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1ère partie
du 46ème #point #presse #sanitaire #Genève

- ⚠️Bcp moins de #tests (+ d'#autotests?)
- #âge médian de 60 ans pr les hospis
- Turn-over entrée/sortie importante pr les #hospitalisations
- Durée de séjour moins longue
#Vaccination #Genève

Livraison #Moderna n'est pas arrivée avec pr csq la fermeture de #Palexpo lundi/mardi.

-Tous les RVs envoyés sont confirmés.
-Aucune annulation de RV.
-Tous ceux qui ont eu 1ère dose auront leur 2ème dose.
-RV envoyé qd on est sûr d'avoir les doses
Nouveaux "centres" de vaccination vont ouvrir:
- Un centre à #Cologny
- et un nouveau #modèle (avec des #RV pris en direct auprès de sa pharmacie de quartier)
uniquement auprès des Pharmacie Populaire
(20 #officines ds le #canton)
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#Nesara #Gesara #GCR #RV #QFS
Updates 26.12.20

1/ This whole funds release is so deliberate & apparently slow, because the government [white hats, POTUS, DoD, & the Alliance] knew it would not be safe to set us loose with such incredible sums of money without also tying it to a
2/ financial system that allows them to know exactly where & how it is used. It’s called, ‘Trust, but verify'.

It is the 20+ [really 70+] year war with the Cabal / Deep State rats that would make it very dangerous indeed for us currency holders without the system &
3/ govt flushed of globalist Deep State swamp rats & without the whole QFS system of trust-but-verify in place, especially when you have as much as 70% of federal, state, & local leaders compromised by CCP Chinese communist spies.
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#NesaraGesara #QFS #RV #GCR
Updates 18.10.20

1️⃣5️⃣ Confirmed that the teams in DC, Reno, and elsewhere are expected to go under lockdown, as of Sat evening 17 Oct, before the release sequence starts on Sun night to Mon 18-19 Oct for the release payout sequence ...
#NesaraGesara #QFS #RV #GCR
Updates 18.10.20

1️⃣6️⃣ ... Once things are formally locked down with rates & procedures for all of the sequential payouts, the sequence will be starting with the Global Collateral Accounts releasing the assigned liquidity to be accessed by ...
#NesaraGesara #QFS #RV #GCR
Updates 18.10.20

1️⃣7️⃣ ... end-recipient account holders, paymasters, & payouts will begin to downline accounts in all 27 categories of the GCR / RV payout sequence.
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#NesaraGesara #QFS #RV #GCR
Updates 18.10.20


(2) Reports in financial news last week of THIS WEEKEND’S “BIG BANG RESET” that the major banks are carrying out on Sat-Sun 17-18 Oct ...
#NesaraGesara #QFS #RV #GCR
Updates 18.10.20

1️⃣0️⃣ According to financial news from Bloomberg and elsewhere, the BIG BANG RESET is partly comprised of $80 Trillion (yes “trillion”) in derivative debt contracts (“notional contracts”) that are being RESET in their value against ..
#NesaraGesara #QFS #RV #GCR
Updates 18.10.20

1️⃣1️⃣ ... a NEW BENCHMARK that the media calls “Special Overnight Financing Rates” (SOFR) which are being calculated no longer based on the old benchmark of the Federal Reserve funds rate (Fed funds rate in fiat USD based LIBOR rates)
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#NesaraGesara #QFS #RV #GCR
Updates 16.10.20

8️⃣ Confirmed that the Iraqi White Papers that have already been passed behind the scenes by the Parliament, including the Dinar RV rate, were stopped from being made public ...
#NesaraGesara #QFS #RV #GCR
Updates 16.10.20

9️⃣ ... because the Iraqi PM Kadhimi & his cabinet were asked by Trump & DoD to hold off on a public vote (expected Sat 17 Oct) to pass the White Papers economic reforms and specifically to pass the HCL (Hydrocarbon Law) and ...
#NesaraGesara #QFS #RV #GCR
Updates 16.10.20

1️⃣0️⃣ ... Article 140 needed to release the Dinar RV rate to the global public. Don't be surprised if the public “passing of the White Papers & Article 140” by the Iraqi Parliament doesn't happen (is not revealed to the global public)
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¿Qué aplicaciones de Realidad Aumentada #AR y Realidad Virtual #VR podemos usar para CREAR contenido en #educación?

Si te interesa CREAR y no solo interactuar con contenido ya creado, este es tu 🧵⬇️ #hilostic

En este hilo vamos a ver cómo la #AR y la #VR pueden ser herramientas para CREAR contenido con nuestros alumnos/as y hacerles protagonistas de su aprendizaje. Ideal como producto final de un #ABP (Aprendizaje Basado en Proyectos).
Yo tengo experiencias inolvidables de creación de contenido con mis chicos/as.

"Apadrina un monumento" fue un ejemplo de ello.


Diseñamos una web y una aplicación móvil con las investigaciones que realizamos de la Península de la Magdalena.
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LONG THREAD For my @projectlincoln friends & other interested parties my #coronavirus story continues-a story that has become both hysterically funny&incredibly hard. Don’t tell me not to “politicize” things – this is real life. For many reasons we have to get Mom & Dad home.../1
85 & 83 yrs old, #parkinsonsdisease #dementia & other conditions. Mom too weak 2 walk. No clear guidelines on how 2 keep them safe. Rented an #RV for a 1200 mi drive hoping to control their exposure. Tried 2 prepare the #RV for all potential needs. 2/
Have you ever put a sheet on a heavy foam mattress that's shoved between the bathroom wall & the kitchen? It’s like trying to put stockings on an elephant.Upside down.Stocked the fridge, have masks&gloves, praying for clear roads.Biggest issue is Mom’s confusion&increased fear /3
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Blogs, podcast, webs, perfiles, youtubers... En las #RRSS abunda la piedra filosofal de la #rentabilidad. Pero este mundo es complicado y eso no es lo que yo he aprendido estos años. Son ideas de mi #experiencia que no van a ningún lado ¿Me acompañan? Va HILO👇👇#Iparfilms (1/13)
"Cualquiera puede ser un ´héroe" y el mejor #trader del Universo pero, ojo cuidao; lo que Natura no da Salamanca no presta. Así que antes de hacer experimentos, fórmese, lea, investigue y aprenda continuamente. #formacion #Batman (2/13)
Existe una diferencia abismal entre gestionar su dinero o el de otros. Yo gestiono el mío. #SkinInTheGame (chupito!) Y mis errores son míos. Para gestionar una #cartera hay que hacer algo tan sencillo como complicado, cometer los menos errores posibles. #Munger dixit. (3/13)
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