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After yesterday's #channel4news I've been trying to think why some might see Johnson as a 'lovable baffoon':

- his premiership (and personal life) is based on lies & lying is his default position.

- he has made it clear, again & again, that he sides with the richest...1/4
...& the bankers at the expense of us all.

- his intense dislike and distain for women, for working class people & his racism, his homophibia are clear for all to see.

- he has failed again and again in parliament, is generally ill-prepared & is often hardly coherent. 2/4
- he avoids tough questions - from voters, from the media, from colleagues - whenever he can.

So, nasty, incompetent coward seems a far better description.

We can blame long-believed historical ideology that the #Tories are born to rule & voting for them shows our...
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[thread] What would higher wages do for your local economy? In Preston, the @UKLabour council introduced the Real Living Wage to its workers & procured services from local companies who agreed to pay it too.(1/4)
Living wage employers in Preston range from multinational giants to SMEs; public sector institutions to charities. As a result of this investment in local business & the local workforce, the employment rate grew faster than in neighbouring towns and than the UK average.(2/4)
Last year, @PwC_UK & @Demos named Preston as the most improved city after it experienced growth in a wide range of areas. That’s the impact these simple, but innovative policies had. (3/4)
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Tories are completely unaware of how food banks operate. They claim that @TrussellTrust "gave out around 6.3 million parcels – a tenth of what Labour are claiming”.

However, each food parcel contains enough for three meals a day for three days.

Under the Tories, austerity has meant 65 million meals have been given out over the last five years.

The choice at this election is clear: a Tory Party in denial about the use of food banks in this country or real transformative change with Labour.
Labour is pledging to wage war on the “ten modern scourges of poverty” and reverse the damage that a decade of austerity under the Tories has caused.

Poverty in Britain is now the most visible and widespread it has been in decades.
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For decades we've been offered a choice between frying pan and fire.

Not anymore.

Our manifesto is the most radical plan for Britain since 1945.

We have over 200 policies.

Over the next three weeks, we're getting through all of them.

Welcome to the Labour Policy Megathread.
Over the next three weeks (on the days that I'm not working), I'll be producing another part of the thread, and I'll let you all know.

I've had fun researching this.

Our policies are fantastic and I'm proud to be able to promote them.

Let's get to it. Policies 1-25 #ForTheMany
1. Abolish Tuition Fees

I campaigned against tuition fees back when I first started campaigning.

I remember how the Lib Dems sold students down the river.

And I'll remember how we abolished them entirely when we right that wrong.…
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51% of young people in prison are BME.

So pleased to see a commitment in the new Labour manifesto to build on my review into disproportionality in the criminal justice system.

A fair society depends on a justice system that treats all citizens as equals. That is #RealChange
Education policy is about more than under-18s and university students.

Labour is right to commit to reverse years of Tory cuts to adult education in a #NationalEducationService.

Time to restore adult learning, colleges and night schools to their former glory. #RealChange
We only have until 2030 to cut global emissions in half, if we are to have a hope of containing the climate emergency.

Labour's Green Industrial Revolution sets out a path to provide jobs while helping to save the planet #RealChange
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1. When I was at school I had a teacher who said that everyone should take 10 years off between school & higher education. I didn't quite do that as I trained to be a nursery nurse after school but after 8 years of work (as NN & in clerical positions) I started a degree aged 28.
2. My undergraduate (and post-graduate) studies were both fee-free and supported by grant/bursary. I've been teaching & mentoring in HE for nearly three decades now and that those I teach & support have not had such advantages makes me ANGRY. I get frustrated too when students...
3. ...are unable to concentrate because they are tired from doing the jobs they need to do to survive.

When I studied, and first began to teach, there were many mature students. There are hardly any now.

SO: how exciting, how very needed are @UkLabour's plans for a...
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