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@POTUS #Democracy? #NSDC bans eleven pro-Russian #parties in #Ukraine | 20.03.2022
- #Zelensky spoke about this in a video address overnight Sunday, #Ukrinform reports.…
@POTUS Why the #UkraineWar Spells #Doom For #US Hegemony and the #NATO Alliance | Feb 25
- Street protests across Europe are growing against NATO and governing #elites seen to be servile to American policy. The whole Western capitalist order is shaking…
@POTUS #Hitler was financed by the @bankofengland and the
- 4th: from 1933 to 1939 — financial cooperation with the #Nazi government and support for its expansionist foreign policy, aimed at preparing and unleashing a new #WorldWar.
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#COP27 Your #CarbonTax is rising.
#UN '#climatechange' conference delegates to stay at five-star hotels and luxury resorts | Nov 4
- #SharmElSheikh was built up by the Egyptian govt to become a luxury tourist destination for the world’s richest.…
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We are short $Sinch, a swedish telecommunications company. In our opinion, the company misstated its financial statements by billions, read the full report:…
As a tech company #Sinch expensed ZERO R&D costs in 2021. All while #Twilio expensed 28% of revenue in the same time, #Sinch self proclaims being profitable for years while growing its business, read the full report:…
At first glance, we found material misstatements of net profit and EBIT within #Sinch financial statements. Profit is misstated by SEK 34m and EBIT by SEK 22m, read the full report:…
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No plans today? Spend your Saturday catching up on these great conversations:

@briankoppelman joined @jheil on #HHW w/ a drop-in by “Wags”
@jmpalmieri discusses allyship w/ @dopequeenpheebs for #JSAH
@amandalitman & @cristinafortx chat reaching young voters on #BAT

Thread 👇
On this week’s #HHW, @jheil and @briankoppelman dive into season 5 of #Billions, how he discovered Tracy Chapman, and discuss Brian and David Costabile’s long friendship when “Wags” drops in.

Listen to this 2-part episode:
This week on #JSAH, @jmpalmieri is joined by comedian and author @dopequeenpheebs for a lively discussion on what we can all do to be better allies and why we should be talking about school curriculums even though it’s not sexy.

Listen here:
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"I create nothing, I own" - Gordon Gekko, Wall Street (1987)
Do you believe in God, Mr. Le Chiffre?

No. I believe in a reasonable rate of return.

(Casio Royale, 2006)
I don't believe in fate, I believe in odds (Boiler Room, 2000)
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Oigan pues la neta que si está bien interesante el asunto de #wallstreetbets y $GME (#GameStop)
Y como andamos con Insomnio vamos a darle a un buen hilo explicando este asunto jeje 🙊
Ready!? Go‼️
Pues bien, en principio la historia ya la conocen: Un grupo de jóvenes se ha organizado a través de un grupo en la app #reddit y básicamente han formado su propia armada de más de DOS MILLONES de integrantes dispuestos a invertir de forma ORGANIZADA.
⚠️ - Ojo aquí que, como iremos viendo el tema de la cantidad, la organización y la concentración serán CLAVES para entender este fenómeno 🌏
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Who's up for the learning?👇👇

@dmuthuk @shl
@SahilBloom @FinKrypt @FinMedium @Sanjay__Bakshi @DividendGrowth @vedantm_ Image


Considers China a "foe" and "adversary". Trump's attitude towards the Chinese government may help India if things turn sour between New Delhi and Beijing

#USAElections2020 #USElection #TrumpIsALaughingStock #TrumpCollapse @GabbbarSingh Image

Considers China to only be a fierce competitor. and strives to bring down unnecessary tension between the governments

#Biden #Biden2020 #BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica #Michigan
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"Think about this, you know financial loss and market inefficiency and just plain error offend me more than almost anything a human can do to me." is the biggest insight into the brilliance of Taylor Mason. Wow. Just wow. #Billions
I thought this last episode of #Billions was huge, one of the best. Great time to take a break and nice reference to Corona virus. I'm now waiting for a reference to Robinhood traders!
So David Costabile directed this last one and I checked IMDB, it's his first directorial. What a debut! Respect to show runners @briankoppelman @andrewrsorkin
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1/9 Thread - Trading Alpha lies in areas neglected by people, this is probably why I don't use TA (because if everyone's doing it). While I post some of my thoughts and trades but I rarely give a 'satisfactory' answer on HOW I arrived at those calls, so here goes for a past trade
2/9 'The Big Straddle', Pre-Mar 13 trade
PnL of this Put trade was only around 40-50 #BTC because part of the trade was a hedge and we lost the premium on the calls we bought, breakdown:

1) Short 65 x 10K Puts Jun 2020
2) Long 100 x 8K Calls Apr 2020

3/9 Rationale for 'The Big Straddle'

Credit Bubble

Genesis issued 1.1 Bn in loans in 2019 with 500 Mil outstanding. (screenshot taken from Genesis's website)

Our estimates are that there are around 4-5Bn loan outstanding in the entire market. (BlockFi, Celsius, Babel etc)
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.@laubf te informa todos los estrenos de @NetflixLAT durante la semana. @Late931Oficial @lolibelotti
#Billions, cuarta temporada, el abogado Chuck Rhoades inicia una investigación implacable contra el millonario Bobby Axelrod, un elusivo empresario dedicado a negocios de todo tipo. Image
#WorkinMoms, se acabó la licencia por maternidad, y es hora de que estas cuatro mamás vuelvan al trabajo... sin dejar de lidiar con hijos, jefes, amores y demás asuntos de la vida. Image
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#Petrol fonu %30 gitti dedik, çeyrek #altın patladı 600 TL oldu dedik. Arada gerçekten uçup giden şeyler varmış neredeyse kaçırıyorduk! Gösterge olarak mevduatı, hadi en fazla 30 endeksi alan #fonlar ne yapmış öyle diye şaşa kaldık 😊 (@_Gauss123_ 'a teşekkürler)

Buyrun bakalım:
Her bankadan/kurumdan alınabilen #TEFAS fonlarını açıp, yılbaşından bugüne kadar getirilerine baktığımızda... 3 tane serbest ("hedge") fonun %61, %126 ve %331 getiri verdiğini görüyoruz!! Hadi %61'lik fakir getirisini kenara bırakıp 😂 diğer ikisine bakalım: Image
Acaba yanlışlık mı var yoksa ZP'nin yöneticileri mükemmeliyet peşinde mi? Diğer fonlarına 2020 için bakıyoruz; eski nesil göstergeler seviyesindeler. 2019'a baksak, orada da serbest fon herkesten aşağıda (%15)!

[not: bu fonları sadece nitelikli (zengin) yatırımcılar alabiliyor] ImageImage
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Blogs, podcast, webs, perfiles, youtubers... En las #RRSS abunda la piedra filosofal de la #rentabilidad. Pero este mundo es complicado y eso no es lo que yo he aprendido estos años. Son ideas de mi #experiencia que no van a ningún lado ¿Me acompañan? Va HILO👇👇#Iparfilms (1/13)
"Cualquiera puede ser un ´héroe" y el mejor #trader del Universo pero, ojo cuidao; lo que Natura no da Salamanca no presta. Así que antes de hacer experimentos, fórmese, lea, investigue y aprenda continuamente. #formacion #Batman (2/13)
Existe una diferencia abismal entre gestionar su dinero o el de otros. Yo gestiono el mío. #SkinInTheGame (chupito!) Y mis errores son míos. Para gestionar una #cartera hay que hacer algo tan sencillo como complicado, cometer los menos errores posibles. #Munger dixit. (3/13)
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#Measles thread:

If you grew up like I did with parents who didn’t believe in vaccinating kids cause “cult” church, or whatever, you may be wondering if you should get yourself vaccinated as an adult.

(follow along & share)



*not a doctor, just sharing info I learned today from my own doctor + #science*

*blocking/inoculating the spread of anti-vaxxer responses bc Jenny McCarthy didn’t even play a Dr. on TV.


#Measles what is it?

“...highly contagious virus that lives in the nose and throat mucus of an infected person...can spread to others through coughing and for up to two hours in an airspace where the infected person coughed or sneezed.”…
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001/ [article content in this tweet series 001-180 reproduced with permission from Martin Howe QC of Lawyers for Britain @lawyers4britain]
#quote "Leaving the EU on WTO terms: pulling down the barriers to world trade
Introduction: why prices will FALL after Brexit, not rise" /002
002/ #quote "Over the past couple of weeks, the media have been full of lurid scare stories about what will happen if the UK leaves the EU on WTO terms, because negotiations with the EU do not result in a withdrawal agreement." /003
#tariffs #NoDeal #Brexit #WTO #ProjectFear #shortages #food #medicines
003/ #quote "One of the most ridiculous and UNJUSTIFIED of these absurd scare stories is that it will lead to higher prices, and even shortages, of foods and medicines." /004
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