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So ahead of today's main 🧵for fun my top 10 of the #indyref pops.
1/Andrew Fairlie 🙏Out at 55 Truly the best of us, there he was in 2014 running the 5 ⭐️Gleneagles restaurant ''Alison call me anytime you want and if I can I'll help out with interviews'' True gent, so humble/
This won't be popular and I know he can be rather pompous in public BUT privately different, so
2/ Pat Kane, he really put in a shift in 2014, could not have been more helpful, did everything he could to lessen my workload, which was eh rather heavy/
3/Joanna Cherry KC, always available when asked and she was a working legal 🦅in 2014
4/Aberdeen's Kenny Anderson, businessman super lad, James Cook featured him in various TV packages, aye #SNP blocked his candidacy ahead of the 2015 GE, aye like me too much, too challenging 😡/
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On #C4News tonight @MPIainDS (Iain Duncan Smith) compares Rishi Sunak's "Robust Pragmatism" towards China to Britain's policy of Appeasement of 1930's Germany
In a full throated dismissal of the Prime Minister's big idea on foreign policy IDS says : "I don't think it means anything. It's like a contradiction in terms....I think unless we are clear and robust, China will treat us as weak....."
"And if they do that, they will do it because they think we will end up appeasing them. And I just feel the road to appeasement we went through in the 1930s."
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Bombshell report on #C4News. Turns out there's significant evidence the Tories' flagship 'Free Port' may be poisoning the North East coast, and has been completely ignored, and guidelines waived.
Full #c4news report on pollution from the Tees:…
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Whoever is made Tory leader, expect a rush to introduce deeper austerity to 'fund' tax cuts for corporations & income tax cuts that primarily help the wealthiest

The Tory debt mountain will grow massively all while they fill their own & their mates' wallets

#C4News #bbcaq
So predictable

Javid claims his cut in corpn tax is "fully funded" & "if we don't get the tax cuts, we won't get the growth"

Tell that to every country in the EU that has higher taxes than the UK, higher economic growth, AND better public services
#SundayMorning #Toryleadership ImageImageImageImage
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Not sure what is happening with the news editors at Channel 4 News. They have fallen for the securocrats attempts to build a USA style Prison Industrial Complex.
As we have seen with the almost annual enactment of new terrorism laws, exceptionalising anything done by a Muslim is an opportunity for securocrats and loony neoconservative ideologues to tickle fears and prejudices, manufacture consent from the majority, and grab more powers.
The standard concern with all prisons is how to avoid re-offending. But when there is recidivism by a Muslim of course, it's an opportunity to again exceptionalise the debate, find a mediocre careerist to do an "Independent Report" and demand more money and powers.
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Govt will publish plan to privatise Channel 4 tomorrow. Ministers say will 'unleash its potential' to compete with Netflix (which is seeing subscribers cancel, is massively in debt and changing business model to start advertising)…
Just by way of reminder : C4 is owned by the state but does not cost the public anything as it is funded by advertising. It currently has a public service remit you can read about here…
C4 bosses also want to ‘unleash potential’ but warn being sold to a media giant would slash spending on British independent production. On competing with streamers they point out we at #C4News don’t bump into Netflix/Apple war correspondents in Ukraine…
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Channel 4 privatisation can be stopped a) it's Dorries (terminally useless) b) they want an election in Q2 2023, so time pressure c) Labour could specify new Ofcom regime making investment unattractive ... but... C4s problem is it's content ...
... C4 News effectively has an audience of one: the regulator. It's superb, probably the greatest news programme in Europe... and it has to be to keep the licence, given the low-rent nature of much of the other content...
... it's no good just defending the channel as is: if we want a high-grade second public broadcaster we need to finance it better - I've always favoured top-slicing the BBC licence fee to do this ... but maybe there are other solutions ...
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Watching the #DailyCovidUpdate when Whitty & Vallance join Boris Johnson over the last two years, they have looked increasingly like hostage situations.

*Looks for morse code SOS in Whitty's blinks*

#c4news @lbc
Patrick Vallance: "it is very clear that this pandemic is not over, and we are not out of it here yet... we expect there to be further variants and they could be more severe"



#c4news @lbc
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Exactly what he did on 8 December when he said "I understand and share the anger" over the #DowningStParty - he got away with it that time.

Is the British public really going to fall for it twice?


#C4News @LBC
Johnson can't apologise tomorrow because that would be an admission he was an accessory in an unlawful act, in which case he would have to resign (surely)


The Times and Daily Mail are urging Johnson to apologise for breaking the law, claiming that will allow him to carry on as PM

Can you imagine what they would be saying if it was Starmer who had held the parties?


#Newsnight #PMQs
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Can’t quite believe tonight is the last #C4News anchored by @jonsnowC4 - who would require a very long thread to properly do justice to. He’s an extraordinary human being, who’s been there at some of the most amazing moments of history. (1)
He’s always been the most energetic, enthusiastic, committed and questioning TV journalist - who has brought compassion and humanity to his reporting wherever he goes. Viewers love him. And even those politicians who disagree and get angry with him respect him. (2)
He’s been an example to generations of journalists and while being the star, he’s also a team player - he still insists on carrying the tripod, he still goes and buys the coffee. He still has more to say in the meeting than anyone.
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Cut to picture of #KyleRittenhouse posing with white supremacist proud boys and doing the white power hand signal

"Shame" on someone, certainly, but it ain't Joe Biden

#bbcaq Image
Sickening to see the far right in the UK & US celebrating this guy - he took a military rifle to a protest in a different state and shot three people, killing two


#bbcaq #c4news
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“I am holding Prince Andrew accountable for what he did to me. The powerful & rich are not exempt from being held responsible for their actions." @VRSVirginia

Jeffrey #Epstein accuser, Virginia Giuffre, sues the #DukeOfYork.
#VirginiaGiuffre #PrinceAndrew
#PrinceAndrew asserts he was ‘acting honourably’ in flying all the way to New York in 2010, supposedly to end his friendship with Epstein. But he has yet to regard it as a matter of honour to fly to New York to clear his own name.” @MarinaHyde @guardian…
Tonight on @Channel4News Virginia Giuffre's lawyer David Boise tells @krishgm that #PrinceAndrew & his lawyers "have totally stonewalled", & “He can ignore me & he can ignore, Virginia....but he can't ignore judicial process”

Here’s #Trump in 2015
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TONIGHT at 7 on 4: Channel 4 News has learnt the Science Museum has signed a gagging clause, in its agreement with Shell International to sponsor its climate change exhibition, agreeing not to say anything that could damage the company’s reputation.
We obtained sponsorship agreement which states S Museum & trustees agreed not to “make any statement or issue any publicity or otherwise be involved in any conduct or matter that may reasonably be foreseen as discrediting or damaging the goodwill or reputation of the Sponsor.”
The oil giant Shell controversially sponsored the museum's major climate change ‘Our Future Planet’ exhibition which opened in May this year. Full report by @fatimamanji and produced by @NanettevdLaan #c4news 7pm
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Tonight on #C4News - the Home Office says the EU settlement scheme will provide people with a secure, digital status - but @the3million tell us computer glitches mean many who’ve been granted settled status can’t prove it. My report with @Stanleigh77 and @jogandshuttle at 7pm:
“We are risking another #Windrush, the creation of a new group of undocumented migrants unable to prove their status,” @maikebohn of @the3million tells me.
More on #c4news at 7pm.
“It feels so unfair, it’s almost impossible to prove I am legal.”

Debora Fonseca from Portugal has lived in the UK for around 20 years, working and paying taxes. She has EU settled status - but says employers don’t understand the digital “share code” issued by the Home Office.
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Extraordinary thread additions from Cummings ahead of evidence. Suggests if only he, No10 and DHSC paid attention to people such as @devisridhar and had actually watched programmes like #C4News et al they might have prevented tens of thousands deaths, economic disaster and more.
Did they read this, for example?…
Several experts who were derided as lockdown obsessives had wanted to avoid lockdowns, had explained how they might be avoided if Test, Trace and Isolate had ever been actually sorted and pointed to places that had. ‘It’ll never work in UK’ they were told.
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NEW: Extraordinary statement from Daniel Morgan Independent Panel [set up 8 yrs ago to investigate, inter alia, police conduct re one of Britain’s most notorious unsolved murders] - accuses Home Office of ‘unnecessary’ intervention effectively in breach of Panel’s independence
“An outrage”

Statement from Daniel Morgan’s family who’ve described the move by the Home Secretary Priti Patel as ‘unwarranted interference’ and a ‘kick in the teeth’ for the family ⬇️ @AlastairMorgan
Awaiting official Home Office statement, but a source tonight insisted this wasn’t about the Panel’s independence & said the Home Sec had a duty to ensure the report complied with obligations under the Human Rights Act and took into account national security considerations.
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NEW: The UK Government & Public Health England deny ‘intercepting’ Covid-19 tests last March, supposedly destined for Wales, to prioritise England

It follows accusations made in private emails now released to @Channel4News

UPDATE on previous 'mystery of collapsed deal’ thread
I began looking into this in March 2020. After several FOI requests [all initially refused], an appeal [refused] & a complaint to the @ICOnews [resolved],13 months on, some details have finally been disclosed to me. Bear with me pls: it’s complex, but hopefully provides more info
It centres around a story [initially broken by @BBCWalesNews last March] that a major Covid-19 test deal for Wales had apparently collapsed.
In the following days on #c4news we revealed the company involved to be the pharmaceutical giant @roche⬇️…
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Channel 4 News has obtained shocking CCTV footage of the moment a serving police officer violently assaulted a woman as she walked home alone.

@MinnieStephC4 reports #c4news 7pm
Broadcast for the first time tonight, the footage shows PC Oliver Banfield who was off duty at the time, violently assaulting Emma Homer, in what the court described as “misogynistic” verbal abuse. He was spared jail & ordered to pay £500 in compensation & wear an electronic tag
Tonight West Midlands Police told Channel 4 News PC Banfield has been suspended while allegations into gross misconduct take place. It was revealed that he has continued to work for them since the terrifying attack last year, albeit was ‘removed from public-facing police duties'
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Over the last 10 days I’ve been hearing accounts from NHS staff [in south Wales] who’ve been repeatedly abused online and accused of peddling fake news about the pandemic.
Here’s a flavour of what they’ve had to face

[🎥@daibaker Producer @c4marcus]
“F*** off you shill”

For some doctors like @dr_mattmorgan, whose media appearances have offered important glimpses inside the world of intensive care @UHWCriticalCare throughout the pandemic, this is what some of that abuse looks like
ICU doc @JonesTheBosher is another who says her media appearances [at times helping @WelshGovernment with public health messaging] have seen her repeatedly accused of lying re Covid, at one point she says she was told ‘someone’s going to round me up & put me in prison or hurt me’
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TONIGHT: Deputy CMO Jonathan Van Tam faces viewers questions on vaccine myths, fears over 2nd dose delay, will Covid mutations mean re-vaccinations, schools reopening, summer holidays & did govt really do everything possible to avoid 100k deaths? #AskJVT #c4news 7pm
NOW: #AskJVT Q & A special - Prof Jonathan Van-Tam:

• He needs help from black doctors & healthcare workers to get the message across that the vaccine is very important
• Grandparents can’t see their grandchildren ‘until we have vaccinated literally 10s of millions of people’ Image
#AskJVT tells @krishgm on #c4news:

• He’s ‘framing the possibility that we need to realistically consider if at some point in the future we are going to need to re-vaccinate some of our population’

• This is 'new, uncharted territory and it is very tricky' Image
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Trust MAGA morons to livestream themselves commiting major crimes in the U.S. Capitol.

They really are the dimmest criminals in American history.

#TrumpCoupAttempt #TrumpTreason

@LBC #c4news
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