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Part 1 - Optimal Nutrition Vs Vaccines 2 Protect Against Infectious Disease

The topic of vax’s is an entirely reductive 1. Whether ur pro- or anti-vax, it’s likely u fall into the trap 2 argue 4 or against vax’s like it’s the only game in town.

Vaccines are not only the most divisive issue of our times, it also tends to dominate the health conversation wrt infectious diseases. How did micronutrients get pushed aside?

Well it may have something to do w/food & supplements not being “patentable”.

The supplement industry is a multi-billion $ biz whereas the pharma/vax industry is a trillion $ biz. Big Pharma dominates ad budgets, politicians in Congress & has successfully established group think wrt vax’s & infectious disease.

I’ve never been a fan of group think.

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A healthy, 9-year old #Florida girl was paralyzed by the #FluShot…

#ADEM is an auto-immune disease that occurs when the immune system "mistakenly attacks its own brain tissue," when responding to a #vaccination or infection.

#VaccineInjury #LearnTheRisk
#STUDY: Post-#vaccination Encephalomyelitis (#ADEM): Literature review & illustrative case (after the #FluShot)

ADEM has been associated w/ several #vaccines such as DTP, polio, smallpox, MMR, Japanese B encephalitis, #Flu, HepB etc.

#STUDY: Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (#ADEM) Onset: Evaluation Based on Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems…

#Flu & #HPV #vaccines are "those most frequently associated w/ ADEM, accounting for ~30% of the total cases."

#VaccineInjury #WakeUp
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A healthy, 9-year old #Florida girl was paralyzed by the #FluShot…

#ADEM is an auto-immune disease that occurs when the immune system "mistakenly attacks its own brain tissue," when responding to a #vaccination or infection.

#VaccineInjury #LearnTheRisk
#STUDY: Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (#ADEM) Onset: Evaluation Based on #Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems…

#Flu & #HPV #vaccines are "those most frequently associated w/ ADEM, accounting for almost 30% of the total cases."

#STUDY: Post-#vaccination Encephalomyelitis (#ADEM): Literature review & illustrative case (after #FluShot)

ADEM has been associated w/ several #vaccines such as rabies, DTP, polio, smallpox, #MMR, Japanese B encephalitis, #Flu, HepB.

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1/n Histoire de la #vaccination.
Qq chose d'inattendu s'est produit en cette période de chasse aux sorcières contre les hérétiques anti-vaccinalistes. L'une des revues économiques les plus prestigieuses a publié l'éditorial d'un professeur de médecine de Bristol, Gareth Williams
2/n Le sous titre de cet éditorial est parlant. L'article s'intitule "les premiers anti-vax: comment le zèle d'Edward Jenner a contribué aux guerres culturelles actuelles"…
3/n Rien ne permettait de s'attendre à cela , car en réalité, "the economist" donne la parole à un homme qui dit ce qu'aucune revue médicale n'aurait osé publier: que le fanatisme et ls mensonges des vaccinolâtres ont joué un rôle dns la défiance actuelle envers la vaccination.
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@tommysgirl61 A 2015 study of #SIDS discovered "79.4% received >1 vaccine on the same day."
"[Flu] #vaccine given alone was most commonly associated with death reports in adults (51.4%)."
Yet report concluded "No concerning pattern was noted among death reports."…
@tommysgirl61 #STUDY in VACCINE: Six Cases of Sudden Infant Death (#SIDS) Within 48 Hours After Hexavalent #Vaccination…

Scroll past the 1st page to see the full text of the article.

#LearnTheRisk #VaccineInjury #VaccineDeath #vaccines
@tommysgirl61 Did you see #DTaP #vaccine PEDIACEL package insert?
Sudden #Infant #Death Syndrome (#SIDS) is a documented adverse effect.…

"Some cases of #SIDS can be expected to follow receipt of PEDIACEL".

#LearnTheRisk #VaccineSafety #VaccineInjury #VaccineDeath
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WHO welcomes @Pinterest’s leadership in protecting public health by only providing evidence-based information about vaccines to its users.
We hope to see other social media platforms around the world following Pinterest's lead

@Pinterest @pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO @WHOWPRO @WHOEMRO Misinformation about vaccines is as contagious and dangerous as the diseases it helps to spread.

Misinformation about vaccination has spread far and fast on social media platforms in many different countries, including during critical vaccination campaigns

@Pinterest @pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO @WHOWPRO @WHOEMRO @DrTedros The truth is, #VaccinesWork.
Smallpox has been eradicated thanks to vaccines, and vaccines have brought us to the brink of eradicating polio. Rates of many other diseases including measles have been dramatically reduced thanks to the life-saving power of vaccines.
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In a precedent setting case, a US court has ruled that the #HPV #vaccine #Gardasil is responsible for the death of a 21-year-old woman from Maryland.

Christina Tarsell's story:

#LearnTheRisk #VaccineDeath #VaccineInjury #HPVvaccine #vaccines
A healthy 14 year old boy died of #Myocarditis after receiving #HPVvaccine #Gardasil…

Joel Gomez, a healthy boy with no any pre-existing health issues, died next day after his 2nd Gardasil shot.

#LearnTheRisk #vaccines #VaccineInjury #VaccineDeath
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This is a manuscript that none of us wanted to write. However, we felt compelled due to ongoing #measles outbreaks and risk to our vulnerable patient populations. 1/5

Preventing Measles among Immunosuppressed Cancer & HCT Recipients…
Immunosuppressed pts are at higher risk for #measles complications - like encephalitis & pneumonia - but rely on herd immunity for protection. Many cannot get live virus vaccines like #MMR, or if previously vaccinated, have weakened immune systems put them at high risk 2/6
This paper gives a summary of what we know about measles in cancer (it isn't pretty), and what we can do to best protect our patients. It also gives guidance for when one might consider early vaccination for some of these high-risk pts. 3/6 #measles #vaccination
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More than 1 in 10 children worldwide missed out on lifesaving #vaccines such as #measles, #diphtheria and #tetanus in 2018: New data from WHO/@UNICEF…
Globally, since 2010, vaccination coverage with 3 doses of #diphtheria, #tetanus & #pertussis and the first dose of the #measles vaccine has stalled at around 86% - not sufficient as 95% coverage globally is needed to protect against outbreaks of #vaccine-preventable diseases
Most unvaccinated children live in the poorest countries and are disproportionately in fragile or conflict-affected states.
Almost half are in just 16 countries:
🇾🇪 #vaccination
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Our secretary General @fjgodfrey gives feedback about the prevention workshop at @PACT_eu #HealthPACT #Wellbeing4all #EU4health
#HealthPACT @fjgodfrey Clearly and frankly, we don't need the excuse that 'we need more data'. What we need is political will to do what needs to be done to improve population health #EU4health #Wellbeing4all @PACT_eu
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1. New (first) paper now available: Exploring the effects of BCG #vaccination in patients diagnosed with #tuberculosis: Observational study using the Enhanced Tuberculosis Surveillance system


#phdchat #rstats
2. Highlights

Evidence of an association between BCG vaccination and reduced all-cause mortality in TB cases.

Weaker evidence of an association between BCG vaccination and reduced repeat TB episodes in TB cases.

Little evidence of an association with other TB outcomes.
3. Background: Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) is one of the most widely-used vaccines worldwide. BCG primarily reduces the progression from infection to disease, however, there is evidence that BCG may provide additional benefits.
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This, from June 24 #Ebola rpt, quoted in full (thread):
"Two response teams were attacked 24 Jun in Beni [North Kivu]. One is a #vaccination team that was attacked in the Tamende health area & the other, a psychosocial support team in the Madrandelle health area.."
"while they were both in full activity. These teams were attacked by young people, including bikers following the death of their friend, a young boy who died on 24 Jun at an ETC*. This young person has a twin brother, who is also a confirmed Ebola case & is..."
"...currently in treatment at the ETC. It should be noted that these 2 health areas have reported several cases of Ebola in recent wks. From these attacks, 2 wounded policemen were transferred to the Beni General Referral Hospital & a burned vehicle."
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Why ban the unvaccinated from school?
If it were about protecting kids, they'd also ban
- the immune-compromised who can’t be vaccinated
- the 10% who don't respond to #vaccination
- those with waning antibody or low titers
- the recently vaccinated until they stop shedding
They DON’T ban all these people because it's NOT about the risk of catching a disease.

It's about PUNISHING those who defy #vaccine orthodoxy.

It's about COERCING families to vaccinate against their wishes by creating hardship and threatening the future of their children
So the next time a politician, CDC official or MD tells you #vaccine mandates are necessary to protect the vulnerable
tell them you see through their fraud and deception.

Tell them if they really had compassion for the vulnerable
they'd have compassion for the vaccine injured
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Democratic no votes on #vaccine bill so far include Gottfried, Helene Weinstein, Fred Thiele, Angelo Santabarbara, Nader Sayegh, simcha Eichenstein, Steve Cymbrowitz, William Colton, Kevin Cahill, Harry Bronson, Rodneyse Bichotte, Charles Barron and Tom Abinanti.
Applause from the gallery when Assemblyman Joe Lentol announces his opposition to ending religious exemption for school vaccine requirements.
Assemblyman David Weprin is another Democratic no vote on legislation ending religious exemption. Screams of “thank you” can be heard outside the chamber from advocates.
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See thread. #Typhoid vaccination #Manus
1. Australia's recommendations re #Typhoid: PNG is known as a region with a high incidence of typhoid.
Aus govt recommends typhoid revaccination
3 years after a 3-dose course, or 5 years after a 4-dose course.…
2. Why are refugees & asylum seekers who #Australia forcibly sent to #Manus becoming infected with #Typhoid?
Australia knows that in PNG 'Typhoid fever has moderate to high incidence, and high mortality'.
Are refugees & asylum seekers revaccinated as recommended by Australia?
3. Whether men were vaccinated with 2x3 yearly doses or 1x5 yearly dose, #typhoid revaccination fell due during #PIH tenure.
Did PIH revaccinate the men in #Manus camps?
PIH received $21.5m over 10 months to provide healthcare in the #Manus camp small clinic.
PIH Negligence?
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Fauci et al
"Unlike many infectious diseases, #measles is a public hlth prob w/a clear scientific solution. Measles #vaccination is highly effective & safe. Each complicatn or death related to measles is a preventable tragedy that cld have been avoided through vaccination."

"The recent upsurge in U.S. #measles cases represents an alarming step backward. If this trend is not reversed, measles may rebound in full force in both the United States & other countries & regions where it had been eliminated."


"Promoting #measles #vaccination is a societal responsibility, with the ultimate goal of global elimination and eradication — relegating measles to the history books."…
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Je vais vous parler d'une vaccination encore très minoritaire et qui gagnerait à être plus connue et réalisée : Le vaccin contre le Papilloma Virus (HPV) plus connu sous les noms de GARDASIL ou CERVARIX.

Voici quelques informations importantes
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) est présent sous plusieurs souches pouvant engendrer des lésions pré-cancéreuses puis des Cancers de l'utérus, génitaux, anaux ou de la gorge. HPV provoque également des lésions génitales comme les Condylomes (visibles à l'oeil nu).

Très contagieux, il se transmet par voie Sexuelle ou Cutanée

🔸Environ 85% de la population sera en contact au cours de sa vie avec une souche de ce virus.
🔸90% de ces gens l'évacueront sans conséquences particulières.
🔸10% développeront des lésions en lien avec HPV.

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Low vaccination rates are a #publichealth crisis, leading to outbreaks of deadly diseases like #measles. My new research in Vaccine/@ElsevierNews provides insight into the characteristics of people who post #antivax content on #Facebook:…
First, I want to credit my fantastic co-authors: @MTH_Pitt @emfelter @DrToddWo @ChadTRM @PittPubHealth. This research stemmed from thousands of #antivax comments on a video on the @kidspluspgh Facebook page:…
We used social network, quantitative, and qualitative analyses to examine 25% of people who left these comments. Our goal was to answer questions about who these people are, the information they post, and how they are connected.
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1. News ~ Exclusive — Poll: National Emergency Wildly Popular with Republicans……

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #NationalEmergency #CRISIS #FinishTheWall
2. News ~ Left Mocks Beto’s ‘Messiah-Esque’ ‘Born’ to Run Remarks: ‘Peak White Male Privilege’…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
3. News ~ Lisa Page: Obama DOJ Ordered FBI Not to Prosecute Hillary Clinton…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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THREAD de mise au point sur les bébés dont les décès sont imputés, de façon fallacieuse, au #végétalisme ou au #véganisme. À dérouler comme un cotillon pendant les fêtes.

Quand un bébé nourri au lait végétal de consommation courante, dont les parents (véganes ou pas) traitent tous les problèmes de #santé avec de l'homéopathie, refusent les suivis et soins médicaux ainsi que la #vaccination, décède ; le problème n'est pas le véganisme.
Le vrai problème est cette disposition d'esprit qui implique de remettre sa propre vie - et celle des personnes dont on a la charge - entre les mains de croyances, d'informations erronées, de rumeurs, de #fakemed : #homéopathie, #aromathérapie, #FleursDeBach, #radiesthésie...
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The Federal Ministry of Health @Fmohnigeria in collaboration with @EpidAlert introduces the new eYellow Card

Follow this thread for all you need to know about the eYellow Card
What is the eYellow Card?
#Vaccination against #yellowfever is compulsory for international travelers to and from risk countries like Nigeria, and the ‘yellow card’ is evidence that the carrier is vaccinated against the deadly disease
Where to obtain the new eYellow Card?
Start the process online ( and receive the card from the nearest Port Health Services Office
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1. The sleeping giant is slowly awakening to the corruption that is enslaving us all.

Once this giant has fully awoken we shall be unstoppable.

Public awakening is their greatest fear.

#QAnon @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
2. It’s essential that #WeThePeople understand how #Corruption in the pharmaceutical industry has a stronghold on people.

#QAnon @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
3. This long & detailed thread will shine light on corruption in the vaccine and cancer industry.

These are complicated & touchy parts of the #DeepState rabbithole for obvious reasons but facing the #Truth is very important.

The truth shall set everyone #free.

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A J-14 du #hackinghealth, quels défi de #santé allez-vous relever ? Passage en revue de notre sparkboard 2017 :
Familien - comment mieux accompagner les familles lors d'une #hospitalisation ?…
Un outil numérique serait-il pertinent pour maintenir le lien entre enfant et patient même si les visites sont impossibles ou rares ?
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Petit thread que je trouve nécessaire sur la #vaccination et, spoiler, je ne suis pas contre la vaccination obligatoire :
Déjà, on va éclaircir une chose immédiatement : le consensus scientifique sur l’efficacité de la vaccination était fait il y un siècle...
C'est à dire bien avant l'existence de l'industrie pharmaceutique et donc, de son lobby.
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