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🛑 #PrimaireEcologiste : décryptage du double discours d’@EricPiolle.
➡️ Ou comment s’afficher comme pro-républicain lors des débats de la mouvance #écologiste tout en se montrant très sensible aux thèses #communautaristes et #indigenistes.
Un thread⤵️.…
2/ Lors des débats de la primaire écologiste, #EricPiolle a mis en en valeur la loi de 1905 et dénoncé la diminution des formations des enseignants et des fonctionnaires à la laïcité qui serait intervenue sous la présidence d’E. #Macron.
3/ Il a également mis en avant un discours très républicain sur la concorde nationale qui a régné après les attentats contre #CharlieHebdo et sur le procès des #AttentatsDu13Novembre qui honore la République.
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Fundamental science failure:

-We don't know what space is
-from where particles plop into existance
-what particle's energy source is
-We don't have physics to can handle early big-bang

Our phyiscs explain a mere 4% of Nature
The remaining 96% are dark stuff we don't understand
This is really the contrast
If you look at an LCD sceen, you could think humanity is really smart.
But if you zoom out and ask the very fundamental physics questions, our model is an absolut joke.
Particles don't exist IN space, originating from some dark wierd energy.

Space IS the #magnetic force field #volume, and its energy source is an #point-#electropotential
ZeroPotential discharge (bigbang) creates magneto-kinetic space.
Charge/discharge <-> contraction/expansion
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1/x #THREAD – Με την #απεργια_10Ιουνη σε εξέλιξη, κάθε μέρα προκύπτουν νέα στοιχεία για την στυγερή δολοφονία της #Καρολάιν στα #Γλυκά_Νερά, ακολουθεί ανάλυση των συν/ξεων της "ψυχολόγου" στις εκπομπές του Αυτιά και της Χρηστίδου
2/x disclaimer 1:Τα παρακάτω δεν αποτελούν επιστημονική/τεκμηριωμένη γνώμη παρα μόνο προσπάθεια ανάγνωσης της γλώσσας σώματος και της λεκτικής επικοινωνίας του συνεντευξιαζόμενου.Δεν είναι σκοπός της παρακάτω ανάλυσης να υποκαταστήσει σε καμία περίπτωση την δουλειά της αστυνομίας
3/x disclaimer 2:Το μόνο που κάνει είναι να παραθέσει παρατηρήσεις και να αξιολογήσει ενδείξεις σε κλίμακα παραπλανητικής συμπεριφοράς.Οι αντιδράσεις κάθε ανθρώπου,ειδικά όταν μιλάμε για ακραίες καταστάσεις,μπορεί να είναι μοναδικές και να παρεκλίννουν από τις αναμενόμενες
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2è partie
du 46ème #point #presse #sanitaire #Geneve

Les #données de #traçabilité #numérique lors d'1 #terrasse dans un #établissement de #restauration sont conservées pdt 14 jours, puis effacées ensuite.

But: réagir rapidemt pr informer client si cas se déclare
#Gossips #vaccination
Bcp de tentatives de se faire vacciner plus vite que ce qui était autorisé, mais partenariat et bcp de discussion avec tous les centres qui s'accordent pour une réponse homogène.
Existe-il des #listes joker, avec les doses qui restent en fin de journée?

Les centres doivent avoir cette liste à l'avance, ac si possible 1 liste pour leur quartier (svt médecins AMG, collaborateurs de leur institution pr doses restantes etc)

Inutile de venir attendre le soir
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1ère partie
du 46ème #point #presse #sanitaire #Genève

- ⚠️Bcp moins de #tests (+ d'#autotests?)
- #âge médian de 60 ans pr les hospis
- Turn-over entrée/sortie importante pr les #hospitalisations
- Durée de séjour moins longue
#Vaccination #Genève

Livraison #Moderna n'est pas arrivée avec pr csq la fermeture de #Palexpo lundi/mardi.

-Tous les RVs envoyés sont confirmés.
-Aucune annulation de RV.
-Tous ceux qui ont eu 1ère dose auront leur 2ème dose.
-RV envoyé qd on est sûr d'avoir les doses
Nouveaux "centres" de vaccination vont ouvrir:
- Un centre à #Cologny
- et un nouveau #modèle (avec des #RV pris en direct auprès de sa pharmacie de quartier)
uniquement auprès des Pharmacie Populaire
(20 #officines ds le #canton)
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Day 11 #Archaeology31 #Point The question I'm always asked about Roman Amphorae "Why are the pointed?" "It means you have to have a stand!" No it doesn't, start in a corner, you can stack hundreds. "I makes them impossible to throw" No, because they're finished upside down 1/3 Graham Taylor of Potted History standing with two very largeA large group of replica Roman Amphorae standing outside PotGraham Taylor of Potted History, finishing a replica amphora
"Yes, but why have a POINT? because they're designed to go in an ancient ship, no flat surfaces so the pegs, between the timbers, hold them in place. (photo Ad Meskens). In addition if they had a flat bottom it would take 2 people to pour them, the #point allows 1 to do it 2/3 Roman Amphorae stacked into the replica of a ship's hull. PhGraham Taylor of Potted History, carrying a replica Garum Am
In a Roman or Greek updraft kiln the flames come from below, the bottoms of the pots heat first, and expand. In large flat bottomed pots this can cause stress cracking, the point of the amphora allows flames to pass, heating the pots more evenly. 3/3 Cutaway diagram of the interior of a Roman Pottery Kiln, sho
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#Archaeology31 #point

On many of the Iron Age torcs we've looked at there are lots of little punched dots either in lines or on the top of dummy rivets. Little points.

Thread. ImageImageImage
They are around 1mm in diameter and appear to have been made with the same punching tool used to create the linear infilling marks. ImageImage
So what made these marks? We believe it was a round headed punch, though not entirely spherical, as attested to by the little ripples in the linear punched marks.
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#Magnetism & #Electropotential
Are the #Energy #Fields of #Nature that create all #Geometry over all #scales of our #ElectromagneticUniverse. Vibrations that overlap, create wave-interferrence patterns aka Geometry.
Imagine a #vortex on each pole, spinning in opposite direction
It's these #two #spins that make up everything on fundamental level.

!Two spins! in a #specific #ratio.
#GoldenRatio !
#Fibonacci !

Two spins grinding against each other, originating from their common center-point.

You can find these two spins in absolutely everything.
Keep your eyes open to try to find the #Two #Spins of #Nature. Two vibrations #in #harmony, in #golden #ratio, therefore manifesting the fibonacci numbers
Two spins #equilibrating each other, playing in
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/15/2020-2…

Can asymptomatic people spread coronavirus? The confusing WHO remark, explained - Vox…

#asymptomatic #spread
Mutated coronavirus shows significant boost in infectivity | Scripps Research…

#mutations #coronavirus
Modern monetary theory says that the state has the ability to create and maintain the value in money and most left of centre economists appear to be repulsed by that…

#money #MMT #value
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I started playing #guitar in college. Some of my friends back home played, so I thought I'd learn. It's been years since I kept up with it. With no job and an empty house, I had time. Plus, I could crank up my amp. Ava would have hated it. All the more reason to do it.
Strumming a few chords or playing a riff through a loud amp usually makes me feel better. It's more of a distraction this time. My amp is a little old. Even a #ragpicker might pass on it. "If you're not going to play it, sell it," Ava nagged. Life always got in the way.
Or I got in the way. Not even ten years ago I kept getting sick all the time. Painful stomach cramps would radiate weakness throughout my body. I learned how to wash it away like healing #rainwater. That's when I really started to figure out who I was and what I could do.
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I'm a coastal resident in NC. I support oil exploration and oil drilling on our coast.

I also support the continued development of sources through fracking.
We possess the untapped means to be self-sufficient. Doing so relieves "pressures" that might otherwise exist to engage in #foreign #military #adventures.

It's not about thinking that the Houthis or the Iranians should not be held to account for their attack on Saudi Arabia.
It's that the #USA does not have to be the #point of #everyone's #spear.
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@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK @BrightonSurvivorsNET “In the light of a highly disturbing increase of #transphobia locally & nationally…” IF everything anybody says or does is #transphobia, of course you can say it is rising. Any reputable statistics?
@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK “…so the date @Womans_Place_UK event feels like a concerted effort to make #trans ppl, & particularly #transwomen, feel #intimidated and #invalidated” Is it the position of SN that the sensitivities of #transwomen mean that #democracy should be suspended any time they say so?
@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK @Womans_Place_UK #Transwomen do face special challenges but they remain #bio #logical #males but it is fine for them #Gender express as ‘women’ but with the best will in the world, they remain #bio #logically #male @WomenEqualities @Commonswomequ @PennyMordaunt @MariaMillerUK @LesleySemmens
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