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Well... I'm sure this won't be misconstrued and used by accelerationists, #disinfo grifters, or fascists to rile up their followers.
Seriously though, this is going to travel very fast in the worst circles and ratchet up the paranoia.

cc: @brooklynmarie, @chadloder, @hungrybowtie
*sigh* Image
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#InstitutesofMassDestruction literally created to make other IMDs impenetrable by regulation, accountability & societal contribution.

It's this sh¡t that created whatever this melted crayon version of America we see today.

Trump was their Trojan Horse. The rest let it happen.
@sourcewatch's info on Capital Research Center (CRC)
Founded in 1984 to "examine the influence of money in politics".…
#CNP #BradleyFoundation #SNP ImageImage
Facebook ads w/climate change denial viewed over 8mil times in the first half of 2020.
CRC, Prager (who's fav black woman-white nationalist Candace Owens was just w/Orban, Texas Public Policy Foundation (who wrote the #79days wargame w/Claremont), Turning Point USA & others. ImageImage
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The chaos agents like zei_squirrel sure have their talking points down pat. They never miss a trending topic opportunity like “Jill Stein” and overturning Roe vs Wade to drop in a molotov cocktail. #InfoOps #disinfo
The point with these troll accounts … they dont want you to vote … or they want you to throw away your vote. Plain and as simple as that.
Here is an oldie but goodie from us back in 2018 on Jill Stein, #Demexit and the Russian IRA troll farm. Sadly not much has changed since then and almost everything still applies. So much lasting damage. #disinfo #InfoOps
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#Kramatorsk and #MH17

Russia tries to confuse us again with #Disinfo 🧵

2014: "Our guys do not have a BUK" (they had one of course, they even showed off with it on TV)

2021: "Russia does not have Tochka-U rockets."...of course they have...
After the terrible attack in Kramatorsk, a vast number of twitter profiles suddenly commented, that Russia does not have such rockets, so the Ukrainians are the ones to blame.
The target group of these trolls are people who say things like: "the Ukrainians want to provoke, the want to drag us into this war." "Cui bono", "I do not say that they did it themselves, but..." (but actually they say exactly this).
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#Russia is desperately planting seeds of doubt in stories that sit beyond the discursive mythical boundaries of 🇷🇺 identity.
I believe it will work. Here's why:

Not only have I seen 🇷🇺 media sites talking about "фейк ньюс" in relation to the Bucha massacre, but also increasing num of articles abt falsified stories from #ukraine on Yunarmiya, Victory Volunteers & Great Patriotic War museum sites.
Of course, these stories do not relate to the massacre but sow seeds of doubt & perpetuate #disinfo claims. For example, state Duma Deputy & Victory Volunteers leader Olga Zanko said:
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So a few issues with videos the Kremlin are claiming was a Kinzhal hypersonic missile strike in #Ukraine. 1st the missile apparently flew under this pole 😂 on the way to its target. Second the missile goes MACH10 so according to timing of this video across the horizon ..MACH 3-5
And this video put out by the Russian MoD has already been completely disproven as being the Kinzhal hypersonic missile strike. It is something entirely different according to this analysis. #OSINT #disinfo
And what will come as a shock to no one .. the #OSINT community has already sourced the fake Kinzhal video put out by the Russian MoD earlier today as an entirely different video from TikTok back at the end of February. #InfoOps #disinfo #propaganda
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1/ Next up on the #disinformation forecast. There are rumours that 'Wali', the Canadian sniper with the record for the world's longest kill, and who went to #Ukraine to fight, has been killed. No credible news stories are sharing this, but there is a lot of activity, incl bots Image
2/ it is being suggested that the story originated in Chinese media. Others have said they heard it on Russian telegram. The origins are not clear but those boosting it on Twitter are either not known or who have little credibility.

#disinformation ImageImage
3/ The biggest propagators on Twitter are former Australian University lecturer @timand2037 Nigerian 'sapiophilist' @L_man__ filmmaker @jcokechukwu and @anon_candanga and @SilingWu + @SilingWu2. Thousands of RTs between them ImageImageImage
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1/ Earlier I tweeted about a new friend 'Rick O'Shay'. He tweeted me out of the blue to complain about my misuse of data science around #Ukraine #disinfo. Turns out of course he's a propagandist with a strange history that includes not even knowing how to spell his own name Image
2/ So Rick is handsome, even if a little generic looking. Could be AI generated, or a stolen photo? Hard to know actually. His generic bio is also alluring 'informed, educated, critical thinker'. Rick is obviously irresistible, and too chill to worry about having no banner photo Image
3/ He's not that active, 785 tweets in 6 years. But when he does tweet, he would rank as 🔥on troll Tinder. He ticks all the boxes. Anti-Clinton, Obama birth cert disinfo, covid disinfo, QAnon pizzagate fan. Russia Today fan. Probs loves travel too #disinformation #ukraine ImageImage
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HAPPENING NOW - Senate Intelligence Committee holds open hearing on Worldwide Threats

Testimony coming from:

@ODNIgov Dir Avril Haines

@CIA Dir Bill Burns

@DefenseIntel Dir LtGen Scott Berrier

@NSAGov Dir Gen Paul Nakasone

@FBI Dir Christopher Wray Image
Senate Intel Comm Chair @MarkWarner starts w/praise for the US intelligence community for being candid w/intel on #Russia, #Putin's plans for #Ukraine & "throwing Putin off-guard"
"Democracy is sometimes messy" per @MarkWarner "I believe with all my heart the ppl of #Ukraine are voting with their lives, embracing the values that we take for granted every day"

"With all our flaws, our system is still the best in the world"
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#ThereAreNoBioLabs @EUvsDisinfo

#DISINFO: Russian media are continuously spreading disinformation about "15 secret military biological laboratories in Ukraine." In fact, there are no secret US laboratories in the country.… Image




KEYWORDS: Ukraine, laboratory, biological weapons

#KremlinPropaganda #ThereAreNoBioLabs ImageImageImageImage
#ThereAreNoBioLabs @EUvsDisinfo

Recurring unfounded claims alleging that the US develops biological weapons and has secret biological laboratories around the world.… ImageImage
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#Russia's disinfo troops have just made a very large mistake: their mask slipped. In an effort to denounce the Heroes of Snake Island, they also mention "Avenger of the air" - but that does not exist! It's probably a future psyop that they thought already came out. #UkraineWar
Look at the third picture - the whole article is just: 1. a headline saying Snake Island and Avenger of the air are fake 2. A picture of Snake Island 3. Some unrelated captions and an unrelated paragraph. That is ALL. There's no content, just a headline so it shows up in Google.
Of course the Heroes of Snake Island do exist. Here's a piece of real reporting that shows they do, including source footage - but "Heroes of Snake Island is fake news" shows up on the first page of Google results for "Heroes of Snake Island". #UkraineWar…
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So Mr Jason Shoeaddict, one of the Facebook admins for the "Convoy to Ottawa 2022 group with 108,322 members that @PiperK notes in her great thread here is 100% a "ThisPersonDoesNotExist" GAN image. #OSINT #Disinfo #astroturf
Jason Shoeaddict works for National Geographic TV whatever that means & this particular Facebook group is being promoted by disgraced General Michael Flynn. This whole Trucker protest in Ottawa Canada, now growing to other locations in the EU & US, is being astroturfed. #OSINT
Jason Shoeaddict of course doesn't exist in Tineye. Not definitive by any means, however when u combine it with a couple other techniques we've discovered we can say with high confidence, that Jason is an image of a person that doesnt exist & is algorithmically generated (GAN)
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We have identified a network of more than 1300 websites run by the GRU, targeting Russian speakers including domestic audiences. A thread 🧵...

And read our full report here…

#Russia #Disinfo #OSINT
InfoRos ( is a Russian news agency founded in 2003 which has been accused by several countries of being for run by the GRU Unit 54777 specialized in psyops. InfoRos officially declares 276 websites on the Internet Authority page (Roskomnadzor).
We identified a distinctive snippet of its source code and performed a reverse nameserver lookup via the InfoRos server that hosted the first discovered sites. We found a total of 1,341 InfoRos linked-websites. Most redirected to a Russian city news portal controlled by InfoRos.
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CLAREMONT Org and a 'tiny little piece' of how it 'fits into' a global internet schematic of linked entities ImageImage
Expanding the CLAREMONT Org Network as time permits...

There are some very interesting ties/links in this little gem of an organization Image
This CLAREMONT Org thing with it's links to COMMUNIST PARTY and MARXIST organizations, along with a boatload of 911 Truther Domains, Steve Bannon's WAR ROOMS et al, is an interesting study developing/growing Image
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So more potential criminality around the #BigLie. Forged elector certificates favoring Trump over Biden from multiple states from the 2020 elections. We have long past blown by a #Watergate level conspiracy in my opinion.
Here's a very good thread from @the_peetape covering this topic, kicking off with a segment on Rachel @Maddow last night. The #BigLie is turning into a giant blackhole that is going to suck alot of people into the clutches of criminal prosecution.
What is especially interesting about these forged electors documents is not just the people who signed them ... but also the ones that declined to at the last minute. Now why did well known Trump activist CJ Pearson decide not to do this? #BigLie cc @the_peetape @visionsurreal
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🧵 2021 was quite a ride on the #disinformation rollercoaster and 2022 is looking to be no steadier. Over the next days, we’ll be bringing you our TOP🔟 stories from last year. Here it goes 👇
🔟 On 17 July 2021, 7 years passed from the downing #MH17, a passenger flight with 298 people on board. Since then, Russian authorities have attempted to hide their evident connections to the crime behind a veil of lies and denial.…
9⃣ In July, we started a 10-part series on philosophy & #disinformation, covering thinkers like Kant, Mill, Arendt, Foucault & Popper, among others. We kicked it off with a story on no others than Plato & Aristotle.…
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On the last day of 2021 Bernie Kerik & his attorney provided documents to satisfy a subpoena request from the @January6thCmte committee investigating the #Jan6th attempted Capitol coup. One document discussed members of the Giuliani / Kerik team. h/t @visionsurreal @get_innocuous
A hung-over @get_innocuous was still able 2 demonstrate fantastic OSINT skills & determined that Katherine Friess is actually the author via the metadata for a number of these documents. Seems 2 clinch her as the "KF" listed on the team roster doc. #BigLie
Another doc provided 2 the @January6thCmte by the Kerik team was a list created by Christos Makridis and Soula Parassidis of "conservative" social media influencers that could astroturf a media blitz pressuring swing-state Republicans to oppose certifying the election #BigLie
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MYTH ❌ or FACT ✅?

We are setting the record straight!

Check out #Russia’s 🇷🇺 top five myths about #NATO ⤵️

❌MYTH: #NATO is not interested in real dialogue w/ #Russia

✅FACT: NATO has been consistent in calling for dialogue and NATO’s offer to hold a NATO-Russia Council still stands. The ball is in Russia’s court.

Top 5 🇷🇺 about NATO:

❌MYTH: #NATO ignores proposal to move exercises away from “contact line” between NATO & 🇷🇺 forces

✅FACT: Allies' borders are not a “contact line.” NATO deployments are defensive & in line w/international commitments

Top 5 🇷🇺myths about NATO:

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Very interesting, Lin Wood appears to be turning on people like Gen. Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and others. There is alot going on to unpack here and it sure seems like "the infiltration" he is referring to is actually Michael Flynn and his cadre of people who he hosted #BigLie
Sorry posted a duplicate screenshot. Meant to include this one. Not this account is reposting Lin Wood posts from his apparently confirmed Telegram account. This twitter account was just created a few days ago.
@visionsurreal is all over this ... so keep an eye out on their thread. Honestly seems to be some serious infighting going on ... and/or "ass-saving".
These people are all is serious legal jeopardy because of their involvement with promoting the #BigLie
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Looks like Aleksej Gubarev of Webzilla fame has quietly dropped their ongoing defamation suit against Buzzfeed. Wonder why? #SteeleDossier
Again i ask when has Kremlin put out a supporting narrative at the same time they were trying to run away from it aka #Guccifer2 #SethRich #wikileaks #UkraineCrowdstrike. Feed #disinfo to strengthen the Trump / Russia collusion narrative? 5D chess? Not buying it. #SteeleDossier
Our May thread on some of the highlights of the #SteeleDossier and how most has been borne out to be true
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Dear Crazy conspiracy, anti-vax & #MAGA people, the device you’re reading this on contains GPS technology, digital cookies, and Facebook API connections, so that you can be tracked at all times.

Read the Terms & Conditions to see how this ends.

Signed George Soros
We are screaming towards a total ban on women’s reproductive rights, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Salem witch trials. Please please exercise your right to vote today. Our Democracy is in hanging in the balance #VAgov #ElectionDay Image
Sadly this isnt even the craziest thing this White House correspondent has tweeted in the past few yrs
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1/9🧵 It's grievous #CDNmedia won't do its job so it appears I'm betraying my gender for contributing the facts

But problem with this narrative is they're omitting the part where Chu met the girl at a bar & that's what everything hinges on due to Supreme Court precedent #Thread
2/9🧵 Reason it matters that Chu met her at a drinking establishment is because Supreme Court ruled it's reasonable to ascertain someone is an adult, due to the pub's legal onus to check IDs to permit entry. Chu can't be prosecuted for luring a minor since she misrepresented age
3/9🧵 Now, with the amount of people who don't know the first thing about #CDNlaw + #CDNmedia failing its due diligence to inform, everyone is hopping on a political bandwagon to seek vengeance & claim the system is completely broken

💥This discourages women from reporting💥
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When MAGAworld hates science because something doesn't fit their theocratic / autocratic world view ...but then later claims to understand science when it now does fit get Pfizermectin. Anti-viral in testing by Pfizer is NOT even remotely similar structurally 2 Ivermectin
Oh & in case its not clear, MAGAworld coined the drug name Pfizermectin and not Pfizer. I don't think Pfizer has even come up with a brand name yet. Don't know and don't care at this point. Just that this conspiracy came up a few days back during our Ivermectin research. #disinfo
Since there seems to be a new found interest in science by MAGAworld here is our Ivermectin thread from last week. Enjoy!! And make sure you are stocked up on adult depends.
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Decided 2 display a snapshot of the discussions pro-Kremlin #hamilton68 v1.0 trolls had over the first 23 days of Sept in 2018-2021. We highlight the top 4 relevant words / hashtags used in decreasing shades of blue & 4 relevant words highlighted in red for comparison. #infoOps ImageImageImageImage
Quick refresher on Hamilton68 & the accounts we reverse engineered from the original #Hamilton68 v1.0 dashboard first run by @SecureDemocracy in 2017. We have collected hundreds of troll / bot accounts since 2018 & categorized them in 8 subsets. #infoOps
This wikipedia entry is a pretty good overview of the genesis of the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD) @SecureDemocracy first formed in July 2017. The ASD is housed at the German Marshall Fund @gmfus of the United States #infosec #infoOps…
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