report on #Election2020 shows that "several agency heads...were not candid w/the country" about election meddling
Per @RepAdamSchiff, that list includes "former Atty General Bill Barr & former director of Nat'l Intelligence John Ratcliffe, his predecessor Ric Grenell, Nat'l Security Adviser O'Brien and others"
"You had top agency heads out pushing a misleading narrative in support of the president..." per @RepAdamSchiff "...deemphasizing the threat from #Russia & suggesting or affirmatively stating a falsehood, that #China was actually the bigger threat to our election"
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An excellent debunking by @MickWest.
However, the wizards of disinformation have a follow-up maneuver now. What they will do is *actually* insert a "dead cat microphone" into a breaking video which does not originally have one of those microphones.
They will move fast to use the altered video with an inserted dead-cat-mic in highly targeted, 1-to-1 end-to-end encrypted ephemeral messaging (like WhatsApp or disappearing Signal messaging)...
in order to quickly show the altered breaking news video to target persuadables who are on-the-fence about whether or not the media can be trusted and are not tech savvy enough to have any chance of actually preserving or saving the video they are shown.
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What is the connection between State-sponsored disinformation and online harassment? Well, closer than you'd think. See how this works and get 3 suggestions for how to fix it in my latest article in the Colorado Journal of Law and Technology.
Many works discuss online harassment harms; few discuss harassment's influence on elections/democracy. Online harassment has created serious policy, technical, and structural vulnerabilities that are exploited by malign actors & go largely unnoticed—or unprioritized—by companies.
Online harassment became mainstream with Gamergate. The problem is still plaguing social media, with progress being made in fits and starts after publicized incidents of bullying or silencing of minority voices. However, the problem has grown past these applications to new harms.
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In the Summer of '19 @mastersonmv and the @CISAgov elections team started the #WarOnPineapple to raise awareness about how #disinfo campaigns work. Step 5, "Taking the Conversation into the Real World," is what we saw on Weds when incited insurrectionists stormed the Capitol.
The rigged election claims had all the hallmarks of a foreign influence operation. From identifying the hot button issue, mobilizing accounts, trolls & other high profile accounts beating the drum, & then hopping into mainstream media. Unfortunately, it was a domestic operation.
We saw the rigged election narrative forming over the summer and feared that left unchecked it could land us right where we are, physical violence. So among other efforts, we launched to debunk rumors like hacked voting machines & break the #disinfo chain.
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Disinformation briefing: BLM and voter fraud

The dominant disinformation narrative regarding BLM seeks to portray the ongoing protests around racial injustice as a predominantly violent movement.

The leading voice in pushing this narrative is Andy Ngô…
Of the 50 most-widespread posts containing BLM #disinfo, Ngô’s tweets feature 21x.

Frequent attempts were also made by leading right-wing voices to use the merging of BLM & antifa to target Joe Biden by claiming he has failed to denounce violence at racial injustice protests.
#Disinformation targeting BLM spiked after September 23, the day the grand jury announced its decision to bring no charges against Louisville police over Breonna Taylor’s death.
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This thread by @yashar & one by @file411 that I will link to next is a good head's up that there are still a number of fake #resistance accnts just waiting to flip into pro-Trump #MAGA accounts. Much like the astroturfed #Walkaway campaign of a few yrs ago
The @VenusSylbrine account, which has since been deleted, unexpectedly turned from a #resistance account to a pro-Trump #MAGA account on October 16th, a few days back. @file411 has a good thread here #infoOps #osint #disinfo #infosec
Looking back in July this @VenusSylbrine account was posing as a #resistance #blacklivesmatter account #BLM and had built up a moderate following and was quite active at retweeting out resistance related content. #infoOps #osint #disinfo #infosec
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The full report by the Stanford Internet Observatory on the take down of the Rally Forge / Turning Point USA domestic troll farm operation is very illuminating and clearly domestic actors are now copying Russian IRA style tactics #infoOps #disinfo #osint
One jaw-dropping section was the discovery that a fake political persona was created & running in Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. The operation wasn't fully formed and didn't realize much traction. Stanford suggested a number of possible motives. #infoOps #disinfo #osint
Given the political connections Rally Forge has, this was not done as some kind of Borat style joke. It was likely a dry-run test. Keep in mind political candidates, no matter how small have a possible path to blue checkmarked verification status on Twitter for example.
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It would appear that #LatinosForTrump is as much astroturf as it is wishful thinking. Maybe less "astroturf" than the very fake "#AmishForTrump" that got skewered on Twitter. Russian media defended the lady with designer sunglasses, an iPhone & Gucci handbag as being Amish
And no doubt Russia will come to the aid of the #LatinosForTrump campaign as well. We looked at this recent tweet by the Trump campaign sanctioned account @\EquipoTrump promoting the hashtag #LatinosForTrump with a campaign video. We reviewed the first 210 most immediate retweets
Not surprisingly there were alot of relatively new accounts and a seeming paucity of authentic Hispanic accounts.
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This O'keefe / Project Veritas news is a step up from a Jacob Wohl op & managed 2 get a journalist 2 publish an opinion piece in the NYPost. Its a hodge podge of cut & paste interviews that will likely be found to be taken out of context & targets Rep Ilhan Omar #ballotharvesting Image
It includes clips of Omar Jamal who leads a Somali watchdog & is associated with the Ramsey Cty Sheriff's depart. Ramsey Cty is St Paul & is separate from Minneapolis where O'keefe's investigation took place. Its likely Jamal was interviewed under the guise of something separate. Image
Its also not clear what the actual provable misdeeds are here. Alot of charges r made by anonymous people against Rep Ilhan Omar, but other than a Somali campaign worker maybe having some blank ballots in his car, its not clear what law was broken & is provable #election2020 Image
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Fascinating, we have started our analysis of our #Hamilton68 archive of Kremlin aligned trolls and their Twitter conversations around trying to de-legitimize the 2020 elections. Alot of retweeting of President Trump, actually & boosting content like this. #infoOps #osint #disinfo
The article was originally put out by the Kremlin aligned blogging site fort-russ(.)com on July 30th and the account preceded to push out the article again & again using a link shortener until it gave up on August 1st. Notice the other hashtags included. #infoOps #osint #disinfo
Very much related to this previous FBI PSA
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Combatting #disinformation: "We can't compromise our American values in the process" BrigGen Richard Angle, Deputy Commanding General, Jt Special Operations Command, tells #FutureSecurityForum
Dangers of taking on #disinformation

"If you engage in it, those pushing it win. If you ignore it, those pushing it win" per BrigGen Angle
"We need to seize the initiative. We beed to own the narrative. And we need to expand the concept of persistent engagement in #cyberspace to persistent engagement in information operations" per BrigGen Angle

"Need to impose a cost"
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A few interesting take-aways from FBI director Wray's testimony yesterday before the House committee on Homeland Security. First Russia continues to interfere in the upcoming 2020 elections to benefit Trump and harm Joe Biden's chances. #infosec #osint #infoOps Image
Second, #Antifa is not a terrorist organization ... or even an organization at all. But rather, he said it is more an ideology or movement and that criminal and anarchist elements are likely co-opting it. #infoOps #osint Image
Third, FBI director Wray reiterated the strategy of attacking #disinfo early and often. Completely agree. The "head in the sand" approach or "don't feed the trolls" approach is useless and even dangerous. And deplatforming works. Twitter efforts against Q anon clearly shows this Image
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Whenever George Soros is trending on Twitter you know its going to be amusing, entertaining, and brain numbing. Grab your tinfoil hat and a bag of popcorn kids. #disinfo ImageImage
Here is just one past example ... of which there are hundreds if not thousands of memes linking boogeyman of the far-right, George Soros, to just about everything that scares the bejesus out of them ... Antifa, Greta Thunberg, puppies #Soros 😂😂
And by meltdown ... he means a long awkward silence. 😂😂 Image
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"The #space domain has become very different...certainly over the last 5 years" per @NatReconOfc Dir. Christopher Scolese at #IntelSummit20, adding it is "very critical" to have a domestic, commercial space capability
The next great disruptor-"For me, it's influence operations" per @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA Gen. Paul Nakasone

"We've seen it now in our democratic processes. We're going to see it in our diplomatic processes..."

"This is the competitive space that we're going to be in..." adds @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA
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So the #Antifa boogeyman is now being blamed 4 wild fires across the country. Apparently George Soros is sending out Antifa to start forest fires. Of course this is completely not true & has been debunked by law enforcement & local officials. Here are two recent #disinfo examples ImageImage
Quick shout out to @ContextFall & @dragnetizen for sending these examples. On Facebook its even worse & an absolute sea of dumb. Also its good to know that the fake @ScarsdaleAntifa account, inciting violence & falsely claiming #AntifaFires is responsible is now suspended Image
#Antifa is the top trending hashtag in Colorado Springs at it was due to this tweet from a local pastor. Its interesting because it appears to be boosted by one of the #Mighty200 accounts @LeahR77. This is also an account that I believe President Trump has retweeted on occasion. Image
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Oh the poor Q folks ..... seeing the layers of the onion they would rather not see from their fellow Q 'ers 😅😅
For some context the big Qanon website Qmap was found to be run by a grifter in New Jersey before it was taken down. This was the family-friendly version for the cultists. #wwg1wga
Okay this is very interesting. QAppAnon was a platform that allowed users to share content via posting. Wonder if that means it could connect to Facebook and Twitter in some way? Great way to coordinate and boost certain talking pts. Image
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This week I followed Arabic language Tweets around 9/11 and noticed disinformation around Qatar. A look at this topic shows the use of hacked verified Twitter accounts for coordinated inauthentic activity is still prevalent. #disinfo #OSINT (thread)
Initially I noticed several angry Saudi accounts subtweeting a verified account that had posted a video about Saudi Arabia being behind the attacks. This account appears to be hijacked (and has since changed its handle), so I looked into it further.
@FernStrategy was a verified account out of Silicon Valley. Look at the timeline it is clear that whoever hacked this account deleted all previous tweets and removed all accounts in the following list.
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