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An execrable presidential pardon during time of #covid19 is intentionally framed & projected on social media too (aside from organic, authentic reactions both supportive of & opposed to this pardon). But what does this look like & so what? #lka #srilanka
Holding a pattern pre-dating @GotabayaR's presidential bid, #Facebook pages setup & curated to venerate him, 6hrs after news of pardon, share posts supportive of pardon. Pro-@PresRajapaksa pages far more muted. Pro-@RajapaksaNamal pages show no content around pardon/Uncle. #lka
These pages alone (there's more) clearly show the dominance of love & like emotions, which is its own story. Positive reactions to colleagues @welikalaa, @bfonseka & others v. critical of pardon on Twitter dwarfed by engagement on FB that's pro-GR/welcome pardon. #lka
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I have NEVER thought Austin Steinbart has anything to do with Q but today he proved me right. When someone floated a very poor "proof" all I said was "No." Then BLOCKED.

Now I ask you, would Q do that? #WWG1WGA #Fraud #Sheister #DumbAss
That seriously made my day. Hate phonies!!
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Wow big story I just saw from @donie on a @cnnbrk undercover investigation by @clarissaward & her team revealing a Russian linked troll farm in Ghana Africa. One of the accnts they highlight is @africamustwake. We reported on that & a couple others last wk
Here's our thread from last wk on 4 tightly connected #BLM accnts that we identified a while back & had added to our new alt-left #Hamilton68 set of Kremlin-aligned twitter trolls. Can't believe they turned out 2b Russian outsourced accounts based in Ghana
This is a set of some of the accounts we also found. I guess we will find out soon enough from Twitter as I am assuming they will make this suspended data set available. @AfricaMustWake
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Wow! Someone (@WhydoiH) has kindly compiled links to all 84 of my Twitter threads on disinformation into a Google Sheet. They are organised by topic and date! From Brexit to the Algerian elections, they're all here. The kindness of strangers 😍… #disinfo
@WhydoiH Topics and hashtags include:
Jamal Khashoggi
Kjetil Jansrud
Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt Protests
Boris Johnson
Fake News
The Sun
Jo Swinson
Nigel Farage
David Schwartz
Boris Johnson
Angus Gallagher
Al Jazeera
Emir of Qatar visit to White House
Gulf Twitter
Greta Thunberg
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Akin to dropping malware laced USB sticks in the parking lots of IRS buildings or mailing K-Pop demo CDs to select people? Start with analog dispersal at a Trump rally and include some very sketchy and obscure #fakenews site like Whatfinger. #disinfo
Handing out fake newspapers from the Larouche PAC suggesting Trump should align himself with Putin & China is bizarre. Getting a card saying u should avoid traditional news & go to Whatfinger[.]com is a new low. cc @UShadrons @file411 @LuluLemew @leesgirl9
Whatfinger is interesting. The dot com site is of course protected with a privacy guard but is hosted at Godaddy using their WIX website builder feature I believe. SSL certs & past DNS show this. The dot com was first registered on 09-26-2016. #disinfo #fakenews
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I enjoy, no, I *LOVE IT* when people find, and continually discover, new and interesting flights that take place worldwide with flight tracking sites like @ADSBexchange, but I'm dreading the conspiracy theories this will make with the absence of context/history/probability. #ADSB
@ADSBexchange I can no better debunk this than anyone can prove who was on the plane, but I can add some context, so, sorry @realdivipro, nothing personal, but I have to be a wet blanket before this gets out of control (I have no doubt I'm too late and Palmer/etc will hype this anyway *sigh*)
@ADSBexchange @realdivipro 🇷🇺 Jet Air Group (ICAO:JSI) Gulfstream G650 bizjet RA-10204|#1427DC, in the past 90 days (b/c that's my "history window with @RadarBox24) has been in the air on 38 of those 90 days, or 42% of the time.

📷 2019-08-28
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I always knew #Gorka was controlled disinfo, which is why flying around w/ #Pompeo was strange. Q did say attacks would start from all sides. I imagine #Qanon is meant to be a mindf*ck amongst all parties. Expect @POTUS to disavow for the big curveball. #Disinfo is necessary
Think about this scenario Nov 1st 2020, no arrests, all blackmail leaked proving their crimes, FBI labels as Q as dom terrorism, POTUS disavows Q while simultaneously doing only <1 min deltas, Qproofs+ & then we crack the Qmap code predicting future events. Talk about a MINDF*CK
Dig on Threat Knowledge Group LLC...McLean means 🤡’s
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The pro-MAGA & #qanon account @surfermom77 outed the whistleblower by name in a tweet & then President Trump preceded to retweet the surfermom77 tweet on Saturday ... effectively further outing the whistleblower to his 68 million followers…
The surfermom77 account has morphed & repackaged itself numerous times & the @mikefarb1 thread does a good job documenting that. Although not in our #Hamilton68 or #the200 lists, we will document a number of other interesting things about this surfer mom.
One small comment about @mikefarb1 thread, we need 2b careful about interchanging GRU accounts with IRA trolls. They r & function very differently. GRU typically don't run high volume, influential social media accounts. The paid grunts do that (IRA trolls)
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Word on the street is the #FederalReserve is having unheard of overnight lending activities meant to curb the rise of short term rates which are likely skyrocketing due to some big companies cash concerns. Hmm, let’s get some nice Fed conspiracies rolling…
The #FederalReserve is a system of centralized banks that fund the #UnitedStates loans from their own “reserves” w/ US citizen land & labor used as collateral. Most of these banks are held secret and difficult to trace back to to the originating bank.…
A quick look at history and you can see the banking system is a large network of oil barons like the #Rockefellers, #RoyalCrown and various vassal agents of #European banking families like the #Rothschilds. These banks are used to control the economy completely protected.
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So hopefully this ridiculous #disinfo campaign claiming Ivanka Trump has Chinese voting machines installed in 18 or 19 states has been short circuited ...for now. But it is important to see how it started. The Hoaxy tool is great place to start. Three early nodes. #infosec #osint
Hoaxy shows three early nodes for Ivanka voting machines. Dan tweeted something similar this morning but it never really got any visibility. The other two accounts @siano4progress and @ann_cannon however both got significant amplification. #osint #infosec #elections2020
This Hoaxy graph shows how the "Ivanka voting machines" story spread out from 2 of the 3 nodes mentioned & continues to grow. The @ann_cannon seems most suspect. Even though Sergio tweeted 1st, his tweet "appears" to have only taken off early this morning. #infosec #elections2020
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The @StanfordHAI (Human-centered #AI) Conference on #AiEthics, Policy, & Governance is getting started, live stream below. Speaker list is fantastic. Will be tweeting.

#machinelearning #data4good
@StanfordHAI "Silicon Valley, we have a problem" opens @erikbryn

Speaks to the 'great decoupling' - where productivity and GDP expand with technology, but don't take household incomes with them.

Part of the problem is lower-paid occupations have more automate-able tasks.
@StanfordHAI @erikbryn Both @Susan_Athey and @erikbryn speaking to ML adoption in private sector and the important distinction between labor replacing vs. labor augmenting #automation.

The "Suitability for Machine Learning" or SML scores from this
@MIT_IDE is useful here:… #ai
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Back in late August of this yr the account @ArizonaKayte was suspended by Twitter. I have no idea why ... however this account was of note given it was one of the top most influential accounts within the Domestic pro-MAGA troll group called the #Mighty200 or also called #the200
It was found that the account @ArizonaKayte from #the200 was in the top 6 most retweeted by the primary dataset of alt-right accounts (top 57393 users) h/t @r0zetta from F-secure #infosec #disinfo #magatrolls #osint
The account @ArizonaKayte was commonly found in large Trump Train follow back tweets and still appears even months after its suspension. See the screenshot on the right from 2 days ago #infosec #disinfo #magatrolls #osint
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#SmearAlert My writing/vids must be becoming awfully Effective given the #RiseInAttacks lately. Noting, for their Smears, Inventions, Lies, Revisions of History, as of date:

Judging by the convolutions, repetitions, targeted attacks rolled out by the Spoo'k crowd post the #PedoSatanicSpook tweet, it sounds like all await a repeat Public Ed effort on #EllaFree #MidgeMathis #DrKatherineHorton-Thx. Offers an opp. to re-post vital articles, excerpts. 2/
Those like #OrtaineDevian #AndySpoo #DeborahWeber & a few others, in particular, appear variously confused & keen to lash crudely out, always a prob. I'm sure when alligators used to mud-wrestling encounter a truth-telling journalist. 3/
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[#Thread] 1/ Ok, in today's Twitter weirdness we have some big news. I have found around 2,000 Twitter bots tweeting pro-Saudi and, erm, pro Aramco propaganda. but using the #JamalKhashoggi and the #خاشقجي hashtag. Read on for more details...
2/ The weirdness began when I started seeing these strange videos promoting Saudi companies, mostly interviews with white men called 'Carl' and 'Rick' who had worked in Saudi for years, and generally found it amazing... #JamalKhashoggi
3/ Also let's not forget Noel, who presumably had no idea his interview about his experience in Saudi would be spammed around along with the name of a murdered Saudi journalist. That's some dark shit...Of course there's more.
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#DisclosureOnTargeting Increasingly, in fact, moves appear to be being made by prominent activists and organizations currently to misdirect focus on 1) what the technology is, 2) who to go after or sue, 3) how to refer to or "present" targeting crimes, 4) who the "experts" are.
I am as concerned as many other leading analysts & writers among us abt. this matter currently & will write/podcast more abt it. The push to "unify," accept all self-established leaders/orgs indiscriminately is flat-out wrong in my view. Taking sides has become inevitable.
It is interesting to note that Midge Mathis @JusticeTargeted @TargetedJustice immediately blocks me on Twitter rather than respond to my repeat-posting of all my reports on Dr. Katherine Horton's Smear Campaigns, attacks on TIs, Disinfo spreading, & discrediting behavior. 2/
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Attempt number 12, to try & suggest #SethRich leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks & was killed by a Hillary Clinton hitsquad. This is in response 2 the actual bombshell reporting last wk that Russian Intelligence promoted this conspiracy idea #Qanon is mad.
This new #fakenews from alt-right is just a statement from a goofy private investigator Edward Butowsky submitted 2 the court. He was hired by Foxnews 2 try & find evidence that #SethRich leaked DNC emails to Wikileaks. Its his warped reality not, that of the FBI #infosec
And I suppose none of this should be surprising because back in 2016, days after #SethRich was murdered multiple propaganda shops went into overdrive. This tweet said a Hillary Clinton hitsquad killed the 1st Guccifer hacker. Marcel Lazăr is both still in jail and very much alive
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New round of attacks to take attention away from real issues. 1. They blur the difference between censorship and disinformation. #Disinfo insidiously manipulates. 2. #FactsMatter An investment is not a company's valuation! Learn more before exposing your ignorance!
Censorship is a government's control to silence information it doesn't want in the public sphere. While it's been used liberally, in the constitution, only government has this power. And control like this is old world, because in age of social media, they flood with lies.
Disinformation is insidious mind control: no transparency, no accountability. Governments flood the public sphere with lies, making it impossible to distinguish fact from fiction. This was 1st series in 2016:…
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The MEGA Group includes Steven Spielberg, Epstein's boss Leslie Wexner and Charles & Edgar Bronfman. Other members Lester Crown (Chicago Bulls), Marvin Lender (bagels), Charles Schusterman, Harvey Meyerhoff, Michael Steinhardt.……
2. At first I thought Epstein was Bibi's guy, but it looks like he was Ehud Barak's guy - as was Anthony Weiner, also prosecuted in the Southern District of new York…
3. @tracybeanz does a great overview here of the legal cases Epstein has been through so far. If you haven't been following closely this will bring you up to speed.
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Ready for #DigitalSherlocks@DFRLab
Nos da la bienvenida a #digitalSherlock @GrahamBrookie del @DFRLab, un programa que promete. Les iré contando por aquí! #desinformación
What’s a Stake: Democracy: los cambios tecnológicos son muy disruptivos para la sociedad y ello es riesgoso. Llevamos una década de retroceso democrático... Hay retos, pero hay que abordar el futuro con confianza,?dice @DamonMacWilson
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Okay there's a serious flaw in the monetization calculations by Symantec. I really doubt these rogue IRA employees were making bank off of Shorte link shorteners. Most definitely did not make $1 million dollars from these #infosec #disinfo…
Stick with me as I walk through this. The IRA account @CathyTo47590555 first retweeted a Sh(.)st (Shorte) link on 10/27/15, this accnt had 8685 followers, twice the Symantec example. But most of the Shorte activity started in 05/2016
The example Symantec used had 4,123 followers and sent out 16,914 tweets that generated about 8362 retweets. So not particularly huge engagement and roughly every 2 tweets generated one retweet. #infosec #disinfo…
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A must read blog serious by @3r1nG on some of the techniques & trolling tactics that domestic social media trolls like the ones that come from the 4chan message boards used 2 run & manage multiple accounts. #infosec #disinfo #fakenews…
Sorry just noticed my typo. That should read “series”
Of note from @3r1nG article is the reference about creating "white noise" or general topic tweets to dilute out the political tweets. This was an area of contention around the Voty botnet that pushed politically charged content around the Al Franken sexual misconduct allegations
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The #Notredamefire shocked the world and is a devastating loss for France. Sadly no tragedy can go unscathed from #disinfo anymore. Let's take a look at some of the bigger ones. has already compiled a pretty good list here:…
While not outright #disinfo, #followthewhiteRabbit Richard Spencer, a leader in the White Nationalist movement was quick to capitalize on the #Notredamefire with this tweet.
And of course #Qanon conspiracies were all over the map. Everything from muslims to immigration to a #falseflag conspiracy to distract us from the impending arrests of Hillary Clinton, a host of "impending" imaginary #pedogate arrests and of course #fisagate
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More of the Steele #Dossier appeared to be confirmed by a new report yesterday. "Russian IRA trolls pumped out malware along with pro-Trump messages" They used link shorteners that appear 2b specific 2 a Webzilla client based in Poland #FISA #SteeleDossier
While doing research on the new Mcclatchy report we saw alot of "eggplant" accounts pushing out propaganda that Steele Dossier was fake or Russian disinformation. More "eggplant" accnts (new accounts with no profile pic) on message than we've seen in a long time #disinfo #infosec
In fact there were a number of stories yesterday from conservative & alt-right websites like RedState, TruePundit, and Daily Caller pushing the theme that Steele Dossier was fake. A tweet from Sen. Rand Paul was also a popular retweet #FISA #SteeleDossier #FusionGPS
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We did an interesting analysis a few days ago where we compared the Twitter wordclouds between our #Hamilton68 subset of trolls focused on US politics to that of the group of mostly American activists called #the200". They were featured here in politico…
First the domestic subset of our Russian influencer #Hamilton68 accts. Jussie Smollett featured more prominently which makes sense as provoking racial division has been a successful core strategy since 2016. #walkaway & #creepypornlawyer were also more prominent --#disinfo #osint
Over the same period of time a wordcloud was generated 4 #the200 group of accnts. Actually now roughly 180 due 2 Twitter suspensions. With the exception of the hashtags in red like #buildthewall & #aag which is the call sign 4 one of the accnts, there was overlap with #hamilton68
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