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Scott Morrison was caught with his Australian face nappy being worn upside down.

Gave me hope for half a second that he was putting out a distress signal.

On closer inspection...

He is just a dopey prick who is happy to sell out Australians.
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Might be a good time to remind people what you are continuing to cover up for #RedCross #CSL.

The Red Cross was willingly using blood infected with Hepatis C and moving it onto CSL.

The secret plan to sell donated blood.

But we know who you sold us out to don’t we @GregHuntMP

Nice reading

The Great Reset

If you haven’t seen:

"Your guide to the great reset"
By The Corbett Report now is the time.

See what Greg likes to keep on his shelf

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Race faker Jessica Krug hailed the bodega murder of a 15-year-old member of NYPD youth program who wanted to be a cop as a ‘revolutionary moment’ claiming he was targeted because ‘snitches get stitches’…
Lesandro ‘Junior’ Guzman-Feliz was chased through the Bronx and butchered with machetes by a Dominican street gang who mistook him for someone else in a notorious 2018 killing...
White GWU professor who posed as Black resigns…
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200 Best Thriller Films (World Cinema)
#OldBoy (2013) #Triangle (2009) #Psycho (1960) #Seven (1995) #TheSilenceoftheLambs (1991) #Identity (2001)
#TheWailing (2016) #Inception (2010) #Interstellar (2014) #FightClub (1999) #TaxiDriver (1976) #Kalifornia (1993)
#ShutterIsland (2010) #Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006) #Memento (2000) #Hannibal (2001)
#Insomnia (2002) #TheDeparted (2006) #SleepTight (2011) #Marshland (2014) #TheHiddenFace (2011)
#Julia's Eyes (2010) #TheSkinILiveIn (2011)
#Kidnapped (2010) #Jacob's Ladder (1990)
#Memento (2000) #Forgotten (2017) #Dunkirk (2017)
#Following (1998) #EternalSunshineoftheSpotlessMind (2004) #TheFountain (2006) #DarkCity (1998) #Primer (2004) #Orphan (2009) #PhoneBooth (2002) #Split (2016) #TheSixthSense (1999) #RunLolaRun (1998)
#ConfessionofMurder (2012)
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#Aalavandhan Title : A Coin spins on a surface and scratches it,forming the title. How a toss is going to affect the lives of a twin brothers.The head side of the coin and the symbol :( in the title represent that the story is going to be in Nandhu's perspective. #KamalHaasan
Vijay, a Commando, saves country from terrorists.
Nandhu , a schizophrenic, hallucinates and tries to save his brother from her fiancèe. #KamalHaasan #Aalavandhan #Abhay
This is the 1st shot which covers all the 3 main characters of the film.Nandhu-Vijay-Tejaswini.This shot may represent that Nandhu is going to become Nandhi(barrier) b/w Vijay&Tejas and oppose them. In the 2nd pic #KamalHaasan 's placement looks like reflection #Aalavandhan
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Avec plaisir!
Je vais écrire à destination des paramed qui seraient intéressés pour devenir ou comprendre comment on devient universitaire.
Il existe plusieurs étapes.

La première est d'obtenir un diplôme de master ou de grade master permettant de postuler à l'école doctorale.
Ensuite, il faut faire ses recherches doctorales supervisées pour obtenir un doctorat.
Contrairement aux masters où nous répondons à des questions posées dont les réponses sont connues par les examinateurs, la thèse de science vise à découvrir de nouvelles connaissances.
De ce fait, le jury ne peut mettre un noté, et ne doit plus mettre de mention.

Si il se destine à une carrière universitaire, ensuite le docteur passe souvent en postdoc (ie: fait des recherches dans un contrat après le doctorat) en France ou à l'international.

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seulrene au ✨

kalat queen si ate mong irene. crust nya kasi si seulgi ahihi wag kayo maingay Image
2. uxtoh mo yun yerims Image
3. hihi pa-split pala yung dapa ImageImage
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Sinead O'Connor issues apology for saying she 'doesn't want to spend any more time with white people' following conversion to Islam...uh huh

Islam can have her... #ByeFelicia…

and don't ya come back no more...
cry me a river

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speaking of TX Democrat...Al Green 😉🧵
Congressman Slept With And Then Sued Allegedly Drug-Addicted Staffer…
Green’s former district director, Lucinda Daniels, claimed that she was the victim of a hostile work environment because she started rejecting Green’s sexual advances after he confronted her about her alleged drug use…
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Rashida Tlaib loses composure after engaging with unruly protesters
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El mundo del cine y sus increíbles maravillas. Abrimos hilo sobre hechos, curiosidades y datos de cine que tanto fascinan. ¡Vamos allá!
#Cine #curiosidades #elMundoDelCine #hilo #DeshilachandoCine
En los discursos de aceptación de los Oscars, se le ha dado a Steven Spielberg las gracias más que a dios. Aquí están las estadísticas que a quienes se le han dado más las gracias con una estatuilla en la mano.
#Cine #Spielberg #elMundoDelCine #hilo #DeshilachandoCine #Oscars
La leyenda urbana de que todos los relojes en Pulp Fiction están parados a las 4:20 es falsa. Algunos sí, pero no todos ni mucho menos. Hay relojes importantes en la trama que ni de cerca.
#Cine #PulpFiction #elMundoDelCine #hilo #DeshilachandoCine #Tarantino
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