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Today at 5pm is the deadline for evidence to the Forde Inquiry into the #LabourLeaks. But the mainstream media didn't want us, the voters, to know what was being done to nobble the one chance that we had of defeating the #Tories. Why? Because so many of them had that objective.
That thread shows that if @guardian's journalists had been doing their job, they could have discovered & told us what @JoeRRyle & others had found: "Not only did they not want Labour to win under Corbyn, they seemed to be actively trying to lose."…
How do we know for a fact that so many MSM journalists didn't want #JeremyCorbyn to succeed, or at best were merely 'doing the job' their employers had told them to do? @lborouniversity has the numbers for #GE2019:…
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On Lady Luck and Investment Strategy.…
Ethereum, The prescient augur of exchange.…
Tides of the Dollar Moon (a poem)…
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If you've been following @bestforbritain, you'll know that attention to good data forms a central part of our work as an organisation.

We've just concluded an in-depth and expensive MRP poll on issues pertinent to Britain's future.

This thread summarises our findings:

First, a note:

This MRP analysis has been conducted for us by Focaldata, who were the MRP provider for the Conservatives at the last GE.

Because of how opinions were sampled, the results quoted are slightly more representative of Conservative & leave-leaning demographics.

We found that:

70% of voters in ‘red wall’ and switcher seats (that flipped from Labour to Conservative at the last election) said they wanted the UK to prioritise working with Europe...

...compared to just 20% who said they want UK to work most closely with the US.

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Let's pause for a minute, and review just what happened to The #LibDems at #GE2019.

Unlike the recent hand-wringing internal review, I don't believe for a second that the policy to #RevokeArticle50 was toxic to the majority of potential #LibDems voters.
1. The Labour Party's refusal to enter into stand-down pacts.

History is already being rewritten, placing the blame for non-cooperation on The #LibDems.

This simply isn't true.

Even Labour MPs at the time, admitted it was LABOUR whom refused.…
2. Fear of a Corbyn-led government outweighed concerns regarding Brexit.

In polls during the weeks preceding #GE2019, it was clear that Boris Johnson wasn't very popular...

But it was also clear that Jeremy Corbyn was EXTREMELY unpopular.…
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"Trust has never mattered more!" In 2019, in the battle for trust & for truth, @guardian was on the wrong side: they didn't let @davidgraeber explain the war inside @UKLabour against @jeremycorbyn, battles for the Cable Streets of our minds: @FWWTMurals ……
What did @davidgraeber see? "The apparently endless campaign [for control of @UKLabour] by politicians like Margaret Hodge, Wes Streeting, & Tom Watson to weaponize antisemitism accusations against the [then] leadership of the Labour party...a form of antisemitism in itself."
We knew what kind of bullets Israeli forces were firing at men, women & children near the boundary fence of that open-air prison called #Gaza. We saw with disgust that some high-profile faces of Labour stood proud with the flag of the state 'that knew where each bullet landed':
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Undoubtedly, #GE2019 was a shock. To an extent, Cummings & co seemed to have found a magic formula (and a slogan). But look how short lived it was. The last couple of days have been a case study of how out of touch the @Conservatives are in reality. Three big signs: (1/5)
1. The idea that you could, as the Government, advise people to avoid pubs etc, whilst pulling the rug from under the owners. The sheer arrogance to think that small business people would be ok with being abandoned & fobbed off with the most woeful #Budget2020 measures. (2/5)
2. Ignoring completely the fact that small businesses are not just one-person operations, as if it was the Apprentice, but collectively the employers of millions. Whole Government response to #Corvid19uk ignored the workers, because to the @Conservatives, they hardly exist. (3/5)
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Shahrar Ali today confirmed that @ChtyCommission is investigating @antisemitism (reg. 1163790) following 6-page “Raising Concerns”.
@ChtyCommission @antisemitism Focus of Dr Ali’s submission is CAA’s sustained attacks upon politicians during #GE2019. He argued Joe Glasman Head of Political Investigations breached statutory charity law in video of 251219 in which he described Corbyn as “The beast is slain,” alongside aption, “Slaughtered!”
@ChtyCommission @antisemitism Ali said, “Glasman’s diatribe against Corbyn, in which he took organisational credit for frustrating his election victory & referred to him as “beast is slain” was unconscionable. This was overt negative campaigning against a candidate & bringing charitable sector into disrepute.
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So going to be on the way home for a while, so a few thoughts now we have officially left the E.U. (but brexit is far from done) on what the remain movement must do now.

It’s obviously a very sad day, brexit has happened, we have lost our voice on the international stage and so many of us fear for the harm that will be caused to our country & the people in it, but there is a lot to fight for and things that we can be positive about.

Firstly, we must keep our networks and activism alive. Whilst some were so many of us were not active before 2016 and the U.K. now has the biggest pro European movement in Europe. It’s vital that these non partisan networks are maintained. It’s vital we remember that what.. 3/
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The conveniently simplistic narrative that blames Corbyn for GE2019, ignores the unprecedented multitude of actors & agencies who worked to prevent democracy, here in no particular order of (none) merit, the list of shame:-
(1 of 4)
12.The TPA
13.Israel lobby
15.BBC bias
16.BBC fake News
19.Hodges (Dan & Margaret)
22.Our scum print media
(2 of 4)
25.Cambridge Analytica II
29.Brexit Party
31.Lib Dems
34.Russian money
35.Billionaire Tory donors
36.Integrity Initiative
37.Certain blue tick z lister “celebs”
38.The Guardian
(3 of 4)
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A bit of rather belated analysis of the #GE2019 vote: when you plot the size of Conservative and Labour majorities (in % terms), it is striking how inefficient the Labour vote has become since 2005.
Labour is increasingly piling up votes in its safe seats, whereas the Conservative majorities tend to increase at a fairly incremental rate.
This is interlinked with the dynamics of geographical polarisation that @ProfStoker and I have identified... it also is consistent with Jonathan Rodden's arguments in 'Why Cities Lose' on the disproportionate urban clustering of the vote for left parties.
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One day after #GE2019, @guardian let Kenneth Stern (who drafted the #IHRA definition of Antisemitism) say if "[Jared] Kushner or I had been born into a Palestinian family displaced in 1948, we might have a different view of Zionism, & that need not be because we vilify Jews."
Kenneth Stern wrote in @guardian with readers in the #US in mind. He explained that @ZOA_National sees the #IHRA definition as stopping @NationalSJP from calling for ‘#intifada’. But he says @NationalSJP has the right to make “calls” he doesn't like. "That’s called free speech."
Here @BoardofDeputies has told candidates in the #LabourLeader elections to apply the #IHRA definition "with all its examples & clauses", "without qualification". But, as @JVoiceLabour explains, they don't require the #IHRA definition of others. Why not?…
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As I head to leafy Bookham for my first talk on Brexit of the year, it's worth considering whether there's anything new to say, post #GE2019

Largely, the case for change has yet to be made

Yes, there's finally someone with enough institutional power to make choices stick, but no clear sign about what those choices might be

'Get Brexit done' is almost as good a slogan as 'Take back control', but it means almost as little

The suspicion remains that the UK's strategy will centred on getting Brexit out of the headlines, rather than pursuing a particular substantive outcome

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We need to talk about blame and responsibility when it comes to #Brexit - from a pro-EU / pro-Remain point of view.
Most of the ongoing soul-searching since #GE2019 has focused on blame - who is to blame for wanting the election in the first place, who is to blame for Remain parties' lousy election result?
Look further back and it is then a question of who was to blame UK side for the poor period of negotiation leading to the Withdrawal Agreement (meaning what was promised in the referendum wasn't delivered).
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Let's dissect Rebecca Long Bailey's leadership pitch in Tribune just a little. "Labour needs a socialist leader..." Err... not particularly. That's what it's had for the past four years and it led to the worst parliamentary representation since 1935. Thread 1/18
2/18 "Many candidates in the leadership election say they will not return to the triangulation and Tory-lite policies that held our party back before Jeremy." Hmmm. The party was so held back by its triangulation when it won three elections in 97, 01 and 05, wasn't it?
3/18 "I don’t just agree with the policies, I’ve spent the last four years writing them." Look at me! I'm the one who devised the programme just rejected by the British public! Make sure you vote for continuity.
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Hard-left antisemitism has created a contradictory reality for Britain’s Jews. We’re invisible but also too visible, centre stage but still on the margins, assimilated but ‘other’ and strong but also insecure. This thread will analyse the origins of this unsettling dynamic. 1/6
Left-wing antisemites obsessively indulge their fantasies of moneyed Jewish privilege and nefarious 'Zionist' influence - all of which is predicated on their baseless premise that Israel is uniquely evil. It's a myopic, collective mindset that borders on malevolent hysteria. 2/6
We are gaslighted by left-wing politicians, journalists, media personalities and organisations (eg, JVL) which exist solely to legitimise and redefine antisemitism. These people fan the flames of antisemitism, and have created the intellectual environment in which it thrives. 3/6
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Does Home Office know what they do?

New FoI request reveals it doesn't even monitor most basic parts of its EU Settlement Scheme process.

We asked for number of applications with:
➡️ Declared criminal record
➡️ Further evidence required
➡️ Form of ID required to be sent in

The response to our Freedom of Information request was shocking.

The most basic EU Settlement Scheme data is not available because:
➡️Data not recorded in reportable fields
➡️Data recorded in free fields
➡️Data recorded in standardised way not available in reporting system

The Home Office being unable to report & monitor data on declared criminal records, further evidence required & number of ID docs to be manually checked is very serious.

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#GE2019 if only 18-24 year-olds could vote:

LAB: 544 (56%)
SNP: 58 (5%)
LDM: 22 (11%)
CON: 4 (21%)
GRN: 1 (4%)
PLC: 1 (0.5%)
IND: 1

Northern Ireland: SF 7, DUP 6, ALL 2, SDLP 2, UUP 1.

Labour Majority of 438.
#GE2019 if only 25-49 year-olds could vote:

LAB: 310 (43%)
CON: 240 (34%)
SNP: 56 (5%)
LDM: 21 (13%)
PLC: 3 (0.5%)
GRN: 1 (3%)

Northern Ireland: DUP 8, SF 7, SDLP 2, ALL 1.

Labour 16 short of a Majority.
#GE2019 if only 50-64 year-olds could vote:

CON: 421 (50%)
LAB: 149 (17%)
SNP: 47 (4%)
LDM: 9 (12%)
PLC: 4 (0.5%)
GRN: 1 (3%)

Northern Ireland: DUP 8, SF 6, SDLP 2, ALL 1, UUP 1.

Conservative Majority of 192.
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Ok well I have largely avoided tweeting since the election, the result was devastating and I needed time to reflect upon it. It's happened, it's done we need to move forward. So, for what it's worth here is my personal takeaway from #GE2019 (be warned long thread) /1
Social Media - If I had believed my social media timeline I would have believed that the moderates all the way to the Corbyn left were dominant. Granted when it comes to social media Twitter is my one outlet, FB I only use to keep a few family and distant friends updated ... /2
... with my life. Thus do not believe social media. I did, in fact, make a post about the bubble we surround ourselves with some weeks back. It is dangerous for our bubble to make us feel that we have the ear of, and speak with the voice of ... the people. /3
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I've had enough of Senior #BBC Management & journalists gaslighting the British public & refusing to apologise for the BBC's appalling #GeneralElection2019ً coverage. Complaint letter to Director Tony Hall here:… #BBCbias
@bbclaurak @Renegade_Inc @nw_nicholas @medialens @BBCNewsPR @TheMendozaWoman @LabourLeft @SouthHackneyLab @ta_mills @D_Raval A key point here is the #BBC are completely out of touch with their audience, partly because BBC complaints & monitoring is palmed off to outsourcing crooks #CAPITA. Send your GE2019 #BBCbias complaints direct to BBC management instead👇…
@bbclaurak @Renegade_Inc @nw_nicholas @medialens @BBCNewsPR @TheMendozaWoman @LabourLeft @SouthHackneyLab @ta_mills @D_Raval Here is Tony Benn's 5 tests for those in power. #BBC top brass answer public complaints with nothing but contempt, because they don't represent our interests, and are in no way accountable to us. #BBCbias cc @jimwaterson
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So the meaning of life, the universe and... #tacticalvoting sites is:


but probably:

... but perhaps a dozen or so "saved"

Read on to find out what I mean!
This evening I set out to assess how well my tactical recommendations had done in the 187 constituencies I had made recommendations for #GE2019

I got 9 wrong, but none that mattered - as I explain here
But that's not the really interesting point

The interesting one is where did the sites differ in their recommendations, and did *that* matter

I added constituencies that I'd not assessed, coming to a total of 227 constituencies for this thread
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.@alexandrabulat from @the3million talking about hate crimes against EU citizens & immigrants from elsewhere in the wake of #GE2019. You may have read some stories on Twitter too. While this is not just a result of Brexit, there can be no doubt that it has emboldened xenophobia.
.@T_Chowdhury_16 from the brilliant @HereForGoodLaw telling us about how many EU nationals have been supported through outreach and with the help of volunteer lawyers who have provided £500k worth of free immigration advice to help vulnerable EU citizens.
He quoted one EU citizen who was supported:
“If it wasn’t for @the3million and their campaigning, I think I would have been forgotten. ... Without my lawyer, a volunteer with @HereForGoodLaw, I don’t think I would have got my status.”
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1/ Let's get some #GE2019 facts straight:

* 86.6% of the seats Labour lost voted Leave.

* 6 of the 8 Remain seats we lost were to the strongly pro-Remain SNP.

* Swing against Labour in Leave seats was almost double that of Remain seats.

Brexit was the main reason we lost.
2/ That doesn't mean to say there weren't issues with Jeremy's leadership. There were, and there's no hiding from that. From failing to crush the antisemitism issue the moment it arose to his poor engagement with the media and intransigent demeanour.
3/ But, the data is clear, if we had let Jeremy follow his instincts of going into #GE2019 with a 'Leave on better terms' deal and no Remain option on a future ballot, he might very well be the Prime Minister today. That's on us, not him.
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For what it's worth, as wounds from #Brexit and #GE2019 are licked, this is what I think needs to happen (and not happen) next (THREAD).
1. It's crystal clear that you can't win an election in modern Britain if you're to the left of where Blair & Brown were. The argument #Corbyn wasn't Brexity or left wing enough is barely worth dignifying with a retort. Look at history post 1979, and the new electoral map.
2. It's also clear that the #LibDems will only ever, at best, be in a position to hold the balance of power, like a DUP. Our flawed electoral system means they will never break through beyond that.
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Kudos to @jessphillips & @lisanandy (and others) for starting to address hard questions & realities that #Labour face after #GE2019 but I worry about strategy based on appeasing "Northern working class", many of whom hold fundamentally different values on socio-cultural issues.
1. Obviously, "the" working class does not exist, also not in the North. I worry that "the" Norther working class voter stands for the pro-Brexit (white) working class (man) in the North, who disagrees with Labour on many more fundamental issues than Brexit.
2. The future of social democracy in UK, and beyond, is in a broad coalition of precariat, working class, and lower middle class, men and women, white and non-white. It is at least as much in non-voters as in left-to-right voters.
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