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THREAD: no final victory, no final defeat.

There has never been such an all pervasive, coordinated, underhand operation to rig an election as occurred with #GE19
The huge strides achieved by Corbyn since he began Labour's long overdue journey back to the left must continue. 1/
It is quite phenomenal that he's achieved so much, with that cloud of arrows blocking out the sun, many from his own inherited set of Blairite charlatans. Thru wave after wave of despicable sabotage he stood strong. They questioned his mettle, he never, ever stumbled. Granite. 2/
What made this happen was not the antisemitism smears concocted by Israeli assets like Shai Masot, nor the hack journo stream of bullshit about IRA support, or faking train problems or not liking poppies enough, all of that could've been surpassed. It was PV wot done it. 3/
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🇬🇧👑Shaping up to be a historic year🗳️.
BBC News - Election results 2019: Tories on course to win majority - exit poll…
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Thinking of all my friends and followers in the UK, where elections have been happening all day.

Today in the UK is not dissimilar from our 2020 here in the US.

The stakes are enormous.


As will, of course, the European Union to a greater extent than has already happened.

Not to mention the countless lives of individuals and families who will soon be displaced from the only homes they’ve known.

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This is the #UKElection of our lifetime whether we have a vote or not.
🗳 Go vote in #GE2019!
🗳 If you have voted already, please use the next few hours to encourage others to cast their vote!
Finally, for one last time from me as an EU citizen: please #VoteForMeToo
PS: I should have said in the video that it was very important to the people I talk about to vote in person. I can understand that — reminded me of my great-grandmother who was always like that. So I’m kind of doing it ‘in her legacy’, perhaps. Fitting: she was a great European.
And if you live in or near #UxbridgeAndSouthRuislip you can truly help make history tonight. Do it!
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On my to the Sky News Centre for what is sure to be a night to remember.

It’s pouring down. Elgar’s cello concerto playing in the taxi. Feels appropriately dramatic...#GE2019
When I was a kid I loved election programmes. Just loved them. Total saddo that I was.

Not ashamed to say being on them, this my second general, is a bloody dream.
Everyone on the tube is talking about politics. It is both weird and glorious.
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🎥 Must-watch: Anna Soubry vs Caroline Flint on the Norway/EEA option via @YouTube
@YouTube Lets Look at Norway. Brino is a deceased Norweigan Blue. Yet Corbyns sit on the fence "Credible leave Option", points to a revival of the dead Norwegian Parrot. #EUMilitaryUnion and the Norwegian Option? #TwoFingers2Brino #4Pamphleteers…
@YouTube @Grub Capons, Turkeys and Norwegian Blues. #GE2019 Will Santa finds out whose naughty and nice. Who Will win the race for number Ten. Grub Street Says Corbyn, Wiki Ballot says, Johnson who believes in Santa and Who Believes in Dead Parrots?…
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Everything on Twitter pretty much sucks right now, except #DogsAtPollingStations in the UK

If you have Tweetdeck, make it one of your columns, it will brighten your day #GE2019 #GeneralElection2019 #ElectionDay
Of course, being Twitter, people can make even this suck too

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#VoteForMeToo is about giving a voice to the millions who have no vote in #GE2019. It is asking those who can vote to remember those who are disenfranchised today. Here are all videos in one thread. Whatever else you do today, please go vote and encourage others! #ElectionDay
#VoteForMeToo: Zoe
#VoteForMeToo: Magnus
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When you go to vote can you ask the people on the door what turn out has been like.

Good chance high turn out might put a spanner in Johnson’s works (hopefully in every way!)
Report : East Surrey - terrible weather and rural polling station, turnout high.
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24 reasons you should not vote for the Conservatives if you care about the NHS.

If people can read these and still give the current government 5 more years, we may as well close the doors now.

#GeneralElection2019 #GE2019…
1. A&E waiting times are now the worst since records began.

In 2009 just 2% of patients waited over 4 hours in A&E - by 2018 this had risen to 15%.…
2. The NHS is currently 44,000 short of nurses.

Even worse, more nurses are leaving than joining under the Conservatives.…
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I’m SO angry at @jeremycorbyn & @PeoplesMomentum and every single @UKLabour voter!
To see British Jews saying they feel they have to leave the country, that never in their lifetime did their grandparents and parents ever think history could /1.
repeat itself, that antisemites could again get so close to power. Is DISGUSTING. Is shameful. Every person voting Labour today in the #GE2019 is condoning antisemitism, is guilty by association. Is saying IT’S OK to back Palestine in stealing Jews’ ONE true home. /2.
I don’t believe every Labour supporter is as evil as Corbyn but by supporting Corbyn and his antisemitic party they ARE the problem. They could put him in power. They could cause thousands of British Jews to flee their homeland. They are culpable for /3.
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🇬🇧 It's Election Day in the UK 🇬🇧
As Tom gloriously displayed on his guitar this year... FUCK BORIS! So to celebrate exactly 10 years since Killing In The Name shocked the UK to become the No.1 single, let's tactically kick Boris OUT of power. To do this in a UK election... (1/9)
📍Aberavon to Bridgend (2/9) may need to #VoteTactically depending on where in the country you vote. Here's a definitive list of all the 'seats' and what the best vote would be to stop a Tory candidate winning it. If enough do this, Boris Johnson CAN be kicked out of power
📍Bridgwater & W to Dartford (3/9)
So let's celebrate @RATM being No.1 a decade ago by removing Johnson from No.10

Find your nearest polling station and any last minute seat updates here:

"some of those that vote Boris, are the same in Trump's office"
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1/ Jaw dropping stuff @Newsnight tonight. Finally, and on the eve of #GE2019, they host three guests who had a semblance of understanding of some of the intricacies of this colossal shitshow.

@BenChu_ also opened with an exclusive:

Brexit? It's shit.

@NewsNight @BenChu_ 2/ @anandMenon1 on the paradox of the Tory #GE2019 campaign.

Johnson's been the one who above all else desperately wanted to talk about Brexit, but all he could manage was the same meaningless phrase.

@NewsNight @BenChu_ @anandMenon1 3/ Ex-DExEU Permanent Sec' Philip Rycroft on the prospect of Getting Brexit Done by the end of 2020.

Not a f*cking chance......


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So...where are we? (Thread)

Journalists saying "we don't make predictions" is as tired as an activist after this December election. I'll make one. But #GE2019 has been revealing regardless of the result. Some things I've learnt on the way.
Firstly: the British public were deeply unhappy at this election. Not so much having it but with the choice they were being presented. They were incredulous and found it incredible. They couldn't quite believe they were having to choose between two men they found so unpalatable.
Nonetheless, it is Conservative resilience and strength that is most remarkable. This is a party about to enter its second decade in govt. Yet it is polling at 40% or more. It is advancing, not retreating. Far from falling from office it might be reaching its zenith.
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Some people have told me these #PublicDuty tweets from #NHS workers are just narcissism.

I disagree.

So this #PollingDay thread is all about ME. /1
I once had to tell a young family of five their mum was unlikely to survive the night. Because of overcrowding in A&E, the only remotely quiet place to speak to them was a linen closet.

I don’t want have to do that anymore. /2
I don’t want to have to apologise to my clinic patient when their appointments have been cancelled three times because we had no staff, or their letters and tests were lost, because we have no secretaries. /3
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Please watch my personal #GE2019 message. As an EU citizen I will not be able to vote and there is nothing more I can do. I, millions of us — we rely on you. Please understand that this election marks our *last* chance to avert disaster. That is why I ask you to #VoteTactically.
Check out recommendations by @BestForBritain here and also have a look at the breakdown by @jonworth. #DontVoteTory won’t be enough if it splits the vote on our side! So please take a moment to research and #VoteTacticallyActually!
Equally importantly, encourage others to do so and help to get the vote out! Ask your family, friends and also your colleagues if they are going to vote. Turnout will be crucial. There is no doubt that we can win this, but people must #VoteTacticallyNotTribally.
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1. @damiancollins - Trust and integrity has been at the heart of #ge2019. Why should #lovefolkestoneandhythe voters trust you when you backed Boris Johnson, a compulsive liar, for @conservatives leader.....
2. You flipped from Remainer to Leaver despite saying “Britain is better off staying in the EU,” - and “We are safer and more secure in the EU,” : .....
3. When it comes to listening, responding to and representing #lovefolkestoneandhythe constituents you rank 572nd out of 650 MPs….......
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Think of Grenfell.
Think of Windrush.
Think of the homeless.
Think of those that are sick.
Think of those with disabilities.
Think of the nurses who lost their bursary...

#GE2019 #VoteLabour
Think of the people on benefits forced through a cruel & degrading system that has led so many to suicide.
Think of the EU doctors, professors, academics, researchers leaving the UK every day.
Think of that kid lying on the floor in hospital (in 2019 in Britain)

#GE2019 #GE
Think of your parents, your kids, your friends, waiting hours in ambulances outside A&E.

Think about paying to have your baby, to hold your baby (!) if the NHS goes to Trump.

#GE2019 #VoteLabourOnThursday
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1/ For my Algerian friends, it looks like the زغماتي وزير أول hashtag is being promoted by bots/trolls as many of you expected. It's the same network that has previously promoted pro-status quo hashtags. 320 new accounts were created in just 3 days in December 2019 #الحراك_الشعبي
2/3 Remember the average number of accounts created per month using the hashtag is just 20. 2/2 This means whoever is behind it, presumably whoever wants Zaghmati to win, is doing a last ditch drive to try and get Zaghmati elected as Prime Minister.
3/3 Clearly @TwitterSupport have done you all know favours in ensuring election integrity. From the UK to Algeria, tomorrow's elections have been marred by manipulation and deception. #GE2019
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Commuting home today with the ballot box! It’s coming to St Agnes early before the storm sets in to spend the night under lock and key. #Scilly #GE2109 Journey of the ballot box 1/
The trusty Spirit of St Agnes bringing islanders their democratic right to vote. #Scilly #GE2109 Journey of the ballot box 2/
...and it’s safe on dry land, ready for the 70 voters of St Agnes to cast their precious (possibly crucial in the St Ives marginal) votes. But will the 8.4m forecast waves let it get back for the count tomorrow night? #GE2109 Journey of the ballot box 3/
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Chesterfield L44 (36,9) ☆45%
Lincoln L45 (44,5) ☆49%
Gedling L44 (43,6) ☆49%
Bedford L43 (43,3) ☆46%
Redcar L40 (35,14) ☆49%

#YouGov 4-10Dec

StocktonNth L44 (36,13) ☆49%
StocktonSth L45 (45,6) ☆51%
NWDurham L41 (36,11) ☆47%
Burnley L40 (33,15) ☆48%

#YouGov 4-10Dec

Hyndburn L43 (41,10) ☆51%
Leigh L43 (39,11) ☆50%
Workington L43 (41,8) ☆49%
WorsleyEccSth L43 (41,7) ☆48%

#YouGov 4-10Dec
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Here's an unpopular view
Whatever happens tomorrow Boris Johnson has had a good campaign. He's led his party back to 43% by cannibalising the Brexit Party & consolidating the Leave vote, which he & Cummings set out to do. He also held 18% of Remainers along the way #ge2019
Under Johnson, the Conservatives have led in every single poll since MPs voted to hold the election back in October. Theresa May did not do this in 2017. Nor Cameron in 2015. Nor Cameron in 2010. The last person who managed this was Blair in 2005.
The polls might all be wrong but given the context of this election the Conservative Party's dominance is still striking. Of the 65 polls during the campaign they have held double digit leads in 43 of them.
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BBC Wales Today:… via @bbciplayer

Wylfa & Wylfa Newydd is a key election issue on #YnysMôn #Anglesey so I was keen to hear what the @Plaid_Cymru candidate @AledapDafydd had to say (full clip 10m26s). As it’s vitally important for constituents to....
know they are making a choice on accurate statements: he says “If there is a proposal that comes back and it might be on a smaller scale than the one that was proposed previously. If it comes back & if it’s well paid jobs, highly skilled, that can help places especially....
in the North of the island to regenerate then yes we can be supportive as long as we can mitigate against any potentially negative effects of such a development.”

My response based on my knowledge of nuclear new build at Wylfa from Government & developer documents is that: ....
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Michel Barnier leaked recording is a great get by @joncstone but what struck me is how similar his private remarks are to the public ones.…
In the recording Barnier says 11 months “improbable” for a global agreement, but the EU will do everything it can for the bare minimum. This is basically what he said in November...2
when he said the two sides could not do everything, but a basic free trade agreement was possible. Basic is the key word.
It sounds to me his thinking unchanged. 3.
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