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It's starting to become "fuzzy" history but the REASON, that Pres Biden was elected was Black Women. They saved him in SC, they turned out/volunteered/donating to him, they rallied even MORE, when he selected Sen Harris. We defeated tfg BECAUSE Black Women delivered. 1/4
Now we see, (thanks to @myronjclifton's eloquent words) that Black Women, volunteering to certify the election, were attacked/harassed/threatened. Not bc they were trying to get Biden elected. No. Just for volunteering to do their duty. 2/4
Full disclosure: I have overseen several elections & it is impossible to do, what was insinuated. EVERY poll worker, no matter what their party was, is there to help folks vote & have them be counted. 3/4
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Are we talking enough about how the GOP enabled Putin’s war on Ukraine? I know things have been coming at us pretty fast and furious lately, but did we just collectively forget what trump was impeached for the first time? A wee Saturday 🧵👇🏻
trump was impeached for abusing his power to withhold military aid to Ukraine. The same President Zelenskyy we all worry over because Putin invaded his country, was:


👉🏻By donald trump.👈🏻

Do you get that?
Here are the Articles of Impeachment.
(It’s only 3 pages.)👇🏻…
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On August 11, 2021 the Republican National Committee (RNC) adopted and circulated a document called ‘Report of the Temporary Committee on Election Integrity’. In essence, it’s a 24 page, after-action review of the 2020 election to determine what went wrong. A wee thread 🧵👇🏻
My intention was not to find this document so I am not going to focus on its entirety. I leave that to you as the full document is linked right here if you want to read it. I suggest you do, but here, we’ll focus on just a few aspects.…
Probably the most important thing the Republican National Committee is reporting to the Republicans for which this document was intended, is its first finding. You will notice the most impactful issue was not massive voter fraud or stolen election, it was unsurprisingly COVID.
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no matter how big you think this story is you need to double it…Now, triple that. Let’s take a look at where this recent part is all heading (TLDR: Congress) and remember who is doing it. A wee coup thread. 🧵 👇🏻

It’s pretty fair to say that the amount of evidence that has been uncovered to date, tells us that the trump/Republican coup attempt to end democracy was a vast, wide-ranging conspiracy.

We do need to remember, Republicans helped. #RememberInNovember
All we have to do is look at arrests, who the @January6thCmte wants to talk to, and who was around trump. We know that Oathkeepers are indicted for Seditious Conspiracy. That’s a big charge, and rarely used because coups are rare.

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For four years, we've watched Trump:
1. Violate his oath of office
2. Violate the Constitution
3. Obstruct justice
4. Abuse his authority
5. Denigrate and belittle our military and veterans
5. Commit crimes against humanity
6. LIE!!!!
7. Praise racists
8. Praise Nazis
9. Befriend dictators
10. Offend allies
11. LIE!!!!
12. Cheat an election
13. Punish his critics
14. Payoff porn stars
15. Be credibly accused of RAPE
16. Endanger our national security
17. Subvert congressional authority
18. LIE!!!!
19. Protect convicted felons
20. Expose classified information
21. Embrace our adversaries
22. Embezzle from taxpayers
23. Commit extortion
24. Lie about #COVID19, resulting in the deaths of 190,000 people - and counting
25. Give away vital PPE to China
26. Try to profit off ventilators
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Almost by his own admission Mueller failed us when he punted to Congress on the Russian question. He hoped they'd have the nerve to do what he would not do alone. They didn't.

But this does not erase the fact that for almost three years Trump colluded with Russia.

It does not erase the fact that he has never missed a single opportunity to defend or protect Vladimir Putin, even at the expense of significant US security interests, including the very reputation of our own Intelligence agencies.

It doesn't erase the fact that he sometimes did these things, as President, on foreign soil. At any other time this would have been an unthinkable act, and yes, considered treason.

It doesn't erase the fact that he openly asked Russian to interfere in the US elections.

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LONG THREAD For my @projectlincoln friends & other interested parties my #coronavirus story continues-a story that has become both hysterically funny&incredibly hard. Don’t tell me not to “politicize” things – this is real life. For many reasons we have to get Mom & Dad home.../1
85 & 83 yrs old, #parkinsonsdisease #dementia & other conditions. Mom too weak 2 walk. No clear guidelines on how 2 keep them safe. Rented an #RV for a 1200 mi drive hoping to control their exposure. Tried 2 prepare the #RV for all potential needs. 2/
Have you ever put a sheet on a heavy foam mattress that's shoved between the bathroom wall & the kitchen? It’s like trying to put stockings on an elephant.Upside down.Stocked the fridge, have masks&gloves, praying for clear roads.Biggest issue is Mom’s confusion&increased fear /3
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This is blatantly political. @realDonaldTrump continues to use this global pandemic as a way to push through racist and xenophobic policies in order to keep his re-election campaign running. He has fought for years to eliminate asylum and is now using COVID-19 as an excuse.
At the same time he puts you at risk by disregarding the threat of COVID-19 and by his incompetence in the current handling of this crisis. We have no tests, no real numbers of those who have contracted the virus, and hospitals lack vital supplies.
While failing to address the needs of the US due to coronavirus, he and his fellow fascists in the White House continue to double down on torturing immigrant families - arresting and detaining ppl in the middle of this crisis putting them at increased risk. #RememberInNovember
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Ohio Governor and Secretary of State were successful in cancelling today’s #OhioPrimary mere hours before in-person voting was to start. Here’s what you can do. <thread>
#DemCast #DemCastOH
Get an absentee ballot application.
Yes... you have to fill out an application before you can get an absentee ballot.
You will need to have printer.
Does your grandma have a printer?
Download and print from…
Then mail it to your county Board of Elections.
Side note: They don’t have the authority to reset the election, so they don’t have the authority to extend absentee voting either. But... let’s just go with it.
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40 Republicans voted NO on the #FamiliesFirst #coronavirus relief bill.

17 of them have lone challengers ready to take them on in November. We at #DemCast have compiled that list for you.

🚨 Please share this thread and follow/support the Democratic challengers listed!
(Note - we are only listing races in which either there is an established Democratic nominee or there is only a single declared Democratic candidate.)
TEXAS has a lot of Republicans who voted NO on #FamiliesFirst.

Chip Roy in #TX21 voted NO.
His opponent: Wendy Davis @WendyDavis.

Randy Weber in #TX14 voted NO.
His opponent: Adrienne Bell @AdrBell

Louie Gohmert in #TX01 voted NO.
His opponent: Hank Gilbert @Hank4Texas
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The @vahousegop just killed the floor vote, and hence the #ERA, blocking Virginia from becoming the 38th and final state to ratify it and make gender equality part of the US Constitution.

166 million women are affected by the VA GOP's action this morning.

I spoke to a voter yesterday who told me, "We keep voting against people, but we never vote for the people."

His words will stick with me. If an elected official can't act in the interest of 50.8% of the population, that official is not acting for the people.
Here in Virginia, we've gotten it wrong for a long time.

We got it wrong on the Civil War.
We got it wrong on segregation.
We got it wrong on suffrage.
We got it wrong on interracial marriage.
We got it wrong on disallowing women into VMI.
Today, we got it wrong again on #ERA.
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I am *livid.* And I want you to be, too.

Ask yourself whether you want to be part of a country that carelessly allows children to be preyed on by violent sexual predators.

On 9/20, I filed a public records request with @AZDHS to which I have received a partial response.
I sought documents in connection with very disturbing allegations of child abuse - including sexual abuse - at so-called "migrant child centers" operated by Southwest Key Program, Inc. (@SouthwestKey).
Even though as an immigration lawyer, I've been to the border, represented children like this for years, and have spent an unhealthy amount of time studying the origins of policies that allow it, I am livid.
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It's Saturday, but there's no day off of this administration's oppression of aspiring Americans... especially the poor.

Most immigrants have always had to prove they're not a public charge: it's been the law for over 100 years.
But the administration now wants to greatly expand what a public charge is...meaning the types of public funds an aspiring American can lawfully use.

And also be able to deny green cards based on an officer's belief of an immigrant's likelihood at becoming a public charge.
I gave this example in a piece I wrote for @qz:
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Today Gov. Sununu realized former House Speaker Bill O’Brien’s goal of suppressing the vote of “liberal” college students. #RememberInNovember #NHPolitics…
Another result of this blatant voter suppression is putting to bed the fiction of a moderate governor. This is unabashedly Paul LePage territory. #NHPolitics
Former #NHGov and @SenatorShaheen: “Today, the Governor sent an unmistakable message to young people in New Hampshire that, rather than listening and responding to their concerns, they should be hindered from democratic participation.” #NHPolitics
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Trump: Day 526
-120th Day at a Trump Golf Club
-163rd Day at a Trump Property
-Separation Policy Protested Against
-Lies About Not Pushing House Bill
-Appointing WH Lawyer as DEA Chief
-White House Called "Den of Deceit"
-FEMA Ends Puerto Rico Vouchers
Day 631 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 483 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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If you, like me, cannot point to a single thing @RepFrenchHill has done for the benefit of his constituents in #AR2 then you owe it to yourself and everyone else in the seven county area to vote for @clarketucker this November. #arpx #Vote #Midterms2018
.@RepFrenchHill has voted to end coverage for pre-existing conditions. He doesn't care whether or not you can afford to see a doctor, or even if your health insurance will cover a visit. He does not care about #Arkansans #AR2 #ByeFrench #VoteThemOut #arpx
.@RepFrenchHill supports @realDonaldTrump #ConcentrationCamps for migrant children, infants, and toddlers. He refuses to speak up about these egregious #HumanRights violations. #Arkansas deserves a better, more humane representative in #AR2 - @clarketucker is that person! #Vote
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THREAD: Like some foreign dictator, the Republican in the White House will attack the free press today. Here are a few action strategies to flip his negative attacks into positive persistence.
1. Show your support for courageous journalists who #ProtectTheTruth
2. BECOME A SUBSCRIBER. Whether it’s your local paper or a national publication, subscribe. Show that you value truthful journalism and will pay for it. Support public radio or independent reader-supported operations like @MotherJones
3. FUND VICTORY. If we all gave 50 cents to candidates like @IronStache, @KatieHill4CA , and @JanzforCongress every time Trump tweeted, we’d have more than a #BlueWave2018. We’d have a #BlueTsunami2018! Fund victory! Pick a candidate in a tough race and pledge 50 cents per tweet!
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